Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: The Definitive List | The Daily Social Distancing Show

30 oct 2020
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Here it is, the definitive list of Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals. Note: This list is not definitive. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments! #DailyShow
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  • Most tremendous Interview Makeup

    Rıfat özkanRıfat özkanHace 20 horas
  • No more Trump he has been voted out. The man was unfit for office. Trump needs to be in a jail cell not the white house.

    Johnny PadenJohnny PadenHace un día
  • I don't see it as scandalous but as funny. Trump did good to the Bad Americans.

    Ralph BahaRalph BahaHace 14 días
  • Hard to pick the top 100...there are so many every day

    Joschka BockJoschka BockHace 14 días
  • He single handedly made the record in 7 minute 100 scandal. How the hack a mans 100 mistake can be shown in 7 minutes. I wonder what it would be for 1 hour.

    Mishkat TashdidMishkat TashdidHace 14 días
  • And the final nail in the coffin for his administration ? The Four Seasons.

    Lone WolfGamingPlusLone WolfGamingPlusHace 16 días
  • Jeeeeeez what happened.....Trump. What trash

    atlantafreak09atlantafreak09Hace 16 días
  • And yet we all forget he ran to boost rating for his show

    mysterious questionsmysterious questionsHace 17 días
  • After all this I am convinced that it was the Republicans who cheated in the 2020 presidential elections. How could 70 million Americans watch all this happen over 4 years and then come to the conclusion; HELL YEAH, LET’S HAVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF THIS SHITSHOW!

    J _kJ _kHace 18 días
  • Kicking trans people out of the military? Recognizing Israel as a state? Building a wall which is a short fence in many places? Continuing Obama's use of drone strikes and ICE? Running on an anti establishment message and then filling his cabinet with Goldman sachs bitches? No Medicare for all? You forgot some of the worst things

    Jordan UtubJordan UtubHace 20 días
  • About the "concentration camp", I think none of YOU went to Xinjiang before.

    Z XZ XHace 20 días
  • This guy lives in his own world ..the level of delusion is off the charts 💩😭😭🤣🤣

    xel elxel elHace 20 días
  • He has went Golfing more than any other President,,,,,, before the election 45--" I won't have time to Golf, I'll be too busy making money off my name, i mean working for the American people", which was, is still a lie.

    Re-G WadeRe-G WadeHace 21 un día
  • If 2008 - 2016 Fox News see this, they would still picture Obama as the disrespectful president

    Prison MikePrison MikeHace 21 un día
  • How much courage, money, jobs, and state security againts watchful eye of the communist did Trump bring to US. Can any democrats has guts to do it?

    armin tanarmin tanHace 21 un día
  • And God is Great, He Lose the Election, and all the Cromies going to Vacation To China.

    cesar ruizcesar ruizHace 22 días
  • This all true

    Mr BeastMr BeastHace 22 días
  • Good cut & paste job. Brainwashed idiots might believe you. Name 100 things you accomplished that were worth more than 1 cent. Go on. You have the mind of a flea. Totally twisted.

    Aqua MarinaAqua MarinaHace 22 días
  • Despite all this he's still President....well....not anymore :D

    Morgan ThomasMorgan ThomasHace 22 días
  • 2:59 Always clean your florists

    Kyle PriorKyle PriorHace 22 días
  • Democracy is FAR from perfect. But we just kicked a TOTAL-WANNABE-DICTATOR out into the street. They can't do that in Russia. They can't do that in China. Trump was DANGEROUS. Now he's a L-O-S-E-R and he's finished. Just because we, the people, said so. Watch me dance now. Oh Yeah, Baby.

    USERNAMEfieldemptyUSERNAMEfieldemptyHace 23 días
  • 1. Not anymore

    Conor RaceConor RaceHace 23 días
  • 4 more years!

    Greg WigginsGreg WigginsHace 23 días
    • NOT

      Charleston hoCharleston hoHace 23 días
    • ^^clown

      VoidVoidHace 23 días
  • 100 scandals in (give or take) 4 years, thats 1 scandal every 2 weeks or so. I mean, how did you narrow it down to just that, its like every 2 days something new with this guy.

    Good CorwinGood CorwinHace 24 días
  • our satanic ritual is working

    AxUnderground officialAxUnderground officialHace 24 días
  • This man is an idiot & his supporters are stupid if they believe in him🤦🏾‍♂️

    Dean BRDean BRHace 24 días
  • That's IT ! Never again senior citizens or poorly educated or psychiatric patients in your government.

