Megan Rapinoe - Inspiring Women to Fight for Equal Pay | The Daily Social Distancing Show

13 nov 2020
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“One Life” author Megan Rapinoe breaks down why setting female athlete salaries based on team revenue doesn’t add up, shares how the pay equity fight in women’s soccer is inspiring others and offers advice to families that have been ripped apart by politics. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MeganRapinoe
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  • If women's soccer should get equal pay why doesn't she endorse equal pay for male models. Why do female models make so much more than male models?

    dttrumandttrumanHace un día
  • Employer offers a salesperson to be paid commission or salary. Salesperson plays it safe by choosing salary. After salesperson does well with sales and sees they could have made more with commission, salesman sues their employer. All for equality, but this lawsuit is not about equality.

    Taylor RoggioTaylor RoggioHace 5 días
  • I hope that you miss the celebrities very much.😭🤓😉

    Salom FernandezSalom FernandezHace 6 días
  • She is really inspirational! I think I will buy her book or if they have the audio book.

    EzanaEzanaHace 6 días
  • She and her (piss excuse of a team) lost to a boy’s high school team - a JUNIOR VARSITY team.

    Fierce PatriotFierce PatriotHace 9 días
  • She's beautiful!

    Abby JosephAbby JosephHace 12 días
  • Trevor: When will you be encouraging Ophrah Winfrey to get involved with the Georgia run-off Elections for the United States Senate ? OW was conspicuous by her absence from the Presidential contest (despite the fact that a self-identified Black, Howard University alumna was the candidate for Vice President).

    QuidEst NuncQuidEst NuncHace 12 días
  • Her beauty is inspirational because of the fact that she is so comfortable in her own skin and fights for what she believes in.

    JMGUJMGUHace 12 días
  • I think somebody needs to explain this dude how marketing and branding management works. Putting more money on a death horse does not make it a wining hose.

    R LR LHace 13 días
  • After determining who takes less space for storage, we know who the man is in the relationship.

    R LR LHace 13 días
  • Equal pay... give me a break Karen, man built this industry from zero, man bringing 3-4x more spectators to games, man sells way mor merchandise, man invests way more in this.. Yet woman asks for equal pay, give me a break Karen..

    G. A.G. A.Hace 13 días
  • "What matters is what you look like. That's all that matters"😂😂😂 Didn't expect this from Trevor lol

    Siddharth Emmanual JacobSiddharth Emmanual JacobHace 14 días
  • What a hero! Much love & respect to her & all women Fighting for equality!

    AngieluvsdmbAngieluvsdmbHace 14 días
  • I could be wrong so don't crucify me if I am. Women's professional surfers receive the same purse as the men in the sport. I hope surfing equal pay trickles down to all sports.

    Kainoa TauotahaKainoa TauotahaHace 14 días
  • Megan Rapinoe ought to go learn some economics. Women footballers already get paid too much when you look at the finances

    AnkitAnkitHace 15 días
  • I have a girl crush on Megan!!

    T ST SHace 15 días
  • Hasn't the gender wage gap been debunked already

    Peter ParkerPeter ParkerHace 15 días
  • Trevor, Why did you not ask if Meghan believes US Soccer should pay $34 million bonus that Rapinoe “demands” .....that does NOT EXIST!! She has hoodwinked everyone in the name of equality .....while collecting $75k from US Soccer (for no show NWSL job) and making $$ millions while everyone she claims to “represent” is barley making end meet?

    Wayne NorrisWayne NorrisHace 15 días
  • I know I am NOT the only one but I am so in love with Megan ( as she starts talking about her engagement. sigh)

    Melissa WatkinsMelissa WatkinsHace 15 días
  • Ever wondered why female PORN stars are paid more than the Male stars?...revenues...most men watch porn than women, hence female porn stars get more viewership, revenues, pay but no one complains... Taking Rapino suggestion of investing into female soccer, biologically it's impossible to reach a Male intensity in sports esp in soccer...under 15 boys easily defeat women team, that says a lot...

