Geraldo Cadava - Why Some Hispanic Voters Tend to Vote Republican | The Daily Social Distancing Show

5 nov 2020
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“The Hispanic Republican” author Geraldo Cadava discusses why some Latinos vote Republican, the debate over identity politics and what Democrats are doing wrong in appealing to Hispanic voters. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #GeraldoCadava
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  • His title says latinx but both of them use the correct language term, latinos. Glad the insane rewriting of a thousands year old language has some limits.

    BananaPeal0BananaPeal0Hace 2 días
  • To understand the Hispanic voter divide in America you have to understand the history of Latin America. There were two classes of people in Latin America--land owners and the landless peasants who worked the land as sharecroppers. The revolutions ousted the land owners and the land owners fled to the United States. The Cuban Americans in Miami are the ousted land owners. We had a second waive that followed who were the Hispanics who came to the US to work. The dream, even to this day, for the land owning US Hispanic is for the Cuban government to collapse and for the United States to go into Cuban and restore their property rights. One reason we cannot have normal relations with Cuba is the argument over reparations for Cuban Americans who owned property in Cuba before the revolution. The political divide is the land owning immigrants are Republicans and the landless sharecroppers are Democrats. So it really isn't capitalism versus communism, it's peasants' land ownership.

    Edward BeazleyEdward BeazleyHace 9 días
  • Trump definitely made america great again in the sense the people he tried to divide he made closer

    Mc MeateMc MeateHace 12 días
  • It's sad how we're all divided. I think it's because we all have different views and desires. There is some selfishness in voting for someone. Whatever satisfies our needs will be voted for. Also, latinx, latino/latina, hispanic, chicanx, and others were forced in for generations to forget about their roots in school. They were encouraged to assimilate. It's hard to get rid of that mind set. The other day my little sixth grade cousin's Latina teacher was talking to her and her class about politics. I overheard her say that she voted for Trump. I was disgusted because Trump? And also because as a teacher she shouldn't voice her political affiliations towards sixth graders. It's really sad. To me, I can never support those on the Republican side even if they are Latinx or Hispanic or Latinos...ect. There has been too much suffering of the immigrant life. It's worse because without their ancestors these people wouldn't be here. No sense of appreciate. Anyways, now I'm just rambling. Still shocking how these things go about.

    Ermy H.Ermy H.Hace 13 días
  • It has to do with owning property and businesses

    I DelI DelHace 13 días

    Miguel Angel BrocheroMiguel Angel BrocheroHace 13 días
  • Great interview Trevor. Learned a lot

    maximusbamamaximusbamaHace 14 días
  • Trevor PLEASE have Eva Longoria on your show, I would love to hear her answer to the last question?? To have her tell it, they single handedly put Biden on top..

    stanley piercestanley pierceHace 14 días
  • Educate me I would like to understand (Mexican American) why would I want to be a Dem Grandfather, father two cousins , uncle all Veterans. Education , BS , Masters , AS , one working toward Ph. D in mathematics pro-life ( religious catholic , or christian) pro family pro Gun family and friends who did not go to school have business (no Tax) interesting largest money maker did no go to school but has four businesses all property owners ( low property tax)

    tmendoza6tmendoza6Hace 14 días
  • Trevor thinks Latinos hate being called latinx because they wanna be called Puerto Rican or Mexican etc? Hahaha the majority of Latinos just hate the term “latinx”. It’s an ignorant Americanization that undermines Latino language and culture.

    superspeed221superspeed221Hace 14 días
  • Why the hate from the media? Who the hell told you people all latinos have to think alike ? Not all latinos or hispanics come to this country with a poor victim (hood) mindset looking for handouts or living off welfare. The silent majority come here, work hard, BECOME US CITIZENS, start a business and vote REPUBLICAN. Read the history of other immigrants, and exiles, before judging them.

    God Bless AmericaGod Bless AmericaHace 14 días
  • Latin x studies? moron

    Gold Tooth #9Gold Tooth #9Hace 15 días
    • lol I just watched the video it was like worthy

      Gold Tooth #9Gold Tooth #9Hace 15 días
  • People feel the same way about latinx as they did about other terms like hispanic and chicano for example. The whole point of that term is to have a non binary lexicon for people who want to use it not for people who don’t. If you don’t identify as such don’t use and move along. Its about inclusion not exclusion. Admittedly when i first heard it i cringed but when i came to understand it better, it makes sense. You can be both south african and the host of the daily show 👍🏽

