Ice Cube - Creating a Comprehensive Plan to Help Black Americans | The Daily Social Distancing Show

29 oct 2020
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Ice Cube discusses the goals behind his Contract with Black America, what pushed him to start this initiative and whether or not he actually supports Donald Trump. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #IceCube
To help World Central Kitchen serve food to people in voting lines, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities where voting lines are historically longer, go to
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  • Interesting... but poor timing on Ice Cube's behalf to reach out via documented olive branch to Trump or Biden (before the WIN) during such a pivotal moment where he could (and was) used to his and Black America's own disadvantage. As a businessman and rapper, album releases, movie releases and even what time The Big 3 games come on is all based on TIMING and PREPARATION. So WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyy Cube? Why just release an IDEA... a concept... an incomplete album... a season schedule with no times or locations... Why not tell nobody? Why not confer with anyone online, or with the OGs of the Civil Rights, or even your trusted and loyal fans who still sing Fuck the Police 'til their lungs collapse. Why meet with PUBLIC ENEMY #1 "just in case he wins" a month before what many have considered one of the most important elections of our modern time? Why? Why not wait until January 20th to propose to whoever won (BIDEN)? -and that's why you got rightfully bunched in with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Lil Pump...and I'm a lil' disappointed you didn't see it coming.

  • I hope he don't really think we believe what he is saying .

    Roy JenkinsRoy JenkinsHace 3 días
  • What ice cube is saying is crazy.

    Roy JenkinsRoy JenkinsHace 3 días
  • Trump cared about talking to you to get black voters. This man would've ignored you in 2016

    Lenn SlimLenn SlimHace 5 días
  • cube 🎁📈📉🎲〽🎴gz cos paroclastic flow dao yes cube way east africa good one washngton cuop de grace WAKANDA ON.BLESS UP DEASPORA ONE LOVE ONE WORLD ONE DESTINY🔆⤵✨💠🈶🈷🈲🆗🚩🈁💮♋🔝♎🎲😆😇🙌👮👷💁💂👯🎅👸👲👳💇💆💃👽👣❤💛💚💜👃❤👅✌👌✊👊☝👍👏👋👉👏👐✌💟

    Munir MukriMunir MukriHace 5 días
  • I used to love this guy. It's like watching a loved one slowly descending into madness

    Ed ChizuEd ChizuHace 5 días
  • why did so many black people give this oxygen? trump lost, and nobody has revisited this train wreck.

    newben grahamnewben grahamHace 6 días
  • Ice cube the Indigenous People of this country signed MANY MANY Contracts, how'd that work out for them. The only PEOPLE the RACIST Americans hate more then us are them. How'd that work out for them? Been to a Reservation lately? They don't have running WATER.

    Jacqueline ThomasJacqueline ThomasHace 6 días
  • Damn, when did Ice Cube join ISIS? O_o

    Amit PatelAmit PatelHace 6 días
  • There is not more real ice cube he lost his self ,every one looks into the bad and overcomes that, you fling like the b y r punk ass

    Jose EstradaJose EstradaHace 7 días
  • Who made Cube the leader of Black America? Clearly he doesn't know what's what because it's a struggle for him to articulate his 'Contract'. Also, where's his foundation? Surely there's more people involved in Cube's plan. Did he consult any Civil Rights Groups? There's an infrastructure in place for such policies. Also, he presented his plan to Biden, and was told that Biden liked some of the bullet points in the plan and wanted to discuss it further if he won the election. Cube then took his plan to Trump. That's when the plan became The Platinum Plan. Seems like Cube got trumped. Next thing we know, Cube, like Kanye and Lil Wayne became props for 45. Why would any Black person believe anything from Trump?

    Ms LavenderMs LavenderHace 7 días
  • And Trump used Ice Cube as a poster boy. Sad.

    Alex De la LunaAlex De la LunaHace 8 días
  • Being about it and not talking about is on display. 👏🏿☺️✊🏿 ...he definitely is representing my community well!! ♥️

    Shontell LShontell LHace 8 días
  • He is a writer and a director too. That’s right Ice Cube, #manifest that shit!