    Deans David NyathiDeans David NyathiHace 15 días
  • Senator Rapinoe sounds pretty nice.

    loudsaltloudsaltHace 15 días
  • From thumbnail, I thought Trevor was interviewing Jared.

    uda kcuda kcHace 15 días
  • I love u both! ❤️

    Ana FláviaAna FláviaHace 15 días
  • smh. this women🤦‍♂️ Damn. used to be a big fan of trevor

    Samuel ASamuel AHace 15 días
  • Great interview! She seems so dope and down to earth.

    J. BoykinJ. BoykinHace 16 días
  • Hail Rapino. Please come to a Sounders match and listen to the roar. When it can happen of course. Love to you and Sue. Congrats on that too. Kick ass forever!!

    Snappy 5000Snappy 5000Hace 16 días
  • COVID IS NOT FAKE, but the spreading rate is. Even now, we can already see, in statistics, how invariably every other cause of death is reported to have dropped, and if you bother to look into how medical assistence is putting every other medical conidition aside, you'll see how. Other diseases, when not treated after the first symptoms appear, will leave you in a fragile state, after that, even a simple cold can trigger a deadly response( heart and lung failure). Almost every single covid test can become positive for a wide range of virus, which means that even cold or flu cases are being statisticly reported as covid. Do you realize that thousands of people die of these diseases every year? Check out the statistics, how they are being manipulated, and how governments are approving faxist control measures because of it. Stay safe but be minded of the power of a paranoia propaganda( this is a defined terrorist attack, it causes terror to the population).

    amrish loveamrish loveHace 16 días
  • he was a good soccer player

    sergio Salvettisergio SalvettiHace 16 días
  • Stand Up .... ... For America. During these troubling times I would encourage concerned Americans to take up a U. S. Flag. Find an appropriate (and legal) location. Stand and hold the flag. Stay for at least 4 hours. No chanting of political slogans, Remain quiet except for normal conversation. If others doing same thing then gather together but maintain six feet between fellow ‘standers’ at all times. If someone asks, say what you feel but remain apolitical at all times. Example: I am a concerned American standing up for... .... America. ..... American Democracy. .... the United States Constitution. .... the American election process. Etc. If there is a relief ‘stander’ coming, surrender your flag to them to hold onto in case a person shows up without a flag, or just wants to join in. Wear a mask... Social Distance .... .... Stay Well.

    NNANNAHace 16 días
  • Plato « Self conquest is the greatest of victories. »

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace 16 días
  • She did well in this interview but she's a very unlikeable person. There's a video of her ignoring a kid that was her fan

    Kido manKido manHace 16 días
  • I saw Megan play a year ago while out visiting my mom in Washington because they have season tickets. She has such a unique charisma both on the field and off. It's great seeing someone like her out front in the athletic world but also in the being open and proud of who she is. Living without apology. I, also, found out my dad was (is?) a Trump supporter and I haven't talked to him since almost July and have to see him on Tuesday. Just dreading it.

    Aiden EugeneAiden EugeneHace 16 días
  • Haha even in soccer male the player they had low pay and low marketing ,this girl really live in fantasy dream

    Leonardo PadillaLeonardo PadillaHace 16 días
  • Great person. Glad she dropped the milkshake hair.

    Kiere LuursKiere LuursHace 16 días
  • Inspire, fight and love

    Divamarvalous O'NealDivamarvalous O'NealHace 16 días
  • but the Womans team would have been paid more than the mans team if they signed the same deal the American mens team for soccer though, they had 2 contract types and choose the safer option cause if they choose pay to play contract that the men choose they would get more the men even

    isaac debeilaisaac debeilaHace 16 días
  • I love Megan Rapinoe! I saw her and the USWNT play in person in the 2015 Semi-finals where it was USA vs Germany at the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

    Munro McLarenMunro McLarenHace 16 días
  • I admire her on so many levels. Real role model.

    Anne WagnerAnne WagnerHace 16 días
  • like the great #RondaRousey once said, "How much you get paid should have something to do with how much money you bring in. I'm the highest paid fighter, NOT BECAUSE (UFC owners) wanted to do something nice for the ladies ...because I make them the most money" ofcorse taking nothing from Rapino's opinions (noted she seems like a good hearted individual), female and male police, nurses, janitors e.t.c should get equal pays...