    OrionOrionHace 15 días
  • trump's latino support excluding the cubans in florida expanded by a just a few percentage points in only 3 states.. biden won 2 of them . clinton got 65 % and biden got 66% of the total hispanic vote... as the demographic increases the percentage will be the same. democrats have nothing to worry about for now.. still mexicans carried biden to victory in arizona and nevada.. if he didn't win pennsylvania and georgia he still would be president . the trump support is irrelevant ... when the guy goes to prison his support from anyone except for the loons will dramatically evaporate.. .

    stephen ortegastephen ortegaHace 15 días
  • Unfortunately, there is also a lot of crab mentality among Latinos. Yes, the images of us being warm and friendly people is true in a lot cases. Sadly, sometimes that doesn't extend when treating our own. We have a saying in Mexico that goes "The worst enemy of a Mexican is another Mexican". Similar to the Mexican lady Trevor spoke to, I legally worked in the US for decades and at some point started the green card process. However, my reaction to illegal immigration was not "hey, they are cutting in line, fuck them". On the contrary, being aware of how difficult the process is and pretty much insurmountable to somebody who has a high-school diploma at most (or a lot of times, not even that), I knew that for a lot of my countrymen, illegally crossing the border was the only choice, specially if their lives were in danger. Are there unscrupulous people that are coming in illegally that could do so legally? However, they are far outnumbered by the ones who really have no choice in the matter.

    yakuza01yakuza01Hace 16 días
  • Would you have a non-driver on the road? Or would you have a non-lawyer representing your case? Then why do we have a non-American commenting on America. Wake up America no I’m not a Trump supporter and I’m not a Biden supporter. You have been mentally enslaved.Take the red pill

    Tyler MillsTyler MillsHace 16 días
  • I can't be the only person who keeps trying to read the books on their shelves

    DCcallingDCcallingHace 16 días
  • Because the Republican party pays its grassroot workers and rewards them jobs.

    Caring About TomorrowCaring About TomorrowHace 16 días
  • I love you Trevor Noah but this conversation is way off and did not come close to touching the reason why a lot of Latino, Latinx, and Hispanic Americans vote Republican. It's socialism. Whether you like socialism or not, or you think socialist countries in the caribbean, Central America, and South America just haven't implemented it correctly, so many of these immigrants and their descendants look to what their family came to the United States to escape and say "I don't want that here". They also overwhelmingly reject "Latinx" (though there are some who have embraced it) and this education professional is clueless to that. I'm surprised by the obliviousness in this video. I am white but I am married to a Colombian and have Venezuelan, Argentinian, and Brazilian friends. Half of which voted Republican.

    The KingThe KingHace 16 días
  • The most compelling question, our lovely professor basically ignored: could it be that Hispanic Republican supporters see Republican belonging (consciously or not) as a path to whiteness? Although our author did not answer that question, someone should. I will. lol 😃 I volunteer along with the thousands of others on here! My answer: YES and NO. Yes, I believe they DO. You have NOT ONLY a very long and continuing anti-black and anti-indigenous racism in Latin america, but also the legacy of blanquiamiento which was instituted by the Spanish crown during colonialism. It is that concept which is the underlying foundation of the concept of race in Latin America (and its sister concept in Portuguese). Being that the entire structure was first conceived in order to create and foster these "paths" to whiteness and that they have never been dismantled in Spanish speaking cultures or language, I wonder why the professor did not speak on that pertinent topic. YES. Most definitely voting Republican is functioning as a path to social whiteness for many in the Hispanic community. Not to say that being a Democrat is inherently "not White", because that is not true. They both are open to all, but that for minority peoples in modern America, being a Republican seems dangerous in general for your health... Look at Herman... he died and before you could shake a stick, Trump was saying at a debate that no one had been really affected by Covid19.Did he even acknowledge that man's death? Even a flag lowered? Anything? I do not remember anything... I remember thinking, didn't a highly visible Black Republican just die after your rally? 🤔 So, it would make sense given the modern history of the Republican party that choosing membership by minorities would seem...🤔🤔 mostly incompatible, let's say, with their ethnic and racial identities. But on the other hand, it is also NO. And it is no, in my humble opinion, because most of those voters (and many more Hispanic people than one may realize) already identify themselves as being White. 😯 Shocking but true. Why do you think the first question in the census category of race and ethnicity was changed? First and only ethnic category, I believe, is if you are Hispanic. Second category is what is your race... that is because more than half of the Hispanic population will choose to check off/self identify as White even though the racial concepts in the United States would not place anywhere near the majority of the people in that racial category (because of the majority of the populations having varying levels of White European and indigenous and/or African heritage). Our societies have two different concepts of race and those concepts are NOT compatible. Maybe for some people it (voting Republican) COULD be an action that is "proving" how White they are by choosing what they see as aligning themselves with a group of people who are mostly comprised of and accepting of only White Americans. Using that logic, if Republicans are accepting of the American xenophobic groups , is the group with racists openly in their ranks, the group that does NOT seem to openly accept or support non-White people and Hispanic people feel like they are or ARE accepted, then that is evidence in that person's mind that they are, in fact, a White person. And Whiteness is the the most pervasive social concern in Latin America. Theirs is a social system built to support and foster movement towards a racial whiteness... or at least to be more White than the population was previously. 😬 So... if you already believe you are universally White and it's just that your fellow countrymen are just crazy and blind (not that we have a different racial structure, for example, or that your racial classicfication is different in this different society you now live in), then voting Republican is NOT a path to Whiteness, but rather an action that is meant to validate their beliefs as being a person who already asserts a White identity. Great question! I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED that you put that out there like that. So many people are afraid to talk about this pink elephant. Also, I know you do not need my long comment. You already knew (which you also let be known in the interview 💖). Too bad our historian did not endeavor to address racism, racial identity and racial concepts in his answer instead of doing a bit of a politician question dodge himself. Wonderful interview, as always. -- signed, another professor. 🤔🙂

