Michael Kosta Roasts Polls | The Daily Social Distancing Show

28 oct 2020
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Take it from Michael Kosta: Don’t trust the polls - VOTE! #DailyShow #MichaelKosta #Vote
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  • A vote for Biden is a vote for communism

    Minenhle DlaminiMinenhle DlaminiHace 25 días
  • Biden'sLaptopMatters

    Minenhle DlaminiMinenhle DlaminiHace 25 días
  • My union calls me and asks if they can count on me for some stuff and if I’m registered Democrat or republican, I tell the guy that I’m Registered Democrat and this guy says “ I’m going to put you down as undecided” lol don’t trust the polls

    Leticia HeronLeticia HeronHace 25 días
  • Polls are WRONG when people SAY they would vote for someone but then they DON'T VOTE. Get out and vote and the polls will be accurate.

    cocoakaincocoakainHace 26 días
  • Don't know what this asshole is talking about. Hillary won the election therefore the polls were accurate.

    Alvin EncarguezAlvin EncarguezHace 26 días

    司法一路司法一路Hace 26 días
  • Are that weed plants in the background?

    bram9333bram9333Hace 26 días
  • Did anyone else feel like he was going to drop his laptop?

    Carlyne SainphorCarlyne SainphorHace 26 días
  • Unfortunately, Like yourself. Ideas and ideologies from the Left and Democrats are literally unsustainable for our society it will never ever work to keep our country the way it has been and what we have stood for throughout history. Our Declaration of Independence the Constitution what we have fought for in the past to be able to have the rights and freedoms that we have today in the society for everyone no matter left or right to express their own ideas and ideologies no matter right or wrong and who determines/declares those ideologies right or wrong. They are still open for discussion. But to keep the freedoms of our nation and our ability to continue to be the best Nation that we have been up to this point and enjoy the freedoms we all cherish. We need to keep those types of ideologies that will negatively affect our nation from moving forward and continuing to be the greatest country that there has ever been. Bottom line yes. We have our freedoms. We have our constitution. We have our Declaration of independence. Those are the things that our country was founded upon. And in short. If this is a country that you no longer want to be a part of with those instruments in place in order for the United States of America to continue to be the greatest country in this world. Then yes, you do have the ability to say no, this is not something I want to be a part of. You have the right to say these are not the beliefs I have. And if this is not something that you can live with. Then that is also your right as an American to freely leave this country. You have the right to go to another country which will welcome you and that are founded on your types of beliefs and ideologies that will welcome your beliefs and ideologies and they will welcome you with open arms. You will feel at home if these are truly the beliefs and ideologies that you personally feel would better represent the way you would like the society that you live in to function. So please, enact you're right to be free and to go where you want to go where to a country that will welcome you and your ideologies. Just please. Do not continue to live in a society that was founded on our constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration Of Independence which gives all of us the right to fight against tyranny against those that opposed our beliefs in which the United States were founded upon. (KEY WORDS BEING, IN WHICH WE WERE FOUNDED UPON) Obviously, if you DO NOT have the beliefs then it also gives you the right as stated to leave this country. Being an American citizen means exactly that. There is a reason why you are an American citizen. Citizenship means in believing in what your country stands for and you will uphold those beliefs that you had sworn to uphold as a citizen. When people are citizens of this great country you take on an oath. Which means exactly that. Just as all politicians. You as citizens take on an oath to defend our country's Constitution and Bill of Rights and to adhere to them. And yes, you are allowed by all rights to disagree. But you cannot be so far to the left in which your beliefs and ideologies change or go against our constitution to become something America does not stand for which is Socialism, Communism or Marxism just to fulfill your own ideologies, beliefs or agenda. Again, there are countries that will welcome you with open arms. We encourage you to be as happy and free as you like in whatever type of society you choose. Obviously, you are here now enjoying the freedoms that our country has afforded to you. Remember. You came to the United States of America for a reason. Looks like you have done pretty well for yourself since coming here. Why? Because we allowed you to enjoy the freedoms you have had up to this point to get you to where you are now. You have it better than the majority of Americans and your viewers currently do. So, stop bashing our current leaders and administration as they too have allowed you to flourish in the greatest economy in the history of America for over the past 3 years. Never once have you ever pointed that out to your viewers or anyone to that matter. But then. Why would you? You are simply part of the problem and its time for you to leave because America is such a horrible place to live according to your ideologies and belief system.

    P CP CHace 27 días
  • Amen!

