Counting Down Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: 25-1 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

2 nov 2020
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Roy Wood Jr. completes the countdown of Donald Trump’s most tremendous scandals with the president’s attack on protesters, his family separation policy and his administration’s coronavirus response. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump #100MostTremendousScandals
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  • To answer “how is he’s still president”? It’s because the Senate’s his bitch.

    Terry WayneTerry WayneHace 7 horas
  • Only TDS can make me laugh so much when discussing something so serious. Thanks!

    Chrystal WeaverChrystal WeaverHace 11 horas
  • I have a really simple trade... since Trump supporters want Hilary’s emails and Trump haters want Trump’s tax returns, I’ll give you Hilary’s emails if you can get Trump to give me his taxes.

    Zay PhoenixZay PhoenixHace 9 días
  • You really gotta get your fcking sht together USA

    DerNitroXDDerNitroXDHace 10 días
  • How isnt normalizing and encouraging fascists #1?

    Haraldr HaldefjürdHaraldr HaldefjürdHace 12 días
  • Covid had no opposition to it. It was bad. We all knew it was worth being cautious about. Managing to politicize and polarize the US population on it is the perfect example of how incredibly incompetent he is as a leader.

    Malcolm DuBoseMalcolm DuBoseHace 14 días
  • wait wait wait.. this actually makes me a bit uncomfortable... jeeeez

    atlantafreak09atlantafreak09Hace 16 días
  • Trump killed the people that were going to vote for him that's why he lost

    Noah CNoah CHace 17 días
  • You should call the trump administration as TRUMP-GATE!

    Robie JumawanRobie JumawanHace 17 días
  • Please give this videos a Fox News and others network and see all corruption the this administration

    Julie AvitiaJulie AvitiaHace 17 días
  • Trump never had covid19 he lied. He will lie in your face and won't crack a smile 😑😑😑😑

    Otis HawkinsOtis HawkinsHace 17 días
  • You show your entire ass and act a plum fool and expect to be reelected? What is he smoking????

    Tamegb34Tamegb34Hace 18 días
  • tRump wants to be WRONG ❌ & STRONG 💪 👇🏾

    YouTube Phenom Esquire Merchandise at T-BOOdotORGYouTube Phenom Esquire Merchandise at T-BOOdotORGHace 18 días
  • As a US citizen of commit an illegal act I face losing my children. So how should it be any different if someone come commits a illegal act by sneaking into the country. If I sneak I to a grocery store to feed my kids I get arrested and loose my kids. Open your eyes.

    Jacob and NeShanna SkaggsJacob and NeShanna SkaggsHace 18 días
    • And with you making a statement like that is more racist than anything and you act like your fighting for the rights of someone else and put them down in the same sentence. How do you see that as a fair assessment of a race of people.

      Jacob and NeShanna SkaggsJacob and NeShanna SkaggsHace 18 días
    • @Jacob and NeShanna Skaggs I guess

      thateggkidthateggkidHace 18 días
    • With proper training I would because we already do at this very moment. And I know it's not an end all. But it would atleast be a clear path to citizenship.

      Jacob and NeShanna SkaggsJacob and NeShanna SkaggsHace 18 días
    • @Jacob and NeShanna Skaggs would you trust an immigrant from a foreign country to handle this Great Nation's dangerous military equipment?

      thateggkidthateggkidHace 18 días
    • @thateggkid then do it through the right paths. I have no issues with immigration. To live in this country we have law that must be followed. I think a great path to citizenship would be to serve our country for 4 years then be handed an American citizenship. And if you was referring to the refugee's Mexico offered them amnesty so at that point they was no longer refugee's.

      Jacob and NeShanna SkaggsJacob and NeShanna SkaggsHace 18 días
  • #1 scandal is now accusations of voter fraud

    The StarmanThe StarmanHace 19 días
    • And I have a feeling that will be knocked from #1 before he's through...

      dreamlandnightmaredreamlandnightmareHace 16 días
  • This is hilarious. People actually believe this is why the country sucks.

    Jet JonesJet JonesHace 19 días
    • @Jet Jones god forbid he golfs when he should be leading this shithole

      thateggkidthateggkidHace 18 días
    • @thateggkid yeah god forbid a guy golfing. Send the troops😂😂

      Jet JonesJet JonesHace 18 días
    • It is why it sucks tho

      thateggkidthateggkidHace 18 días
  • So,in conclusion,THANK GOODNESS BIDEN/HARRIS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...the Moron Admin will soon be over!

