Hannity on Hillary 2016 vs Biden 2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

27 oct 2020
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Hey Sean Hannity might be time to hire some new writers #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #SeanHannity
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  • Where is William Barr how come we have not heard about any investigations it’s been way too long and I’m feeling uncomfortable about William Barr position in the government

    Don DroneDon DroneHace 2 horas
  • Hannity the liar and dispenser of disinformation.

    James DunnJames DunnHace 12 horas
  • Does anyone see his face has turned orange I guess its because hanging around Trump for so long

    Henry SukatiHenry SukatiHace 7 días
  • Big Brother NSA and His Little Brother By Terry Cooke NSA has been a silent partner with private industry from the earliest days of postwar computer development. Many commercial computer lines have sprouted from earlier designs for NSA use. A good example of this computer industry/government partnership was HAR- VEST, a cooperative project in the 1950's between NSA and IBM [note the very early NSA/1BM connection here] to build a new, state-of-the-art second-generation gen- eral-purpose processor. To be successful HARVEST had to have a super high-speed memory and high-speed tape drives, beyond anything then in existence. Developed over a five-year period, the most innovative new com- ponent of this advanced processor was TRACTOR, the high-speed tape drive system. HARVEST went on line in 1962, and it was finally retired in 1976 Since the beginning of the computer age a partnership between NSA and the American computer industry has existed This partnership has fostered the develop- ment of computers for cryptologic processes DominionVotingSystemsColoradoUVSProposal.pdf web.archive.org/web/20201108122914/www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/VotingSystems/RFI/proposals/DominionVotingSystemsColoradoUVSProposal.pdf

    mosestaylor farrellmosestaylor farrellHace 8 días
  • It's unbelievable that trump lost to biden with fox news constantly running footage of biden gaffing his way through America it shows you how incompotent and corrupt trump is .

    Scott SpencerScott SpencerHace 13 días
  • Democrats are still scandaling, still lying, still hiding and destroying evidence, that’s why they hide from the press. When was the last time you had a big time interview with one of them, Trevor? Oh shit that’s right you’re just a terrible comedian, my bad. Maybe you should go back to that? Probably too late, since you’re relying on to suck dry CC’s last 2,500 viewers? Most of them are broke mfs who fell asleep with their RCA rabbit ears still playing. Seth Myers is out probably outdoing you, and the only viewer he’s had in 5 years is the fucking camera guy😂😂

    Tristin McNemarTristin McNemarHace 14 días
  • Stopping vote counting ....simultaneously .....in the death of night .in all 6 demonrat states .....fraud !! DEEP STATE STOLE THE ELECTIONS demonrats lost in congress and senate and stole the presidemcy !! dominion vote counting machine company ......linked to the DNC having an active internet connection !!!! see 2.7 Million Votes Potentially Lost; Dominion Voting Strong Ties to CCP and Dems| Beyond The Noise' ESworld esworld.info/do/ep6WeF2liZmpobc/v-deo.html georgia is making the recount a scam !! Republicans can still not observe the counting ! One republican observer per 10 tables alllowed!!! Which is unconstitutional !!! knuckleheads!!! still using fraudulent Dominion vote counting machine software and hardware connected to the internet !!

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saskiHace 14 días
  • How dare he attack such wonderful honest capable people. 🤔😂

  • Corn pop was a bad dude

    A BA BHace 14 días
  • Hey consistency, you don't see that often from Hannity!

    RDT WorldRDT WorldHace 16 días
  • Americans, it’s way pass time that we all do our OWN research and FACT checking. The push to label those that disagree with the media’s bias a racist or bigot etc is way past old and always have been ridiculous and baseless.. Whomever is the president , now or 50 years from now is irrelevant because we the people are the lifeline of this country. A country greater than any in history but not immune to repeating countries that imploded. The state of this country is the way it is because FACTS don’t count anymore and Americans won’t stand up for the truth. The continued tolerance of divisive and aggressive and fact less rhetoric because of self preservation will destroy this country . My kids and grandkids deserve better , wake up and stand for something that most take for granted , America !!Whatever side of the political scale your on , we are all Americans and owe our forefathers to stand for the truth , now and forever . Do your own research because the Media does not have Americans best interests. #factcheck4urself

    jimmy Awbreyjimmy AwbreyHace 16 días
  • Uh fox news is so disgusting and that reporter needs to be fired.

