How Do the Polls Just Keep Getting Worse? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

4 nov 2020
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The polls leading up to the 2020 election hyped up Joe Biden, but the race is tighter than Donald Trump’s undershirt. Here’s why Roy Wood Jr. will never trust the polls again. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RoyWoodJr
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  • lol Roy Wood Jr. is hilarious! I was dying at the pig entrails :D

    Eva PEva PHace 7 días
  • fun fact the media doesnt tell you . Of 38 million cases reported worldwide since the pandemic began in late 2019, only five reinfections have been confirmed, thats a 0.000013157893005540394% chance you get covid again.

    nuffy brownnuffy brownHace 8 días
  • Polls are not good news anymore, they're just anxiety vectors

    My GetawayMy GetawayHace 14 días
  • What are the odds, I pop over here for the first time and see nothing but a bunch of moronic pedo supporters. I knew I never liked Noah for a reason just had a gut feeling about this waste of breath.

    Derrick SilkDerrick SilkHace 17 días
  • Polls are the worst!!!!

    Idah TendaiIdah TendaiHace 17 días
  • OK who think that if either won WW3 would have started anyway? Like if yes and dislike if no

    Shane SimbaShane SimbaHace 18 días
  • Yeah,regardless of which side you're on, 50% of Americans hate you. Awesome...

    robert caldwellrobert caldwellHace 18 días
  • 1:23 I like cinnabons...

    Bianca MohamedBianca MohamedHace 18 días
  • Not the one moment do I believe them I'm going to believe Dems are still ahead

    Jacqueline JohnsonJacqueline JohnsonHace 18 días
  • What if the polls were correct but there was serious voter fraud.

    Mitchell HMitchell HHace 18 días
  • I love cinnabun 😂

    CaraRowenCaraRowenHace 18 días
  • As a Canadian hope u all get some rest from this shit 🇨🇦🥂🥂

    Carmen DoyleCarmen DoyleHace 18 días
  • I came from the future, and I would like to tell you how the tables have turned

    Lalu Dhiya DitriaLalu Dhiya DitriaHace 19 días
  • Would you have a non-driver on the road? Or would you have a non-lawyer representing your case? Then why do we have a non-American commenting on America. Wake up America no I’m not a Trump supporter and I’m not a Biden supporter. You have been mentally enslaved.Take the red pill

    Tyler MillsTyler MillsHace 19 días
  • Every country discusses why polls were inaccurate after elections. Must be a global dilemma

    Joe Dollar BidenJoe Dollar BidenHace 19 días
  • 🙏

    Galaxy 3000Galaxy 3000Hace 19 días
  • The polls were "wrong" because a lot of people thought they were going to vote, only to find out they were removed from voter rolls or given provisional ballots.

    RubelliteFaeRubelliteFaeHace 19 días
  • Biden won btw

    Venu MaddiVenu MaddiHace 20 días
  • That Roy is something else!!

    Dee EloDee EloHace 20 días
  • Trevor Noah for, four years you and your team have been picking on "President" Donald Trump. What is your problem dude? Yes I did put president under quotations because he is not my president. You just jealous because Donald trump is hilarious as fuck and you and all the other comedians are jealous because he comes up with new material in a split second. You made fun of the honorable President Zuma also because you were just mad about his comedic skills. Why are you such a hater Trevor? All the guy wanted to do was make America great again and entertain some people along the way. Now I have to settle for Loyiso, Rabinowitz, Riaad and a very very very jealous Trevor Noah. M.A.G.A forever!!! P.S I am not a fan of haters and gogo should have moerd you harder tokoloshi.