    Shontell LShontell LHace 8 días
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    Ahminitu MakonnenAhminitu MakonnenHace 9 días
  • I'm long time Hip Hop fan and have a bias toward it, but even I can clearly see that Ice Cube is full of shit.

    BlackBox Digital FilmsBlackBox Digital FilmsHace 10 días
  • I'm confused... He spoke with the Trump comity though they've done absolutely nothing to close the income inequality gap , helped the black community or done anything about police brutality.. Kaepernick takes a knee to bring attention to it and trump declares him a traitor who hates our flag and our troops.. wtf ice???

    Juan LopezJuan LopezHace 10 días
  • Ice Cube supporting Trump, aka Racist One? Have a stroke or something? Also, do you know how to sum up?

    Doc3dDoc3dHace 11 días
  • 1. Cube and his business partner have a 1.3 billion lawsuit against Qatar over Big3 basketball investments. 2. Jared kusher is friends with Cube's business partner who set up the meeting. 3. Jared kusher extorted 1 billion from Qatar by having Trump impose a blockade which went away when they paid off the 1 billion mortgage payment on a bad property deal by Jared. 4. They met with Jared to use a similar tactic to win their lawsuit. 5. This why he didn't meet with the Dems because they can't help with this situation. The Black Contract and the Platinum Plan are cover and potential side benefit to distract Black voters.

    Andres LopezAndres LopezHace 11 días
  • It's called getting a education,a good job and working hard to get ahead.Not sitting around for hand outs and being negative in life.Not blaming others for not making a good life for yourself.

    Carlos IniguezCarlos IniguezHace 12 días
  • Cube my favorite person ever. Y'all try cut us out but we are more intelligent than the resume. Come to the hood and talk to us stop playing us america. We need a deal with ppl in power to jumpstart true free america, not this post slavery society y'all trying to hide.

    Michael AllenMichael AllenHace 13 días
  • I like Cube but dude, just assume what you did embrace it but don't take black for ignorants. Timing is everything, you came out with this publicly when Trump had a problem with black voters. You talking for a whole community without being sensitive to the feelings and demands of that community. You don't just make a deal with anyone that is in power you make a deal with someone that cares, with someone that showed you they can be an ally, and I don't think Trump is that guy, but that is just my opinion. If your intention wasn't political you should have waited till the election pass and then reach out, only at that moment all the intentions would be clear on both sides. I think it is great to use your platform but agree with who you are representing that you made a mistake wittingly or not and that's how you win their trust and be a voice for them, until then I am thinking your intentions are not clear to me.

    ismael niangismael niangHace 13 días
  • Nice move I-Cube

    sidney zighemsidney zighemHace 13 días
  • May I get a copy?

    jan fligjan fligHace 14 días
  • What contract?

    jan fligjan fligHace 14 días
  • What?

    jan fligjan fligHace 14 días
  • I agree with Cube and must apologize the media/maga spin on his agreement looked pretty bad and I know as old school Cube fan first thought was his words in "No vaseline" and while he owes no one am explanation of his motives here it is and I can appreciate that. As a mother to 4 amazing black sons and daughters I can feel much of what he is saying. Although I don't quite believe that Trump would ever fulfill that type of contract I do hope with giving him a vote he will be held to some accountability standard. As it is so apparent he has yet to take accountability for any of the mess that he himself created. On another note it is now after the election and the obvious pick for the American people is Joe Biden through our actual voices and votes and not of any type fraud propaganda the Trump admin GOP foxNews or the MagaSheep are attempting to spin. While Cube did not really say what the Biden/Harris campaign said of his contract it is a NON PARTISAN issue and IT IS DAMN TIME FOR RESPIRATION. I do respect what Cubes motives were. Now I wonder about 50 and does he really think he is gonna be 20cent with Biden? I believe I read his comments in quotes on being a maga for tax purposes which I believe is total selling out for the black community.