    Phaino AlethaPhaino AlethaHace 17 días
  • The definition of being an idiot is someone doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result!!! Trump has done everything disrespectful, everything wrong against Latinos yet a majority support trump? ...unbelievable!!!

    Shaheeda WilliamShaheeda WilliamHace 17 días
  • Oh boy it's so exciting to see two intelligent people have a meaningful conversation on the telly!!

    Julie SperberJulie SperberHace 17 días
  • Self - Hating Latino's are no different from self hating anyone.. Without Black people .. there would be no Civil Rights, . Full stop. .Black people always mention ' Black & Brown' people publicly .. I very rarely hear it reciprocated from Latino public figures. The fact is Latino's love strong men.. they are easily swayed by Fascist , Racist leaders. Look at 99% of Latin countries.. they are awful.

    V MV MHace 17 días
  • Some people are proud of being Latino unfortunately others are not and even forget their native language.

    Fernando j rFernando j rHace 17 días
  • The problem with "Latinx"

    Morgan BrandyMorgan BrandyHace 17 días
  • They missed religion. Trump put 2 more Catholics on the Supreme court, along with 1 possibly Catholic maybe Episcopalian justice. America is 65% christian, including 20% Catholic, the identifying Hispanic part is 72% with 47% Catholic. This make a difference and you would expect in that size difference to see and more conservative population. You do but Hispanics are very diverse. The liberal base likes to adopt new slogans that can be divisive and not speak too much of their base also. "defund the police", "person of color", I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with I'm just pointing out that their are complaints of being called a "person of color" also for anyone not "white" and being again lumped into that "category", like they said some don't like "latinX". Still even beyond this labeling, 47% Catholic is a statistic that can explain some of the Trump support too.

    tivonutdctivonutdcHace 17 días
  • It's always baffled me when Latinos join hate groups. Like my dude, they don't like you either.

    Grima the Fell DragonGrima the Fell DragonHace 17 días
  • I have never understood this "latino" stuff. What does it even mean? My mother is from Argentina. Is she "latina"? Her ancestors are Jews that emigrated from Ukraine! My girlfriend is Brazilian. Is she "latina"? Her ancestors are a mix of Portuguese colonizers, Africans brought in as slaves and Amazonian natives. This is ridiculous. The whole concept of race is ridiculous as populations have invaded, migrated, colonized, mixed. Some of us even have Neanderthal genetic material, from totally separate human species! To classify people by skin tone is less valid as doing so by blood type.

    Paul MakinsonPaul MakinsonHace 17 días
  • They lump Latino's just like Blacks when there are clearly political views that differ; Africans ,Caribbean , and Native Foundational Blacks are not the same. Nor did the ENTIRE group come here thru slavery some were here already thru the exploration of the Moor's earlier visits to the USA before Europe . Western Culture will never express these differences .

    jayson shiftjayson shiftHace 18 días
  • I dont doubt the lack of outreach that the Democrats have with minorities but we know that there are much darker reasons (and this isn't limited to Hispanics), more conservative reasons, why minorities tend to vote GOP.