    That Other GuyThat Other GuyHace 20 días
  • More minorities voted for Trump this time than in 2016. You can "fact check" that all you want.

    americanlt100americanlt100Hace 20 días
  • Polls are only as accurate as the information given... as a former republican would I lie and say I voted for Biden (or will vote for Biden) to placate Dems into not bothering to vote? *Damn straight I would* . *Dems need to start thinking like republicans or they will get eaten in 2024*

    Antifa means Anti FASCISTAntifa means Anti FASCISTHace 20 días
  • Roy is my favorite omg ❤️😂😂💯

    Crystal PalshaCrystal PalshaHace 20 días
  • How does she know how many blacks and Hispanics voted for trump? I don’t believe the hype

    Gwyndolyn FosterGwyndolyn FosterHace 20 días
  • because real people.hate democrats more

    FindyificationFindyificationHace 20 días
  • The vote count is this off from the polls yet nobody is saying Trump votes are fake... Strange the only conversation about fraud is the other way if you think about it. Not strange exactly but it shows a difference in how certain people interpret the world

    ElliottElliottHace 20 días
  • I get it but ???? What are you doing??

    Meng LeeMeng LeeHace 20 días
  • lol

    sixtyFive WattssixtyFive WattsHace 20 días
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 To funny that Mexican place killed me..

    Windy3sWindy3sHace 20 días
  • The vast majority of minorities live in cities. The vast majority of rural people are white. The 2016 and 2020 polls were SO far off because Republicans lied to posters !!!!!! Why would SO MANY white Republicans lie to polsters ???? RACISM !!!!! And TRUMP is very much to blame for fanning the FLAMES of RACISM !!!!!!!

    Dennis W. ConklinDennis W. ConklinHace 21 un día
  • It's not that the polls are incorrect, it's that there are a ton of people lying. No one really wants to admit they're a trump supporter. The immediate assumption would be that they're unintelligent, racist, homophobic, etc., and who really wants to be perceived that way? The solution is to just lie.

    Mike BircherMike BircherHace 21 un día
  • I am disappointed so many people thought trump deserved a 2nd term. Polls r wrong because trump created so much animosity among people some folks were dishonest about supporting him.

    Fatmata SanusiFatmata SanusiHace 21 un día
  • How those democrats lookin’ now!?! We in the lead! Yeah, the race is tight, like my pants during covid, but we are going to have a new, blue, presidente! Ole!

    Cotton FarmerCotton FarmerHace 21 un día
  • your not worthe any time your a joke

    DeeJayDeeJayHace 21 un día
  • The lesson is stop ridiculing the other side. Each side has legitimate concerns, it is time to recognize them.

    p pp pHace 21 un día
  • “Everybody lies “ House

    trixie beldontrixie beldonHace 21 un día
  • 😂😂😂

    Keith SmithKeith SmithHace 21 un día
  • I don't believe the polls when they tell people of color how they voted. My question is ALWAYS ...Which ballots are marked BLACK WOMEN, BLACK MEN, HISPANIC, ASIAN, or LATINO etc. that lets the polls know how a certain group did or didnot vote?? Someone please explain this to me.

    gospel videosgospel videosHace 21 un día
  • We must acknowledge that a large portion of this country is avidly racist. 35-40% are openly so. Another 5-10% are closeted racist - they are outwardly not willing to say so. Racism is a major driving factor in their getting out to vote. Pollsters cannot get voting intentions correct when an open racist is on the ballot. Those 5-10% will not openly declare their racist intentions for voting, so they will lie to pollsters. Hence the polls will always undercount their vote when an open racist is on the ticket. The polls underestimated tRump support in 2016 and 2020. But they got 2018 correct. The overt racist Trump was not on the ballot in 2018, so the 5-10% did not feel compelled to lie.

    Rodger MoffettRodger MoffettHace 21 un día
  • I love you guys

    April OApril OHace 21 un día
  • Trump > Russian Hypersonic ICBMs. Who needs missiles and an army when you can just use social Media to destroy the Number 1 country in the world.