    C CharlesC CharlesHace 28 días
  • Go vote, Blue, are you there. Show yourselves.

    wakeup peoplewakeup peopleHace 28 días
  • Thinking going back to 🇮🇹 Italy if Trump win, I can't stand anymore 😕.

    Layla BonoLayla BonoHace 28 días
  • Is COMEDY Central planning on mixing some COMEDY in with it's political content? 😕

    William WheelerWilliam WheelerHace 28 días
  • *The art of the Tangerine One, the cult leader on the lecture circuit, maybe another book deal --- Result* esworld.info/do/gnOmhWVrlaPRrZo/v-deo.html

    OutmanoeuvreOutmanoeuvreHace 28 días
  • Vote!!!

    Skyler JohnsonSkyler JohnsonHace 28 días
  • *VOTE 👉💙💙💙 all the way* *-Vote early in person or DROP direct to dropbox. (by mail won't be in time now?)* *VOTE For "NEW AMERICA"*

    R.J.R.J.Hace 28 días
  • We cant trust the polls because Trumps supporters are liars.

    Thicc CorgiThicc CorgiHace 28 días
  • I remember when Hilary had the lead. Then them no good Trump supports got off work and voted.I wanted Hilary to so bad I don't eat for week.I quit my and got on drugs.Its all Trumps fault..........

    5 4 U 3115 4 U 311Hace 28 días
  • It's gonna a blue landslide.no polls .

    Yves LaurissintYves LaurissintHace 28 días
  • Not once have I ever heard any Republican encourage voting - improve voter turnout - streamline voting process...assholes always DISCOURAGING voting - gerrymandering is their expertise.

    Ray BinRay BinHace 28 días
  • Polls are pretty good, it’s the system that’s fucked

    H. Anthony RibadeneiraH. Anthony RibadeneiraHace 28 días
  • 85% chance isn’t 100%. Polls have also adjusted how they weigh samples as well as expanding how they get poll people.

    Stephen TumultyStephen TumultyHace 28 días
  • Dont listen to the crackhead vote trump2020

    jamesjamesHace 28 días
  • Demonrats are evil Always have been

    jamesjamesHace 28 días
  • When even Kosta doesn't frame it, you know it's real 😉 V o t e. 🗳️☑️💙🗽🇺🇸 Liberate America 🌊🌊🌊

    X YX YHace 28 días
  • Don't trust the polls, polls don't matter. They just don't. What matters is your VOTE and only _your VOTE._ 🗳️☑️💙

    X YX YHace 28 días
  • Hillary did win..... The popular vote But as it is right now the electoral college is extremely tilted towards The republicans (The dark side). Vote, "vote like your live depends on it" - Smart women 2020

    Coincidence? I think not!Coincidence? I think not!Hace 28 días
  • -- -- Only a complete fucking moron who is too stupid to understand the US Constitution and doesn't care about America's Middle or Working Classes would support either Biden or Trump for any office higher than Trash Collector .. Never in history have the American People been offered the two least qualified, most incompetent and most criminally corrupt candidates for the office of President -- the Democratic and Conservative choices for 2016 were a complete disaster, and the Democratic and Conservative choices for 2020 are a complete disaster -- The Democrats and Conservatives have failed America once again, just as they have been failing the American People for the last 40 years - because the Democrats and Conservatives do not care about the American People or the laws of our US Constitution that protect the Rights and Freedoms of the American People -- The Democrats and Conservatives only care about the Rich Elite and keeping the Rich Elite in Power .. Blue Collar Americans have been getting the short end of the stick for 40 years, making less and struggling more to pay of their bills, while the Rich Elite have gotten paid higher and higher wages and gained more and more power - chief among them Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez .. none of them have ever been poor in their entire lives .. they all come from the families of America's Rich, Political Elite and they all get special privileges that 90% of Americans have never in their lives received -- Trump and Biden are not candidates for President because they've worked to protect the American People - because they haven't - never in their lives have either one of them ever defended or protected the poor , the Working class or the Middle class -- in fact, they've spent their lives doing just the opposite - no, Trump and Biden are candidates because of Billion Dollar Propaganda Machines that lie to the American People and push false narratives of "heroic deeds" that are complete fabrications and inventions of the mind -- Biden has been a criminal his entire life - for 60 years, he's committed criminal acts against the American People - criminal acts that can be verified by a simple search of his publicly criminal past, since 1960 .. and Trump has been a criminal for his entire life - not a "hero" for the last 4 years, as the Propaganda Machine attempts to spit out, but a Criminal his entire life, since 1965 - a criminal past that is easily confirmed, by a simple search of his public criminal records, stretching across the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and right on through nearly every day of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 .. Trump's crimes are so blatant and obvious that a criminal case against Donald Trump would take less than 3 days for a jury to commit him to Federal Prison for the next 244 years, without any chance for parole .. ~ #EndTheConservativeParty #EndTheDemocraticParty Vote #Independent Vote #3rdParty Vote #Constitution Vote #PeopleOverParty Vote #AmericaOverParty Vote #BradHartliep #President in November and restore America to the American People .. #USAirForce #USMC #USArmy #USNavy - I am the only candidate who will protect our US Constitution, restore Justice and defend the Civil and Equal Rights of All Americans against the crimes of America's Political Elite .. ~ #BradHartliep #President ..

