Ruby Bridges - Trailblazing as a Child in the Jim Crow South | The Daily Social Distancing Show

10 nov 2020
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Ruby Bridges talks about being the first Black child to desegregate her all-white school, the work that still needs to be done to fully integrate America’s school system and how her book “This Is Your Time” addresses a new generation of activists. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RubyBridges
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    Don Draper's Greatest MemesDon Draper's Greatest MemesHace 3 días
  • Long live Ruby🙌🏾

    Y RamadanY RamadanHace 5 días
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    Fred BallackFred BallackHace 9 días
  • She is gorgeous!!

    Nomos FosterNomos FosterHace 10 días
  • The sad thing is, people are still racist.

    田中愛子田中愛子Hace 10 días
  • Wow she has grown a lot.

    Mpho SethongMpho SethongHace 11 días
  • ❤️ What a wonderful soul and a powerful example for us all ❤️

    fefiforumfefiforumHace 12 días
  • Depending on HOW one regards racist practices, there IS A ROLE FOR EACH OF US IN ANTI-RACIST TRAJECTORIES... It won't happen on its own, even the rain does not just rain, first there is drought, humidity, clouds and then condensation and then it rains...

    Inter-generational! Thato Bereng jnr & snrInter-generational! Thato Bereng jnr & snrHace 12 días
  • An American icon!

    T sT sHace 12 días
  • Wow, awesome interview & woman!

    S GS GHace 13 días
  • imo Props to Ruby Bridges. I'm 77, white. I took part in the civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s. It wasn't easy but it was easily well worth the work. I live in Chicago now and can't see all the progress so many people like to talk about. Still shit-tons of racism in this country. Pisses me off. Anything less than 100% equality is 100% bullshit. imo

    Charlie NewmanCharlie NewmanHace 13 días
  • We owe her a lot

    Jessica Victoria CarrilloJessica Victoria CarrilloHace 13 días
  • Ruby Bridges' intergation into a segregated school is nothing to celebrate. Its child abuse. As black people, we look very foolish sending our children to schools that require the United States army to keep them safe in. The celebration of this history is liberal spin on white Liberal objectives that Blacks did not want.

    T.M. TateT.M. TateHace 13 días
  • Ms Ruby, thank you so much for your courage and how dare anyone say one negative thing to that beautiful little girl. Thank you to your parents for have the courage to remain steadfast for what is right.

    krummykellykrummykellyHace 13 días
  • What a beautiful spirit.

    Gigi HatchGigi HatchHace 13 días

    StoopeedStoopeedHace 13 días
  • A living legend! Thank you, Ms. Ruby Bridges! Let us remember this happened not too long ago. 70 million voted for "very fine people on both sides." They spat on 6 y.o Ruby Bridges legacy.

    jan coojan cooHace 13 días
  • From one Ruby to another Ruby, I do love the confirmation that we can love while facing facts as they are. Thank you Ruby. May you always be blessed.

    Words MoveWords MoveHace 14 días
  • You want to know who truly benefited from the civil rights movement? White women, immigrants, DACA, East Indians, Asians, and white LGBTQ. Those of us who are the descendants of those who were forced into American chattel slavery have yet to benefit from any of the sacrifices made by our ancestors compared to other group’s.

    Jon AfricJon AfricHace 14 días
  • The Documentary is on Netflix. Learn the Whole story. 🤗. I just watched it last week. God bless Ruby. Blessed JESUS for the beautiful SOUL taught her anyways. 🤗 the Secret Service Men set it all up. They protected her and all.

    LaDyZiNaDaLaDyZiNaDaHace 15 días
  • Yes...that teacher who cared

    LaDyZiNaDaLaDyZiNaDaHace 15 días
  • Children are incredibly resilient.

    Bo 2. 4 UBo 2. 4 UHace 15 días
  • I have read and heard her story many times with young children. I feel so blessed to hear her speak. Thank you!

    Deborah DonovanDeborah DonovanHace 15 días

    karma leglasskarma leglassHace 15 días
  • She makes it all sound so simple. Because it is. Racism and segregation are really hard work, inclusivity is so much easier.

