The Best of Roy Wood, Jr. in Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show

5 jul 2020
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From figuring out what to do about police unions to cutting his own hair, this is how Roy Wood, Jr. has spent quarantine: #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RoyWoodJr
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  • 8 million wow . he's going to have more than 8 million because of his selflessness. Yeah we all would have taken the. 8m

    Yuvan Baldwine WYuvan Baldwine WHace 12 días
  • I love you Roy Wood, Jr. I love you!!! You are soooooo sooooo funny!!!

    Bolingo RastafariBolingo RastafariHace 17 días
  • That barber fine ass! That bit was adorable!

    Tuli DomineauxTuli DomineauxHace 20 días
  • People are asking for the racist cops to leave!

    Tommie BrooksTommie BrooksHace 21 un día
  • I can't adequately described how annoyed I am that they didn't even mention how the hell Avi's website works, how it gathers up to date data to plug it into the site... "rescue Kanye West from the sunken place" holy shit XD

    PiriathyPiriathyHace 21 un día
  • Police Unions, Trevor is part of the Occult Agenda to flood the streets with Cocaine and other drugs and gangs the way George Soros did decades ago, look it up?? And Trevor never mentioned *Nicole Sirotek & Erin Marie Olszewski* why cause he's half Swiss from former Apartheid South African?? what say u TRREEVVOOORRR, Liberia has no police brutality nor Police?

    AnonymousAnonymousHace 21 un día
  • I’m with Roy! Is Avi picking the Lakers?

    Monterrio AlexanderMonterrio AlexanderHace 22 días
  • I love Roy Wood Jr.. That is all.

    erin piccoloerin piccoloHace 23 días
  • hello friend, like subscribe....,

    Hmoob Golf2019Hmoob Golf2019Hace 23 días
  • Jake Paul is up in California throwing parties. 😌

    Asian NkuttAsian NkuttHace 23 días
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Talking to a kid?😂😂😂 Chris Hansen might be in your kitchen😂😂😂😂😂 New sub😂😘

    Reina MacarenaReina MacarenaHace 23 días
  • Avi I hope you don't end up currpt, run to Russia, end up in a foreign embassy somewhere or worse become a republican .

    Carolyn WilsonCarolyn WilsonHace 23 días
  • Is that john oliver?

    Verb DoingVerb DoingHace 24 días
  • Trump should hire Avi, instead having his goofy son-in-law handling the pandemic 😏

    Ana AbreuAna AbreuHace 24 días
  • Think of this. No one speaks of the Mafia any more. Why? where do you think they all went.... LOL....The mafia had no big retirement pension, unnecessary overtime. and it was illegal for the mobsters to kill and steal, if they got caught they have to pay for the crime, and just like that. it became legal for police to kill just about anyone they wanted, and have immunity from being prosecuted.... It also became legal for them to carryout shake downs of travelers everywhere on the highways, and steal any cash money they had on them... With their immunity, they became the untouchables......So again. why is the mafia not heard of anymore. Where did the mafia go.. LOL.. first grade level math.....

    LonewalkerLonewalkerHace 24 días
  • Our communities. LOL. they wake up in their communities. and leave them everyday to go in to non-european communities, to target anyone non-european whom are still walking and breathing. to give them a good beating till they stop breathing. Hay you come here, why are you walking and breathing, you walking and breathing but you are not european, let me think, weather to beat you down to your last breath, to shoot you, or give you a citation.. LOL. our communities. that made my day....

    LonewalkerLonewalkerHace 24 días
  • LOL. the cop said Our communities. LOL. He means when they leave their communities everyday. To go in to the non-european communities to act as predators cracking non-european heads.... LOL. Our communities....

    LonewalkerLonewalkerHace 24 días
  • NBA & rescue Ye from the sunken place🤣🤣🤣

    Duncan KaundaDuncan KaundaHace 24 días
  • Roy is Hilarious 😂 but I Agree with him 👍💪 Go NBA !!!!!!!

