Kevin Hart - Giving Himself Verbal Freedom | The Daily Social Distancing Show

18 nov 2020
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Kevin Hart discusses the meaning behind his new Netflix stand-up special “Zero Fucks Given” and reflects on his life-changing wake-up call. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #KevinHart
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  • I really love Kevin. I swear I've never heard any negativity regarding meeting or working with Kevin. He's so sincere. Kevin Hart, Keanu Reaves, Will Smith super nice. I love Noah. Nice to hear Kevin was on your show first. So cool.

    eurasian55YOUTUBEeurasian55YOUTUBEHace 4 horas
  • Dear Mr @Kevin Hart, Ummmm, you know you can have the old classic cars and airbags. You can have the steering column redesigned in the classic car to include an airbag, it is not that expensive, not that you care about the money. I personally love you and I would hate to lose your comedic talents and I am sure your children would hate to lose their father. -Just a thought-

    Ai VelAi VelHace 9 horas
  • Dave Chappelle taught cats to be smart and be OK with saying no. If Dave had fallen flat on his face after returning to comedy after all those years, Kev wouldn't talking so much shit about "zero fucks given"!!! Believe that!!

    Christopher WilsonChristopher WilsonHace 14 horas
  • Love KH

    swtstgrlcarolineswtstgrlcarolineHace 16 horas
  • So cool.

    Stephanie BoykinStephanie BoykinHace 18 horas

    UrbanrenaissancemanUrbanrenaissancemanHace 18 horas
  • Kevin Hart will go down in history as one of the funniest dudes EVER!! He kills me!! I'm so glad he's young, hopefully he'll be cracking us up for a long time to come! Love the man!

    Teresa ThaynTeresa ThaynHace 18 horas
  • Two of my favorite comedians!!!

    Haider SabhanHaider SabhanHace 20 horas
  • I need to see the first episode

    Arch UniqueArch UniqueHace 22 horas
  • Amazing stuff

    suheil laljisuheil laljiHace 23 horas
  • Kevin be out there caring about telling people why he doesn’t care

    adonis cookadonis cookHace un día
  • Kevin be out there caring about telling people why he doesn’t care

    Thurston BibianThurston BibianHace un día
  • Kevin Hart is like "YOLO" and everyone else is like "that's WHY you should care!!!"

    TutorialsGamingzTutorialsGamingzHace un día
    • Kevin be out there caring about telling people why he doesn’t care

      Thurston BibianThurston BibianHace un día
  • Trevor always gets such great people... his show is such an inspiration for my own... and im a kid 👶. Keep up the great vids Trevor. 🙏✅💯💥

    Danielle RochaDanielle RochaHace un día
  • Small neck🤣🤣

    The Ent WorldThe Ent WorldHace un día
  • "It's a small neck but I'll do it"😂😂😂

    Steph TanSteph TanHace un día
  • Kevin's "I don't give a f***" at 5:15 cracked me up! This was great, thank you Kevin and TDS team!

    KOLTKOLTHace un día
  • Lmao these two are gold

    Darin MaddoxDarin MaddoxHace un día
  • How sad when you happiness in material things. Everything in this world is temporary and fragile. I wish he got more from that accident.

    Nadia MontalvoNadia MontalvoHace un día
  • Sorry men!!! you don't undestend the freedom live !!!!! Degeaba vorbesti daca nu ai creat ceva liber ci doar o familie ca toti ceilalti (ma bucur pentru tine doar atat si numai vorbi de altul!) ca nu cunosti nimic!

    Babuta AlinDBabuta AlinDHace un día
  • Go look for the Zambian Kevin Hart look alike on tiktok, the exact same face, eyes, talking style,'s creepy and unbelievable!

    The TruthThe TruthHace un día
    • He uses an app... he doesn't look like kev in real life.

  • In honesty and i am sorry . Kevin Hart's show is hella Boring . its just not funny or entertaining at all . Sorry honest opinion .