    Deans David NyathiDeans David NyathiHace 16 días
  • Its hard for them to get higher salaries due to the lack of audience, lack of sales of merch etc. When you compare the womens world cup views and the mens its a crazy difference.

    Canned GorillaCanned GorillaHace 16 días
    • @Gipsy Flipsy yea i agree with you. I wroye this comment for many of these people who agrees that the women should get equal pay and what not. Its just simply impossible

      Canned GorillaCanned GorillaHace 16 días
    • But how long is this argument valid? They had a lot of opportunities to expose themselves. I tried to watch women's football every year since 2008. It's just not interesting enough. It took the X-games 15 years to establish themselves with similar exposure like women's soccer. The sport makes money but they've just about reached their growth potential. It's fair for the sponsors not to invest a lot of money. Not every sport can be the NFL. Maybe women's soccer has reached it's limit.

      Gipsy FlipsyGipsy FlipsyHace 16 días
  • Megan is another great role model for little girls and women.

    lorenzo tosadolorenzo tosadoHace 16 días
  • People should know they can actually opt not to talk to family members who invalidate their existence and do things to harm them.

    mynamesAlexamynamesAlexaHace 16 días
    • Absolutely. I have a really good friend that feels tremendous guilt for even thinking about removing toxic family members from her life, it's very hard for me to see her treated so horribly. I have had to cut out most of my family members from my life because of many levels and forms of abuse, I don't feel a bit of guilt. My life and my soul have blossomed since doing so. Self love and self acceptance is not selfish, it's a true necessity as well as a right as a human being.

      Angels are NearAngels are NearHace 12 días
    • Wish I would have known that growing up.

      Danna HinojosaDanna HinojosaHace 15 días
  • My guy and girl crush together 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    Janis IanJanis IanHace 16 días
  • Trevor rock your hoodies. And good to see your real smile again 😃 thank you so much for covering this. It has been heavy on my mind lately.

    Vanilla SkiVanilla SkiHace 16 días
  • Megan's Hoodie rocks compared to Trevor's

    Richard RohertyRichard RohertyHace 16 días
  • 1:56 I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Alice D. ObrienAlice D. ObrienHace 16 días
  • Who is this person ?

    Derek CookDerek CookHace 16 días
  • there is a reason in football women get paid less, the revenue they genrate , the viewer ship , the quality . if u know about fotball , u know what i am talking about

    Irfan muhammedIrfan muhammedHace 16 días
  • The reason women don't make the same money as men isn't because of “the patriarchy”, whatever that is. It's because of women's own lifestyle choices and preferences.

    N RN RHace 16 días
  • When is she gonna understand that until women generate as much as the men, they’re into get paid as much as them 🤦🏽‍♂️ still think she is great thou

    Carlos BarillasCarlos BarillasHace 16 días
    • I urge you, URGE YOU, to listen to what she said starting at 2:09. Actually hear it.

      Najs MoneéNajs MoneéHace 16 días
    • That’s her mission though to get people to understand that the women matter too.

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
  • OMG i thought it was Jared Kushner cus of the Thumbnail

    ElstonedElstonedHace 16 días
  • $$$$$!!!!!! Why does Trump make America so ugly and then smear US just & independent election system ? Trump is a son of NAZI spy ! America defeated NAZI Germany and now Trump revenges? @ hated @ ! Trump destroys democracy ! Trump destroys republic ! Trump destroys justice ! Trump destroys rule of law ! Trump destroys independent & just election system ! Trump destroys freedom ! Trump wants to establish a neo NAZI empire to replace USA !

    張台生張台生Hace 16 días
  • Women aren't opposed. Go to Saudi Arabia for a week then tell me again how bad it is here. Sports fans aren't interested in watching women play professional sports. Its not sexist its just really boring to watch.

    Scott McMahonScott McMahonHace 16 días
    • @Amy Omemine not in the least bit. I have nothing but love and respect for women. I just don't support this victim culture and bitter feminists are undermining today's youth by shaming them for believing in traditional gender roles.