    Dominic MartinDominic MartinHace 14 días
  • I’m very stuck on the earlier comment from Ice Cube, “We are going to add points for Black women”. How could major points for Black women, the Black woman experience not be in the formation of this idea, WHY ARE WE AN AFTERTHOUGHT! The current administration and ‘leaders’ of this country have shown us what they think of Black issues in America.

    Roni WhiteRoni WhiteHace 15 días
  • how are you going to have a “contract” on behalf of black america and not have black women included in the foundation of it. how are you just going to forget the only other humans who actually care about the black man. “black women are the most under appreciated...” has never been more real. get it together BROTHA.

    Jazz BynumJazz BynumHace 15 días
    • @Horacio Tait quote begins at 1:00.

      Jazz BynumJazz BynumHace 12 días
    • @Horacio Tait I’m not speaking on who’s involved. Im talking about the document itself. He said: “ It’s Growing, We’re going to add a section on sports. A section on women,black women...” The fact this has to be done; adding bullets on black women to improve the way we are treated,respected,seen, is terrible. And should have been in the foundation, original bullets, of said document.

      Jazz BynumJazz BynumHace 12 días
    • Jazz are you absolutely sure there are no black women working with him. Just because he is out front because of his famous face, does not mean black women are not involved.

      Horacio TaitHoracio TaitHace 12 días
  • Good job cube for absolutely doing nothing

    Mark ConradMark ConradHace 17 días
  • Lol Ice cube this doesn’t make sense. Tongues talking at a campaign , football in a hand. He making up shit. 🤐 please! No pledge! ABC

    sophia Wisdomsophia WisdomHace 17 días
  • I get it, he had an idea 'n wanted to see who would help him put forth the plan. He does not want to pick a side he just wants to get the job done.

    L ForceL ForceHace 18 días
  • There is something wrong with a lot of you people or maybe you just don't know how to read! I read this contract and although I don't think all of these things will get done, they are groundbreaking for those who don't think they should be handed wealth on a platter. He is talking changing laws and rules and about money. Opening up transparency of money making opportunities to allow us to get wealth through property and fair percentages on loans. It even goes into re-educating children by including curriculum to teach anti racism and making sure our schools have enrollment reflect the population's diversity. This interview couldn't explain all of these things but i feel if any of you would read the contract you would get bored and probably not understand the "big" words. Staying woke means keeping informed about the world or nation around you. Please get a clue or at least a book.

    marquitta bellmarquitta bellHace 18 días
  • What is the plan?

    Audrey BowlesAudrey BowlesHace 18 días
  • Cube, what happened to that aluminum foil plan bro? Your boy lost. You seem awfully quiet.

    Johnnyboy5520Johnnyboy5520Hace 18 días
  • People suck. Cube is making a lot of sense

    Oscar ARDOscar ARDHace 18 días
  • Cube✊🏼 I stand with Cube he has a visionary and plan for our people. IStand with Ice Cube

    Cutie SunshineCutie SunshineHace 19 días
  • One word ... disappointed!

    Ravan Scott-ChannerRavan Scott-ChannerHace 19 días
  • So a contract with Black America, what qualifies you as being black? How black do you have to be to get paid? What % qualifies you? Is this in the contract?

    Tracy BrownTracy BrownHace 19 días
  • Ice cube can go melt in hell

    RatriRatriHace 19 días
  • Ice Cube is wrong with his "pick a side" mentality. Politics is about making long term change vote for who you think is best. Dont pick a side, but you still need to be political and vote for who you believe in and want to win. Not who you think will win.

    Hugo SandovalHugo SandovalHace 19 días
  • Ice cube sold his soul to the devil 👿

    SlSlHace 19 días
  • Cube..... why didn't you just wait and to talk to whoever won? Why risk dealing with dirty dirty Trump when you know what he is?

    Joy BrooksJoy BrooksHace 20 días
  • All Seeing Eye Illuminati T-Shirt.