    Ruben UithalerRuben UithalerHace un día
  • Yeah Trevor when you getting outta that corner??!! All the other guys have went back into their studios- and socially distant!! Get you a guitar and tambourine player (band) and get back to yo job!!! The one you inherited from John Stewart💁🏻!

    HunnieBennettHunnieBennettHace un día
  • In a nutshell, Kevin Hart wants to be Dave Chappelle.

    Front OfficeFront OfficeHace un día
  • My family love ❤️ Kevin Hart a lot. Whether in movies or stand up comedy 😂😂😂, u are the guy we need. Halla from Cape town S.Africa. if America manage to let go of black folks, you have a family in either Malawi by Kader ppl or in S.A by Cabane family-engcobo😃😃😃🕺💃

    mussa kadermussa kaderHace 2 días
  • @ especially after this

    Young Disciple EvangelismYoung Disciple EvangelismHace 2 días
  • 2 legends together

    Wisdom PhiriWisdom PhiriHace 2 días
  • I dont know if you guys notice it or not but he gave too many F**ks and contradicts saying Zero F**ks Given

    Ajai AgarwalAjai AgarwalHace 2 días
  • Why is it so hard to wear a mask until the vaccines get administered. Someone please tell me where the USA doesn't give a shit about each other. Do you remember 911? The country came together. Suddenly there's a global pandemic and everyone for themselves? Wtf is going on. Use the brain god gave us. If you think you are evolved help your neighbor get evolved

    creative thinkercreative thinkerHace 2 días
  • Trevor is so cuteeee, my god!!!!

    ABCD12345ABCD12345Hace 2 días
  • Did this man really say, "hobbies ain't just your wife and kid" did he juuuuuust? 😂😂😂😂😂 family is your number priority, "job" and concern, hobby? well you heard it here first

    Rhena AdhisRhena AdhisHace 2 días
    • "It's a small neck but I'll do it"😂😂😂

      Steph TanSteph TanHace un día
  • Kevin Hart is like "YOLO" and everyone else is like "that's WHY you should care!!!"

    Gloria HawkinsGloria HawkinsHace 2 días
  • lmfao no fucks given

    Osanna ChilgevorkyanOsanna ChilgevorkyanHace 2 días
  • BINGE watching TREVOR on Sunday, again! I HELLA LOVE your show! & YOU are so MY type of MAN, VERY intelligent, compassionate, altruistic, sweet, hilarious, & last BUT definitely NOT LEAST, GORGEOUS! THANK YOU for ALWAYS putting a smile on my face & making me look forward to ESworld!😊🤗😊🤗🙏🏾🙏🏾

    E-BabyE-BabyHace 2 días
  • Hey Trevor..pardon my ignorance, but if I may ask, what are those trofies in the back shelf from bro?🤫

    Mexican & proud of it.Mexican & proud of it.Hace 2 días
  • The vid

    gator fangator fanHace 2 días
  • I highly doubt Kevin paid for a car without a airbag simply because he loves cars and doesnt care what ppl pretty sure this was hollywoods way of keeping him in check letting him know whos still in charge.

    meldon dennismeldon dennisHace 2 días
  • Nobody puts me in a corner. Hahaha. That's old school.

    Petora HodgePetora HodgeHace 2 días
  • He is the visual description of entitlement. Ew. His special is a fail

    Farmita LluvitaFarmita LluvitaHace 2 días
  • I was disappointed in the "zero phks given" :/ ... I only laughed once in the whole hour.. so sad man.. Kev usually makes me cry laughing.. I think he should go back to giving a phk bout what he says lol, so we can laugh haha

    Diamond CutzDiamond CutzHace 2 días
  • Don’t know why people are saying this last bit was bad, it was hilarious, Kevin is funny without even trying, he’s allowed to talk shit about stuff in his life, it’s not like he didn’t talk to his family before he talked shit in comedy. Anyway people in this generation always have something to say and constantly feel offended over shit that has nothing to do with them. I’m a huge Kevin fan and he’s come along way. He was born to make people laugh. 🙌🏻💙

    Nellie SantiagoNellie SantiagoHace 2 días
  • The Bromamce is too strong here.