    Brad HartliepBrad HartliepHace 29 días
  • Polls are fake again, 279 259 depends on PA

    DeFi ManDeFi ManHace 29 días
  • The only poll that counts is the election poll. Go VOTE!

    K. CK. CHace 29 días
  • Lololol Not

    MrPipesarecallingMrPipesarecallingHace 29 días
  • Love heatings rants and when you are wrong on Tuesday I will come back here and 🤣🤣

    John KeithJohn KeithHace 29 días
  • Voted in Florida 2 weeks ago

    Real Lisa AxelrodReal Lisa AxelrodHace 29 días
  • Yeah, dumb dems go trust the polls, even CC finally gets it that Trumps winning.

    Alexander LarsonAlexander LarsonHace 29 días
  • Why you saying don't trust the polls? Just get them from different sources. Get a second, third and fourth opinion.

    AndrewAndrewHace 29 días
  • Who else watched the whole outro to see if Micheal will come out with spirit Airline bathroom?

    Jason ShenJason ShenHace 29 días
  • Micheal Rosta

    Jason ShenJason ShenHace 29 días
  • I loves me some Michael Kosta. Vote!

    Ron WinterRon WinterHace 29 días
  • Every one of America's 270,000,000 eligible voters need to vote !

    Helmut OfbuffaloHelmut OfbuffaloHace 29 días
  • I banked my vote as soon as I could! We voted at an Islamic Center in Texas. We just wanted to be sure we wouldn’t have to stand in line with ANY Trump voters! 😜

    Brian GBrian GHace 29 días
  • Yap you Scumbrains had 2016 polls according to your interested Medias...Get ready for disappointment again ...lol

    Inoky ZhimoInoky ZhimoHace 29 días
  • What are Americans doing who „trust“ the polls? Are they going to vote for the „winner“ or are they getting too lazy to vote if they think the one they would vote for is going to win? Both alternatives are pretty stupid. Extremists, especially right wing extremists will always ALWAYS mobilize ALL of their members to vote which is kind of contradictory since they are trying to end democracy. And Donald supporters ARE mostly right wing extremists, they are practically ready to make Donald their Godemperor. That is reason enough to vote. Biden means democracy has still a chance in the USA, Donald means welcome to Trumptania.

    Phelan WolfPhelan WolfHace 29 días
  • I won't trust polls for 20+ years after 2016

    Nick CappielloNick CappielloHace 29 días
  • I need a little joy in my life. I hope Trump is gone soon because he makes life so much harder with his actions and words decaying the things that made American great. Inclusion and diversity..

    Nature LoverNature LoverHace 29 días
  • Polls and media are lying? I’m shocked 😳

    anekinoo7anekinoo7Hace 29 días
  • Pokemon Go to the polls! Greetings from Europe. Please vote this orange joke out of the White House.

    ssHace 29 días
  • hes in Greenpoint Brooklyn, near where I used to live.

    Cats RadicalsCats RadicalsHace 29 días
  • PLEASE -- VOTE! Make a plan, buddy-up if you're concerned about potential conflict at the polls, ask for a ride on carpoolvote.com - but VOTE! We CAN get back on the right path - but only if we ALL #VOTE

    Gretchen SkalkaGretchen SkalkaHace 29 días
  • From 1987. (38 seconds long) The Tonight Show's host Johnny Carson giving a well-deserved shout-out to Joe Biden. esworld.info/do/iHm7gqZ3imrObas/v-deo.html

    motorbikeraymotorbikerayHace 29 días
  • Don't trust the polls. Please people get out and vote to save your democracy. You have so much to lose if Trump gets another 4 years. Vote early and safely but VOTE. BidenHarris2020

    Julie RautenbachJulie RautenbachHace 29 días
  • That's right!!! VOTE!! We must vote in MASSIVE numbers!!! I voted yesterday!!! 🌊🌊VOTE 🌊🌊 ALL VOTES MATTER!! PLEASE VOTE!!! 🇺🇲

    19Jimin95 Park19Jimin95 ParkHace 29 días
  • The US needs new political parties! Add 10 more and it will really get interesting instead of horrifying.

