The Trump Admin’s New Thanksgiving Guidelines Are Insane | The Daily Social Distancing Show

18 nov 2020
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The White House is more willing to risk old people dying from coronavirus than to cancel Thanksgiving. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus
To help Meals on Wheels deliver food to elderly Americans especially in need due to the pandemic, please donate at
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  • Even if the old folks come to Thanksgiving, you still won't have enough room in the fridge for leftovers, because with morgues filling up, you'll end up having to store the old folks in your own fridge once they die of COVID-19. . .

    Jon HandyJon HandyHace 6 horas
  • Wow, such smart thinking. I'm sure that the sick and elderly will love to have their dying process prolonged while being isolated from their families over the holidays. Many of them will die before family is legally allowed to visit them in a hospital but at least they won't get Covid-19.

    Jacob BassJacob BassHace un día
  • I guess Black Friday shopping is fine as long as you spend some $ but going to see your family on the holidays some of which you may never see again because they're on their last legs or having a proper funeral for a family member is a big no no.

    Jacob BassJacob BassHace un día
  • Cool to see now-Too little too late for that now! They should have done something much sooner now! Be well now!

    Mr. Rene MorenoMr. Rene MorenoHace 3 días
  • Note to Trump and Congress. If you guys had done your job and passed some decent covid-19 relief to help everyone and small businesses the stress level wouldn't be near what it is. Instead both sides sat on their asses and did nothing. Mnuchin screwed us in 2008 and guess what he gets to do it again.

    Lightning strikes twiceLightning strikes twiceHace 3 días
  • Why do Trump's minions all look possessed? Talk about drain the swamp! That's definitely going to happen on January 20th. Jesus criminy how did we get here?!

    Lightning strikes twiceLightning strikes twiceHace 3 días
  • Trevor, it’s called privileged! Not used to taking orders from someone who has their interest at heart.

    Ava JordanAva JordanHace 3 días
  • COME TAKE IT! I'm out here in Alabama bout to go swimming. Who needs a mask

    DevilJin01DevilJin01Hace 4 días
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    kinslee Mikaylakinslee MikaylaHace 4 días
  • I support masks and all the things that can keep people alive, but sometimes it's funny when a person is wearing a mask in a car and nobody else is in😭 it's like wearing a condom while fapping🤦🏾

    EzanaEzanaHace 4 días
  • I guess American voters are funny that way - for some reason they apparently did not like watching 250,000 fellow American citizens needlessly suffer then die as a direct result of former president Trump doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread of covid-19. Go figure.. as if the President of the United States committing genocide against his own citizens should carry more weight in the voting booth then Trump's promise to build us a wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it...Really? Now it's only a matter of time before caravans of MS-13 gang members start crossing the borders and moving into our neighborhoods, just like Matt Gaetz and former president Trump promised us would happen when Trump lost. Bottom line. I think it it's very un-American to unilaterally vote out former president Trump just for being complicit in a war crime if that meant Mexico will never get the chance to pay for the wall, sending a clear signal to MS-13 gang members that our suburbs are ripe for the taking. And I'm still astonished as to how former president Trump was not able to muster more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.. I mean ..I think we were only averaging 160,000 new covid-19 cases daily on election day.. a modest 400% increase from the 40,000 daily new cases in April... What's 400%? I bet what these pesky voters didn't know is that former president Trump has been very busy the past 8 months doing the real work of the American people.. panhandling for gold in the rivers of Mexico - then letting them use the gold to pay for the wall, thus saving our country and suburbs from drug dealers and rapists.. Hopefully next elections cycle America will get their priorities in order and realize the biggest threat to our national security, caravans of gang members freely crossing the southern border and moving in next door, outweighs any war crime, in this instance, genocide, the President of the United States may commit against his own citizens.... Amen

    Sam PerkinsSam PerkinsHace 4 días
  • It angers me that people aren’t taking advantage of our digital age. FaceTime or use a Google Meet on Thanksgiving! It’s not that hard. Why make waste money on that long ride to a whole other state and possibly contract COVID as well? Stay home everyone and have a happy thanksgiving.