      Scott McMahonScott McMahonHace 15 días
    • @Scott McMahon who's trolling? I've called out your bullshit. Viewership is irrelevant. The Toyota Corolla is one of the world's biggest selling cars. Are you telling me that's one of the world's best cars? That's your logic here. Men's soccer is nigh on unwatchable. The diving, cynical play and bitchiness aren't in the women's game, and that why I watch it. I prefer men's rugby, but I watch both genders. I watch all tennis, the men's game is more about power while the accuracy of the women's game is what draws me. Both genders have their merits in most sports, just not soccer. One of the greatest rally drivers of all time, and in my opinion the greatest driver not to win a world rally championship is Michele Mouton.

      That O'Riordan LadThat O'Riordan LadHace 16 días
    • @That O'Riordan Lad Ratings don't lie. More women watch men's sports. Deal with it. Men are physically superior in athletics. Only people that are that science are libtard feminists. You can't troll me.

      Scott McMahonScott McMahonHace 16 días
    • Exactly. I watched a few games of women's soccer, they don't even know the basic rules of the game. When tackled, the get up and get on with the game. They don't roll around like they've been shot. They don't try and get the other player sent off. They don't wrestle during corner kicks. They don't even verbally abuse the referee or line officials. It's just about the sport. Don't get me started about women's boxing. Ever see Katie Taylor fight? It's disgrace. She just boxes. There's no holding the other fighter, no intentional slowing down of the fight to throw off the opponent. Its a disgrace. Women racing drivers get my blood boiling too. Who do they think they are? Men? They're competing at Le Mans as equals every year. Disgraceful. 1930 called. They want their outlook back.

      That O'Riordan LadThat O'Riordan LadHace 16 días
    • @Amy Omemine you have equal pay for equal performance. Men work longer hours on average, are willing to do more dangerous jobs, willing to work undesirable shifts, more willing to relocate. The pay gap is a debunked lie. Third wave feminists are toxic.

      Scott McMahonScott McMahonHace 16 días
  • Dear Miss Megan, i know you may not ever see this but you are an inspiration to girls all over the world❣🇬🇾

    Ariela WebsterAriela WebsterHace 16 días
    • @Mae Jones I was about to respond to u Mae being like oh my friend has one too the I realized that u were the friend I was about to talk about 😂

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
    • She is so amazing I have her jersey and she is part of what makes me love soccer

      Mae JonesMae JonesHace 16 días
    • I know, she and Alex Morgan are my idols, I love soccer and I love to watch them play

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
  • Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems I have never seen such a bad thing Vote for Biden but not for the Senate?

    Lam WongLam WongHace 17 días
  • Maybe tomorrow a Badminton top player would use a similar argument to request an equal salary as a Tennis top player, all the difference is the fans in the stadiums, the audience on television, that's where all that money comes, Women's soccer is growing fast and it could reach Men's soccer in the next 10 years then women would have equal income and this how it works

    samestradasamestradaHace 17 días
  • Let's just say it. The US mens' football team is shit. If I'm watching a US team play, I would watch the womens' any day. So why the bullshit? The team which does better should get paid better.

    Ayush ThumbarathyAyush ThumbarathyHace 17 días
  • Trevor says something along the lines of "Im really into hoodies" literally everyone:No shit!

    Kpop is my lifeKpop is my lifeHace 17 días
  • Equal work for equal pay.

    Carrie UllrichCarrie UllrichHace 17 días
    • @Daniel L Neymar? 😂😂😂 The tyres on my car roll around less. If I wanted bitchiness and diving I'd watch a soap opera or professional divers.

      That O'Riordan LadThat O'Riordan LadHace 16 días
    • @That O'Riordan Lad yeah, they just play, but just not as good, I prefer to watch a WC match full with players bitching and diving like Neymar does than a women's WC match, just because of the quality of the game itself.

      Daniel LDaniel LHace 16 días
    • @Amy Omemine it's not a fight. I'm stating a fact. I watch a lot of motorsport (WEC, WRC and Formula 1 especially), rugby and an Irish sport called hurling (fastest game on grass) and I used to watch soccer until the players went all soft and dramatic. I happened upon a game of women's soccer in a square in San Sebastian and I've been watching it since. I watched the World Cup and I now follow the Bundesliga, La Liga and the League of Ireland. The women's game is more enjoyable to watch, as there's no diving, cynical play or bitchiness. They just play.