    Michelle BennettMichelle BennettHace 29 días
    • @Shawn Martinez looked into her, she's not in line with my views at all!

      Michelle BennettMichelle BennettHace 29 días
    • Vote for Dr jorgensen ! # libertarian

      Shawn MartinezShawn MartinezHace 29 días
  • We voted last week from Rhode Island ♥️

    ThorusomaThorusomaHace 29 días
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    ViMoViMoHace 29 días
  • Exactly. Don't trust the polls no matter what they say numbers can change but your vote will always be your vote. It is your power. It is your chance to make significant change

    Indigo WolfIndigo WolfHace 29 días
  • Did they know your skit wasn't very funny and that's why you're stuck out in the rain?

    JustsayinJustsayinHace 29 días
  • "What is 'Reuters?' Is it German?" 🤔 It's true, those Germans do _not_ have a good history with Poles.

    Fauler PerfektionistFauler PerfektionistHace 29 días
  • Don’t trust the polls. Vote!

    Chris SChris SHace 29 días
  • The back alley of buckees...

    lily boonelily booneHace 29 días
  • Don't trust the polls! Go early! ... even if that is what your girlfriend said.

    Batotit OftwotreeBatotit OftwotreeHace 29 días
  • I have voted blue already

    Eric CharlesEric CharlesHace 29 días
  • This is so idiotic

    Noah BarbereeNoah BarbereeHace 29 días
  • I agree.

    Jibs TaleJibs TaleHace 29 días
  • "Don't trust the poles!" Sorry but the polish people are mostly a great much of people

    Owen ThornhillOwen ThornhillHace 29 días
    • Mostly?

      Joe H.SJoe H.SHace 28 días
  • Hillary did win the vote...... the people voted for her. The electoral college selected trump. More people voted against trump than for him.

    Ivy BIvy BHace 29 días
  • I voted to cancel out my own mothers Trump ballot. Please, please, PLEASE VOTE.

    Lavinia de MortaliumLavinia de MortaliumHace 29 días
  • Let's get Donald elected for 4 more years and kick the corrupt puppet Washington-establishment politicians Biden and Harris out of the race!

    ShuforcesShuforcesHace 29 días
    • @MarcusT Don’t think so bud. I prefer to break the imaginary world you live in than further delude you with comedy :).

      ShuforcesShuforcesHace 29 días
    • Now, that is funny. You could be on the right career track

      MarcusTMarcusTHace 29 días
    • @MarcusT Not really, no. I'm just living in reality.

      ShuforcesShuforcesHace 29 días
    • That is hilarious. Are you trying to break into comedy?

      MarcusTMarcusTHace 29 días
  • Everybody has to convince non-voters to vote. Vote the hoax president away from the white house and save USA please. Business people, rich people get more information about Covid-19 than the common people. Trump is killing people of USA

    Anders KarlssonAnders KarlssonHace 29 días
  • All polls are skewed in one way or another mostly by democrats news organizations polling a majority of other democrats to shut down republican voter confidence.

    A DA DHace 29 días
    • Mostly democrats news organizations? Ignoring the poor english, please help us out and tell us about non-democrat news organizations besides Fox

      MarcusTMarcusTHace 29 días
  • Hunter biden news link below

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace 29 días
    • esworld.info/do/p6GqqX2pp4S5atE/v-deo.html

      Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace 29 días
  • Hunter biden news link below

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace 29 días
    • esworld.info/do/p6GqqX2pp4S5atE/v-deo.html

      Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace 29 días
  • We know the Cabal takeover is failing. #Pedogate#Obamagate WWG1WGA

    Matilda CMatilda CHace 29 días
  • Voted yesterday, one section had only man running. It was either vote republican or write in vote. Well I wouldn’t be caught dead voting for a Republican. Guess who I voted for? Good luck Leonardo DiCaprio. 😏

    Tarantino KingTarantino KingHace 29 días
  • trumpers are whacked out watching trump lose...VOTE ALL BLUE!!!

    T'Town TimT'Town TimHace 29 días
  • Agree 100%! Sooo annoying when they hype up the polls knowing full well how utterly wrong the poll analytics were in 2016.

    phae2013phae2013Hace 29 días
  • "FiveThirtyEight" and "Let's Talk Election" are two ESworld channels that are suddenly being promoted on the sites Home page. They do not care about voter turnout or results, but only about waving their "We called it." flag. IGNORE THEM! BLOCK THEM! and most importantly, GO VOTE!