    DaintyDaintyHace 24 días
  • These things are actually more true of Biden - but then you know that, projection onto Trump won't stop him winning 4 more years! The people know the truth - well lots of them and more each day. Trump 2020 MAGA

    Pip White FeatherPip White FeatherHace 24 días
  • Qanon like I don’t see nothing 🙈

    PiLLOPiLLOHace 24 días
  • 1:18 is not a scandal. If you're progressive, yeah you hate the guy. But he is to radio what Jordan was to basketball. Only, he's done it for 30 years.

    Nathan NallNathan NallHace 25 días
  • 367 dislikes... like this if you support trump and his actions... I bet I get 367 likes 😉

    SunsetGoddess95SunsetGoddess95Hace 25 días
  • #17 really... we have our own concentration camps !

    john smithjohn smithHace 25 días
  • I don’t support trump, but why aren’t senators getting in trouble for being worth millions but only making under 200,000 a year ?

    john smithjohn smithHace 25 días
  • 5:19 If I were to write an essay on Puerto Rico and wrote what Trump said there, I know damn well the teacher would tell me to rewrite that. A lot of what trump says is similar to that same sentence and i be thinking “the teacher would definitely tell him to rewrite that”

    Bernice BrunsonBernice BrunsonHace 25 días
  • I made it to 27 and had to quit in frustration--I can't, I can't, I can't with this bastard!

    LadyFaustaLadyFaustaHace 25 días
  • There's a lot of scandals remaining.

    Brother MalcolmBrother MalcolmHace 25 días
  • Why are there 366 dislikes on this vid (where it clearly is facts)?

    Wen Juin Teaches and GamesWen Juin Teaches and GamesHace 25 días
  • HOLI SH##

    Syed AmeenuddinSyed AmeenuddinHace 25 días
  • If trump had a biography on tv it would probably we a crossover event with dateline

    JaydenJaydenHace 26 días
  • 🤬🍊

  • I'm saving this in my HDD in case Trump gets 4 more years: not sure if it is still allowed to be on ESworld.

    ClaptrapClaptrapHace 27 días
  • Four more years with this orange idiot... effing hell.

    Wotzat FaWotzat FaHace 27 días

    pearcakepearcakeHace 27 días
  • Fake news, reported this video

    ryyyryyyHace 27 días
  • It's a shame all of these were scandals but selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, who used them to carry out a genocide in Yemen, isn't.

    houseofleaves12houseofleaves12Hace 27 días
  • only 100?????

    John AveryJohn AveryHace 27 días
  • Ah yes, Mr Thug, the dignified part of your Constitution.

    Christopher Seton-SmithChristopher Seton-SmithHace 27 días
  • That was one of the most intense videos I've ever seen.

    Charles JamesCharles JamesHace 27 días
  • No No! You go to far! @3:12 if was colbert who suggested the moat

    wili h grolschwili h grolschHace 27 días
  • There's more scandals to come.

    Bushido BrownBushido BrownHace 27 días
  • Shouldn't that be uploaded after the 25-1?

    Ery CologneEry CologneHace 27 días
  • Trump 2020! Woooooo! Let’s go bois!

    silverdragon0000120silverdragon0000120Hace 27 días
    • Lmao

      Regretti SpaghettiRegretti SpaghettiHace 21 un día
  • This guy shouldn't even get close to be a candidate. It's disrespectful to human intelligence. Please guys, talk to your republican neighbours, listen to them, try to have an open conversation with them. this is pretty scary to me, even as a european..

    peppe von Matterhornpeppe von MatterhornHace 27 días
  • Please vote

    RAmanSquidRAmanSquidHace 28 días
  • The crazy thing could have probably done a Top 200 countdown.

    D DD DHace 28 días
  • donald trump. "google rule 34 y e621. net"

    jorge cameras lopez1jorge cameras lopez1Hace 28 días
  • Which one you liked the most

    College Love StoryCollege Love StoryHace 28 días
  • But see, the cognitive dissonance on the right is so strong that they would watch this video and think it was a trump 2020 campaign video. What we see as deplorable they see as a selling point

    LukeLukeHace 28 días
  • 🚨🚨ALERT WARNING🚨🚨 I am from England and there is a term that we use to speak HONESTLY about people like Trump.......... and that word is pure and simply CUNT!!!!!!!!! We use this term because that is the ONLY way to to describe SCUM 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Selina SkeggsSelina SkeggsHace 28 días
  • Trump's 100 most tremendous scandals... created by lefties

    Under Zero ProductionUnder Zero ProductionHace 28 días
    • @Johnarooski Vlogs apparently you did it for Biden too

      Under Zero ProductionUnder Zero ProductionHace 27 días
    • Ah yes it was all us! We dressed up as him and learned to speak like him, then recorded it! Pure genius you figured out our plot.