    AmyAmyHace 4 días
  • So we make a little sacrifice, so we’re not able to have a big Thanksgiving. But at least we will be around to celebrate next year with a bigger and better Thanksgiving. So what is a sacrifice, if a large gathering gets together inside of a house that may be their last Thanksgiving because they will catch the virus, Which is totally unnecessary. We can think only one person for this hatred that we have against not being able to celebrate as a large family. We all know who’s at fault!

    Rita ValenciaRita ValenciaHace 5 días
  • $100 says Trump wants more Coronavirus deaths during the first year of Biden’s presidency than the last year of his. Then he can say he saved lives during the pandemic. He’s that much of a psycho

    AJBAJBHace 6 días
  • Trevor's hair kinda looks like mine before I locked my hair!!!

    Vince EdwardsVince EdwardsHace 6 días
  • I don't want ANYONE near me on Thanksgiving except my immediate family. I am 64 years old, in excellent health and hope to see many more Thanksgivings and Christmases. I have been social distancing since March and I don't mind the continuance social distancing if it will prolong my life. It isn't fun wearing masks and being apart. It isn't fun being deceased either.

    One & Only J. KorbynOne & Only J. KorbynHace 6 días
  • Come on, Trevor. It's very common for people to die in the winter. Some older folks are so lonely they are starting to wish for death. :( I'm not saying people shouldn't be careful, but I think we should empathize with the feeling that if you're going to die soon anyway, you might as we'll see those loved ones

    CalLadyQEDCalLadyQEDHace 7 días
  • They are reducing american population to make America great again because trump doesn't wanna leave white house peacefully.

    Tami IbrockTami IbrockHace 7 días
  • Truth is that if you asked the grandparents they’d mostly say “to hell with that, I’m seeing my children and grandchildren!”

    Some GuySome GuyHace 7 días
  • Ummm

    Kasomoru MitsuruKasomoru MitsuruHace 7 días
  • Correction: this IS your last Thanksgiving Don. As president anyway.

    Larry MageeLarry MageeHace 7 días
  • Atlas is a quack just like Trump. Both need to get off the stage.

    Whirlwind SWhirlwind SHace 7 días
  • I think this should b a private decision

    blissfriendblissfriendHace 8 días
  • No. This is your last thanksgiving in power of the White House.

    Brandon BestBrandon BestHace 8 días
  • Nero fiddled while Rome burned... trump golfs while America crashes. He cares about americans as much as I care about hitler.

    Raven SRaven SHace 8 días
  • noah!!! please, adjust your mic! :D

    Fábio RodriguesFábio RodriguesHace 8 días
  • The Daily Socialist Distancing Show.......

    Frank SzucsFrank SzucsHace 8 días
  • Always remember people. If Trump hadn't - Fired the pandemic response team - Denied the existence of the virus, calling it a hoax (when he's on tape admitting that he knew it's 5x deadlier than the flu) - Refused to ramp up PPE production Then we never would've had to shut anything down.

    Dan LDan LHace 8 días
  • It take all of us to stop this Pandemic we are all concerned about this my family is here because the last Pandemic that Spain brought to the island my Grandfathers, Grandma was a Indian in Puerto Rico she went to live in the mountains isolated from here own family and friends, her husband and two of her children died from the plague twelve of her children survive my Grandfather died in 2012 he was 109 years old

    Jose GonzalezJose GonzalezHace 9 días
  • At this point, telling MAGA supporters the precautions they should take to help combat this virus, is like trying to tell children to eat their veggies.

    Merv EleazarMerv EleazarHace 9 días
  • Fake bla bla bla... God bless President Trump !!!