    The Gaming StationThe Gaming StationHace 16 días
  • I'd slap the shit out of him if I seen him in the flesh, I can't stand him

    Noname 1stNoname 1stHace 17 días
  • It’s an act. No intelligent human being can be as biased as he is.

    NicNicHace 17 días
  • But everything he said is true🤣😂🤣

    Brian MccaffreyBrian MccaffreyHace 18 días
  • Trump is shouting about Dems stealing the election, while Trump and his sycophants surreptitiously steal democracy in front of your eyes. Wakey wakey folks.

    Tony WillansTony WillansHace 19 días
  • TRUMP IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT SNOWFLAKES ❄️😂🤣😂🤣😂 ♥️🤍🇺🇸♥️🤍🇺🇸♥️🤍🇺🇸🖕💄💋💃🏼

    Miss DeplorableMiss DeplorableHace 19 días
  • Because Hilary's agenda is the same as Biden's.

    Jackie TaylorJackie TaylorHace 19 días
  • Deformation of character is what I call something like this. Where as with Trump, there is not need to say anything, he picks up shoe and inserts it in his mouth. Glad he didn't drink the bleach!

    Edgar saenzEdgar saenzHace 19 días
  • What part did he lie about lmao ? All his info seemed pretty damn accurate

    daniel romerodaniel romeroHace 19 días
  • A random conservative ESworldr named LiberalHivemind gets more views in a day than you do in two weeks How the mighty media have fallen

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerHace 20 días
  • Fox News is and has been a Stalking Horse for the media. It was always the intention of the MSM to drive the opposition to one network Fox to curry favor with the opposition. Then at the appropriate time, they use Fox to turn on their opposition, just in time for the election so that all 6 Corporations that own the majority of all TV & Print media could have all their people singing from the same hymnal. These slime at Fox News are the worst kind of swamp creatures, stealing your loyaty only to betray you. We The People will not soon forget their election interference.

    Jeff McDonaldJeff McDonaldHace 20 días
  • Yeah all this shows is that he's BEEN RIGHT. The Dems ARE ALL DOING THE SAME DAMN THING.. that's the part you sheep don't understand 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Angela RiveraAngela RiveraHace 20 días
  • These comments are so unifying

    Brandon HamiltonBrandon HamiltonHace 20 días
  • Mr Hannity can you tell me how do you expect someone like Joe Biden can run this country ? Do you remember when he was in a live interview reading questions and had his answers written when he said wait a minute I missed this line 🙈and now he will run this country . Unfortunately Kamala Harris Obama and Pelosi who will run this country as he is 77 years old and has a fried brains 🧠 he knows nothing but pointing Hunter Biden to make millions when his dad was a Vice President and loser Obama coveted for him . I read that Hunter or under investigation but I daugt if anything will happened to him if it was me or you we would be serving 25 years in prison . This country is turning to be a joke . I am a Republican but what the president did yesterday fitting the chief of security or what ever I just forgot his name and position . Why he can’t leave people go on with there lives till he steps down . He did not make people to love him people hated him and voted for the democrats he caused it to him self . Hope he learns a lesson . But Trump will never he is a hard headed person . So Mr president step down and let our country gets screwed up by sleepy Biden and Kamala Harris and don’t forget the big looser Obama that will be involved telling them what to do .

    Sam IbSam IbHace 20 días
  • I hope I’m wrong but this democrats will destroy America.

    james leejames leeHace 20 días
  • Hannity, Fox News needs to be held accountable for election interference for calling Arizona’s election!! You have lost a dedicated viewer!!!!!

    grimm reapergrimm reaperHace 21 un día
  • That's some uptempo no 40

    Will PadgettWill PadgettHace 21 un día
  • Andy is a bad person that's all there is to it you will have to live up to this and I hope he sees his comment

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Hannity is flustered, by the reality that surrounds him

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Hannity you need to look in the mirror

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Hannity is the worst type of human

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Quid pro quo hannity. That's a thing. Now go spread it

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Hannity is a loser

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Wow! Hannity is protecting himself amidst a Trump failure. He is very hard to find on ESworld right now because he's a sore loser. Hannity, don't be like that

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Hannity has been a loser his whole life!!