    Mpls MikeMpls MikeHace 15 días
  • That was a great woman. And a good teacher. In my eyes and in my heart. We all are the same color. We all bleed red. There are good people and bad people in every race.

    Queen NikkiQueen NikkiHace 15 días
  • Yes you have to judge by the content of the character as a whole. Not on an individual level otherwise we as a Beautiful race if African people will continue in this condition and we aren't gonna let that happen!

    Light BringerLight BringerHace 15 días
  • every school i went to was filled w mostly black ppl an i got used to it but as soon as i got to high school it was about 90% white kids. i took me til my sophmore year to not get nervous around them

    AJAJHace 15 días
  • I knew a girl in college who was home schooled. I had a picture of me and my Dad (who is Black) on my binder. She would always look at the she was studying it. Finally after about 3 months she came up to me and said: "I was taught Black people have tails...I don't see your Dad's tail, where does he hide it?" My first reaction was anger...but then I looked her right in the eyes. She wasn't being sarcastic or racist, She never interacted with black people. Her parents taught her that Black people have tails. I told her: "My Dad doesn't have a tail. Nor do my grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, or cousins do." She stared at me for a moment and seriously asked me if it fell off once they were born. I again explained to her that the only differences between our races is our skin pigment. And yes, we all like different things and celebrate in different ways, but it doesn't mean that we're a totally different species of human. Here I am. A white 18 yr old girl raised in a what some would call the hood by a huge black man is trying to slowly deprogram this other 18 yr old white girl who was from a farm in Nebraska. She was ignorant but brave enough to ask questions. Now, she's married to a Great guy who is a Black Man and has 4 children. At first, her family disowned her...but eventually they did come around like I told her they would.

    Leah CaldwellLeah CaldwellHace 16 días
  • Thank you for doing this Trevor.

    Janes WitcherJanes WitcherHace 16 días
  • Wow. I remember being a little girl and writing a report on her. I didn't realize that she was still alive as I thought that these events happened long ago , years before my grandmother was born. Turns out she's in the same age group as my father. I'm not sure what grade I received on that report but I don't believe I learned what I was supposed to, until just now.

    DarnezDarnezHace 16 días
  • I can’t believe this show aired the day before she died! There’s no way she looked 86 years old. Rosa sat, so Ruby could walk, so Kamala could run’. Thank you Ruby Bridges for your legacy in history ❤️

    The HairoineThe HairoineHace 16 días
    • She didn’t die. Her mom died.

      shabazzmathshabazzmathHace 13 días
  • We're 🔩 70 million of them still out there.

    Carmel VillardCarmel VillardHace 16 días
  • The story of her teacher made me cry. Ruby Bridges has long been a hero of mine, but now I've added her teacher to that list.

    Tammy GantTammy GantHace 16 días
  • Blah blah blah, we’re all victims! 🤮

    Dick BerryDick BerryHace 16 días
  • Wow.. awesome interview

    keba773keba773Hace 16 días
  • The 41 dislikes must be the kids trying to stop her for going to school.

    Rock CityRock CityHace 16 días
  • I’m just shock she’s still alive

    Eli EmpireEli EmpireHace 16 días
  • My 9yo daughter's absolute favorite person in history is Ruby Bridges!

    Mary GibsonMary GibsonHace 16 días
  • Well her mother is racist....i am shocked

    Preetam Bebarta JNvDiSPfnVPreetam Bebarta JNvDiSPfnVHace 16 días
  • Wow!

    Sigma SoldierSigma SoldierHace 16 días
  • That's a lot for a 6 year old, but her realizations as a little child regarding race are incredible. She's an icon who I want to make sure my young son knows about.

    Lisa TiberiLisa TiberiHace 16 días
  • That pic of her being escorted at the school still gives me chills - the bravery of Ruby and her family brings tears to my eyes.