    Huib RijntjesHuib RijntjesHace 9 días
  • I truly wish, all of Trump supporters, would see through his distraction methods. I think all of his sheep should flock to Trump Island, so they idolize him, leave the rest of us alone, so we can continue on as the great country that we are. So sad, why idiots believe in him.

    Maryann MahavikMaryann MahavikHace 9 días
  • F*** this we tried that whole lock down once before. Well some people were obeying by the rules losing their businesses staying at home others were out destroying the street in the city they live in spreading this virus like crazy it will not happen again

    tobe smithtobe smithHace 9 días
  • Atlas is a joke. The only competent person trump ever hired was stormy daniels

    002002Hace 9 días
  • Yes, living yet... already feeling dead. Yes. The best way to be! Half way! Or scared! Or sunny days for all of us. No more clouds. Despite ski areas here. Whoops! Trevor, I love your humor! It’s a great way to learn stuff from your perspective! It’s magical and priceless! Thank you! Trump needs a baby sitter! His press secretary could arrive on time and since all of em have given up on answering reporters questions anyhow, baby sitting the President! I feel badly for his family! Now! I do. They are not gonna be progressing into royalty today! Nope. We are winners us voters are. We are just exhausted trying to figure out what gives!

    Kary HerndonKary HerndonHace 9 días
  • This is so embarrassing. The stupidity!

    Lynne KasalLynne KasalHace 9 días
  • I mean, just get your immediate family tested before you go see them. Slight inconvenience to keep everyone healthy 💁‍♀️

    Clarissa SteierClarissa SteierHace 9 días
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    Biracial kitchenBiracial kitchenHace 9 días
  • Trumps that think that there's no tomorrow... that explains a lot. - f* climate change - education is not important - debt doesn't concern us ...and on, and on.

    Zett76Zett76Hace 9 días
  • I've always said my mom's pecan pie was to die for ...🤷‍♂️

    Humongous420Humongous420Hace 9 días
  • Do you really need Thanksgiving to go to someone's house you can go over someone house before Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving tomorrow yesterday why are people acting like the word Thanksgiving is the reason go see about somebody if it's not Thanksgiving

    kay cartledgekay cartledgeHace 9 días
  • Jesus normalize/heighten your sound. Must been years by now, at one point i gave up commenting but damn... watching yt on a tv in the morning, not wanting to wake up anyone, every other channel (and night show channels) just fine then i open the daily show and its literally mute- guess i just found the barrier between audible inaudible on my tv, but damn the gap is BIG. Like if i increase 1 tick other channels are loud enough to wake up the kids and still too low to hear trevor... Come on, how hard it is? I could increase volume on freeware software or any editing software quickly from what i learnead playing around as a teenager, surely however mixes or upload these vids can do it too

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________Hace 9 días
  • "This might be their last thanksgiving." It might, but is THANKSGIVING worth making it their last month?? Let's say someone does die before next november, but made it to June - catching covid to go eat turkey and pie would have shorted them 6 more months of life.

    Sapphire RiddlesSapphire RiddlesHace 9 días
  • I actually couldn’t be more pleased to have such a great excuse to not visit family for the holidays. But it is very tragic for those who do enjoy seeing their family

    Peach JacksonPeach JacksonHace 9 días
  • BIDEN 2020!

    GamingEXGamingEXHace 9 días
  • If THAT isn't the lowest of low balls I don't know what is… 😰

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro GonzalezHace 9 días
  • I’m confused by the Republican Party. I understand greed leading them to want to sacrifice human lives to feed the economic engine, as evil as that motive is, but now they’re just encouraging people to die with no reason. Is it like when cult leaders make their followers do radically dangerous things to test their loyalty and quench their need for power trip?

    Edd VCREdd VCRHace 10 días
  • Trevor where do you get your jackets

    Adrian GAdrian GHace 10 días
  • Funny how he says after all this is done 1:28

    Saro AstudilloSaro AstudilloHace 10 días
    • What a POS

      Saro AstudilloSaro AstudilloHace 10 días
    • Comparing hitler and a pandemic is far f*cking fetched, how is any way is that comparable?

