Trump’s Attempts at Commander-In-Chiefing | The Daily Show

2 nov 2020
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From threatening war with North Korea over Twitter to threatening war with Iran over Twitter, here’s a look back at Trump’s signature moments as Commander-in-Chief. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump
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  • Trump new album trumpkazi featuring pence lil Wayne west ice cube and 50

    Romane IngramRomane IngramHace un hora
  • Who remembers when BUSH was the the DUMBEST President..... not anymore

    Gerard LigondeGerard LigondeHace 5 horas
  • Trump now understands that like health care, foreign policy is also tough to deal.

    Ch_ KhCh_ KhHace 5 horas
  • I regret making him the president!

    Cody LiCody LiHace 9 horas
  • Nu are rost fiindca sunt alte treburi mai importante in ai ajuta pe oameni sa inteleaga cum vor putea sa traiasca echilibrati ! Baga la minte!

    Babuta AlinDBabuta AlinDHace 10 horas
  • mr "gen Mark" looks like a semi old video game general like imagine like 2012 graphics that's just how he looks and i both like it and hate it

    big tamirbig tamirHace un día
  • 3:03 well all i see here is just a penis talk like: Someone please inform him that i too have a penis and it's muuuuucchh bigger than his and mine can work better Yeeeeeeahhh im not lyiiin why would I im trump when was the last time i lied to you except all those tens of thousands of lies those dont count

    big tamirbig tamirHace un día
  • My God what a disgraceful appearence by a so called President. Out with him!!!

    Paul granberryPaul granberryHace un día
  • try twitter-in-chiefing

    harley twinrestharley twinrestHace un día
  • Sadio Mane Goals Impossible To Forget Watch Here:

    Laura AvalloneLaura AvalloneHace 2 días
  • cheifing? lol...he sure chiefd the hell out of US and A

    A nobody from nowhereA nobody from nowhereHace 2 días
  • "My button works ". I can't stand Donald Trump but I gotta admit that's funny as shit 😅😅🤣

    positivity29positivity29Hace 2 días
  • This is a reminder to make americans realize that orange boy can start a war without using his brain any time

    Agnes BurtonAgnes BurtonHace 3 días
  • Even third world countries are mocking at your president, you deserve better than this. Vote blue

    Tamika CarpenterTamika CarpenterHace 3 días
    • We did my man and Biden won

      Rowcookie 39Rowcookie 39Hace 2 días
  • Even third world countries are mocking at your president, you deserve better than this. Vote blue

    laurie williamsonlaurie williamsonHace 3 días
  • why is the elefant here, it is a ww2 german tank destroyer

    Đạt Nguyễn KhắcĐạt Nguyễn KhắcHace 3 días
  • Who remembers when BUSH was the the DUMBEST President..... not anymore

    Henry TaylorHenry TaylorHace 3 días
    • Isn’t this comment stolen

      Rowcookie 39Rowcookie 39Hace 2 días
  • Know this is an old comp, but this isn't in the pop-culture mindset so it helps to disseminate it: The "nuking North Korea" scenario is actually low-balling the likely loss of life. Regardless of a nuclear retaliatory strike, there would be massive loss of life in South Korea immediately following the launch. The reason is that Seoul is

    elitefencer777elitefencer777Hace 4 días
  • Trump made it easy tho lmao

    Joshua JohnsonJoshua JohnsonHace 5 días
  • I hope u roast Biden just as bad

    Joshua JohnsonJoshua JohnsonHace 5 días
  • go back to england

    george cohogeorge cohoHace 6 días
  • Which game would you prefer to see the highlights of tomorrow? (Both will be covered but the other not until late Sat/Early Sunday)

    Lilian BrunetLilian BrunetHace 6 días
  • Man we will be lucky if trump dosnt get into ww3 again for real this time before he leaves or is forced ti leave

    Tyrell WilsonTyrell WilsonHace 6 días
  • Why is he in a fucking Ferdinand tank

    Arul SantoshiArul SantoshiHace 6 días
  • am not American, but I hope Biden/Harris wins

    vlad vladichvlad vladichHace 7 días
  • We all have stains in our history. For now this is politics... man is running for the office, has he's supporters, one say this another say that, well... But in 40 years when you have to teach this in school to your grandchildren that will be so shameful. Some of them will say " my grandpa was one of he's supporters". What a terrible orange stain in U. S. history!