      That O'Riordan LadThat O'Riordan LadHace 16 días
    • Equal work? Bhahahahahahahahahahahaha. Male footballers spend more time on their arses than their feet. Someone looks at them and they roll around like they've been shot. Men's soccer is unwatchable now. The last Women's World Cup was a f**king pleasure to watch. They played and if someone tackled fairly, it was treated as such. One memory that will stay with me is sitting in a square in San Sebastian, Spain is watching Sociedad beat Atletico Madrid among hundreds of locals on a big screen. I'd never watch a men's game.

      That O'Riordan LadThat O'Riordan LadHace 17 días
  • No joke..Megan has good energy..I wish her well

    Don DoodDon DoodHace 17 días
  • Will she play anytime soon?

    Luis AvendañoLuis AvendañoHace 17 días
  • We need more people talking about Quawan Charles! This 15 year old was killed, possibly by 17 year old and his mom. At the least they are responsible in some way being that he was picked up by the two. When his mother tried to reach out to them, they would not give answers. Later on November 4th he was found in a sugar Cain field dead! The corner said he drowned! WTF! He was found with his head split open and half his face missing! It’s another cover up for white supremacists! We need answers! Not to mention a man in Sacramento California was hung on a basketball hoop who had no way of hoisting himself up onto the rim. So many cases of lynching being un answered and called a suicide or these white people are trying to cover it up we need more people talking about these things

    Anthony KennedyAnthony KennedyHace 17 días
  • How has Trevor avoided a hoodie sponsor?

    kevin sheakevin sheaHace 17 días
    • its probably got a lot to deal with the daily show brand. Maybe he could do something outside the show but here I feel like it would take away from what he's trying to say. XD I'd love to see a personal brand though. I'd get behind that

      Cory DurenCory DurenHace 15 días
  • Trevor, you are one of the best, if not THE best, interviewer I’ve ever seen! You are hilarious!!! Thanks for bringing some laughter to us in times of such stress😊

    beth derricobeth derricoHace 17 días
    • @Mae Jones i was not talking to you,you came interferring. I already know you got no brains and dont get the meaning of facts,i spend enough time answering you dodo. Keep complaining like a spoiled child for something that is useless. Grow up!

      Nico De WaardNico De WaardHace 16 días
    • @Nico De Waard omg I clicked that link read the title and threw up it should be a basic thing that women are paid as much as men it’s not the only right we’re missing but it’s one and what do you not get about shut up and go away

      Mae JonesMae JonesHace 16 días
    • @Nico De Waard yeah I couldn’t watch all of that but I got to number one, men don’t always work longer hours. I’m sure some men do but then it’s the same for women sometimes they work longer and do a better job but they don’t get paid as much. So u don’t believe that women should be treated fairly because of that video??? Honestly that’s so stupid I actually believe that u do. Believe what u want idc, but I believe that women should be paid and treated fairly.

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
    • @Kate Ashby here's why

      Nico De WaardNico De WaardHace 16 días
    • @Nico De Waard I’m not saying that, I’m saying they deserve to be payed as much as the men especially since more people watched them in 2016, I don’t see why u can’t agree that there should be equal pay for women, it’s not just in soccer it’s everywhere.

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
  • Wait.. she actually said "aunt" right.

    AdityaAdityaHace 17 días
  • Twinzies! And adorbs.

    JJHace 17 días
  • Equal pay. _Without_ the equal work. Brilliant 🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Sabeer AbdullaSabeer AbdullaHace 17 días
  • Our ladies, especially in football/soccer, kick butt. They have more than earned what they're asking for. One quick comparison with the US men's team should have made it an open and shut case.

    Jeff MillerJeff MillerHace 17 días
    • @Paulo Tudela If you western europeans are so enlightened and are religiously following womens football in droves why are women still highly unsuccessful compared to men in those same regions. For your information all the best mens teams in Europe are located in Western Europe (i will include Spain and Italy here although they are not western Europe), not in Eastern Europe. Question is why are Western European men not interested in womens game, and prefer to watch Juventus, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munchen, Manchester City, Barcelona .......