    David sDavid sHace 21 un día
  • Sean Hannity is on his way out because he has nothing to lie about.

    renato arenato aHace 22 días
  • I clicked and stayed for the music. 🎶🎶🎶🎶

    C. DuludeC. DuludeHace 23 días
  • Hey Hornity...who's ass you gonna kiss now? Or, are you going to "defend" Biden because he's President, like you wanted the left to defend tRump because HE'S the "President" (at least 'till January! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH) BTW....lay off the Dippity-Do

    mikecabo101mikecabo101Hace 23 días
  • Amazing. So much TAM TAM about the health condition of the democratic nominees, yet the republican president is literally brain dead.

    Happy ThoughtsHappy ThoughtsHace 25 días
  • Im finished with FOX they stabbed Trump in the back on the election day. Hannity, Tucker, Laura. you work for the wrong side. How did FOX go from supporting trump to calling Arizona for Biden as soon as polls closed?

    Paul StewartPaul StewartHace 25 días
  • Easy job to be a conservative talking head. Paint by numbers.

    Uridien 1Uridien 1Hace 26 días
  • Barak Obama did such a great job that he was re-elected by a landslide. Doesn’t measure up to President Barak Obama

    CptlsthipiCptlsthipiHace 26 días
  • Besides the obvious he is a right leaning talk show host this video does not bring any substance to the title. Click bait... Trevor Noah is desperate for clicks

    Ray RodriguezRay RodriguezHace 26 días
  • He's getting old too. I think its time for him to retire.

    HaroldHaroldHace 27 días
  • Fox news sucks

    Tony GrahamTony GrahamHace 27 días
  • Props to the person that has to sit through hours of Hannity to find these clips.

    Jacqueline HughesJacqueline HughesHace 27 días
  • Let bygone be bye (DON). Biden 2020. Hannity, RIP (professionally), 2016 - 2020.

    Watcher6868Watcher6868Hace 27 días
  • Only thing that's off is Sean Hideous.

    Just JoanJust JoanHace 28 días
  • Same shit different day

    Ellie ComedianEllie ComedianHace 28 días
  • Trump President 2020 Not Biden the Bribem

    Alan MiellAlan MiellHace 28 días
  • Alert- voted today in foothill ranch ca 10/03/2020 had to use rubber ball signature pen - could not sign my name properly

    G MaKG MaKHace 28 días
  • I can't beleive they even tried to pretend like Biden lost that debate 😂😂

    Joe SamelsJoe SamelsHace 28 días
  • crazy guy

    Zul FadliZul FadliHace 28 días
  • Its called Adderall! Biden has been secretly taking low doses of Adderall for debates and other EMERGENCY appearances. GUARANTEED

    Jeffrey FojJeffrey FojHace 28 días
  • Hannity turns himself into a goof. What a deplorable person

    JoeyJoeyHace 29 días
  • American politics is blowing my mind

    Flavour BusinessFlavour BusinessHace 29 días
  • Why does his mom still comb his hair for him?

    mzmiller75mzmiller75Hace 29 días
  • Hannity is great for making me sigh and facepalm every time he opens his mouth. >

    VictoriaVictoriaHace un mes
  • Spooky

    Voter Fraud is forbidden NOT FOR BIDEN!!Voter Fraud is forbidden NOT FOR BIDEN!!Hace un mes
  • Is anchoring really THAT easy? If it is... why is the education system still alive? I mean, even acting isn't this easy... and you tell me people watch and believe it? 🤣🤣🤣 Now, if it was a poor country, or a country with crisis and crime rates unaccounted for, I wouldn't have thought much of it. 😐 I'd be a little worried, but it would be inevitable, right? 🤨 But it's the US, y'know? And it's not like the anchor is speaking in a foreign language... its English, plain simple and easy. I've seen a lot of phonies out there and they try really hard for people to actually believe them. So I'm concerned about the IQ level of those who believe these things. Elections in other countries aren't this easy, you know? 😂🤣😂🤣

    Lazy_ QLazy_ QHace un mes
  • www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/opinion-donald-trump-deserves-a-second-term/ar-BB1ayDQv?ocid=msedgdhp WHAT????? from CNN????? Home of the far left libtards???

