How to Cope with Election Loss | The Daily Social Distancing Show

17 nov 2020
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Trump, you feeling down in the dumps after taking a big ol’ L? We’re here to help you cope. #DailyShow #Trump #Election2020
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  • Damn this was brutal, well deserved, but brutal.

    johnny rottenjohnny rottenHace 5 horas
  • "The red haired clown was in despair his sitcom cancelled taken off the air And soon he’d be moving to Rikers Island with a room with no view"

    Joe MesJoe MesHace 7 horas
  • What a heart touching and warm video. DJT IS A LOOSER

    C.Rabbit FarmsC.Rabbit FarmsHace 9 horas
  • Btw I got to be home with my family for the first thanksgiving in 11 years because trump let us end our tour early and come stateside. Im thankful for trump pulling me and my men out of Iraq to be home.

    Ev JamEv JamHace 12 horas
  • Here are a few ideas to pay for Donald Trump's $400 million debt: - A White House garage sale. - A Congress lemonade stand. - A Department of Justice bake sale. - A Supreme Court charity basketball game. - A Department of Homeland Security car wash. - Secret Service members selling Snickers and Coke. - FBI spaghetti dinner plates.

    Steel HereSteel HereHace un día
  • 🤣🤣🤣 i love lame videos made by dummies that think Biden won even though nothing is even close to being official right now. 🤣🤣🤣 #Lame

    JennacaJennacaHace un día
  • “Think of it as grabbing the PU$$Y of Humility!!” 👏🏽👊🏽😂

    Obijinshinobi 1Obijinshinobi 1Hace un día
  • I supported Trump so much for 4 years to lose this election... I have never been happy for a loss like I am now!

    WAHB 50YYWAHB 50YYHace un día
  • Jaboukie, can i be your plus-1 for the next pride parade!!

    DBA Sab. DiyaDBA Sab. DiyaHace un día
  • Don the con should peacefully leave with the little bit of dignity he still has... *JOKING, HE HAS NEVER HAD ANY*

    RebeccaRebeccaHace 2 días
  • Can you imagine Trump getting psychiatric help? Man, his psychiatrist would need a psychiatrist!

    Greyareas27Greyareas27Hace 2 días
  • THERE is no such thing as an election of any kind that is without some form of shenanigans. Of course, this election had some also. But the point people are making is none of it meaning fraud was enough to change the outcome Trump could have EZ-ly won if he dealt with the virus. All he had to do was allow the doctors to handle it. But when the docs received more attention than he did trumps ego kicked in and he shot himself in the foot handing the win to Joe Biden. Trump was and is unfit for this job. He doesn't want to work that hard anyway. Only now he has to deal with 101 other problems because he exposed himself to some of his criminal activities during and before the 2016 win. All of the trump towers were money laundering operations and it was a very slick operation if I may say so myself. But it's all over now. America was his last bankruptcy.---->( Free Bill Cosby )

  • It is really funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Leanora McCarthyLeanora McCarthyHace 4 días
  • beautiful 😂😂😂

    carl bendcarl bendHace 4 días
  • I'm not even from America and the fact that scares me is the number of people who voted for Trump in the first place and even now the number of people who voted for him is huge... How can so many people stand for him after his " TREMUNDOOUUSS " failure at handling corona virus.i mean Does America really have so many dumb people?

    Krishna yashasKrishna yashasHace 4 días
  • I guess American voters are funny that way - for some reason they apparently did not like watching 250,000 fellow American citizens needlessly suffer then die as a direct result of former president Trump doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread of covid-19. Go figure.. as if the President of the United States committing genocide against his own citizens should carry more weight in the voting booth then Trump's promise to build us a wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it...Really? Now it's only a matter of time before caravans of MS-13 gang members start crossing the borders and moving into our neighborhoods, just like Matt Gaetz and former president Trump promised us would happen when Trump lost. Bottom line. I think it it's very un-American to unilaterally vote out former president Trump just for being complicit in a war crime if that meant Mexico will never get the chance to pay for the wall, sending a clear signal to MS-13 gang members that our suburbs are ripe for the taking. And I'm still astonished as to how former president Trump was not able to muster more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.. I mean ..I think we were only averaging 160,000 new covid-19 cases daily on election day.. a modest 400% increase from the 40,000 daily new cases in April... What's 400%? I bet what these pesky voters didn't know is that former president Trump has been very busy the past 8 months doing the real work of the American people.. panhandling for gold in the rivers of Mexico - then letting them use the gold to pay for the wall, thus saving our country and suburbs from drug dealers and rapists.. Hopefully next elections cycle America will get their priorities in order and realize the biggest threat to our national security, caravans of gang members freely crossing the southern border and moving in next door, outweighs any war crime, in this instance, genocide, the President of the United States may commit against his own citizens.... Amen