    Carroll ThornCarroll ThornHace 19 días
  • He should be jailed

    Rachael NzisaRachael NzisaHace 19 días
  • Hey, we have a new number 1! Attempted coup! Please, for the love of god, let it remain just an attempted one...

    keybladesruskeybladesrusHace 20 días
  • Yeah but at least Trump never wore a tan suit!

    Paul ZubrysPaul ZubrysHace 20 días
  • "big water"-trump

    Mathew GarciaMathew GarciaHace 20 días
  • Dear God i live in a so caled third world country and this is crazy even for me, our democrasy is questionable and we are poor but this is crazy, i don't uderstand how were people compeld to vote for him in the last election, or the one now, i can't believe i can say this but i feel sorry for people of the USA, which coming from a peson living in my country is like a homeless person saying they feel sorry for a milionair

    MokASimonAMokASimonAHace 20 días
  • Wait wait wait... The covid thing is still just no.2?... Edit: Ah you got me there...

    Renagon PoiRenagon PoiHace 20 días
  • Jail the idiots for the rest of their natural lives they know America's secrets

    Just MeJust MeHace 21 un día
  • Brit shiner needs to stick what little he knows!

    Chet BrinkleyChet BrinkleyHace 21 un día
  • Holy shit. Trumps 100 most tremendous scandals? Holy shit. I know how much of a worthless pos Trump was as a person and President but wow! What a freakin loser.

    mike mallerymike malleryHace 21 un día
  • Even the fact that he’s had this many scandals and was in office for a full term is stupid

    HyperGingerHyperGingerHace 21 un día
  • How dafuq did he get away with all of this?! HOW?! Is humanity really this stupid and pitiful? Seriously, there need to be more criminal charges levied against this scumbag.

    AlFa 113AlFa 113Hace 21 un día
  • Americas momentum to not a China reliance comes to an end. American people like Democrats who cannot say no to CHINA was favored cheat ....aaaah ok.

    armin tanarmin tanHace 21 un día
  • this murderer is responsible for All the covid deaths

    melody marksmelody marksHace 22 días
  • I'm creating 2 products to help Trump finances... 1. Extra slippery DONNIE SOAP. 2. The DROP THE SOAP DONNIE DOLL.

    Richard SnowRichard SnowHace 22 días
  • america must take the trump to south africa here we have guys who will show him reality for his stupidity brutally I tell you

    Thabo MangenaThabo MangenaHace 22 días
  • Awesome

    Nicole HamrahNicole HamrahHace 22 días
  • “Do not listen to the words of a (false) prophet who prophesizes to you, filling you with vain hopes. He speaks visions of his own mind, not from the mouth of the LORD." (Jeremiah 23:16 ) ... "For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves a teacher to suit their own passions, ..." (2 Timothy 4:3). Donald Trump brainwashed an army of followers who passionately continue to swallow his lies, his destructive visions and nightmares for America. Even after losing his bid for a second term in office, his dizzy followers refuse to accept defeat and insist that the will of the people (exercised by their decisive vote) is fraudulent, while vowing to continue fighting for this self-righteous and false, unholy prophet. This country and the world (at least for now) can breathe a sigh of relief from this menace to society. The days to come will (unfortunately) be rocky and possibly dangerous; however, our country has endured greater worries, as long as we all work hard TOGETHER to heal and bring this country back to its ultimate greatness and sanity.

    UkeOneUkeOneHace 22 días
  • Unbelievable that the Queen scandal wasn't on there

    12Chris Nik306 1212Chris Nik306 12Hace 22 días
  • Well he is no longer the president.

    Mans 567Mans 567Hace 22 días
  • This is a fake post by Russian Troll Farms! Their goal is to use false information to undermine the U.S. election and Americans sense of trust. They post video that is obscure and misleading. The posts have thousands of views upon initial loading because they hack the page and Russian bots create the fake views.

    Birdegg JordanBirdegg JordanHace 23 días
  • I just watched all of these. I forgot about the hurricane Sharpie incident. So glad he's going to be gone in January. He's set this country back 20 years.