      Johnarooski VlogsJohnarooski VlogsHace 27 días
  • And after sifting through this list with what is now known, that number dwindles tremendously.

    Mr MeMr MeHace 28 días
  • Cashing in on the Presidency could be it's own Top 100 occasions.

    paingainmaynpaingainmaynHace 28 días
    • Attacking witnesses WHILE they were testifying is another one. There really could be a top 200. Trying to direct a government contract (the G7) towards his golf resort? How did that not make it? That's the kind of thing that officials actually go to jail for.

      paingainmaynpaingainmaynHace 28 días
  • Flight of the Valkyries is a genuinely funny choice. I can't think of someone who's less likely to be collected to Valhalla. The editors of this video, however...

    didderjadedidderjadeHace 28 días
  • In god sake. Please vote trump out to save America.

    live Healthylive HealthyHace 28 días
  • Defund the police so the military donates their equipment. Giving the police military grade equipment makes sense right?

    The Grinder2K17The Grinder2K17Hace 28 días
  • ‘Politicians a mirror of society.’ Barack Obama 1 Dec 2017

    Fernando Ferreira SantosFernando Ferreira SantosHace 28 días
  • Bigly!

    Chad FisherChad FisherHace 28 días
  • I'm sorry ! But America needs to get there shit together. How can a developed modern democracy end up in this shit ? How do you breed the amount of idiots ? Trump and his followers are the example of EVRYTHING wrong with mankind! God damn it brutal to watch and witness !

    kami pkami pHace 28 días
  • Heil Trump!

    Vote TubeVote TubeHace 28 días
    • Weird username but okay

      Regretti SpaghettiRegretti SpaghettiHace 21 un día
  • 5:59 This is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water... Some of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water.

    MainEventMainEventHace 28 días
  • From Switzerland, this guy is a joke. H is dangerous!

    1202jrock1202jrockHace 28 días
  • Melania is so dumb to clap when Limbaugh got an undeserved medal.

    Joe OrnelasJoe OrnelasHace 28 días
  • Disgrace...

    Amber SaucedoAmber SaucedoHace 28 días
  • I went to Turkey, and they think this a circus.

    Hector AbcdefgHector AbcdefgHace 28 días
  • I think you forgot one more. The pipeline through Native American land from a company he owns that is known for one of the most oil spills in the world.

    Doan Minh trangDoan Minh trangHace 28 días
  • Yeah, but like - he speaks his mind, and stuff. Tee hee.

    FlamingNinjaBoiFlamingNinjaBoiHace 28 días

      Gravestone999Gravestone999Hace 21 un día
  • Modest Mouse - I've Got It All (Most) How consistent How can someone so consistently mess up as much as Every instance How can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently

    what's this?what's this?Hace 28 días
  • The fact that there is 100 top ones speaks volumes about this total douche canoe of a president, Anyone else remember when Obama wore the wrong color pants?

    Paul ChapmanPaul ChapmanHace 28 días
  • In the top ten it was like: That should be number one the whole time...

    Lionclaw !Lionclaw !Hace 28 días
  • "Very calm. No temper tantrum" Sounds like a babysitter telling a mom about her child's behavior

    Olivia CodjieOlivia CodjieHace 28 días
  • Didnt you pull out of the Climate Accord as well?