      BS 87BS 87Hace 15 días
    • @Kate Ashby You need to elaborate this equal pay. Is it equal amount of money or equal percentage of revenue. If its equal amount of money does that mean men will be forced to take a huge pay cut, or will FIFA take money from men forcefully and give it to women (because women do not create revenue that's remotely comparable to men)?

      BS 87BS 87Hace 15 días
    • @BotAsterisk I would much rather watch the women play, everyone playing in the fifa World Cup women or man is definitely familiar with soccer. Idk what ur trying to say but both the women’s team and the men’s team are amazing and therefore deserve equal pay

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
    • @Paulo Tudela I stand by this. They need to gain more audience 100%

      Canned GorillaCanned GorillaHace 16 días
    • @Paulo Tudela Yes it's down to basic economics.They need to understand that More audience more popularity will generate more revenue and more sponsorship and brand endorsements, their wages comes from these revenues. Men's football has been popular for lot of years compared to women's football. A women's World Cup final is watched by millions and a Men's World Cup is watched by billions. That's the difference at the moment I understand their sentiments on getting equal pay because they've also had success but the problem is down to economics. Only solution to this problem is that they need to encourage more audience and more promotions has to be done. I think it will take more decades till they start earning Higher wages and to establish a iconic popularity simply because men's football has been around longer and you have legends like Pele Maradona who have majorly contributed to the popularity and audience attraction. Many football fans have grew up watching or inspired by such legends and idols. Women football will have more icons and legends after decades and then we might see some similar situation.

      Vijay MurthyVijay MurthyHace 16 días
  • Trevor is into hoodies??? Didn't see that coming.

    Kevin KimKevin KimHace 17 días
    • Plot twist!

      Chinedu OparaChinedu OparaHace 16 días

    Katarina L. YoungKatarina L. YoungHace 17 días
  • Equal pay does not exist in the real world. People should fight for fair pay. There are also men who are paid less than women but does the same job mostly in female dominant industries like fashion and magazines. If you're fishing using worms as bait, don't expect to get big fish. And Megan, people don't like to see lesbians running after a ball.

    Mr BonkMr BonkHace 17 días
  • You wont get equal pay if you don't bring as much attention. Millions watch Men's soccer. Hundreds watch women's soccer.

    TheBestMovieAliveTheBestMovieAliveHace 17 días
  • My father works with her mother. Megan is such an awesome person.

    Dishonest Track6Dishonest Track6Hace 17 días
  • Where are The Daily Show fans watching from?

    Tabitha EdwardsTabitha EdwardsHace 17 días
    • 🇧🇷

      Sarah FernandesSarah FernandesHace 17 días
    • 🇹🇹

      Tabitha EdwardsTabitha EdwardsHace 17 días
  • Im a bernie supporter but women already get equal pay. Work the same job, equal pay. The wage gap thing is getting old now. Fight for a livable $15 wage instead of discussing non-issues

    Siddesh GannuSiddesh GannuHace 17 días
  • It’s adorable she thinks the problem is investment and lack of interest from the majority 😂 I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s true more money does make things work better but it won’t make people care more. Maybe someday it will happen 😊

    Another Generic Gaming ChannelAnother Generic Gaming ChannelHace 17 días
    • World Cup trophies (global ones) make people care.

      SuperLeica1SuperLeica1Hace 17 días
  • Congratulations on your upcoming marriage 🌺 you both are strong, kind, intelligent and dedicated to making the world a better place. Aloha from Hawai’i we love and admire you all M&A& Trevor 🕊

    Yvonne AthenaYvonne AthenaHace 17 días
  • congrats on 8.69 mil

    Quinn PQuinn PHace 17 días
  • Trevor has hoodie envy. If this virus ever ends, Trevor is gonna struggle wearing that suit again.

    Jaded Old JoeJaded Old JoeHace 17 días
    • Tbh I'm not opposed to late night hosts never wearing suits again (except for Amber Ruffin--she's the only late night host allowed to wear a suit now)

      katherikellykatherikellyHace 15 días
    • I don’t miss the suit, love the show more now.

      J. BoykinJ. BoykinHace 16 días
  • Both can be a good family ground, looks like some males even want to assist in the expansion.

    x_Dudex_DudeHace 17 días
  • Nice! Congrats Megan!