    Visor OverwatchVisor OverwatchHace 21 un día
  • So... Only white men have awakened a bit since 2016? I didn't see that coming, I don't mind telling you

    Klas Š.Klas Š.Hace 21 un día
  • Statesmanship Vs Showmanship.. The Basement Tapes.....Joe ran a social distancing ,wear a mask ,stay safe campaign.Example 1 Trump ran a yuge rally no mask or social distant super spreader hot mess Example 2 America saw Statesmanship vs Showmanship...The Dr Fauci Basement Example simply was how Old Basement saved lives ,and earned America"s VOTES..

    John AllisonJohn AllisonHace 21 un día
  • Polls tell you how people say they are going to vote, not how their votes are counted. The USA doesn't meet minimum international standards for election integrity, like most third world countries. The polls worked until programable vote counting machines. Programmers blew the whistle on election stealing programs after an election was stolen, so the government rolled out more of those and electronic voting.

    Abram CarrollAbram CarrollHace 21 un día
  • Trevor, I have been a fan since the 1st time I saw you! I laughed so hard at your routine and it had to be shortly after you arrived in America. You are such a great comedian. I was a bit skeptic about “The Daily Show” but I am so pleased with how you’ve relaxed and made the show your own! When you 1st began, it was a bit sketchy and you could see how nervous and uncle you were but now you are amazing but I do miss the early days of Trevor Noah. Thanks for all the laughs! Keep on keepin on!

    80’s Breed80’s BreedHace 21 un día
  • Cinnabons are disgusting, thank you for calling them out Trevor! 😁

    SLR4SLR4Hace 21 un día
  • Honestly? They blame democrats for americans voting for a racist facist? How does that even work?

    Rasmus Lamp PosseltRasmus Lamp PosseltHace 21 un día
  • President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!

  • Big brain time

    Z0LoZ0LoHace 21 un día
  • Time for north and South America again

    DeadDancersDeadDancersHace 21 un día
  • The problem is the media big time!!

    Jose RiosJose RiosHace 21 un día
  • 'Q' told them all to lie to anyone doing polls... i would bet money on it...

    Jonathan HartJonathan HartHace 21 un día
  • There something wrong this Election!!!!!

    Jose RiosJose RiosHace 21 un día
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    Ms. LovingMs. LovingHace 21 un día
  • The polls got the amount of democrat support right but got the percentage of brain dead stupids wrong.

    sbmphrsbmphrHace 21 un día
  • I hope Trump wins so there are gonna be more jokes about him

    stealthkiler201stealthkiler201Hace 21 un día
  • I declare myself the winner of the next lotto draw. I will not anyone steal my winnings... by anyone. It's not legal that numbers are drawn after I already guessed them correctly.

    V StrumpurV StrumpurHace 21 un día
  • Um, I think we all saw that video of the stripper who fell 2 stories on that gigantic poll. No Trevor, the answer is no. We can't trust any type of polls......jajajajaha

    Amanda Blankenship JustoAmanda Blankenship JustoHace 21 un día
  • You make me laugh Trevor. I don’t know how You don’t laugh at some of Roy’s comments. Lol. Love your show Trevor, it’s uplifting.

    Marie ShoreMarie ShoreHace 21 un día
  • Maybe the Russians hacked the polling system? Having expertations drastically different than the results would certainly aggravate a lot of people and make them feel cheated and cause unrest

    buddha4242buddha4242Hace 21 un día
  • Don't worry CornBread we won't forget you ........ ENJOY THE SUCK !

    IluvCanadaIluvCanadaHace 21 un día
  • Fear and aggression and how "The Polls Underestimated America's Far-Right popularity." 'Fear and aggression - dogmatism and intolerance': These psychological motives have shaped right-wing conservatism in America ever since the Civil War History News Network May 25, 2020 Among the various scholars writing on the topic since World War II, John Thomas Jost, a social psychologist, found agreement that an inclination to respect tradition in resisting change and to respect hierarchy in sustaining inequality are two key interrelated core conservative ideological characteristics. He found that several psychological motives increase the likelihood that people will manifest these ideological characteristics. These psychological motives include tendencies toward "fear and aggression . . ., dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity . . ., uncertainty avoidance [including less openness to new experiences] . . ., need for cognitive closure . . ., need for structure . . ., and [support for] group-based dominance."

