Biden Wins Election & Parties Erupt While Trump Golfs | The Daily Social Distancing Show

9 nov 2020
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Joe Biden is going to be the 46th president of the United States, Americans take to the streets to celebrate while Donald Trump golfs, and Biden and Kamala Harris give victory speeches in Delaware. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JoeBiden
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  • Ahd the COVID19 went up after that, 195.000 today 24 NOv 2020. Biden has to do better, much better. I pray he doesn't disappoint us. I hope he makes it through the whole presidency., He is the oldest president we have ever had.

    Omen NemoOmen NemoHace 20 horas
  • Check out CENTRAL CITY NEWSPAPERS ABOUT 2020 ELECTION. TRUMP leading on 11/3/20 into 11/4/20. GA dumped 4800 illegal votes many's times to pass Trump. Similar in PA but 6000 dumped 48 times to pass Trump. They are filling criminal charges about this.

    Joyce ManningJoyce ManningHace un día
  • Joe didn't win. Courts had not decided!!!! Lie!!!!!!

    Joyce ManningJoyce ManningHace un día
  • Trump won the 2020 election and you TDS sleezbags are going down!

    Dan FosterDan FosterHace un día
  • Biden not win Election!!!

    Mike A. GarzaMike A. GarzaHace 2 días
  • That's it. No more looting and rioting. Corona is going away soon! Democrats are in power! No matter the cost, they are wanted Trump out.

    Vitali SakaloyskiVitali SakaloyskiHace 2 días
  • 6:02 If that was me I’d think someone just fired a gun shot at me lol.

    CoolDJ CarlosCoolDJ CarlosHace 2 días
  • President Biden Has a nice ring to it!

    CoolDJ CarlosCoolDJ CarlosHace 2 días
  • best moment at 0:13

    Kyrie4ThreeKyrie4ThreeHace 3 días
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    SBCKISBCKIHace 3 días
  • Is this his real hair or a wig???

    Rokiatou KabaRokiatou KabaHace 3 días
  • Straight into the big news. Is comedy supposed to be funny.

    89harley189harley1Hace 5 días
  • 🤣😭😭😭 I officially love this

    Marunda WestMarunda WestHace 5 días
  • BIDEN A WIN FOR SURE! I don't know about you, but I couldn't wait to vote for a guy that promised more lockdowns and a national mandatory face mask law for a virus that has a 99% recover rate and one the CDC downgraded the actually death toll from 280,000 to 9,000 strictly from the virus! And also all those First Amendment Rights being thrown aside was real appealing too! I am glad we got rid of Trump the Dictator so Biden and the rest can absolutely run our lives without impediments, I am so relieved!

    teton99teton99Hace 5 días
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  • This is called fake news because that's what it is. It's fake/false. Trevor Noah can declare that Joe Biden has won but as a mater of strict fact, he hasn't. State officials, our federal courts, The Electoral College and Congress determine who will win, NOT the media. This video is dated 11/8/2020 and as of now, Joe Biden is NOT the president or president elect. That is a fact, not my opinion.

    Brian VBrian VHace 6 días
    • We will win! #MAGA 😎 🇺🇸 ✊ ✊

      MrARMrARHace 4 días
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    Fred BallackFred BallackHace 6 días
  • Trevor his middle name is not Rihanna 😂

    Chyna RileyChyna RileyHace 6 días
  • Trump be like: Ok Biden so lemme make you a deal, the nuclear button thingy is for me and you can keep the rest. Come on you've taken everything from me (sad Trump noises). Biden: Soo.. watchagonnadowithit? Trump: Nothing i'm just gonna take this to China, but down worry we're "buddys" Biden: wait, what? Trump: ehmmm..... China🌝

    Bisma YagaBisma YagaHace 6 días
  • Ok, an opinion from non-american. my reaction was like Ahh Trump lose☹️ Also me: Hell yeahhh🔥 i love the fact that Biden wins but i have that weird feeling of disappointment 😂. Btw here in Indonesia we're celebrating too for the minimalization of world war 3😀

    Bisma YagaBisma YagaHace 6 días
  • We now know there was widespread fraud in this election. If you want fair elections in America, I encourage you to visit

    Daniel JonesDaniel JonesHace 7 días
  • i think people really voted. All those people who didn't come out to vote 4 years ago came out with vigor cus the bullshit has been in the system for too long

    Mirasey IsaMirasey IsaHace 7 días
  • Your right that is a terrible way to get fired. But he didn’t

    Janos CastroJanos CastroHace 7 días
  • 0:49 child abuse and lies

    Janos CastroJanos CastroHace 7 días
  • Boom sorry biden going down haha. Even tho I'm no statist.