    African and ProudAfrican and ProudHace 2 días
  • using your responsibility neuron

    Emma KochEmma KochHace 2 días
  • Trevor was low key scolding his friend Kevin for risking his life with no airbags. Like why you wanna die on me bro?

    Jacobson RobertsonJacobson RobertsonHace 2 días
  • Kevin Bald

    Randomly RelatableRandomly RelatableHace 2 días
  • Ag my got die kont alweer

    Ryno BritzRyno BritzHace 2 días
  • The 2 best in the same comedy

    Senzo MadibaSenzo MadibaHace 2 días
  • Gosh now two of you, no suit, argh, Corona!

    Ayyash AyyashAyyash AyyashHace 2 días
  • They both have peazyheads still get paid Joseph Simmons (RUN)

    Jeremiah WoodsJeremiah WoodsHace 2 días
  • I like this guys

    adolf mudauadolf mudauHace 2 días
  • Zero fucks given is another classic people are just haters

    Jeremiah WoodsJeremiah WoodsHace 2 días
  • me: ayo kevin, give me the directions to your home Kevin: What really is the concept of home and where really do you want directions to?

    Edward OrchidEdward OrchidHace 2 días
  • You are funny as hell your funny.

    Janie LeeJanie LeeHace 2 días
  • No airbag, we die like real man

    Masoap AthieMasoap AthieHace 2 días
  • Laughed ndisaqala ubukela 😂😂😂

    Masoap AthieMasoap AthieHace 2 días

    ScottyScottyHace 2 días
  • Trevor, please man...just start talking Afrikaans randomly and get Kevin to keep his bek when you talk😂

    Dennis GouwsDennis GouwsHace 2 días
    • But Trevor is a Zulu /Xhosa speaker and does not speak Afrikaans. He grew up in Soweto in a black family. Why Afrikaans?

      African and ProudAfrican and ProudHace 2 días
  • Love you guys, keep the funny coming

  • Kevin is right..this whole cancel culture is just stupid

    Sam MukanguSam MukanguHace 2 días
  • Kevin be out there caring about telling people why he doesn’t care

    Muzi KakoMuzi KakoHace 2 días
  • Ok, this man is awesome. He is a great guy.

    Kay C.Kay C.Hace 2 días
  • 😍🤩 I love them both 👏🏻 I remember the first show 🤩 loved him ever since 👌🏻 Jon made the most perfect choice

    Susanne T.Susanne T.Hace 2 días
  • Cool

    Unions FaitlaforceUnions FaitlaforceHace 3 días
  • My two favorite comedians of all time.. The third one is fluffy...y'all rock

  • İs Kevin Hart the next Kanye West? Some similarities are already there?

    Mohammed BenabdelkaderMohammed BenabdelkaderHace 3 días
  • Wait, how is fucks a swear word, but fuck is not, I've never heard fuck being muted... 😂 OK simulate this, 'I don't give a fu*k about what you're saying.' and 'I don't give a fu*ks about what you're saying.' which one is correct fu*ks or fu*K...? 🤣

    Lauretta MLauretta MHace 3 días
  • Why does Trevor keeps getting less dark every single day....his skin colour has changed so much from his earlier standups

    Pushpak GuptaPushpak GuptaHace 3 días
    • Maybe he is trying to fit in real bad 😂...the lighting and makeup sure make a lot of difference tho

      Pushpak GuptaPushpak GuptaHace un día
    • He's been indoors for 7 months.

      African and ProudAfrican and ProudHace 2 días
    • Kevin Hart is really dark and that makes Trevor look light

      Jill SorberaJill SorberaHace 2 días
    • Sending positive vibes Trevor that's the makeup and the lighting that's making him look that way but I don't look at that I look at his entertainment

      Lydia FarjadoLydia FarjadoHace 2 días
    • Sending positive vibes Treavor. That's the makeup and the lighting. Its probably to much. But I don't notice it. I notice his entertainment.