    Jennifer FigueroaJennifer FigueroaHace 25 días

    Koort WallienKoort WallienHace 25 días
  • I was just getting ready to say that that guy looked like "The Fonz" Henry Winkler. ;) then Roy Wood said what I was thinking. Roy Wood is so funny. Love you Roy Wood!

    Sanna HayesSanna HayesHace 25 días
  • How come you didn't post the link to the website?

    Davidian πDavidian πHace 25 días
  • Roy is so f$%king hilarious !!!

    Danilo F. SilvaDanilo F. SilvaHace 25 días
  • Hows Eric Costa

    Michael BradleyMichael BradleyHace 25 días
  • Roy Wood Jr. Is THE MAN! I skipped everyone just to hear from him. Unique perspective from down South. Very truthful but humble humor. Thank you sir you help heal my Bipolar Disorder, God Bless You and Your Family Roy!

    WarriorQueenUnicornWarriorQueenUnicornHace 25 días
  • What the hell I'm a white boy i dont care what color you are i care about whats your point

    Michael BradleyMichael BradleyHace 25 días
  • Respect Avi

    Cole08Cole08Hace 26 días
  • Kid in the first segment is amaze balls!!!! & Roy Wood broke it all down.... what r we grown ass peeps doing with our life???

    IndigoBellyDanceIndigoBellyDanceHace 26 días
  • If this was a contest Roy got the views on lock. 🔒

    Master DMaster DHace 26 días
  • Turning down 8 million dollars down seems crazy but could be a smart move if you have up to 600 million traffic and have a donate button.

    Happy GilmoreHappy GilmoreHace 26 días
  • This kid is amazing!!!👏👏 run for president dude!!!!!!!! He knew in December before our dumb government!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

    Paola WilliamsPaola WilliamsHace 26 días
  • He deserves more than 8 million to turn it down so the website won't crash or have any issues. More concerned about the numbers of humans than money.

    Reef StaReef StaHace 27 días
  • Let's see. I heard data set, I heard PHP, aaaand that's about it

    NintersNintersHace 27 días
  • “And you know what happens to heroes?”.. Yes, we go postal, after months on house arrest and wind up killing more people than the virus ever could...

    Eclectic CerebroEclectic CerebroHace 27 días
  • If inwas his father I will kick him out of the house for turning down 8mil😲😢

    Oscar HeatOscar HeatHace 27 días

    Kane JayKane JayHace 27 días
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💋💋💋💪☝

    felicia kelleyfelicia kelleyHace 27 días
  • What a cutie. I love his nerdy look and his lips.

    Fabian floresFabian floresHace 27 días
  • The unions need to go, they also cover the Prisons DOC, and the guards get away with everything there. There are two reasons to fire a prison guard they steal or have sex with a prisoner. That is the Washington State Union rule, the union kills people by allowing criminal activity to continue it goes on all the time here, and they just look the other way.

    Melanie LittleMelanie LittleHace 28 días
  • I know right, right. It is definitely another auction of the sickest kind. Unfortunately, it looks to be the black people, poor,, jailed and elder who are the target in this game of charade. Karma!!!

    jojoko64jojoko64Hace 28 días
  • Barber shop one. Roy is awesome.

    DZ AuthorDZ AuthorHace 29 días
  • You should do a short video on all the middle names Trevor has given Donald

    Breeshawn WatsonBreeshawn WatsonHace 29 días
  • Well in young man

    carl cullencarl cullenHace 29 días
  • Roy Wood Jr. You can miss me with the foul language. But you are so funny that's why I clicked on this because I knew that you would make me laugh.

    Honey HarmonHoney HarmonHace 29 días
  • Avi I believe that you started tracking COVIT 19 in December of last year because it start in 2018 or before. To bad this country did not shut down for 3 full months in January We would have been so much better off now. Much Few deaths! But you have people and their civil liberty. You have a right to destroy their own lives but not others. Stay home as much as possible so we can get back to our lives safely and soon.