    pickledbushmanpickledbushmanHace 28 días
  • And WE Ask You, CongressionalDems, CongressionalPubs, Supreme Court Members, & All Involved With This Current & Previous Administrations, Including All Involved With The Entire Spectrum Of 4th Branch Media, Including All ‘Big Tech’ Social Platform Corporations, & All Involved With Big Oil, Big AMA, Big Food & Big Pharma, ETCETERA: Who Among You Has Not AT LEAST Done One Of These Things In Your Time In Congress Pretending To Give An F About WE THE PEOPLE WHO You SWORE TO SERVE As You NOW STAND IN CONTEMPT OF WE THE PEOPLE’S NESAR L_A_W THAT IS PREVENTING US, (WHO You CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT), FROM ACCESSING THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS WAITING TO BE DISTRIBUTED FROM O_U_R ABUNDANCE PROGRAM FUNDS❓ ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ ❗️❗️❗️❗️ All Americans Reading This, IF THAT DOESN’T PISS U OFF Then Please Continue To Rally-Around Old Man Number 1 Or Old Man Number 2 Who BOTH Ally With Their SAME Agenda Of KEEPING U A SLAVE TO DIG FOR GOLD BUT NEVER HAVING IT FOR URSELF OR UR LOVED-ONES. BUT IF IT D__O__E__S PISS U OFF, Then See Any Of Ur Local WTP-A MEMBERS ASAP TO FIND OUT HOW U CAN BRING UR PARTICULAR SUPER POWERS TO HELP US GET THIS DONE. 💃🏽🕺😲 P.S. THANKS Trevor & Crew For All U Do. Also, Here’s Some News U Can’t Report On The Crypt-Keeper’s Channel: WTP Are NOW Involved With Delivering Subpoenas To Appropriate Ones, (See Above For A Partial List), & Then Processing Them Into: ▶️Those Who Volunteer To COME CLEAN OF ALL Their HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE OF 🇺🇸 & 🌏, Whereupon They Will Stay In Pre-Tribunal HOUSE ARREST On Earth’s Surface Until The Tribunal Commences, And ▶️Those Who REFUSE TO COME CLEAN OF ALL Their HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE OF 🇺🇸 & 🌏, Whereupon They Will Stay In Pre-Tribunal Underground Lock-Down Until The Tribunal Commences, Which Could Be Up To 10 (TEN) YEARS From Now.

    Patricia ErozPatricia ErozHace 28 días
  • This literally brought tears to my eyes. Such unbridled corruption and a contemptible human being. He’s the worst thing that has happened to our country since the Civil War.

    Dave MontagueDave MontagueHace 28 días
  • I am not an American and not able to vote. But as a citizen of earth, I beg you. Please America, do the right thing.

    KnockturnalistKnockturnalistHace 28 días
    • HELP

      Random personRandom personHace 28 días

    Cecilia RiveraCecilia RiveraHace 28 días
  • ''Orange man bad'' Yes, yes he is.

    DANNYonPCDANNYonPCHace 28 días
  • WOW! Thank god he has been watching TV for half his presidency, or this video would be his Top 200 Most Tremendous Scandals 😂😂

    Jerome / NeareoJerome / NeareoHace 28 días
  • Don’t start with the corruption off trump when you guys support the biden family 😂😂😂

    no vnmno vnmHace 28 días
  • Been a good comedy journey with this orange goofball.LOL! Got to love Strauss and Mozart!

    zirak93 - 2zirak93 - 2Hace 28 días
  • Don’t you miss being free to just be a comedian? I hope the moneys worth it

    jack096375jack096375Hace 28 días
  • You forgot "grab them by the - "

    Jack PJack PHace 28 días
  • And being friends with Jeffrey Epstein and his family tradition of draft-dodging weren't even mentioned. For any other president, no. 39 alone would be enough to get him/her out of office. Who is financing and endorsing this? How can an entire country as the opposing majority tolerate this for four entire years? This is not a TV show or funny internet phenomenon, he is a real person making real decisions affecting all US citizens, demented or not.

    NiNi NaNiNi NaHace 28 días
  • what about joe biden

    Saket PandeySaket PandeyHace 28 días
  • I'm not am American but I can clearly see that Trump will bring the downfall of the USA. Good luck to the ignorants who vote for him, you just destroyed your own country.

    Gabriel ClarenceGabriel ClarenceHace 28 días
  • 864511320

    Constantin BauerConstantin BauerHace 28 días
  • They left out trump not wanting a cruise ship of AMERICANS to dock because it would add a few hundred positive cases of Covid-19 to the total when it was 300 ish iirc. He was just going to leave them there 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️. Ahhh remember when all this started and a competent President could have at least mitigated and and prevented us from losing 225k+ people in seven months? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Larez121Larez121Hace 28 días
  • It's amazing that you can make a Top 100 and still have so many scandals left. Totally unfit for office.

    CoertcomCoertcomHace 28 días
  • Fhh

    DX H GH uDX H GH uHace 28 días
  • The fact that there even is 100 of these is appalling

    CTBubba 321CTBubba 321Hace 28 días
  • What a comedy film this is goin to make. Funny but scary because you couldn't make it up. Bigger cast than Ben Hur🙄🙄🙄😜

    irish madeirish madeHace 28 días