    WrathmorWrathmorHace 8 días
  • Hammer and scorecard. 1st link Watch it actually happen in 2nd link.

    Jayb 1961Jayb 1961Hace 8 días
    • Wow!

      MrARMrARHace 4 días
  • He should interview George soros

    Gypsy soulGypsy soulHace 8 días
  • "Joseph Rihanna Biden..." Me: *dying*

    Katie LawerenceKatie LawerenceHace 8 días

    Oyane Breslel-eatonOyane Breslel-eatonHace 8 días

    MrHeavychevy86MrHeavychevy86Hace 9 días
  • Hobhjuvih

  • 6yü7

  • Wow these guys are actually getting all of their info on the election from a comedian, no wonder their views are so messed up

    John FordJohn FordHace 9 días
  • But if you store Joe in the attic what’s he going to eat 🤣

    Eliza WilsonEliza WilsonHace 9 días
  • Trevor Noah is really funny person i enjoy watching

    solo62 thee aggressive hounds apex pythonsolo62 thee aggressive hounds apex pythonHace 9 días
  • I kind of like how when the confetti cannon goes off Biden‘s face went from shocked to almost childlike wonderment it was kind of cute to be honest

    Eliza WilsonEliza WilsonHace 9 días
  • You don’t realize that I have been looking forward to speeches that sound like speeches since Bernie lost so it’s going to be awesome for me

    Eliza WilsonEliza WilsonHace 9 días
  • Trevor is truly uneducated and loves to prove it, not that he needs any help but what kind of Brother votes for a homophobic racist fraud? well Trevor apparently, but don't get mad or defensive, you're an adult, behave like one, and pay attention.all i did was state a fact. here is another Joe Biden is NOT President elect, the media do not decide who is president Congress do and will on Dec 14th 2020, keep learning read on watch THIS Biden Eilogizes KKK Member Robert Byrd Biden KKK youtu. be/FqO_LiKjJjk Keep paying attention - watch as Joe Biden is kicked off 1988 election for FRAUD and LYING and Plagiarizing...ABC NEWS 'BIDEN THE LIAR' from 1988 youtu. be/h67O5dzr9rg but wait cause we are far from finished - here you are watch Joe Biden brag about locking up brothers and sisters with his draconian 3 Strikes Law, I lived these times - i knew all about Biden LONG before you were born youtu. be/bmmahbbARNI and here is the part that is really going to make you freak - Joe Biden NOT Trump is the Racist - here is ALL the proof you will ever need youtu. be/DZfzJATDmXs the mainstream media used to be genuine back in the 1970s 80s and 1990s but now get paid healthy sums to LIE its what they do they even told you Trump never denounced White Supremacy that is an outright lie ,, and i'm going to prove it youtu. be/i_ilHJOkY4k?t=146 - Kamala is another enemy of the people keep reading As California AG, Harris fought tooth and nail to keep innocent prisoners locked up, and even opposed a DNA test that could have proven a prisoner’s innocence. bit. ly/3kh51S6 - now you know the truth, and dont ignore those links watch them they are all on youtube all culled from real life events you can lie to everyone else but you can't lie to yourself you've been fed BS by MSNBC Yahoo USAToday etc etc... they know how easy it is to fool people too lazy to do real research and now you dont have any excuse to ignore facts any longer

    Dr. FunkensteinDr. FunkensteinHace 9 días
  • I love u men.u r so talented😘

    Sassy Rubi!Sassy Rubi!Hace 9 días
  • I'm not from America and I have nothing to do with anything but.. As a believer in JESUS CHRIST. This election has a big impact for the world and the second coming of JESUS. Donal trump will be elected as the president before the end of Jan 2021. Biden group are working for the devil.. soon the world will go Cashless and the mark of the beast will be introduced. No man will be able to buy or sell without the mark. No one is a good and righteous... But knowing GOD makes a big difference.