    Gary SantosGary SantosHace 21 un día
  • This is the situation in a nutshell. Trump says he is gonna get rid of the "bad guys". ... So, the "bad guys" use their control over Media to paint Donald J Trump as a bad man who hates on minorities. The people around the world who trust Media outlets lap it up and thus we get the following comments section and others like it. - (people leave heartfelt comments like (We know that the Donald is a bad bad man, because our 3rd arm [the tv] told us that he is, and therefore we and the whole world know he is a bad bad man, exactly like how they say so. It's so disheartening that the rest of these people in our country would vote for such a bad person, knowing full well, exactly what the tv has told us about him.) They did not tell us one time, or two times that he is a bad man, they told us a million times! And still, these people who share citizenship with us, go out boldly and in numbers, to vote for SUCH a man, I'm so scared. They did not tell us one time, or five times that He lies to us. They told us ten million times that every single word that he says is a lie, except for when he tells the truth and says something that paints him in a bad way, like, duh)

    KRPKRPHace 21 un día
  • Love your show guys. However, when crapping on the pollsters (which, let's be honest, is something we all enjoy) I'd suggest waiting until all the votes are counted. When people were head shaking over the pop vote showing Trump at 50.4% it was just ridiculous.... fully half the country had polls still open. With 140m+ votes now counted, Biden has a roughly 4m vote lead in the popular vote. It could be 5m by Nov 12th when all mail in ballots will have been counted. The pollsters were still wrong about the senate and house wave, so the democrats have some soul searching to do. In the end, it looks like Biden will have somewhere between 290-300 electoral votes, with an outside chance at 310-315. Not the landslide those of us who despise Trump and everything he stands for (or, rather, doesn't...) wanted, but still a solid win. Two Georgia senate runoffs could (but not necessarily will) leave the senate more or less even (two independents). It's not what most democrats wanted. But it's still looking like a solid win.

    ShmuelWeintraubShmuelWeintraubHace 21 un día
  • From what I remember from the psychology and statistics classes I've taken, results from voluntary surveys taken from a limited sample size may come with a large margin of error. In other words, they just plain fucking suck.

    RockHoppr3RockHoppr3Hace 22 días
  • They didn’t do well because of voter suppression period Republicans are the problem period

    L IL IHace 22 días
  • Polls need to Die.

    AdMerinAdMerinHace 22 días
  • Trevor gets big bucks by promoting democrats

    Alex JerabekAlex JerabekHace 22 días
  • Beaten by independent media again don't listen to their lying: 1hr ago: BREAKING: *Confirmed* Wisconsin SoS Numbers Show Milwaukee Vote Count Descrepency

    Keith CamacKeith CamacHace 22 días
  • The lesson for me is that white people love white supremacy too much to give it up. Honestly, we have known this fact for a long time but we still act that people will vote for their own self-interest. The second lesson is voter suppression needs to be tackled by the new administration as a priority. It's not fair that in some areas of the country that it's harder to vote especially after the Voter's Right Act was struck down by the Supreme Courts.

    Linda MitchellLinda MitchellHace 22 días
  • Polls are no longer reliable. People lie. Why bother, wait for the election.

    m p a t mm p a t mHace 22 días
  • I'm here for Roy! 😂 He just keeps the jokes coming!

    Times Up 2UTimes Up 2UHace 22 días
  • Yes, now we all look crookish

    odlienough Shaddonodlienough ShaddonHace 22 días
  • Of corse his polls are wrong..... No one in there right mind would admit to being behind him.....

    invertedcrazytreeinvertedcrazytreeHace 22 días
  • I love this show but Plz tell me “Roy woods jr” was joking about that Mexican spot skit, that’s hitting below the belt bro watch what you say with your a lame a$$ jokes. Trevor your great keep doing what you do.