    Caleb WhiteCaleb WhiteHace 29 días
  • if you have 99% to win , you still can loose because it's not 100% !

    Husky PassionHusky PassionHace 29 días
  • Watch Kanye win

    Whitney ONealWhitney ONealHace 29 días
  • I was very suspicious of political polls for decades. And as of 2016 I no longer trust polls or really any political "reporting" from MSM. Best to look overseas for less biased, less horse-racey news.

    Chinedu OparaChinedu OparaHace 29 días
  • Isn't it funny democrats thought Obama was going to bring hope in change because he was black. And it winds up being and old white "orange" rich republican that brings that hope and change 🙄😳🧐🥴😂🤣🤣😂🥳🥳🥳🤯

    franklin picklefranklin pickleHace 29 días
  • Lol red tsunami! We're going to crush the evil democrats out of existence. Say hi to the wig party for me. 🤣🤣🤣 then We're going to repeal the 22nd amendment and vote Trump 2024! Enjoy crying yourself to sleep for 12 more years 😂🤣😂🤣

    franklin picklefranklin pickleHace 29 días
  • Trump 2020!

    franklin picklefranklin pickleHace 29 días
  • 12 more year!

    franklin picklefranklin pickleHace 29 días
  • Vote vote vote.

    Greg SandovalGreg SandovalHace 29 días
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reuters is based in Canada and established in London UK by a man from Germany. I'd say its Canadian now.

    rob drob dHace 29 días
  • But should we trust the election in the first part?

    eric RaviC fernandoeric RaviC fernandoHace 29 días
  • The only poll that’s 100% accurate all the time is the elections.

    dominichokagedominichokageHace 29 días
  • trumpo is winning, we russians love him!

    Популярно в БългарияПопулярно в БългарияHace 29 días
    • Ugh....we have no worries... you can’t vote!

      SHEILA MeyersSHEILA MeyersHace 29 días
  • Which poles is he roasting? Mike Pence's big strong white pole??

    Baba AymanBaba AymanHace 29 días
  • Latest polls saying Trump will magically disappear in November !!!!

    ncdxncdxHace 29 días
  • The methodology for the polls are just plain wrong. One solution to fix the multiple errors - do it at a "state" level, instead of the country level. For states where all votes are given to the party, a logistic regression will suffice (Dependent variable is win or lose, 1 or 2). For states that might split the votes, then the dependent variable is categorical, representing the expected number of electoral votes won. We can then sum up the total expected electoral votes. If it is done at the country level, all kinds of issues are present. E.g. margin of error has little meaning, many assumptions become false - like it assumes every vote has the same weight, which is not true as people per electoral vote per state differs, it assumes even voting across states - again not true, etc. Given the penchant for statistics in the U.S. (as seen from sports), it is crazy that the robustness of the statistics for the election is so flawed in terms of its design.

    Brian Roy TanBrian Roy TanHace 29 días
  • "There is a garbage culture out there, where we pour garbage on people. Then the pollsters run around and take a poll and say, do you smell anything?" - Bob Woodward

    ThE DuCkThE DuCkHace 29 días
  • You guys need to vote!! If the news keeps on saying Biden is leading in the polls then the trump supporters will keep working harder to vote. Everyone just vote! Don't think since Biden is leading then he doesn't need more votes.

    Jolomi JolomiJolomi JolomiHace 29 días
  • Trump 2020

    Abdenour MansouriAbdenour MansouriHace 29 días
  • Trevor reports the news well but none can match Ben Shapiro. He has proven enough not to vote for the polar opposites Biden - Harris.

    Dakshesh 172Dakshesh 172Hace 29 días
  • The amount of people in the comments that typed “poles” and not “polls”. Lol!!!! Just kidding. But for real, I voted in person last week. GEORGIA!!!! 🍑🍑🍑🍑

    Loc'd Gardening Bird LadyLoc'd Gardening Bird LadyHace 29 días
    • 🍷😆

      Ev MEv MHace 29 días
  • Have you voted yet?

    Poemi10304Poemi10304Hace 29 días
  • Bottom teeth need whitening .

    WWHace 29 días
  • Biden’s up in polls because conservatives actually are working and focus on their lives. RED WAVE COMING (sorry liberals) 🤣

    RraffxRraffxHace 29 días
  • Support Legislation in the U.S. to END COURT ORDERED RAPE!

    Stella RocquieStella RocquieHace 29 días