    Chleczi FerrynChleczi FerrynHace 17 días
  • Problem is a male top star football (soccer) earn ore then half of usa in one match..

    AphexonAphexonHace 17 días
  • Dude you need to shower and get a haircut!!! If you shave shower and cut your hair and dress up you’ll feel so much better trust me!

    Gabriela HernandezGabriela HernandezHace 17 días
  • Love her! Megan is such an inspirational person and great athlete!

    AdaAdaHace 17 días
    • She is lying about "equal pay" though

      ThatleftyjamesThatleftyjamesHace 10 días
    • @wagasueden She sure is! Plus that "lava hoodie" is pretty cool. Reverse-pun intended.

      Chinedu OparaChinedu OparaHace 16 días
    • Yes! Go Megan! :D :D She is so cool! Thank you for the inspiration!

      wagasuedenwagasuedenHace 16 días
  • We are avoiding the elephant in the room. For me i wish everybody to be paid equal pay for what they do. It's no secret that football(i am from Europe and it is called football because it is played with the feet). Is a much more competitive sport on the male side whether we like it or not that is a fact, as such the level of skill and quality is higher on the male side as compared to the female side, whilst there has been a promising and healthy development with the quality and competitiveness of the womens game in recent times, the fact is even at the very top level with the womens game it is only comparable to a U16 maybe an U19 boys level. I am not trying to be patronising here but i will support my view with eviddnce of the US womens nation team as well as the Swedish smd Australian womens nation teams getting beaten and struggling against boys U15, U16 teamd. My point being why should the women footballers want equality in pay when it os quite obvious the product is not as competitive, not of the same standard and quality. Should there be some kind of parity in standard between the sexes, then i do not see the reason for not allowing women players/teams to play against/win their male counterparts hence the equality in pay would be a more relevant issue. At the moment it should be appreciated we are not there yet and the world governing body is doing IT'S best endeavour to reach that point as such sadly for Megan and all the female counterparts they are pioneers paving the way for future generations until that point of utopia is reach i see the argument from both sides of the fence.

    ZuluWarriorZuluWarriorHace 17 días
  • i'm her fan, and i don't even watch football (or soccer)

    iftlatlwiftlatlwHace 17 días
  • My dad too, Meghan. It's diverse but, we do find coming ground and focus on that. Rarely can I say my dad has shoved it completely in my face. Just smeared it a few times on fb lol oooh well.

    Evelyn GilbertEvelyn GilbertHace 17 días
  • I want that hoodie 😍🎉 I love me some 💕Tie-dye 💕. If that says "Washington" on it, this Washintonion is, done 😍👀✨

    Evelyn GilbertEvelyn GilbertHace 17 días
  • I'm a huge fan of Megan's, but I disagree with her on this. I think we absolutely can stop talking to the people in our lives who support hatred and bigotry. It's one thing to be a conservative because you believe in conservative economic policies. Fine. But to me, a vote for Trump is either a vote for white supremacy, a vote against abortion choice, or both. I can't abide that. If you're conservative on social issues, we have nothing to discuss.

    Ella EllaElla EllaHace 17 días
    • I rlly hate trump but idk if if u have any family members that Like him, I do, and I still love them no matter what they support, no way I could ever stop talking to them even with what they support. They are to special to me

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
  • Her hoodie's groovy. ✌️

    Fauler PerfektionistFauler PerfektionistHace 17 días
  • Megan is the only reason I watch American football HANDS DOWN 🚫🧢 edit: soccer if u got confused

    Thatguy ALIThatguy ALIHace 17 días
    • @Danna Hinojosa yesmaam

      Thatguy ALIThatguy ALIHace 4 días
    • Fut'bol

      Danna HinojosaDanna HinojosaHace 15 días
  • Not that it is the same as what you are speaking about...but I do find it amusing that in my career I have found that social workers ( predominantly a female field) are supervised by males. How is that possible in an equal society?????

    Victoria LennoxVictoria LennoxHace 17 días
  • And, it’s a Female Vet who never got Sea Pay, or combat pay even if behind enemy lines!