    OpenYourEyesOpenYourEyesHace 20 días
  • Ice Cube, more like Ice Tool.

    RoeuthRoeuthHace 20 días
  • Trevor didn’t want to talk to ice Judas

    Edi ZEdi ZHace 20 días
    • I think Judas had a better beard situation, at the very least.

      RatriRatriHace 19 días
  • Supervillain Jared Kushner is preparing a throne for Satan at 666 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

    Emerald ArcherEmerald ArcherHace 20 días
  • This dude hasn’t been in the hood since 1990. Come to find out, he’s just a really good actor. Haven’t liked any of his CD’s since Lethal Injection. I dunno, he just seemed to turn into garbage after Friday.

    arios1977arios1977Hace 20 días
  • Whats in this plan 1st OF ALL!!!!! and who said an entertainer can speak for the African American Community!!!!!DID you consult with us CUBE, like WTF!!!!!

    Ms. EllaneousMs. EllaneousHace 20 días
  • America listen to what the left says... what do they know. All of these people are not educated and are all in it. Must of them speak of him in the same manner.... they must have rehearsed.

    JJGR HelloJJGR HelloHace 20 días
  • Get er done bro

    zoneii mobbzoneii mobbHace 21 un día
  • Get the job done bro

    zoneii mobbzoneii mobbHace 21 un día
  • Let's see where Cube is after January cause I feel it was all bs. He was worried about his own pocket, his taxes.

    Smazzit SEO Training InstituteSmazzit SEO Training InstituteHace 21 un día
  • I thought I was the only one who thinks this is ridiculous. I can't think of more bizarre person to speak for the black community than a rapper/actor or whatever he is

    faithfaithHace 21 un día
  • I grew up listening to Ice Cube. Talk about the level of disappointment I feel to hear his insecurities as a black man now. You'd have to be scared, desperate, sold on white supremacy and the white washing of salvation at the mercy of white men in power to act this foolishly. Not only did he undermine the BLM agenda for equality and the cease to black killings and microaggressions by white people, he took the power out of black self respect and black independence and left it in the hands of a racist president who demonized positive political activists as "thugs" whilst empowering white hate groups to lynch & shoot people of color and to put on public displays of weaponized aggression in the relentless pursuit to crush the black spirit and silence their voices across the country. Based on Trump's consistent humoring at GOP rallies, I can visualize him laughing profusely at the back of Ice Cube, 50 Cents and West. These black men are so tempted by greed and envy for "sovereignty" that they religiously believe they need to sell their souls and ours for crumbs to the likes of Donald Trump. So f'ing PATHETIC!

    W DW DHace 21 un día
  • Be careful Cube you're talking to a snake

    Quest ELOHIMQuest ELOHIMHace 21 un día
  • Now what Cube?

    sthpac69sthpac69Hace 21 un día
  • I've never seen Trevor so quiet and his eyes speak volumes.

    Raka TanRaka TanHace 22 días
  • The unevenness of Cubes beard is giving me anxiety 🤪

    Niki HamiltonNiki HamiltonHace 22 días
  • Lol 😂 OK 👌

  • God stop listening to this ignorent man

    angvil develangvil develHace 22 días
  • Ice cube must be a confused person. Trump that's backed up by far right republicans, who are not willing to approve free medical, fair minimum wage, for a whole lot of low income Americans of which mojority people of colour, falls within , hence you expect Trump and his followers to help you come through. I'm sure you must be mistaken. Ice cube you should have made enough money from entertainment to establish good investment that help your people of colour into gainful employment. If you expect Trump and his followers to compensate slave descendants ,so you could raise funds for them to start up their business , you towing a long route.

    Charles HartCharles HartHace 22 días
  • Osama bin-cube

    NachitoNachitoHace 22 días
  • Trump did cube with no Vaseline Im done with him I even threw my Friday collection away

    Al VillaAl VillaHace 22 días
  • Lets see now with Trump losing if he'll keep his promise or break it like everything else he has broken. We shall see if he REALLY cares for African Americans or if it was just a ploy to use Black folks to win the election. CHEERS!