    Paulo BarretoPaulo BarretoHace 7 días
  • Everyone: Talking about how bad Trump is. Me: Why does Trump in the beginning have a Vietnam Helmut and is riding a Ferdinand Tank Destroyer made by the Nazi's in WWII... (Now that I think about it that is basically Trump summed up (A White Supremacist supporting American who doesn't know how the world works))

    That HumanThat HumanHace 7 días
  • trump is a zew slave so of cores he going to start the war without any reason .

    A_man themanA_man themanHace 7 días
  • The North Korean leader looks a lot more sane than Trump

    Bif StiffBif StiffHace 7 días
  • Damn he indeed hates Trump. Biased comedy is quite famous nowadays.

    Apple DingerApple DingerHace 7 días
  • U are not funny... gossip... God bless President Trump !!!

    Huib RijntjesHuib RijntjesHace 7 días
  • I have just two words "The Oompa Loompa" Oh wait, that's three well he cant count so he cant tell the difference.

    Sean FitchSean FitchHace 7 días
  • trump* is the nations number 1 draft dodger in USA 5 times trump* fleet to CANADA UNTIL HIS DAD CHOULD FIX IT OR PAY SOMEONE OFF.

    Burnell BrowneBurnell BrowneHace 8 días
  • I regret making him the president!

    Linda WoodringLinda WoodringHace 8 días
  • from donald duck getting elected till him getting out of his one likes him...especially girl likes him..not even melania ...and trevor...india has good pronunciation..not offended ..just saying...atleast we dont do that face "swami vivekamunand"...... i love the way you mimic trump and also melania..but you sound more like sophia V @TREVOR love from india

    Siddhi AshtavkarSiddhi AshtavkarHace 8 días
  • ✋✋✋✋✋

    خوش دل عقابخوش دل عقابHace 8 días
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    kamiri georgekamiri georgeHace 8 días
  • Lmfao ! 😂

    Taimur Ayub MirzaTaimur Ayub MirzaHace 9 días
  • My new years resolution was to stop spreading Chlamydia across the college campus every semester.. it didn't work. I mean the antibiotics didn't work. I was too embarrassed to tell a doctor so I got antibiotics from my dentist instead, they're not the right kind.

    Steve HSteve HHace 9 días
  • Too bad there's only about 50 cars in the entire country of North Korea.. no gas needed.

    Steve HSteve HHace 9 días
  • Okay something scary Fires & wars/rumors of wars. If you don't get what's scary about that then read the bible. But I'm probably just being paranoid.

    yoyo kittyyoyo kittyHace 10 días
  • Rocket man😅

  • Me South Africa

    Marco GuseMarco GuseHace 10 días
  • pimpio🤣

    Mora trollsMora trollsHace 10 días
  • What I find funny is the tank used in the first clip is a ferdinand which was one of the most derpy tanks ever built

    Ian CavendishIan CavendishHace 10 días
  • How does anyone take trump seriously?!?!

    Forster ShultsForster ShultsHace 10 días
  • Sore Loser ! The problem is that Trump doesn't know to have Shame... Furious and now Trump is like an elephant in a crockery shop ... He's going to destroy everything . Trump is killing The USA 😝 LOL 😝🤣

    Roger NguyenRoger NguyenHace 10 días
  • Trump has the IQ of my great granddaughter's age. If he is let back into the White House, he is libel to press the button for revenge.

    Omen NemoOmen NemoHace 11 días
  • I do believe that living on earth is our purgatory the catholics speak of. After this we all go to a more peaceful existence.