    SurfheadSurfheadHace 23 días
  • Trump and the super rich community love not paying higher taxes or none at all.

    joyce Loeschjoyce LoeschHace 23 días
  • Donald Trump will become the only President in history to be Impeached, lose the popular vote twice and serve just one term. Bye Don the Con🖐🏻

    Any77 MadridAny77 MadridHace 23 días
  • 0:13-0:18 That’s a great point!! Because there are addendums for the list now: 101. Suing states for counting all remaining legal votes that make him look bad in the 2020 election 102. Having more people vote for his death cult in 2020 than Obama’s record numbers of supporters in 2008

    SoLoMoN DaViDSoNSoLoMoN DaViDSoNHace 23 días
  • I just finished watching the Obama "scandals" video and there are no words strong enough to condemn these hypocritical Trump supporters or Fox. Smh The thought that Trump isn't even going to jail despite all he has done is just the cherry on my depression sundae. It's so depressing to see how close this election was in spite of these last 4 years. It's so depressing to know tens of millions of people still support this lying, racist, narcissistic, money hungry, callous, unfeeling, sorry excuse for a human being that is Trump.

    tigttfntigttfnHace 23 días
  • Obama wears a helmet unpresidental Trump 100 scandals

    Edwin WainainaEdwin WainainaHace 23 días
  • OH,😲 MG,here I goes from 😢 😢 😢 to Laughing only happening here in AmeriCas

    Oy BumgarnerOy BumgarnerHace 23 días
  • How do people still side with him?!

    Leahh823Leahh823Hace 23 días
    • His brainwashed cult members who else?

      DaredevilZDaredevilZHace 20 días
  • In no strict order, here's my top picks Making sure his administration does nothing about climate change (a "political" issue that shouldn't be political) Downplays and does nothing about Covid, aiding its spread Would rather slow testing down to look better than protect people Attacked peaceful protests Tries to discredit and sabotage the election with conspiracy theories, attempted lawsuits, taking down mailboxes Discredits any media critical of him Family separation, detention center conditions Cozies up with dictators and thinks concentration camps are a good idea Disbanded national security council's pandemic protocol (Much worse in hindsight, but even before Corona, WTF?)

    CrocosharkCrocosharkHace 24 días
  • Why isnt he arrested

    ghost gettaghost gettaHace 24 días

    Luciano GranieLuciano GranieHace 24 días
  • "We should have left a spot for whatever shit he did while we were making this list." Understatement of the year.

    Tyler SimmonsTyler SimmonsHace 24 días
  • You don't have proof it's on the video you do have proof everything that Donald Trump's done in the White House is on video and you do have proof right there

    Diana MccallDiana MccallHace 24 días
  • Everything that President Trump done in the white house it's going to be in the history book that's so lovely

    Diana MccallDiana MccallHace 24 días
  • trump is a punishment for the dab

    Chef de CuisineChef de CuisineHace 24 días
  • People would continue to follow trump even if he killed someone

    Gonk DroidGonk DroidHace 24 días
  • #1 is the reason why the USA are the biggest joke currently ongoing on earth. 4 years ago he became president and that was kinda funny but since then everytime i see his face or name on the news i think of your whole clown country trying to be funny but you're just pathetic. thank f**k that he's gone now and a slightly better person has you guys on the leash. you don't even have a real democracy! last time bc of your broken system trump became president while having LESS THAN 50% OF THE VOTES. i know how the system works but... don't you think you need to change that when you only need to influence a certain demographic on a few social media platforms? i think you guys don't get this, so here's an example a child would understand. let's say the democrats put up hitler for the election. they only have to influence the undecided voters in the few swing states for hitler to became president. if you're so "proud" of your "great" nation and your "freedom"... get your shit together! change the system! another thing: why are you so proud on your constitution? that's a thing most countries have one and it's not written in stone. you're just a 2/3 majority short of changing it or even f**king burning it? it's just not special... btw. that 2/3 majority keeps you from getting rid of all the murder on your streets (gun laws). *talks to himself while leaving* "batshit crazy fucking country. stupidest thing i'm constantly hearing shit about since i'm born. what a joke. thinking they are so great while having issues most countries solved in the 19th century but are soooo proud of it..."

    S GrabherS GrabherHace 24 días
  • I get the idea behind him saying "Covid will go away, it will be a miracle". Think about it. If Covid had miraculously disappeared, Trump would have told everyone how he had known it from the beginning. HE would have been the hero. Wanna know who also thinks like this? Insane people.