    Dan RDan RHace 22 días
  • Why doesn't ICECUBE use his OWN money. taxes are paid by a wide variety of people not just black people .Why spend $500 mln on people that cannot even write or speak properly. Yall are trippin thinking yalls above them other peoples.

    Grammar Police -Grammar Police -Hace 22 días
  • So when President Elect Biden says he wants to bring both political sides together in his recent speech - He is viewed as a Hero, but when Ice Cube repeatedly states that he brought his plan to both sides, and would work with both sides - he is vilified - the hypocrisy🙄

    Palm. AMPPalm. AMPHace 22 días
  • Trump did absolutely NOTHING for the black community the last 4 years. He only supports racism and white supremacists. If Ice Cube was just honest, he would have said, that he likes Trump because of the tax cuts for the rich, (like himself). A few fellow black brothers more or less doesn’t matter to him!

    S. T.S. T.Hace 22 días
  • What the hell wrong wit yall,Cube dont have to sell out last time i checked he worth 200mill.....And least he have the guts to come up with a agenda,this need to stop with our people...GET THE FACTS,THEN JUDGE...

    Derek GunterDerek GunterHace 22 días
  • Uncle Ice Sold his soul and dignity for money 💵

    fleiva30fleiva30Hace 22 días
  • Hey Uncle TOM ICE CUBE your a TRAITOR To HIP HOP and GAnster Rap your man lost you have 75 days left for Trump to read your Bullets Points HAH jijiji.

    Billy JamesBilly JamesHace 22 días
  • Viva La Raza! Viva Mexico! Long Live Our Race!

    Internet UserInternet UserHace 23 días
  • how you feel now Ice Cube. Like an idiot I hope

    Shar RobertsShar RobertsHace 23 días
  • 😴😴😴

    natureboyinyourfacenatureboyinyourfaceHace 23 días
  • What's up with the all seeing eye illuminate shirt he has on. That is probably why he is talking in circles.

    TheBiggsherm59TheBiggsherm59Hace 23 días
  • Ice Cube thinks senators, congressman and I guess the POTUS will sign a "contract" that says black folks will get this, that and the other. That feels a bit thin to me. The thing to do would be to push a "bill" through congress not sign a contract.

    Ricky MuseRicky MuseHace 23 días
  • Media wont make me turn on Cube he solid so take yo negative comments and eat what you doing?

    YONI BYONI BHace 23 días
  • Seems more like Ice Melt. Dumb-Don has lied since birth,all of a sudden(a month before the election🤔)"let's talk?!" NWWA...Numbskulls working with assholes👀🤬🤬🤭

    LB MacarthyLB MacarthyHace 23 días
  • He didn t do shit before why now...celebrities talk always for themselves.....

    Fleur estivaleFleur estivaleHace 23 días
  • You do you ICE...I got your back.

    Chris ConvirsChris ConvirsHace 24 días
  • I lost a lot of respect for Cube for supporting that racist.

    FoNgThOnGFoNgThOnGHace 24 días
  • if hes talking about welfare for black and brown people then i dont want your welfare, my people were slaves but i think its stupid to pay me for their labor, the only way to help our people is to fund education, education will get our people out of the poor house

    ProjectSadfaceProjectSadfaceHace 24 días
  • Ice cube for president 2024

    Halle WilliamsHalle WilliamsHace 24 días
  • Cube claims to be motivated by George Floyd murder but joins up with the people that think his killing was justified...good luck getting the GOP to vote for reparations EVER!!!

    Crwth GhiikilzicCrwth GhiikilzicHace 24 días
  • So glad Trevor Noah got to interview the victim from Unfriended.