    Luciann BrewerLuciann BrewerHace 17 días
  • It's official they are apart of the hoodie gang! Also those achievements are astounding. At least if anything she could be like a friendly competitor and still be together. It's so adorable

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMERHace 17 días
  • Seems like she already had success in fighting for equal haircuts.

    Javid Seyad AhmedJavid Seyad AhmedHace 17 días
  • Thank you!

    Victoria LennoxVictoria LennoxHace 17 días
  • I am an engineer/scientist and I’ve been underemployed or completely unemployed basically since Trump has been in office. I am not the only one. The cost to the country due to sexism is unmeasurable.

    Noelle With an ENoelle With an EHace 17 días
    • @Taylor Roggio exactly why I said just work hard unless they can give concrete evidence that it's about sexism they should just STFU

      Peter ParkerPeter ParkerHace 5 días
    • Just because your a woman doesn't mean it's because your a woman.

      Taylor RoggioTaylor RoggioHace 5 días
    • @Noelle With an E you should take my advice and contact that non profit. Dont give up. You know what the unemployment rate is right now right? Theres probably a ton of overqualified people filling jobs that your qualified for

      ARONIOUS2ARONIOUS2Hace 13 días
    • @Noelle With an E Nah I was just giving you advise

      Peter ParkerPeter ParkerHace 14 días
    • Peter Parker maybe don’t be an insensitive dudebro

      Noelle With an ENoelle With an EHace 14 días
  • laughed at this one of rappaport:

    surfdog51surfdog51Hace 17 días
  • Megan Rapinoe 👩🏻‍🎤, what an awesome ambassador for the sport of Soccer/Global Football ⚽️, and an all-around cool chick! 🤘🏻

    Death Cheaters GuildDeath Cheaters GuildHace 17 días
    • @Kate Ashby it really is and nico de warrd u gave me a idea I think I will donate some money thx

      Mae JonesMae JonesHace 16 días
    • @Nico De Waard tbh that was one of the worst comebacks I’ve ever heard, it doesn’t rlly matter if u doubt that I will send money to support a mission I believe in and dummies is like the best insult for third graders.

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
    • @Kate Ashby im sure you will send nothing,maybe instead you can by a book. I got a tip "marketing for dummies"

      Nico De WaardNico De WaardHace 16 días
    • great idea actually. For Christmas I’ll ask all of my family members to sign and donate money to a petition to help them. Feel free to do so yourself, that is if ur not to selfish to care about women’s rights.

      Kate AshbyKate AshbyHace 16 días
    • @Kate Ashby great,send some money to her for the equal pay gap😂

      Nico De WaardNico De WaardHace 16 días
  • First would like to say love the show Trevor watch it every time my reminder rings about a new episode now I'm not trying to hate on anything its just my opinion on the matter I believe that no athletic should get paid over 100k a year While police officers and firefighters get paid less than that putting their life on the line every day and another thing whats better to watch girl playing sports or man playing sport now it stared with men we went to war so we decided to put woman play now they want it all I hope you not offended and keep doing what you do loving it thank you have a wonderful day

    joker darksidejoker darksideHace 17 días
    • @Lyndsey Barnhart wow I know that first of all everything you just said. But it doesn't make me misogynist or a piece of shit! It was just a opinion about athletes getting paid so much that it very simple you name calling and being so rude it's so sad if anybody thinks you a remodel to others I never thought you would take it the wrong way im so sorry you feel that way . God bless you always hope you be well next time you should handle it a different way without insults would be great.

      joker darksidejoker darksideHace 17 días
    • @Lyndsey Barnhart cheerios

      joker darksidejoker darksideHace 17 días
    • Joel Sianturi thank you for understanding we all have right to speak and be heard it was only a opinion thank you for understanding

      joker darksidejoker darksideHace 17 días
    • @Lyndsey Barnhart people like you stiffles conversations with triviality. unimportant things being put in place to stop or shame someone who’s just trying to give an opinion

      Joel SianturiJoel SianturiHace 17 días
    • @Lyndsey Barnhart what the hell are you talking about, stop trying to pull people down because of things like that. he/she have the right to give an opinion. and you can still understand the substance of what he/she is trying to say

      Joel SianturiJoel SianturiHace 17 días