      Lydia FarjadoLydia FarjadoHace 2 días
  • And we missed this version of Kevin hart

    aminata seyeaminata seyeHace 3 días
  • Glad Kevin 'put his back into it' 🤗. Welcome back.

    It'sGio OfficialIt'sGio OfficialHace 3 días
  • Put air bags in the antique

    Priest caswell BurrowsPriest caswell BurrowsHace 3 días
  • It's not a accident its divine intervention

    Priest caswell BurrowsPriest caswell BurrowsHace 3 días

    M TM THace 3 días
  • AGE defenitely brings some goof stuff too: KEVIN BECAME MORE FRANK hahaha, HE DOES NOT GIVE a fuck anymore!!! :-p .... Great show Trevor Noah !!!!

    Leo el TenienteLeo el TenienteHace 3 días
  • I was going to watch this video but then my child started acting a little gay so I'm going to go beat his ass LOL that's still funny right? hahahahaha hearts apology was full of s*** he acts like he's the victim Glad he's healthy and recovering

    SwankFiber 52SwankFiber 52Hace 3 días
  • Sounds like Kevin Hart is taking a page out of David Chappelles book

    jason simonsjason simonsHace 3 días
    • That's what I thought

      Destined QueenDestined QueenHace un día
  • He's just speaking his mind freely I love Kevin hart and Trevor Noah as well...he does great interviews

    Gloria LinFamilyGloria LinFamilyHace 3 días
  • stop giving this homophobe a platform.

    B squaredB squaredHace 3 días
  • All is vanity.

    Monk AmaniMonk AmaniHace 3 días
  • I LOVE that Kevin didn't start with a customary fake laugh, INSTEAD he made Trevor laugh for real.

    Hilma ThomasHilma ThomasHace 3 días
  • Love Kevin Hart and that he’s not taking people’s bad attitudes anymore. We should all strive to be happy and positive.

    Gail SimburgerGail SimburgerHace 3 días
  • Kevin Heart and Trevor look like a good friend ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏❤️🍾🥂BFF for life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gloria makanoGloria makanoHace 3 días
  • Bests

    Nes-k officialNes-k officialHace 3 días
  • I love you both 💕💕

    john smithejohn smitheHace 3 días
  • Kevin heart is the man ✊🏽

    Lil chaos XLil chaos XHace 3 días
  • Please stop giving platform to homophobe!

    Lanyo ShadangLanyo ShadangHace 3 días
  • Trevor's right bout the airbag, he can just add one to his classic cars

    Brooklyn CarterBrooklyn CarterHace 4 días
  • Sending America a virtual hug from the Caribbean.😆😆

    Andrey GreenidgeAndrey GreenidgeHace 4 días
  • This 2 having a conversation it's by itself a show

    Alef AidenAlef AidenHace 4 días
  • 1:19 will now be played by the Trump campaign claiming "Kevin Hart Laughs and then says no to vaccines!"

    Ryan WallentineRyan WallentineHace 4 días
  • Ah the bromance

    Anna JaguarAnna JaguarHace 4 días
  • There was a lot of pretext in this conversation 😅

    Brandon DelagraentissBrandon DelagraentissHace 4 días
  • the building explanation is EXACTLY what i was thinking; empty warehouse..

    Karen GutierrezKaren GutierrezHace 4 días
  • Real Conversations i love it

    Sisa JohnsonSisa JohnsonHace 4 días
  • I heard it was wacked. Sorry Kevin still love you

    winsome mclean-whitewinsome mclean-whiteHace 4 días
  • My two favorite comedians

    5th generation5th generationHace 4 días
  • Kevin is hilarious. Big fan. This last Netflix special tho...ugh! What the hell was that?!

    Neghie PeanNeghie PeanHace 4 días
  • Inspiration combined❤️🔥💪

    David BabuDavid BabuHace 4 días
  • Funny!

    JenJenHace 4 días
  • I love Trevor's corner...can I get an amen???????

    D KD KHace 4 días
  • They should just spend a day together and film it

    Unkown PageUnkown PageHace 4 días