    Sam PerkinsSam PerkinsHace 5 días
  • Try something new

    Lillie SeefeldtLillie SeefeldtHace 5 días
  • Wait, are these the same people that spent four years crying and demanding Trump to be impeached because their feelings got hurt?

    Alfred The Great, King Of WessexAlfred The Great, King Of WessexHace 5 días
  • Orange bone spur coward won’t be mentally or physically able to run for any office, maybe 🤔 a turd chaser for any city in Florida

    Ramon LagunaRamon LagunaHace 5 días
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💋💕❤️💕💕


    Add Link FreeAdd Link FreeHace 5 días

    Neutron's WillNeutron's WillHace 5 días
  • Did u just lose viewers

    Sam SaysSam SaysHace 5 días
  • "Think of it as grabbing the p**** of humility " 😆😆🤣

    Eye PhoneEye PhoneHace 6 días

    Toma GatewoodToma GatewoodHace 6 días
  • Please ! When you leave.... take k. Make a nanny with you .

    Gregory MutterGregory MutterHace 7 días
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha 😆

    ewart lynewart lynHace 7 días
  • 😁😀😆🥳🥳🥳🪅🎉🎊🎈🎈🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🍊🤡

    Guillermo OrtizGuillermo OrtizHace 7 días
  • "go to your happy place, I know Epstein's mansion is still under investigation, so maybe go the casino"........ouch !!!

    John RothwellJohn RothwellHace 7 días
  • It will be okay, NY WANTS YOU.

    wakeup peoplewakeup peopleHace 7 días
  • Comedy needs to step up its game, reality is currently kicking its ass

    Matt HHMatt HHHace 7 días
  • Trump is single handedly stimulating the economy with tons of GOP campaign cash doing recounts. A win-win situation.

    D HamiltonD HamiltonHace 7 días
  • Hey, that's that dude, from that thing!

    De bODe bOHace 7 días
  • Im not sad about him losing..Im sad because the america I knew will continue to swirl down the shitter..Everybody who thinks its gonna be wine and roses..better grab their ankles..because the real shit show is getting ready to start..

    Jeff BarrisJeff BarrisHace 7 días
  • I like this title. This video will surely contain a lot of helpful tips for liberals over the next 4 years. Hopefully this time you’re all thoroughly embarrassed enough to stay home. You can call it quarantine if it helps you sleep at night.

    Mattu OgautoMattu OgautoHace 7 días
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Patrick JohnsonPatrick JohnsonHace 7 días
  • Dont hold back guys and gals, let it all out ^^ epic burn...I love it :)

    MTB-FritzMTB-FritzHace 7 días
  • Hahaha

    Mishell MadtMishell MadtHace 8 días
  • It's not funny actually as half the country voted for him.....

    Ravi Raj SaxenaRavi Raj SaxenaHace 8 días

    Bernard GillBernard GillHace 9 días
  • He'll probably end up loosing his gold tower in NYC because he owes so much to the bank. That's prime real estate

    Joe DavenportJoe DavenportHace 9 días
  • Why he gets so much hate btw 😂?

    Somesh SheteSomesh SheteHace 9 días
    • you had to have been there to understand. There’s too much to say

      VelcroPocketsVelcroPocketsHace 9 días
  • He can try again in 2024 that Potus Trump...

    _King _Manuel_King _ManuelHace 9 días
  • Yep, he's been complaining for four years that his life before his presidency was much easier. Well, go back to your easy life.

    Kwokman ChungKwokman ChungHace 9 días
  • That´s reallly Funny

    Fernando BogadoFernando BogadoHace 9 días
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    Youssouf TraoréYoussouf TraoréHace 9 días
  • Buy Albanian presidency....don't give him ideas 😡😡

    geri ibrageri ibraHace 9 días
  • Just ask the golfers that played with him.