    Omen NemoOmen NemoHace 11 días
  • 5:22 I've threaten like this on Xbox...still waiting for that one guy who said he'll find me to find me.... wait...why's there a knock at my door?

    Bing Bong Your Opinion is now WrongBing Bong Your Opinion is now WrongHace 11 días
  • Im very confused it says uploaded 1 week ago but the vid says 2018

    P 99P 99Hace 11 días
  • This is the biggest joke of a president in the world.. America,not everybody can be a president.this is just funny..not in a good way though.Biden,the bar is really low now.

    Karen MichaelKaren MichaelHace 11 días
  • How did the USA people elected this fool as president?

    ST DMCST DMCHace 11 días
  • Reporter: How imminent is the threat? Pompeo: Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy.

    Yumi NGYumi NGHace 12 días
  • 9:32 is all you need

    F6_CloneF6_CloneHace 12 días
  • 🇧🇮🇰🇭🇨🇲🇧🇳🇻🇬🇨🇻🇮🇨🇨🇦🇨🇫🇹🇩🇨🇱🇨🇳🇨🇽🇨🇩🇨🇬🇰🇲🇰🇲🇨🇴🇨🇨🇨🇺🇭🇷🇨🇮🇨🇷🇨🇰

    Amy Vander GrintenAmy Vander GrintenHace 12 días
  • 1:53 - 1:57) that’s part of a Randy Rainbow parody 🤣

    Eliza WilsonEliza WilsonHace 12 días
  • Who elected a business man to rule a whole continent??!!!??? Its like telling the class clown to look over the class when the teachers gets out

    crazybutlazyyy Decrazybutlazyyy DeHace 12 días
  • It shows Mr. Trump became an Eccentric by his failure in his Election

    Sajeev Padmanabha PanickerSajeev Padmanabha PanickerHace 12 días
  • You're so funny Trevor,

    chan emichan emiHace 12 días
  • Who remembers when BUSH was the the DUMBEST President..... not anymore

    Samuel BlackSamuel BlackHace 12 días
  • Someone tell trump life isn't a COD game.

    MeLove ŃCT!MeLove ŃCT!Hace 13 días
  • Can we please force his (Trump) cult/followers watch these videos? I know most of them are brain-damaged but maybe they'll learn?

    I GI GHace 13 días
  • Say what you want about 45th , but I have never followed politics like these last 3 years 💀

    Brothers & CoBrothers & CoHace 13 días
  • Why is everyone angry at Trump? He said he said America First and now America is first In covid deaths

    Anay GarodiaAnay GarodiaHace 13 días
    • 😂 lol oh god

      BlindingHornetBlindingHornetHace 11 días
  • ''think about hat pressing the button will do'' Children:EMERGENCY MEETINGGGGGGG

    Omgtuyf 121Omgtuyf 121Hace 14 días
  • Trump is a paid actor by Comedy Central to give Trevor and others more material

    DrewColburn DrewColburnDrewColburn DrewColburnHace 14 días
  • That's only the first a lot more is coming our way

    Carmen NCarmen NHace 14 días
  • It's so sad that our president can't accept that he lost but people this knucklehead is going to start a worldwide war he should have been escorted out of the White House by now all he's doing in there is thinking rambling how he could hurt the people first it was a Corona virus now they're talking about another virus coming around what more does anybody need to know that Trump is insane he should be out of that office out of the White House just like those people died from the coronavirus he did he didn't even care he gets a coronavirus and brides because he lived through it but his day will come

    Carmen NCarmen NHace 14 días
  • Soleimani was only killed so trump could have his *we got him* moment. Bush got Saddam, Obama got Bin Laden & poor little donnie wanted to be a big man just like them so everyone would know that he's a tough guy that singlehandedly saved America.

    ME! OnlyME! OnlyHace 14 días
    • Thousands more U.S citizens would die as a result of tRumps lies about the C19 crisis than Soleimani could ever have killed. That will be dismissed as 'fake news' - tRumps go-to reply for every question that he doesn't want to answer.