    Chris SennfelderChris SennfelderHace 24 días
  • SELF SABOTAGE IS A WAY TO GET OVER!! (BEEN FCKN PPL OVER FOR YEARS) JUST A THOUGHT:: MAYBE TRUMP has ALOT of fake ballots (votes) rewrote mail in ballots .... EASY TO DO ... ( got ballots in seen it was for BIDEN filled out another BALLOT using senders INFO and forged signature on envelopes, check penmanship.!????!?? HELL ARE THE ENVELOPES KEPT WITH MAIL IN BALLOTS?? ANY ONE VERIFYING WITNESSES INFO?? HE SAID IT WOULD BE FAKE BALLOTS BUT YALL LOOKING AT BIDEN! SMH Could #addMOREVOTES TO #RECOUNT #PrezhasTHEImTHEvictim mentally #when its self sabotage with postal workers help #MAKEITLooksLIKEBIDENDIDIT #$425+MILLION dollar debt is self sabotage HE GOT DENIED BY ONE BNK THEN WENT TO SAME BNK DIFFERENT LOCATION AND GOT LOAN #pushTILtheyGIVEinATTITUDE #bullyWAYthruanything #gotTOconfuse the audience #playsgameson FOOLS #ripCoronavictims

    mary marrymary marryHace 24 días
  • Because of trump and his handling of covid 19! I didnt get to go to my first BTS concert it is still postponed!!! That was back May 27th 2020!! Hence one of the biggest reasons I voted for Biden2020!!!

    Silent MindySilent MindyHace 24 días
  • His biggest scam was not getting infected by Covid-19 and still declared he did.

    MannyScootsMannyScootsHace 25 días
  • I'm not sure what's worse: a president who does terrible things like this, or the percentage of the United States population who voted for him in 2020. My only explanation: it's a cult. Most cults end in mass deaths. This one's a little different, admittedly, but... he is encouraging his followers to kill each other indirectly at slightly less than random.

    Michael PaulMichael PaulHace 25 días
    • "Most cults end in mass deaths"... You realise that if Trump loses and refuses to leave office, a civil war could erupt... Plus he supported extremist groups so I don't think his supporters have the sense of morailty NOT to follow him blindly... "Stand back and stand by"

      Adoomy AdamAdoomy AdamHace 22 días

    E LujanE LujanHace 25 días
  • A guy saying, "Return to your service of Satan!", while his middle finger is up is just....smh.

    Katie LawerenceKatie LawerenceHace 25 días
  • Makes you wonder how did Hillary lose to this clown...😐

    Daniel PolancoDaniel PolancoHace 25 días
  • The biggest loser is not trump, u guys should have got him during the impeachy.

    NMNMHace 25 días

    Tom PetersTom PetersHace 25 días
  • I see trump links to dance, if that's what you gonna call it, well he can , dance his ass right out the white house front door.

    Catherine MassardCatherine MassardHace 25 días
  • When impeachment is only your third worst scandal.

    TheMeowKingTheMeowKingHace 25 días

    Elsik PogosyanElsik PogosyanHace 25 días
  • I for sure thought the number one was his 60 Minutes interview.... That pretty much summed it all up. Stahl did nothing but her job and because he was awoken from a nap he snapped... Here we still are waiting to know our fate; as the rest of America has decided to allow an over grown toddler another opportunity. People please stop voting based on party affiliation; try actually seeing a more united perspective. What are we if we are our own enemies?

    Extravagantly SimpleExtravagantly SimpleHace 25 días
  • how he upsets himself about scandal one. XD

    Reto SchärReto SchärHace 25 días
  • I share Roy’s sentiment at the end. Smh. Trump should have been gone long ago.

    Tiffany RichardsTiffany RichardsHace 25 días
  • Where in the video does Trump say Inject with "bleach" show me. How is disinfectant which is a medical term (and can be anything such as antibiotics, or iodine) turn into "Bleach ". I dear you uninformed Democrats to do research. He is still president because none of your false propagandas hold any weight once facts are checked !!!

    Lucinda AkinyaLucinda AkinyaHace 25 días
  • All are false. No proof just propaganda.

    Lucinda AkinyaLucinda AkinyaHace 25 días
  • number 0 should have been his election

    Danger_ScoopsDanger_ScoopsHace 25 días
  • We have gotten so used to the fact that he makes huge mistakes that simply the most enormous ones stand out...