      Saro AstudilloSaro AstudilloHace 10 días
  • having this be my last thanksgiving pig-out isn't the worst thing . . . the worst thing is my being asymptomatic and having it be the last thanksgiving for my children or my grands!

    willi0000000willi0000000Hace 10 días
  • Boomers are the worst generation... The people I see walking into a store without a mask, or wearing it wrong, are old! People are losing their jobs for you asshole! Enjoy the remaining five years of your life...

    Vic PeetersVic PeetersHace 10 días
  • Thanks to the Trump Administration you gonna have more than 1 vaccine, you sucker .

    Jonathan FigueroaJonathan FigueroaHace 10 días
  • TRUMP'S people are AH

    Michael NataleMichael NataleHace 10 días
  • WTH happened to "FIRST do no harm"?! This guy got stock in coffin company??

    Starr DavisStarr DavisHace 10 días
  • What a DISGRACE 😤🤯

    Funny BonesFunny BonesHace 10 días
  • Dr Scott Atlas Mengele should STFU, how can he even be allowed to practice medicine? The man is a complete artard, and he is advising the artard-in-chief how to handle the pandemic? OMG, your country is so fucked!

    AJ RedAJ RedHace 10 días
  • Yeah for some people it maybe the last thanksgiving but if we don't mainten social distance it's gonna be everybody's last thanksgiving

    CaramelCaramelHace 10 días
  • Yep it could be the Last Thanksgiving for the Maskless Trump Conspiracy believing Supporters. Good Luck to them.

    Warral VanWarral VanHace 10 días
  • Because the government save 12 billion dollars on social security a year when there are 250,000 old people die. That why the GOP are trying to wipe out the old people in The US

    HypeAF SLYHypeAF SLYHace 10 días

    Oscar BustosOscar BustosHace 10 días
  • My family will be safe....we haven't gotten together for anything since the my grandparents died. I might have my friend and her daughter over...bringing the count to 4. Still making homemade stuffing.

    Trevor DavisTrevor DavisHace 10 días
  • what does "whole person" even mean though?

    Anna NeprawskeyAnna NeprawskeyHace 10 días
  • American saints in heaven pray for joe biden and american mother mary help him.

    Abraham ObasuyiAbraham ObasuyiHace 10 días
  • FIX YOUR SOUND!!!!!!!! After I watch your videos I get scared on the next video because I forget to decrease the volume. Please do something. It's all the youtube videos which are normal sound and yours. Why? And this was also when you were in the studio. It's not because you're at home

    LiviuLiviuHace 10 días
  • This guy got beat up alot in school

    Productive TransportationProductive TransportationHace 10 días
  • Lets not forget what Trevor daddy joe said for thanksgiving. His daddy joe said wear a mask, no more then 10 family members in a gathering, you should cancel your plans if you are thinking of traveling and my favorite of them all. Make sure every family member gets a covid test done. But you know whats really funny is the crack head mayor of chicago is trying to cancel thanksgiving. Hmmmm i wonder is hunter biden is her crack dealer since he likes to take pictures with a crack pipe in his mouth. 🤷