      ME! OnlyME! OnlyHace 14 días
  • another basher......fake news

    youmm90roblox {aka youmm90pro}youmm90roblox {aka youmm90pro}Hace 14 días

    TL RogersTL RogersHace 14 días
  • Trump, the Cretinous Commander-In-Chief!!

    Marcus AntoniusMarcus AntoniusHace 14 días
  • 😃😃😃

    Shirley ChristianShirley ChristianHace 14 días
  • When where these taped

    Avishek MazumderAvishek MazumderHace 14 días
  • اگه بعد از قتل سردار سلیمانی امریکا رو با خاک یکی میکردیم الان بهمون نمیخندیدن و سردار عزیزمون رو با صدام عوضی مقایسه نمیکردن!

    Malihe EskandariMalihe EskandariHace 14 días
  • President Trump is the most embarrassing president history

  • I really gonna miss trump because of memes and all the times he made me laugh now we're gonna get a boring, responsible, smart, cool, wise, president

    Taco bossTaco bossHace 14 días
    • Theres always

      Pineapple DictatorPineapple DictatorHace 13 días
  • Very Dumb Move On Threatening Another Country

    Diego PlaysDiego PlaysHace 14 días
  • A GLOBAL EMBARRASSMENT He probably thinks if we're at war he can stay in office... Talk about DRAGGING YOUR FEET. Now it all makes sense... He's digging his nails in deep, dictator Trump, kicking and screaming the whole way out... A global embarrassment, as an American we owe much of the world an apology. To Canada: THANK YOU

    MayginskiMayginskiHace 14 días
  • I like how after Trump said "Rocket man" he paused like he was doing a comedy routine and he wanted to give the audience time to laugh.

    Guy IncognitoGuy IncognitoHace 14 días
  • Mentally retaliated Trump government cannot be put an end by the USA Military how can it be considered as the world Police.? Very shame and pity to the people of USA.

    Sajeev Padmanabha PanickerSajeev Padmanabha PanickerHace 14 días
  • soleimani was not a bad guy.

    Drake KoefoedDrake KoefoedHace 14 días
  • Stupid Tr

    Linda WangLinda WangHace 14 días
  • Continuing from previous vote, vote for tomorrow's video!

    Jayson BurkeJayson BurkeHace 15 días
  • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Carolyn AllgoodCarolyn AllgoodHace 15 días
  • 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤣😂🤣😂

    Carolyn AllgoodCarolyn AllgoodHace 15 días
  • American people laughing at their leader lol...and they call themselves the supreme power in the world -_-

    Isha RajIsha RajHace 15 días
  • *Don't vote for Biden, vote for me* Trumpet:Wait, I am a meme? Random guy with a gun:Always have been

    Kirill ZakharovKirill ZakharovHace 15 días
  • Thrump is a joker

    Clyde RampersadClyde RampersadHace 15 días
  • When they asked if the threat was inminatr and he said that days and weeks don't matter I got a add for a movie saying getlmen is the threat real

    ewok kingewok kingHace 15 días
  • Did I miss something? Why do they call him Rocket Man?

    The Bed DoctorThe Bed DoctorHace 15 días
  • OMG!!! Trump is leading us into a world war with N Korea and Iran .

    Francine KoskiFrancine KoskiHace 15 días
  • “I like to obey the law” maybe if the law doesn’t count.

    Noah SpringerNoah SpringerHace 15 días
  • All of this in four years! TN with the fro looks more nice!

    StefonStefonHace 15 días
  • Coronavirus in chief Trump lost biggly

    Brent JamesBrent JamesHace 15 días
  • Omg his acting and impersonating donald trump is so annoying

    Chocolate LoverChocolate LoverHace 15 días
  • That laugh at the android joke shows many people have bought lesser products for higher costs

    Joost Mag Het WetenJoost Mag Het WetenHace 15 días
  • Its hard to believe he was the commander in cheif

    Abhigna VijjapurapuAbhigna VijjapurapuHace 15 días
  • whos here after joe won?

    Zacharia PietschZacharia PietschHace 15 días