    Honey HarmonHoney HarmonHace 29 días
  • this Avi is the most adorable kid for a genius! What a quiet smile, composed demeanor! Trust The Daily Show to present him to us first!

    crikey8crikey8Hace 29 días
  • if black people want to go anywhere please come to india we will pay u to come to india u have no idea how much we idolise u and also see how much we try to copy your culture. Plus we also respect our culture while respecting your culture and also u will like our culture since it is based on family u will not see guns anywhere its very foreign to us

    shalom pshalom pHace 29 días
  • Brilliant piece. Inspired by this young man.

    Carla BroderickCarla BroderickHace un mes
  • I still shook my head at that Pat Lynch video. Clearly he doesn't get it. "We put our hands on a criminal, they gonna jail" the problem with this statement is nothing is wrong with that what the problem is Y'ALL ARE TREATING BLACK PEOPLE LIKE CRIMINALS even though they didn't violate any rules. Just doesn't make sense!

  • Roy Wood, Jr. Is not funny. Get rid of him!!!!!!!

    able streetable streetHace un mes
  • Good content. Horrible host delivery

    Taa TrezeTaa TrezeHace un mes
  • Yes I thought he was “the fonz “😂😂 I was waiting to hear ayyyeeeee.

    Lauren wilsonLauren wilsonHace un mes
  • @5:35 Dammit Roy, you beat me to it! All I could think is "This guy looks like a cross between Henry Winkler and Christopher Lambert."

    ChaosLordChaosLordHace un mes
  • the sunken place

  • Look up badass in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of this kid

    Z BZ BHace un mes
  • Don’t come to Japan, they just as racist! #TRUTH I live in Japan and I’m black and proud of it!

    Eventful EarthEventful EarthHace un mes
  • Kid turned down 8 million? What a fool.

    SlaateSlaateHace un mes
  • I did a double take, and I thought I was seeing Henry Winkler too 😮

    m carrm carrHace un mes

    donnadonnaHace un mes
  • I loved the speach of the Fonz.

    gustavo xargustavo xarHace un mes
  • party rock anthem

    anh huneanh huneHace un mes
  • ❤❤❤

    Caroline WilliamsCaroline WilliamsHace un mes
  • Biggie smalls is the illest--with no doubt

    Marshall ChuMarshall ChuHace un mes
    • I was waiting for this comment 😂

      Philly to Denmark ScottPhilly to Denmark ScottHace un mes
  • Roy Wood is for real the best. Shoutout to his spot in Better Call Saul, he was really good.

    The DriverThe DriverHace un mes
  • I can't trust anyone who turns down 8M$. This guy has like.....integrity.

    RavencroftRavencroftHace un mes
  • I love that you guys think he's NOT making money just because he turned down taxable income. Lolol. Smh.

    GirlFriday AdminGirlFriday AdminHace un mes
  • The first case in China was reported on December 25th. I had pneumonia November 3rd in NYC. Our government knew about this, but we have an illiterate, science denier running the country. Biden isn't any better. Vote @BernieSanders in the primary. Then third party in November. @howiehawkins @angelawalker

    TyPhOiD MaRyTyPhOiD MaRyHace un mes
  • Problem is, the information websites tracking Covid-19 display, are only as good as the data. If the data is skewed or incorrect, so are the totals on the websites. It's called "garbage in, garbage out". This anomaly happens enough, they gave it a name and it's been around for 3 decades. Keep in mind historically, CDC abandoned counting H1N1 Swine Flu cases and fatalities back in 2009. If you try looking for archived H1N1 case and fatalities counts now, all you will get are estimated ranges rather than actual, perpetual counts. Further more, back in March 24, 2020, CDC issued a directive to all hospitals to use ICD death code U07.1 for unconfirmed Covid-19 deaths. This means they used this code for ALL fatalities regardless if it was related or unrelated to Covid-19. In other words, all American counts for cases and fatalities, are skewed and compromised. So too, are the displayed results on websites.

    Komputa Sam UraiKomputa Sam UraiHace un mes
  • The Black union proposal is actually a good idea.