    Rudy ArellanoRudy ArellanoHace 10 días
  • Unfortunately, Like yourself. Ideas and ideologies from the Left and Democrats are literally unsustainable for our society it will never ever work to keep our country the way it has been and what we have stood for throughout history. Our Declaration of Independence the Constitution what we have fought for in the past to be able to have the rights and freedoms that we have today in the society for everyone no matter left or right to express their own ideas and ideologies no matter right or wrong and who determines/declares those ideologies right or wrong. They are still open for discussion. But to keep the freedoms of our nation and our ability to continue to be the best Nation that we have been up to this point and enjoy the freedoms we all cherish. We need to keep those types of ideologies that will negatively affect our nation from moving forward and continuing to be the greatest country that there has ever been. Bottom line yes. We have our freedoms. We have our constitution. We have our Declaration of independence. Those are the things that our country was founded upon. And in short. If this is a country that you no longer want to be a part of with those instruments in place in order for the United States of America to continue to be the greatest country in this world. Then yes, you do have the ability to say no, this is not something I want to be a part of. You have the right to say these are not the beliefs I have. And if this is not something that you can live with. Then that is also your right as an American to freely leave this country. You have the right to go to another country which will welcome you and that are founded on your types of beliefs and ideologies that will welcome your beliefs and ideologies and they will welcome you with open arms. You will feel at home if these are truly the beliefs and ideologies that you personally feel would better represent the way you would like the society that you live in to function. So please, enact you're right to be free and to go where you want to go where to a country that will welcome you and your ideologies. Just please. Do not continue to live in a society that was founded on our constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration Of Independence which gives all of us the right to fight against tyranny against those that opposed our beliefs in which the United States were founded upon. (KEY WORDS BEING, IN WHICH WE WERE FOUNDED UPON) Obviously, if you DO NOT have the beliefs then it also gives you the right as stated to leave this country. Being an American citizen means exactly that. There is a reason why you are an American citizen. Citizenship means in believing in what your country stands for and you will uphold those beliefs that you had sworn to uphold as a citizen. When people are citizens of this great country you take on an oath. Which means exactly that. Just as all politicians. You as citizens take on an oath to defend our country's Constitution and Bill of Rights and to adhere to them. And yes, you are allowed by all rights to disagree. But you cannot be so far to the left in which your beliefs and ideologies change or go against our constitution to become something America does not stand for which is Socialism, Communism or Marxism just to fulfill your own ideologies, beliefs or agenda. Again, there are countries that will welcome you with open arms. We encourage you to be as happy and free as you like in whatever type of society you choose. Obviously, you are here now enjoying the freedoms that our country has afforded to you. Remember. You came to the United States of America for a reason. Looks like you have done pretty well for yourself since coming here. Why? Because we allowed you to enjoy the freedoms you have had up to this point to get you to where you are now. You have it better than the majority of Americans and your viewers currently do. So, stop bashing our current leaders and administration as they too have allowed you to flourish in the greatest economy in the history of America for over the past 3 years. Never once have you ever pointed that out to your viewers or anyone to that matter. But then. Why would you? You are simply part of the problem and its time for you to leave because America is such a horrible place to live according to your ideologies and belief system.

    P CP CHace 10 días
  • I say let people enjoy one last big Thanksgiving meal if they could possibly die.

    J.ChanJ.ChanHace 10 días
  • Republicans want to kill people. It's that simple.

    Jess StuartJess StuartHace 10 días
  • Because of the Trump administration, for a lot of people, Nov 28, 2019 was a lot of peoples' last Thanksgiving.