    Chris HeckertChris HeckertHace 24 días
  • Travor really tried to make sense but he too was lost. A PowerPoint presentation with bulletin point was needed for his plans 😐

    NyamisangoNyamisangoHace 24 días
  • The CIA has been smuggling Heroin into the US during Vietnam and ever since. I believe they target black communities with these drugs. I’ve even heard of guys who wanted to get clean but were begged in sting operations to get them drugs and then when the guys caved to that pressure they were arrested. This is just part of the “Prison Industrial Complex”. It’s not only blacks though it’s all of us. Just my opinion F/V “Black Mariah”.

    Mark HamerdingerMark HamerdingerHace 24 días
  • he came basically with nothing new the issue and the answer still waiting for someone or something to recognize wrongs that have been here since the beginning of time you did not ask questions no goals really don't care what side he picks at least come with a solution educating our youth with political power positions that will get us lobbying power local and state making that a goal changing that mentality they keeping us down our youth deserves better than this same old he came on for himself to clear his crap up nothing else trevor what was the point

    Marj RobertsMarj RobertsHace 24 días
  • Pulling it out of his ass...

    Ashley SmithAshley SmithHace 24 días
  • As a hustler... I would support Trump, Ask me why?

    Dumisani TsotetsiDumisani TsotetsiHace 24 días
  • Nothing he said made any sense at all

    AnaLycia WilliamsAnaLycia WilliamsHace 24 días
  • Now that is a person that's got a goal for this country and the black community in this country I would like to see what they're proposing come to the light

    L. Y M. GL. Y M. GHace 25 días
  • I'm not going to lie I was a huge ice cube fan all my life and still I'm but I'm disappointed.

    Victor MartinezVictor MartinezHace 25 días
  • As I said before I’ve was played. How do you believe a compulsive liar. Wake up and smell the coffee and read about the Central Park 5 man.

    Paulette RobinsonPaulette RobinsonHace 25 días
    • @Shawn Baker I give up . Have a nice day!

      Paulette RobinsonPaulette RobinsonHace 21 un día
    • @Paulette Robinson I’m not a trump supporter tho ik what trump has done in the past but Ik for fact he don’t got the negative impact towards our communities like biden and harris

      Shawn BakerShawn BakerHace 24 días
    • @Shawn Baker I need Facts. Hello! Oh can’t think of any. Do your research man and read about the government discrimination complaint against Trumps father regarding renting to people of color Your rental application was highlighted with N I wonder what the N stands for man. And the application was denied with the N. Ice Cube was played

      Paulette RobinsonPaulette RobinsonHace 24 días
    • Everybody keeps talking about the Central Park 5 what about all the brothas that got locked up and died bc of biden and kamala. Stop acting like you care bc you don’t

      Shawn BakerShawn BakerHace 24 días
  • Can you just imagine how much Trump and Don were laughing inside when they made all those false promises? “ 1/2 trillion dollars, you got it. A Disney Land for blacks only? We’re cutting the ribbon tomorrow!!!” Buahahaha they later laughed so hard it hurt, and everyone knows it (‘cept ice cube). He’s either lost it or just trying to stay relevant.

    A TrimbleA TrimbleHace 25 días
  • A contract. Sweet maybe that'll focus things "It keeps growing" oop nevermind

    Hunter WeeksHunter WeeksHace 25 días
  • I love my brother Ice Cube and I love my brother from Africa I love Brilliant Minds from the motherland to America just like what James Brown said brother James Brown The Soul Brother of Godfather he said Living in America let's keep our Brilliant Minds together black man peace and blessings to you Kings

    Marshall BellMarshall BellHace 25 días
  • Who created the plan because clearly Ice Cube didn’t. He has no clue what he’s saying. Where is David Banner when you need him.

    Alanna WhippleAlanna WhippleHace 25 días
    • @Esther I’ve read it already but thanks for the link.

      Alanna WhippleAlanna WhippleHace 22 días
    • Read it:

      EstherEstherHace 24 días
  • GI Bill? He doesn’t know what the Hell he is talking about. GTFOH

    Terri WebbTerri WebbHace 25 días