    22221mm22221mmHace un mes
  • I'm 78 & I'd vote for Trevor Noah for POTUS if he were running. More sense (inc. common sense, which ISN'T common) & savvy, AND keeps himself INFORMED! (bug in your ear Trevor?). Well hell. You don't have time to become a legalized American, even tho you know more about US than us, & more integrity than anybody in way too many administrations has in years.

    Anara BrinmereAnara BrinmereHace un mes
  • He was about to cry! Lol

    All Things HelenAll Things HelenHace un mes
  • Isnt this the name for that crazy gta 5 online doomsday guy

    twfttwftHace un mes
  • Yo...Where the Black Cops At?

    Pete UrbannPete UrbannHace un mes
  • The police union is reacting just like our government, by lying & twisting facts & manipulate the public.

    serene chongserene chongHace un mes

    Matt ErbstMatt ErbstHace un mes
  • Avi is a genius at 17. Holy hell.

    Quinn McDonaldQuinn McDonaldHace un mes
  • Biggie rap better, but 2Pac knew a thing or two about how politics affect black Americans...

    Knowledge Seeker 78Knowledge Seeker 78Hace un mes
  • I love him! 💛

    Des RainDes RainHace un mes
  • Roy is a classic 😂😂😂😂

    Edward TshifaroEdward TshifaroHace un mes
  • That's your best? Dude better..

    Dontyu worrieDontyu worrieHace un mes
  • 👍👍👍 love this generation!

    Rox ChilladyRox ChilladyHace un mes
  • Roy Wood Jr. is truthful, smart and funny. I have a crush on him.

    jerene2jerene2Hace un mes
  • Am I the only one who is offended by the.profanity.. He uses profanity with at a child

    Jane DoeJane DoeHace un mes
  • South Korea did not shut down the country, only quarantine the city of Daejun for a month and kept track of people who were suspected of being exposed isolated 2 week.

    Sang KangSang KangHace un mes
  • Roy u got what u asked for ✊🏼💯🇧🇪

    Moon ManMoon ManHace un mes
  • This virus is airborne it doesn’t matter about distance or staying at home. That’s already been proven with people who stayed at home and contracted Corona. It can come through cracks in your home, air conditioners etc. these mask and distance is BS.

    M IM IHace un mes
    • Do you know of anyone that got it from home?

      Sherry HillSherry HillHace un mes
  • Is that Fonzi?

    Chilly CharlesChilly CharlesHace un mes
  • Why people want to talk when I start the video?

    lucidfiredragon77lucidfiredragon77Hace un mes
  • that black union shit lowkey racist ngl

    Golden AirheadGolden AirheadHace un mes
  • I've totally been binge watching.

    lucidfiredragon77lucidfiredragon77Hace un mes
  • Looks more like Logan's Run

    Gigolo NinjasGigolo NinjasHace un mes
  • Roy Wood is so funny. I love him ALMOST as much as you Trevor😊

    gospel videosgospel videosHace un mes
  • Roy is easily one of the best on the show. 🤷‍♂️

    Brandin BertucciBrandin BertucciHace un mes
  • More like terrorize....😠😠😠😠

    WigPop638 WigPop638WigPop638 WigPop638Hace un mes
  • 13:26 the plant behind him makes his hair look like Stevie Wonder

    Michael MoronkoMichael MoronkoHace un mes
  • 😂 8mil on the table...

    Phantom 001Phantom 001Hace un mes
  • I only saw one black man...WTF?!? Just hiding in the crowd thats sad

    Leo DigerenoLeo DigerenoHace un mes
  • Roy Wood, Jr. is smart and funny lol Love it.

    gurlwhowants2djgurlwhowants2djHace un mes
  • “Y’all gonna be on TikTok doing the Hokey Pokey”. Lmao

    Barbara BoulayBarbara BoulayHace un mes
  • Instead of ESworld it should be commercial tube.

    Alex CarterAlex CarterHace un mes