    Otis RomoOtis RomoHace 22 días
  • Oi, you leave Cinnabon out of this, Trevor! They are delicious, but they are very hard to find! So finding one is like discovering Davy's Locker!

    Lora CogginsLora CogginsHace 22 días
  • The only reason people vote Trump is because of the vocal minority sjws and karens are democrats. If they kept theirs mouths shut, no one would confuse them for the rest of the party.

    KitsunaryKitsunaryHace 22 días
  • Who else has been looking at all the red states like...👀🖕🖕🖕

    hausofroxxhausofroxxHace 22 días
  • im absolutely not surprised! the amount of Trumpheads out there was always staggering! add to that, the unwillingness of ppl to vote or voting for a 3. candidate and thereby "giving" Trump more % just adds up! we can only hope that the USA will get rid of that wannabe Dicktator in the end & doesnt have to suffer tru another 4 years with that guy in power -.- #invadeUS

    HenryMansonHenryMansonHace 22 días
  • This is the first time the daily show is truthful. Good job

    Tonk BoiTonk BoiHace 22 días
  • "or like on a full moon, go out and pee on the ground..."

    Dom MDom MHace 22 días
  • You guys and girls always run from the truth

    Tonk BoiTonk BoiHace 22 días
  • The most accurate poll is an election itself. So from now on, stop whining and go voting every single election from city-level to national-level. Go vote to select your mayor, sheriff, prosecutors, attorneys, state legislators, governor, representatives, senators, and president. Go vote like your life depend on it.

    Drew FinesseDrew FinesseHace 22 días
  • I never pay any attention to National Poll numbers in a Presidential Election, and never will. I have long understood the nature of how we elect a President, and so I knew it would be a huge mistake to only look at National Poll results which showed Biden with a lead over tRump, because such polls are always highly deceptive. Results from National Polls and Surveys are erroneous because who’s leading in the National Polls doesn’t matter in the General Election. The reason being is that by mandate of our Constitution we don't hold a “National” election to select our President. Elections for the presidency in the United States are held in each of the 50 States, in which a Nominee must win a configuration of States and their Electors to achieve a majority of the votes in the Electoral College. Thus, National Poll numbers are meaningless. As everyone should understand by now, you have to gain 270 Electoral College votes strategically garnered from the various States you win in order to become President in this country. And regardless of how we might deplore and abhor that fact, it is the only system in place and it is the one we are forced to abide by. It cannot be changed by anything less than a Constitutional Amendment, and that would be an EXTREMELY dangerous and difficult effort to attempt right now, given the current political environment. Thus, we’re stuck with it. That’s why the battleground swing States are absolutely vital to a Democratic presidential victory. Because you can have all the votes in all the Blue States that you want, with a huge lead of MILLIONS over your opponent in the popular vote and still LOSE the election. You have to win a State by State majority of votes in the Electoral College, not the national cumulative popular vote. So the only poll numbers that have any credence during a Presidential Election are the State by State numbers, and especially the battleground swing States. Those are the numbers we should always be looking at and paying attention to. The battleground swing States are where the Biden Campaign should have targeted its focus like a Star Wars Deathstar laser beam. Listen, EVERY PERSON alive in California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and all the other "Blue States" in the nation could have voted for Biden.... EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE..... .....and he would STILL lose this election if he didn't win enough of the battleground swing States to achieve a 270-vote majority of the Electoral College. The popular vote doesn't mean a thing in this election regardless of whether the leading margin is by 1 or 100 million. Because a massive “Blue Wave” landslide in “Blue” States only, won’t win the White House. Achieving the majority of the popular vote isn’t worth DOG CRAP. Hillary proved that by 3 million worthless votes in 2016. Biden could have 100 million more votes than tRump from all of the "Blue States" Hillary won or that he just won on Tuesday and still get his butt handed to him by tRump with the Electoral College tally. That is just how screwed up our system is for electing our President and there is not a doggone thing we can do about it any time soon, other than campaign hard, have a great voter registration and ground game in place, and work like honey bees to get out the vote in all of the battleground swing States. Because if Democrats doesn't win those swing States WE LOSE THE DARNED ELECTION regardless of the popular vote margin. So, it’s best to just IGNORE MISLEADING NATIONAL POLLS