    Atokivi ChishiAtokivi ChishiHace 9 días
  • I would rather have trump winning then Harris as debuty she just gonna kill palestinenes

    Ismail BamchiIsmail BamchiHace 9 días
  • SO good videos

    Piseth Taxi Online 24HPiseth Taxi Online 24HHace 10 días
  • "What's with McConnell's baloney fingers?" This guy is Too Much! Trevor, will you marry me? No, I am NOT old enuf to be your granny!

    Kristi SvendsenKristi SvendsenHace 10 días
  • Sounds shitty to say I still will feel much better when hes dead. Sorry for being so honest Jah Bless America!🌓🙏🎸🥁🎶🎵💖💖💖

    Noah ArkNoah ArkHace 10 días
  • Mmm that is not cool

    Kelly MatthewsKelly MatthewsHace 10 días
  • The worst thing to happen is if nothing is done for all those minorities and black people during his presidency. The other party would laugh and it would be a great shame.

    Mai-love BeautifulMai-love BeautifulHace 10 días
  • Ahhh, the middle finger salute to the Fuhrer wanna be Donald Mc Trump. Best salute ever.

    C cC cHace 10 días
  • Kkkkkkk

    nasro hasannasro hasanHace 10 días
  • The Disaster Called Trump continues to confirm why over 75 million of us voted him out of office. This most horrible narcissist continues to disgrace the office of the President.

    Rich MercadoRich MercadoHace 10 días
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    Biracial kitchenBiracial kitchenHace 10 días
  • I seriously fear for their lives. Hope I’m wrong.

    Mciran DV8Mciran DV8Hace 10 días
  • Me tryna figure out what was trump's reaction after feeling so confident that he would win and then he didn't. 🤣😂😂

    Kate RodriguesKate RodriguesHace 10 días
  • What!!! Trump lost!???......Ayt imma unsubscribe now, fun’s over

    Phoenix SlayerPhoenix SlayerHace 11 días
  • Can we talk about how great it was that they had a clip of people singing FDT? Lmfao i loved that

    Nerfed NashNerfed NashHace 11 días

    MbMbHace 11 días
  • Trevor's dark side is coming out in that mop on his dumb and by the way, biden didn't win you idiot!

    Bok ramBok ramHace 11 días
  • The LBGTQ community is really happy because Donald trump was homophobic and Biden does support it- Sorry about my bad grammar)

    Rebeca ValdezacevedoRebeca ValdezacevedoHace 11 días
  • Oh..i thought we had pandemic and could not go to

    TatianaTatianaHace 11 días
  • This was awesome!!

    canadianhaitiancanadianhaitianHace 11 días
  • Biden didn’t win anything, the media can’t call the next president, didn’t hear nothing about covid during this

    BenBenHace 11 días

    Anderson Silva CLUBAnderson Silva CLUBHace 11 días
  • He did not won as yet be truthful. there is still pending court cases

    martinh231martinh231Hace 11 días
  • I never knew you could be bought easily

    sylvester martinssylvester martinsHace 11 días
  • Let's see what happen next

    Jewel ThompsonJewel ThompsonHace 11 días
  • If Biden wins, the USA looses... Wake up... TRUMP PENCE 2020 !!!

    Huib RijntjesHuib RijntjesHace 11 días
  • Biden hasn't won yet. There are over 256 signed sworn affidavits, videos, pictures... claiming election fraud, which is real evidence.

    Uncle DaddyUncle DaddyHace 11 días
  • A trump le gusta el golf. Yo pongo las bolas y el palo y trump el oyito

    El 21El 21Hace 11 días
  • Is corona over??

    Ryan TsutsuiRyan TsutsuiHace 11 días
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      DjangoDjangoHace 11 días
  • The dislikes are trump supporters

    ZIQZIQHace 12 días
  • Joseph is our President now! You're fired Donald! Party in the USA!

    Spokane Valley FreewaySpokane Valley FreewayHace 12 días
  • Trevor, you are absolutely cruel and mean-spirited. I wish you could be kicked off the air or, better, deported!