    AustynSNAustynSNHace 10 días
  • For all you lemmings who think that the state govt is making covid 19 as a political statement let me ask you, have you ever give a thought to the front liners especially the nurses and doctors who will be the ones having to wear masks and PPE for hours who puts their lives and their loved ones at risk when they attend to the covid 19 patients. When you, your parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, niece, nephews, cousins, friend and anyone you know got covid 19 and fell very sick, these are the very people who has to sacrifice for you. I wore my masks for 2 hours and the back of my ears ache. How about these people having to wear masks and PPE for 10, 12 hours straight and maybe more??? Have you ever thought about that? What is the difference between covid 19 and flu, cancer and heart disease? Covid 19 comes in numbers as it is very contagious. Imagine a hospital having to have 20s, 30s let alone hundreds of cases admitted in one, 2 days even a week. The hospital will be swamped. These will happen if no precaution is taken. With Covid 19, you may never know who will be worse off and where you can get infected from. I have a client, a 43 year old man who died leaving his pregnant wife. He tjoguh he was just having normal flu and by the time his condition worsen and he was finally diagnoses with covid it is already too late. He never recovered, dying never to see his child and his child lost a father before even being born to the world. There was also a case, in the early days of the pandemic of a banker who came back from Italy for holiday who refused to quarantine. She never got sick. But her colleague did and infected her family. In the end, 5 people in the family died because of Covid 19. Never mind if there is complication but the fact is these peolem would not have died that banker had taken precaution and quarantine herself instead of coming to work and infecting other people. You think your area is safe do not have covid or have few cases. The same was in my country. After locking down for 2 months in March, we manage to reduce to single digits. But after the economy opened, people started to become lax including our politicians. Suddenly, the no of infection exploded from below 10k to over 50k and counting in just 1 and a half month! And from single digit to become 4 digit daily infections. This also happens to many other places. South Korea, Japan, Europe, Canada all experiencing a spike in no of infections and with it the no of deaths. From just 120 deaths, in one months plus the no of deaths have reached over 300 deaths which also Include infant and adults. The only way to fight this pandemic is by working together as a community. Unfortunately, you have a president who is not only a selfish, arrogant bastard who only interested in remaining in power but also the fact he is being coddled by the same selfserving, greedy yes man and even worst, the millions of selfish, ignorant people who are only worried about their 401ks and whether they can pay less taxes while their country keep accumulation trillions of dollars in debts under this buffoon. I ask you Trump supporters, is there not even a pinch of humanity in you? I know Donald Trump does not. He never even shed a single tear to all those who died of this pandemic, 250k and more of them. He never even mentioned of them, have he? All he can think of is 'I won the election', even when it is clear he lost. Instead of being a sport and try to work together with the next administration, setting a good example for the good of ALL AMERICANS, not just his base, when the country need to unify the most against this terrible disease that is affecting the world, he CHOSE HIMSELF above all others. What a shame.. It is so sad. This is what I see, and I believe this is what the world see. Donald Trump, is not fit to be a president. Biden, for all his shortcomings do. I see it, and I believe the world does and so does the majority of the America people.

    XxPoopy_ headxXXxPoopy_ headxXHace 11 días
  • Isn't Atlas an elderly person?

    MsRivoluzionariaMsRivoluzionariaHace 11 días
  • The elderly, especially those living in nursing homes, are dying of loneliness. Holidays are one of the few times they may get to see family. A person’s, “whole” health probably refers to a person’s physical health, mental health, and emotional health. Although many people will live for many Thanksgivings, there are those that have declining health. The elderly stuck in a nursing home whom have poor health are the ones suffering. Many elderly homes do no allow visitors to keep the residents safe. This policy is a double edged sword. It helps keeps covid out but like with everyone else in isolation, it makes for a lonely existence.

    Azaria RynAzaria RynHace 11 días
  • No people here just have no common sense. Even if it may be one’s last Thanksgiving, so u really want to die on a ventilator struggling to breathe or of natural causes, hopefully missing one Thanksgiving should be understandable due to the alternative of Turkey on Thursday and writhing and dying on a ventilator the following Thursday I guess it’s easy for me to say since I have no family and am a solitary type human, but that’s what you need to be until this pandemic is over. It will not kill you to miss one Thanksgiving but it could kill you if you attend a big group gathering Be smart... use your brain for once folks

    Ninetta FloresNinetta FloresHace 11 días
  • You can listen Biden he so ur man enjoy the real world as it will shock u get ir heads out of the clouds

    Kim PhillipsKim PhillipsHace 11 días
  • How can they say after day like about everything? Damn everybody from the top down has got to go. The programs that elderly, mentally challenged, people, people in the lower class on a fixed income had better wake up! He was trying to gut so many programs, thankfully he's Out!!!!

    Nikia HarrisonNikia HarrisonHace 11 días
  • Trump cares for no one even you, and has all of his dumb boy's, wrapped in his bullshit! If any republican's stood together, and not in line, they'd be better off! Stand and speak up and out trump won't be in very long... Save our democracy from these evil old Men😆😂🤣😂🤣

    Nikia HarrisonNikia HarrisonHace 11 días
  • I bet trump doesn't pardon the turkey this year. Death by tantrum!