    KatieKatieHace 16 días
  • In Canada 🇨🇦 it is a CRIME to be Racist...🤯..PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Walter RectorWalter RectorHace 16 días
  • 🙏🏼💗Praise God for his grace and protection over you Ruby. 💗Your story is a miracle. May we continue to be vessels of change through love, courage, and faith.

    angelica mitchellangelica mitchellHace 16 días
  • Great interview. I love your interviews Trevor. She's an inspiration

    Tenacious OneTenacious OneHace 16 días
  • Compared to Ruby's hair, Trevor looks like he got a hair cut🙃🙂

    Save Our WorldSave Our WorldHace 16 días
  • Peoples want the clown not to leave the white house so the FBI could drag the clowns and his cronies media people please get ready need close up vedio so the the whole world see hehehe...hahaha

    Pablo VergaPablo VergaHace 16 días
  • Oh my God, I LOVE Ruby Bridges. She inspired me when I was little to be unafraid in majority white spaces and still strive to thrive. It still pertains to me even to this day.

    MissRight91MissRight91Hace 16 días
  • Wow! Ruby you’re beautiful ☺️

    Georgiana PageGeorgiana PageHace 16 días
  • Thank You Ruby Bridges! ❤️

    Chino SeoulChino SeoulHace 16 días
  • It was a honor to sit down with Miss Bridges and receive history firsthand. The pain was real and so is her strength to survive. She’s a beautiful being and has my upmost respect. 💯❤️✌🏿

    Kwen ParadisoKwen ParadisoHace 16 días
  • You'd have to be a total racist scumbag to dislike this interview. Thirty eight people hiding behind the Nero. To you I say, 'You are a bunch of losers'. Quite literally now. Crawl back to your Nazi memorabilia and leave the future to us. And to Trevor - my profile pic was taken on Lower Main Road, Obz. x

    socpasocpaHace 16 días
  • Thank you so much Trevor for what you do, not being afraid to shine light on the silent killer of society and generations as it evvolves into very subtle quaters and expressions to stop progress which is Global. Emperically the confusion we are seeing now in the WH; and the suprise plus the determination to overturn the voice of the people it is not about The honourable President Elect, it is about the Honourable Vice-President Elect. Fear has gripped them that a race of people, which was not included in the constitution has slipped through cages, prisons, barriers of oppression, hinderances etc. God has been at it for a long time this progression in the making and it wont stop until it is right by those who render themselves as the 'first worlds' therefore, equity and justice has to drip from the top- the trickle effect of Liberty for all races as God meant it to be. This is a creeping revolution towards Unity, Equity and Justice step by step, it might not be in our lifetime (some) but it has to happen. Trevor I know you are a gifted critical analytical thinker and an atticulate presenter, interogate that humble opnions and facts. Thank you for bringing on Ruby my first time to hear her; she was prepared for the revolution with emperical contribution for the story of the rejected who are to become a blazing fire. Amen. Keep safe your are protected by the Most High God. Shalom

    Regina KayesuRegina KayesuHace 16 días
  • Public comment added

    John EJohn EHace 16 días
  • This isn’t 1960?.... Seems like we are in a time warp!

    Alisha GadsonAlisha GadsonHace 16 días
  • The only people that have to get discriminated against are racists themselves.

    Andrea DittmoreAndrea DittmoreHace 16 días
  • Her mother passed yesterday. T_T

    Daniel ChangDaniel ChangHace 16 días
  • RUBY BRIDGES!!!! Such a true trailblazer!!! So courageous when she was a little girl...wonderful story.

    yumiko0017yumiko0017Hace 16 días
  • A True Queen!

    Oh GoshOh GoshHace 16 días
  • I would say that, yes, we need to put regulations in place to make sure that schools are ethnically integrated, so everyone spends our formative years learning to see past what's on the surface, but on another point, we need to follow Finland's example. You see, the Finns don't have private schools. In Finland, the children of the wealthy and the children of the middle class and the poor go to school _together,_ and as a result, grow up as friends. Another benefit of this, though, is that the children of the well off don't have any place to retreat to when there comes an effort to ethnically integrate the schools. As such, they _have_ to spend their formative years having regular contact with people from other ethnic groups. Now some people might object to the detriment this might pose to our academic performance in this country, but the fact is that students educated in Finland, with the exceedingly rare exception, outperform everyone _else_ in the _world_ on _everything._

    Fauler PerfektionistFauler PerfektionistHace 16 días
  • She is a hero I seen the movie and read the book I love her I didnt know she was still alive how amazing that Is

    tojioni21tojioni21Hace 16 días
  • "...the legacy of segregation lives on, although it's not officially mandated by the State..." This is one of the most backwards and embarrassing facts in existence.