    Jerry BouwerJerry BouwerHace 9 días
  • Ie

    azer delvoazer delvoHace 9 días
  • I think he's sad because Air Force One will no longer be at his disposal. He may have to take an uber.

    GrandmaKnowsBestGrandmaKnowsBestHace 10 días
  • As much as I hate Trump I do definitely think he should take comfort in the guy who was like dude your moving out of a drafty old house into a golden tower. Just saying 🤷

    Toni SmithToni SmithHace 10 días
  • If I were Donald, I would take advantage of my 74 million supporters, that's a whole lot of money and they all can do it much bigger than Jonestown, it could be trump's country, but they'll have to wait until the earth creates another continental landscape

    Eric BurtonEric BurtonHace 10 días
  • When you have a majority of power, the good news is, you don't HAVE to cope with election loss! All you need to do is drive it to the Supreme Court and have them overturn it in your favor! Of course you'll have to serve your second term inside an armored bunker, because if voters have their only power in a democracy taken from them, they'll choose a different power to assert. But you do NOT have to cope with losing.

    kilroy987kilroy987Hace 10 días
  • Networks should have covered at least some of Giuliani press conference. I think once this goes into the courts the witnesses will reverse the election. Incredible evidence of fraud from the democrat people.

    Roman WardRoman WardHace 10 días
  • Numbers in California are much more positive than elsewhere. 65% hate loser Mein Trumpo, only 30% voted for him.

    superblondesuperblondeHace 10 días
  • More than half of the Country understands the constitution more than the other half. It is an excellent argument for early education of all children. Starting with reinforcement of truth being the standard not the exception.

    Robert HodgeRobert HodgeHace 10 días

    James ButlerJames ButlerHace 10 días
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Blanca MartinezBlanca MartinezHace 10 días
  • Hey America. Let’s All Get Into the Holiday Spirit (Sing to the tune of: Santa Claus is Coming to Town): Ohhhh…Pack Up and Move Out. We Surely Won’t Cry. YOU LOST, there’s NO DOUBT. Good Riddance and Buh-Bye! Biden’s Team is Coming to Town! Joe’s Making a List. So Many LIES. He’s Got To be Pissed. Now You’ll Pay a Big Price. Biden’s Crew is Bringing You Down! He Sees Your Stupid Tweetings. He knows Your Tweets Will Fail. He Knows Putin’s Head is Up Your Ass . And You’ll Soon Be Off To Jail! Ohhhh…You Better Watch Out. You’ll End Up in Jail. We’ll All Give a Shout: “Judge, Don’t Set Any Bail!” Biden’s Team is Coming to Town! MERRY XMAS, JOE, KAMALA AND AMERICA!

    Fred MaxFred MaxHace 10 días
  • Errrr swak klaaar😂😂😂😂 you on ESworld with how to videos. O star😂😂😂

    Tshepo LesleyTshepo LesleyHace 10 días
  • The usual, quack DemoNcrats who miserably failed to put forward a decent candidate in 2016 will do so badly that he WILL come back in 2024 for re election.

    Tye TyesTye TyesHace 10 días
  • I wish trump watched Trevors show instead of fox news

    Abuma YengAbuma YengHace 10 días
  • Just allow him to file the lawsuits. When you file lawsuits it costs money. So he is basically paying of his tax returns. :)

    arshan jamilarshan jamilHace 10 días
  • 0:10 *Donald Trump paying off a $400 Million debt* Me: *LOL I know that’s never going to happen.* Also Me: *Unless he scams people for money. Actually he would probably just keep the money.*

    Vicious_ _ClutchVicious_ _ClutchHace 10 días
  • Whithout Putin Trump can not win the election.

    Bernd321fulBernd321fulHace 10 días
  • Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America 🇺🇸 on 20 January 2021. I will fill my pool with Conservative tears shortly afterwards.

    R GBiiR GBiiHace 10 días
  • Don't say that, there are still another half of Americans like Trump. Plus, 90% Taiwanese support Trump as well.