    John GladsonJohn GladsonHace 12 días
  • Imagine being so horrible that the entire planet throws a dance party when you get fired 😂

    Quoth The RavenQuoth The RavenHace 12 días
  • Oh no,gone are the sweet comedy that is trump's america

    Patih BajaPatih BajaHace 12 días

    Kelly ClevelandKelly ClevelandHace 12 días
    • uh... what-

      Luna :pLuna :pHace 12 días
  • So can't vote in person and show ID, but can have parties in the street. Yup typical LIBTARD mentality. Liberals are to blame for this mess. They should have taken their happy ass down to the Polls on election day and voted the proper way. Then there would not be this mess with all the mail in votes which is EXACTLY what the point of them make it a complete mess.

    Frank BallzFrank BallzHace 12 días
  • Trump Supporters in 2016: *”If YoU dOnT LiKe OuR pReSiDeNt LeAvE!”* Everyone as we wait for Jan 20th to claim the saying: 👀👀👀👀

    Princess NubbinsPrincess NubbinsHace 12 días
  • He is not the president yet votes still being counted

    alxx30alxx30Hace 12 días
  • This was the best weekend in 2020 🔥🔥🔥

    Dido KinneyDido KinneyHace 12 días
  • This guy is funny

    Elsie LeemanElsie LeemanHace 12 días
  • You hypocrite

    pimphard33pimphard33Hace 12 días
  • When i want to know about politics, i only watch comedy central!!!

    D CD CHace 12 días
  • 🙏please let Biden know tho I'm ecstatic he won but DONOT let anyone screw our second amendment donot want America to be sitting ducks wich rest assured if that happens enemies would move in...its only issue I got

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle PoitrasHace 12 días
  • That's amazing, is that true? You couldn't write a better story if so. Did Trump literally drive home on his way back from golfing while the entire world found out Biden wins the election, to find everyone cheering for Biden on the sidewalks and saying bye bye to the president? Wow, that's incredible. I can see him getting so furious. Similarly when Obama and everyone made fun of him at the White House Dinner back 5-10 years ago. Damn!

    Miguel RamirezMiguel RamirezHace 12 días
  • The world's reaction to Biden's victory says all you need to know about Trump's administration lamo

    Gergő KovácsGergő KovácsHace 12 días
  • Biden hasn't won anything lol News can't call the election, people are not paying attention.

    Chrome-OS TechChrome-OS TechHace 12 días
  • So what happened to covid-19? I guess only republicans can spread it

    Jason PhoenixJason PhoenixHace 12 días
  • This guys looks like he would go creep to your daughters back and grab her inappropriately while saying weird things. He is definitely part of the skull and bones and attends the bohemian grove and probably has children locked up in his basement.

    KopieKopieHace 12 días
  • Congratulations from South Africa 👏

    Olothando MdleleniOlothando MdleleniHace 12 días
  • Jails for Joe Biden ,Clinton,Obama !Russia Gate

    Xtraplus92Xtraplus92Hace 12 días
  • What do gareth bale and donald trump have in common??

    Abdilahi AbdirahmanAbdilahi AbdirahmanHace 12 días
  • Wtf

    Debra AguayoDebra AguayoHace 12 días
  • I don't know who the hell call you that you are funny you funny as my butt you're the most there's no word to describe I don't know why you even on TV you're not funny at all so here it hideous

    nenito hernandeznenito hernandezHace 12 días
  • You do understand trump is probably gonna win, right?

    Michael CarrMichael CarrHace 12 días
  • The demented guy could become US president. Great news. haha

    Dang Vu NguyenDang Vu NguyenHace 12 días
  • Lol Rihana Biden

    Totes_mah_goats_2020Totes_mah_goats_2020Hace 12 días
  • Guess what Side Show NO HE DIDNT

    Justin KnottJustin KnottHace 12 días
  • The Russians was involved in this!!!

    Sepp DietrichSepp DietrichHace 12 días
  • Trevor should start working on his Biden impression now!

    Ahmad HassanAhmad HassanHace 12 días
  • Listen very careful as trump said, “it’s not over.” Republicans and trump still have time to steal elect. If trump can steal elect, he can steal many billions for 4 years and republicans and democratic are going to be poverty. Republicans and democratic must work together with Biden to recovery from time to time be patient.

    Isaac StoneIsaac StoneHace 12 días