    Fauler PerfektionistFauler PerfektionistHace 16 días
  • The Ruby Bridges movie done a few years ago, introduced me to this amazing life story! If you have not seen it yet, please watch it. It was very well made. From what I’ve read, and heard from interviews, it was pretty accurate. I just got on the wait list for the audio copy of the book. I can’t wait to listen to it! Keep moving forward Ruby. Especially working on the school you changed history with! :😊🌟🌸

    Erin AustinErin AustinHace 16 días
  • Lovely interview!!! But they need to track down and interview the ones cussing and throwing things, they’re ones in positions of power !

    Carlton DavisCarlton DavisHace 17 días
  • Seeing pictures of that historic day gets me so emotional. What makes it so horrible is how Ruby is not even 70! We’re barely a minute removed from parents throwing rocks at a student just for trying to go to school.

    Jacob GJacob GHace 17 días

    anthony daoanthony daoHace 17 días
  • When she speaks, I LISTEN and now I want to ACT as an educator. She motivates me to move.

    mindrunfreemindrunfreeHace 17 días
  • Obama stole $1bil from the residents of Indiana. He did not build his electric car factory. Sharyl Attkisson of CBS took her video crew to shoot the car production line. It was non-existent. It's 2020-where are the thousands of electric cars that O promised would be on our roads...

    Pink Parasol Lise! *Pink Parasol Lise! *Hace 17 días
  • Trevor and Team~ Thank you graciously for keeping us well informed and entertained throughout these unprecedented times. Appreciated. P.S. I’m also thrilled that the DSD Show has a diverse team. Keep up the awesome work!

    Give ThanksGive ThanksHace 17 días
  • She looks great for being 66

    Meester TweesterMeester TweesterHace 17 días
  • WHOA! RUBY BRIDGES!!! WHERE TH IS HER REAL LIFE MOVIE?!? If your education didn't teach you about her & her experience, the system failed you!

    S MillerS MillerHace 17 días

    Reggie AndersonReggie AndersonHace 17 días
  • My great grand aunt couldn’t go to school with White kids. Her school was to easy for her. Imagine if equality was a thing back then.

    ShadowBadgerCatShadowBadgerCatHace 17 días
  • this was exactly 60 years ago...... Jim Crow was abolished 5 years later. This shit was not "so long ago". These aren't our "ancestors", they're our grandparents and parents. No one gets to tell us we need to "just move on". Ruby is one of the many symbols for this as well as Angela Davis seen protesting with us over the summer. This video is a great way to remind us that while yes, changes have been made we still have far to go with equality for all.

    Kayla WashingtonKayla WashingtonHace 17 días
  • One of the bravest people...

    Elizabeth FanningElizabeth FanningHace 17 días
  • Imagine being her and having to hear all the bs and blame shifting white people do to this day 🥴 I would be filled with so much hate if I was her she is clearly most resilient

    Tyler BirminghamTyler BirminghamHace 17 días
  • I remember being shown the movie about her every black history month in elementary and middle school....

    Krombopulos PichaelKrombopulos PichaelHace 17 días
  • Wow. Beautiful inside and out. Salute to you Ms. Bridges

    Dani KDani KHace 17 días
  • In all my time in New Orleans I never thought about how surviving Mardi Gras crowds was good preparation for surviving other types of mobs but damn she makes a good point.

    TheBrat QueenTheBrat QueenHace 17 días
  • I don’t know why she’s written in the history books I read as though she lived and died years ago. She’s not only very alive (and looks young for 66), she’s a living piece of history. History that needs to be taught. The way history, especially concerning racism, was taught in my school was incomplete.

    MinnieMinnieHace 17 días
  • Oh my, at a glance, when Trevor was in his little box,I thought he was the little kid.