    C CC CHace 10 días
  • heartwarming

    鈴木綾子鈴木綾子Hace 10 días
  • ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

    A.C. A.A.C. A.Hace 11 días
  • With my alot on honor, i would like to thank you for the example for what you was mantioned, dont cryed, becouse mama said this ways are not your own either.

    Mr AthomMr AthomHace 11 días
  • Election is still not over

    John DavisJohn DavisHace 11 días
  • The US has a problem with Apathy. People dont vote. Then they complain.

    Jay GJay GHace 11 días
  • Republican defectors orchestrated by Trump have now exposed their true selves and are now attempting a coup with the help of electoral votes. Unfortunately, the other Republicans do not seem to have the backbone to resist this treason and betrayal of its citizens. They have exchanged morals, courage and self-respect for power and something to hide behind as the cowards and traitors they are!

    beefyeaterbeefyeaterHace 11 días
  • Grabbing the ding a ling of some buff convict😂

    Carl PriceCarl PriceHace 11 días
  • the only president in a century to never rise above 50% approval rating

    666Tomato666666Tomato666Hace 11 días
  • Humor can’t save the world. But hey, laugh it up.

    Rich MRich MHace 11 días
  • Election conspiracy theories are self-refuting: Democrats are so devilishly clever that they coordinated multiple states & hundreds of counties to rig the election for Biden; but so stupid & inept that they forgot to rig taking the Senate & even lost seats in the House.

    Jeff HinkleJeff HinkleHace 11 días
  • ilegal is ilegal haha

    Arlen ReyesArlen ReyesHace 11 días
  • ahahahahahhahaha Dems butt hurt

    Arlen ReyesArlen ReyesHace 11 días

    TspearTspearHace 11 días
  • Remove this trash from my phone

    Mathew LawsonMathew LawsonHace 11 días
  • Omg Jubukie stole it in the end lol

    Tanya WaltersTanya WaltersHace 11 días
  • OK you're at Bargaining and the Prez is still in Denial.

    LucianCorrvinous Son of HekatéLucianCorrvinous Son of HekatéHace 11 días
  • Oh I thought you said erection loss...same thing? Oh then, Ill stick around.....

    LucianCorrvinous Son of HekatéLucianCorrvinous Son of HekatéHace 11 días
  • 'Scorecard' CIA electronic voting machine software program was used in the swing states to decide the issue by transferring automatically Trump votes for Biden votes .. very simple

    Skipp McLovanSkipp McLovanHace 11 días
  • 👁👁👍LOL!!😜🤣😊😍😁😘

    grinder964grinder964Hace 11 días
  • LOL!

    Sherri WalkerSherri WalkerHace 12 días
  • Not trying to hate but does Jaboukie have Covid? I’m concerned

    BrendaBrendaHace 12 días
  • You are hilarious, you guys are all wonderful! Thank you ✌️🌷😷💙🌷!

    Denise MichaelDenise MichaelHace 12 días
  • Serve to globalists and cheaters

    hamideh thamideh tHace 12 días
  • Trust me the Albanians don’t want him either

    FrannyFrannyHace 12 días
  • The video made me feel better!!

    SliceSliceHace 12 días
  • these idiots are pretending like the thought process of a conservative is disgusting just by existing. if you disagree w me , just think about . democrats have been bitching and moaning and coming up with one lie after anothe r from russiagate to pee pee gate to Carona virus ti voter suppression for the past 5 years. they want to do away w electoral college so they can do away with our elections. they want to destroy the constitution and murder free speech along with unborn children. how can ANYONE think a republican is disgusting when standing behind all what I just wrote.

    Grant DuffeyGrant DuffeyHace 12 días
  • How to cope? With copium

    KatteennKatteennHace 12 días
  • TRUMP.......TRUMP.........TRUMP........Best President Ever :-)

    Truth SeekerTruth SeekerHace 12 días
  • This is gonna hurt a bit...... glad you all know how to "COPE..." “Drop and Roll” - How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump (Video)

    Truth SeekerTruth SeekerHace 12 días
  • Desi and Jab are so shiny

    L00K4L00K4Hace 12 días
  • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

    Jesus for allJesus for allHace 12 días
  • He should try again until 2099

    Zion AdedipeZion AdedipeHace 12 días
  • "Get ya self a lil Albanian presidency!" I'm dead.

    Tori GandyTori GandyHace 12 días