    Larry WilliamsLarry WilliamsHace 22 días
  • It's like degenerate gamblers listening to bad oddsmakers over and over.

    Boe ZoeBoe ZoeHace 22 días
  • Trevor has a Post Malone mustache

    Jay DennisJay DennisHace 22 días
  • Forget about the polls , all money making ploy that can’t be relied on. They are calling all the wrong people / fake results.

    Ian KhawIan KhawHace 22 días
  • Must be all those ballots that got thrown out

    Keegan NewKeegan NewHace 22 días
  • Love these two together!!

    vice0077vice0077Hace 22 días
  • They forced Biden on the democrats when democrats had chosen and were energized for Bernie Sanders. The republicans are united while democrats are not united because of its old establishment.

    H KH KHace 22 días
    • @Larry Williams bruh the right is literally calling biden a socialist this changes nothing

      lollolHace 22 días
    • Stop that Bernie Bros LIE. Nobody "forced" Biden on us. WE VOTED FOR HIM...and in overwhelming numbers. Bernie would NEVER have beaten Trump in the General Election. Bernie wasn't even able to produce the massive wave of "Youth" and "New" voters he promised that would carry him to victory in the Primaries. Plus he broke the 1st Rule in Democratic Presidential Politics, which is: You can't win the nomination without the Black Vote. Sanders utterly ignored the Black Vote because he never thought he would need it, believing instead that he could generate enough of the Progressive young voters to make up the difference. The African American Electorate taught him a harsh lesson, AGAIN. In addition to his failure to secure a sizable portion of the Black Vote, Bernie lost the 2020 Democratic Primary for the same reason he lost it in 2016, and it is this: Bernie's SOCIALISM would never, ever be embraced by those moderate, Independent voters in the battleground swing States, that we knew (and now has been proven) we would need to secure the 270 vote majority of the Electoral College. He would have lost every single one of the key swing States with his self proclaimed SOCIALIST agenda and love for Castro. And every experienced Democratic voter who truly wanted to get rid of Trump knew this, and set all Progressive purity tests aside in order to support the best Candidate who could win the swing States and secure the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Thus, he was never going to be elected as our Nominee.....NEVER.

      Larry WilliamsLarry WilliamsHace 22 días
  • I wish the media had said the polls were showing a trump win. I think it would have lit even more of a fire under people's butts

    Alyson HAlyson HHace 22 días
  • more videos Trevor. We need more videos. What are you doing? It's corona virus o'clock. We neeeed more videos. All of which to say, thank you for keeping us sane and informed ❤️ (cue troll-response)

    Ciara GriffinCiara GriffinHace 22 días
  • Also the polls does not count for election frauds.....

    Dribrom SunrockDribrom SunrockHace 22 días
  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Shadae' ShirdShadae' ShirdHace 22 días
  • STOP DISRESPECTING LAURYN HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Hlompho21. HlomphoHace 22 días
  • Because they didn't get worse, largely they improved or it is too early to make an actual call about accuracy. They only got worse in Wisconsin. Stop this fake news bullshit.

    jamakojamakoHace 22 días
  • What? The polls said that it would rather be a landslide or super close

    nik epicnik epicHace 22 días
  • Roy is us, all over 😂😩🤣

    Polly TiksPolly TiksHace 22 días
  • How do like this video twice

    Saleem KabirSaleem KabirHace 22 días
  • Trump is such an idiot

    Bao ChenBao ChenHace 22 días