    HDSHDSHace un mes
  • Cheap, as if this was only on Hannity.

    Xantylon74Xantylon74Hace un mes
  • Trump 2020!

    Bobby LeeBobby LeeHace un mes
  • The background music was bit too loud and overpowering the rant. Surprising!

    Aman NougrahiyaAman NougrahiyaHace un mes
  • Well, it’s good to know that somethings haven’t changed. Sadly, these are the things

    Joseph DouekJoseph DouekHace un mes
  • " Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind " The withdrawal of French products from store shelves in several countries around the world.

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace un mes
  • Hannity vs. Trump vs. Kim Jong Un for Worst Hair (Helmet) on the Planet?

    Meghan FredericksMeghan FredericksHace un mes
  • Goes to show that birds of a feather (Clinton and Biden)...just, well, do what they do.

    Muse &SpewsMuse &SpewsHace un mes
  • At least he is consistent. Consistently an asshole

    Josh QuintanaJosh QuintanaHace un mes
  • Fox news is a joke!

    In God We TrustIn God We TrustHace un mes
  • Second verse, same as the first...

    dc robdc robHace un mes
  • I mean the first half could be explained. the second half is him being quite a bit of a broken record XD

    StormfangStormfangHace un mes
  • I am happy he was diligent enough to change the names in the script. What more do you want?

    Reza BeeReza BeeHace un mes
  • Damn all this BS I’m under 2 minutes! I never watch this clown. Before this long😂😂

    Tracy DavisonTracy DavisonHace un mes
  • Hannity I hope they replace you and Trump

    Louise PacificoLouise PacificoHace un mes
  • Yeah, how come Hillary isn't dead with all the afflictions she had during the 2016 campaign? Must be the baby sacrifices.

    TerryTerryHace un mes
  • One must love this so called (News)network🤭

    RuDa The -G-RuDa The -G-Hace un mes
  • Sean Hannity the Coward of the country, nothing but a chicken 🐔 What a complete phony. He will be nothing but crazy forever 😅

    humbl121humbl121Hace un mes
  • In the event of his election, Joe biden will consider police and justice reform.

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace un mes
  • This is far too funny.

    Heroic HitsujiHeroic HitsujiHace un mes
  • Fits of rage and irritability.. . That sums up the US as a country perfectly

    gkm29gkm29Hace un mes
  • I *knew* this all felt familiar! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    C. StidhamC. StidhamHace un mes
  • he needs new material

    Belle *Belle *Hace un mes
  • At least the man’s consistent

    GaneshGaneshHace un mes
  • Hannity is a puppet

    mamborambomamboramboHace un mes
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

    Anay GarodiaAnay GarodiaHace un mes
  • Who is the guy at 1:16 on the left with a swollen neck ?

    xlxlHace un mes
  • His lines are reused as fuck

    ClamproClamproHace un mes
  • trump is also recycling is campaign. In some cases he didn't even switch to Biden....

    xlxlHace un mes
  • Hannity is a joke

    Marc JoysonMarc JoysonHace un mes
  • He seems to be right about them both

    Proud AmericanProud AmericanHace un mes
  • Watch this...is this who you want for POTUS? esworld.info/do/iqXJkZ-mbZKUfLs/v-deo.html There are MANY MORE. So many, that I have to filter them down to the last 7 days.

    willworknowwillworknowHace un mes
  • You have only one biased channel in America??

    Uves PatelUves PatelHace un mes
  • They keep using this tactic because it keeps working on the stupid and easily misguided!

    Rick ParsonsRick ParsonsHace un mes
  • I'm not sure I can say this but N*********GGGAAAAA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kagiso TotweKagiso TotweHace un mes
  • I’m dead Fox News is so stupid

    Kimathi Bradford-CuffKimathi Bradford-CuffHace un mes
  • Util we democrats go out and vote, the idiots will rule us. VOTE!

    onaspnetonaspnetHace un mes
  • His hair is the alien twin toupee to 45's creature, lol.

    TigerlillyTigerlillyHace un mes