    Robo MamaRobo MamaHace 17 días
  • Wow...this interview is so inspiring. I remember reading about her as a kid...I cried as a little girl. After reading her book about what she went through as a young girl, devastated me to the core. This is truly amazing to watch... Her teacher who taught her despite what society thought at that time, gives me hope for the future! ✨ We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

    TerahTerahHace 17 días
  • Thank you for interviewing Miss Bridges...I kept seeing the picture of the child shadow and Kamala Harris..and I thought to myself..that's Ruby Bridges..and he is younger than my mom, somebody should interview her! ...and you DID!!

    Victoria BordelonVictoria BordelonHace 17 días
  • This really shows that the extreme systemic racism of the past isn't something of the far distant past. There are people still alive today who lived through a time in history when schools and other public spaces were segregated. That really puts it into perspective in my opinion.

    Dinodogdude 209Dinodogdude 209Hace 17 días
    • Yes we are! I am 2 years older than Ruby and I was so sure in the 60's that we would be much better by now. I am disappointed in how long real change takes.

      Joyce JJoyce JHace 16 días
  • Miss Bridges, I love you so much.

    Rachel WilliamsRachel WilliamsHace 17 días
  • a brave 6 year old.

    SKPjoe CoursegoldSKPjoe CoursegoldHace 17 días
  • By the 3 minute mark, I have one major takeaway. Humility.

    Rory SmithRory SmithHace 17 días
  • This Why I love Trevor 😍😍

    08FayFay08FayFayHace 17 días
  • 5:27-5:41 So how does having HBCs advance this or is it a hindrance to becoming worldy individuals? If we fight for integration then are having HBSCs regressive? What would their modern-day purpose be? Genuinely want to understand this.

    Morgan BrandyMorgan BrandyHace 17 días
    • But hbcus are integrated. Most students may be black, but people from around the world attend them. I graduated from a pwi, but given the current climate, I likely would’ve been more selective & chosen a less threatening, hostile learning environment if I were just a few years later. Some people have had some serious racial trauma by the time they get to college. It’s also a matter of culture & school tradition since these institutions were in place long enough to form a distinct identity, and I even feel connected to the local hbu my parents, grandparents, nearly half my educated family members attended

      Maverick CuzMaverick CuzHace 17 días
  • She said this is the same thing she saw in the 1960s. It never ended it just hid. We still have work to do.

    Halos and HornsHalos and HornsHace 17 días
  • She low-key trying to one-up Trevor's afro lol

    Morgan BrandyMorgan BrandyHace 17 días
  • Great Interview. ☮️💙🌏🌎💙☮️ Wish you were 20x harder on Biden. Seriously LOOK at the videos of him with young children. So fucking creepy. Utterly untrustworthy. Have Jimmy Dore on. Get passionate about change. I don’t watch comedy bc it’s sentimental. Get fired up and mad as hell at the man the machine, everything Biden represents, with completely different rhetoric. The dude makes me want to hurl. Please don’t white wash the news bc that’s what msm does.

    Amanda BrinkleyAmanda BrinkleyHace 17 días
  • The real left "tolerance "

    Free Human VoiceFree Human VoiceHace 17 días

    Francinete Guitunga AkyolFrancinete Guitunga AkyolHace 17 días
  • Beautiful interiew, beautiful hearts. Thank you!

    Laura FrizelleLaura FrizelleHace 17 días
  • Thank you, Ruby! You are an American Icon 💖🤗💚

    Michelle MMichelle MHace 17 días
  • What a darling dear woman!!!

    Dorethea SimoneDorethea SimoneHace 17 días
  • I usually skip the interviews on this show but as a Social Studies teacher, I had to watch this. She reminds us that segregation is not ancient history- plenty of people from the time of state-enforced segregation are still alive today, and unfortunately, there is plenty of de facto segregation still in our schools. We can't get lazy and compliant and let progress slip away. It's up to us to maintain and to further the principles of integration and acceptance that people fought so hard for.

    Rachel McDonoughRachel McDonoughHace 17 días
  • I'm gonna need The Daily Show to start doing hour long breakfast club length interviews, these 7 minute interviews are killing me lol

    Ix Proven xIIx Proven xIHace 17 días