    Ármin KovácsÁrmin KovácsHace 25 días
  • How can an impeached president run for president? There really should be a rule against that

    Marwa SMarwa SHace 25 días
  • Trump genius

    mabiaka tlaumabiaka tlauHace 25 días
  • Now count bidens accomplishments in the whole 47 years he has been in office, also count all the racist things he has said, "poor children can be just as talented as white people." -Joe Biden

    Corporal RossCorporal RossHace 25 días
  • just shows how downhill american values and moral compass have gone

    cai gualbertocai gualbertoHace 25 días
  • The devil doesn't care about anyone but himself he wants to be worship, he wants to take The Lord place to be worship

    James MaxwellJames MaxwellHace 26 días
  • 6:20 "You can't hurt Donald Trump... his blood is made of cheeseburgers." LMAO I'm dead.

    Alexander WilliamsAlexander WilliamsHace 26 días
  • BREAKING: Michigan USPS whistle blower on election interference

    G BakerG BakerHace 26 días

    Singing PlaylistSinging PlaylistHace 26 días
  • Roy Wood Jr. we feel your pain.

    Rimi B. ChatterjeeRimi B. ChatterjeeHace 26 días
  • I wish more people knew about the other candidates and their parties and endorsed them just as much as the same two political parties every election 🙄

    Ms. MarvelousMs. MarvelousHace 26 días
  • My optimistic brain got excited that you used Mozart Violin concerto number 3. I play violin and I played that piece for an audition. I sadly didn't get into honors orchestra just like Trump is going to not get re-elected!

    Michele ZalakMichele ZalakHace 26 días
  • “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your response to this crisis?” “I’d rate it a 10” *Badumts*

    Ian YoyoIan YoyoHace 26 días
  • Number one scandal is completely accurate!

    Amen AmenAmen AmenHace 26 días
  • Its nice to see AZ flip after the way Pandemic Trump attacks McCain. McCain is a real man with honor. He served while Pandemic Trump serves himself.

    CFOCFOHace 26 días
  • #1 scandal should have been the quarter million Americans dead during his final year as president

    Christian EscobarChristian EscobarHace 26 días
  • Fauci looks miserable 😂

    liddy babyliddy babyHace 26 días
  • He is a legend

    Mike VillalobosMike VillalobosHace 26 días
  • Treason is a conspiracy against its sovereign people by the Democratic Party and the satanic mouthpiece of the evil media who allowed a child molesting satanist who worships flesh to be elected. The Catholic Church is a cult and loses wars and I will not fight fire, Islam, a race state, a monarchy or any country that runs up 25 trillion in debt while slandering its people. Good luck fighting Russia without people like me who want to see urban America dead and their monuments to extortion and debt slavery obliterated. Thank you for electing a child molester that bows down and worships the carbon atom.

    Charles TarrCharles TarrHace 26 días
  • Wait...he had a golf day nearly 20% of his time in office?!?! And his stroke looks like that?! I don’t even golf and I bet I’d beat him.

    Kevin FagerKevin FagerHace 26 días
  • You forgot that he doesn't accept elections till the end...

    CloyMcCloyMcHace 26 días
  • How was this man impeached and still in office to wreak more havoc!? He should have been locked up months ago.

    QuiteALadyQuiteALadyHace 26 días
  • 🤣🤣🤣 I’m already laughing and sick at the same time!

    PYT29PYT29Hace 26 días
  • The jokes feels forced

    Jaymee GuapoJaymee GuapoHace 26 días
  • Elections Karate Kid style: Guess who would be Mr Miyagi and who would be Kreese? Not hard to guess folks! #TeamJoe ALL The way!

    Patricia CarneiroPatricia CarneiroHace 26 días
  • Reagan and Bill Clinton contributed to the loosening of standards when reporting news. If Trump wants "fake news" to be dealt with, he could actually do something as president. But he hasn't. It's almost like he benefits from polarized media outlets.. *cough* fox news *cough* Let's be real, there is misinformation on both sides, but Trump acts like liberal media outlets and NON-BIASED media outlets are a threat to our county rather than shockingly liberal and violently conservative ones that further divide the nation. And Trump needs this. He thrives on the division, bc if we lived in a perfect world where people were able to communicate and compromise effectively for the betterment of the country, Trump would've lost the primary in 2016.

    Mary HallMary HallHace 26 días