    Wyatt EarpWyatt EarpHace 11 días
  • I wonder if the killing off of the elderly is acceptable by them....

    Charles WilliamsCharles WilliamsHace 11 días
  • So this TV guy is a judge? Just like Obama 8 years in white house was trying to be a actor in TV

    Mary NazarioMary NazarioHace 11 días
  • He's talking like they're going to die soon.

    cookie monstercookie monsterHace 11 días
  • Check it out this channel Famosas e Gostosas. Hot famous Brazilians

    Famosas & FamosasFamosas & FamosasHace 11 días
  • And to think old people voted for trump. "Dr Atlas" didn't talk about all the old folks in nursing homes. They and their families would like to see them. It's too bad those pesky caregivers and other residents aren't interested in getting Covid.

    Veronica Reither ReeseVeronica Reither ReeseHace 11 días
  • Every single Thanksgiving is somebody's last Thanksgiving so that comment is just asinine

    Eric NelsonEric NelsonHace 11 días
  • "It doesn't make sense that Trump wants to expose old people to Corona this much." I mean, that's if you don't take into account that due to the lockdown a lot of his businesses that haven't gone bankrupt by mismanagement are going bankrupt by lack of funds circulation. Trump is a lot easier to understand once you realize he's only ever done anything for the betterment of himself. He'd sell Eric if it meant he would gain from it.

    Justin VasquezJustin VasquezHace 11 días
  • "This may be their last thanksgiving, so we are going to eliminate any uncertainty."

    Daniela Leina RuizDaniela Leina RuizHace 11 días
  • What about the recovery rate? The total deaths compared to our population is 0.0007% how is that a pandemic?

    Richard WilsonRichard WilsonHace 11 días
  • Yeah well last year was 240,000+ Americans' last Thanksgiving but that conveniently doesn't matter to them, huh.

    PeppermintPeppermintHace 11 días
  • Thanksgiving is just a date on the calendar. Just change it to a time when we all can safely meet up. I did something similar when I was serving overseas during Christmas. Did I bitch about missing out on Xmas? No, we had our Christmas when I got back (and food and candy was cheap). Sheesh

    mary watsonmary watsonHace 11 días
  • Who are you giving thanks to and for what?

    Jos NijstenJos NijstenHace 11 días
  • Hi

    Zahid DadabhaiZahid DadabhaiHace 11 días
  • "ZOOM Thanksgiving is better than ICU Christmas" 🇺🇸😷✌🏻

    Janet StokerJanet StokerHace 11 días
  • The end of this video had me like😂

    Cas SedCas SedHace 11 días
  • If I had no heart, I would congratulating the GOP on bringing down their own voters. But we want to keep our grannies some extra years, even if some of their opinions belong a couple of centuries ago.

    cnj67cnj67Hace 11 días
  • For some people, it *is* relevant to think about pros and cons of meeting. That goes for people who are likely to not live a year longer ... they do exist, you know, and may I say, from sad experience in my family, it also goes for people who are losing their memory. But if grandma is healthy 70-year-old, this is the time to take extra good care of her. And take all the suggested precautions as far as possible, and maybe give granny *one* hug, wearing a mask and maybe even in on of those disposable suits for painting, so that you are not carrying virus on your clothes.

    cnj67cnj67Hace 11 días
  • Meanwhile i am at home wondering what to wear for the virtual christmas dinner with my dad

    RedwolfTVRedwolfTVHace 11 días
  • something wrong with this editing.

    ms_1029ms_1029Hace 11 días
  • Hey, zoom Thanksgiving or zoom watching them die. Which would be less painful and traumatic to all?

    Silver HikerSilver HikerHace 11 días
  • Old people die anyway Trevor. circle of life

    Lion PrideLion PrideHace 11 días