    Zoe C.Zoe C.Hace 18 días
  • That Mexican woman Trevor met at the RNC 4 years ago in Cleveland. Let me know when she knows everything Donald said about Mexico, especially what he admitted to Malcolm Turnbull in early 2017 that went public in August 2017.

    justin castillojustin castilloHace 18 días
  • Let's talk about how racist latinos are. My grandma from Mexico City referred to black people as the n word until she died. We have a lot of racist in the Latino community. A lot

    mkatsealmkatsealHace 18 días
  • Cuz of their low iq religious beliefs

    Chives the ButlerChives the ButlerHace 18 días
  • Trump still has a path to 270.... :...but it will require a lot of diet and exercise.

    Be GratefulBe GratefulHace 18 días
  • you want to know why more Latinos supported Trump this time? it's because the right finally learned how to use the internet and uses heavy disinformation campaigns set up in specific demographics (like S. FL) to fear-monger about communism to Cubans - an understandably sensitive topic for them. moreover, they target areas where people have lower education because they know they can be more easily manipulated. it's disappointing, really. and Dems should now realize they need to up their political ads against Reps around highly populated LatinX areas

    Karen DeaKaren DeaHace 18 días
  • I’m not saying every Cuban is racist. I’ve just never met a non-racist cuban

    AnaAnaHace 18 días
  • Hispanics like a lot of white Americans that support trump, are scare shitless by the words socialism and communism. Those words are enough for them, and they are very misinformed and believe trumps lies which goes with most of the support that trump has found in them. And is also weird that trump says terrible things about them and that doesn’t seem to bother them. It’s unexplainable. But mostly, the ones that don’t speak English support trump. I don’t get it!

    M DM DHace 18 días
  • Another reason a lot of latinos /hispanics specially older people vote republican is that they are religious conservatives and they vote for anti-abortion, anti-gay, old family values or you know, women place is at home, also lots of latinos/hispanics are racist.

    Javir MessaJavir MessaHace 18 días
  • Yeah, please stop using the term "Latinx". Enough. I don't care how trendy it is. I am a Latino woman. White people shouldn't dictate how we should identify ourselves from now own. You don't own my identity, I do. The fact that only Merriam-Webster dictionary recognizes that as a "word" and not the Royal Academy of Spain should let you all know it is wrong. Latino is gender inclusive already, we don't want, nor need, a new word to replace it. Democrats ran with it to please only LGBTQ+ Americans of Latino decent. Well, this is what happens when MOST of us are ignored.

    Yaria Samavan CarlanYaria Samavan CarlanHace 18 días
  • A diverse population is why. The very question is inherently bigoted. You can't tell how someone votes by looking at them. I won't watch this

    M.E. HedgesM.E. HedgesHace 18 días
  • The shit that I heard trump say the brief 2 months I worked over there selling his properties.... you can hear him say N..... Sp....s and the low-class whites who cling to him or shook his hands, he privately freaked out since he felt it would rub off on him, they don't know they have to be born into the wealth.... he would shake the hands of people he considered beneath his wealth, blacks, low-class whites, Latinos.... then go wash his hands off saying he did not want it stinking him up... pot calling kettle black much... his ass used to stink since he shit his pants every now and then, because he is a coke head.... being around him especially as a female it creeped you out being near him... I wouldn't leave my pet with him... and his ass still owes me $24,898.24 and I will never see that monies, he filed bankruptcy not to pay us then sued to put us out of business so he would not have to pay any of us agents who worked on his buildings... El Paso and anywhere else that he owes monies to can hold their breath they will never see that money. If you people really knew him, you would not want to be anywhere near him... for what... the little bit of chump change he will throw at you and say the 'economy' .... any growth was what republicans wanted you to have to make a show of saying see trump did it... having his own daughter give him a lap dance at 14 yrs old and .... and then raping that 13yr old girl at the miss Teen pageant... smh... you people have no idea... that man actually wears depends because of the constant shitting of his pants... smdh....

    Starr R.Starr R.Hace 18 días
  • I’m Latino and I voted for Biden. For me anyone is better then Trump

    Southern CrossSouthern CrossHace 18 días
  • I don't call me hispanic or latino. Cubans, Venezuelans and tios locos don't count. I never understood the "of Hispanic/Latino descent" stuff.

    Tecpaocelotl CastilloTecpaocelotl CastilloHace 18 días
  • Please don’t invite him back. How can you write a book and spend so much time talking about the Latino vote without addressing who or what these ethnic groups supported before even coming to this country. The only thing that was remotely correct was the beginning to identifying them separate groups. The Latinos in Florida are nothing like the Latinos in California. The American experience from their ancestors couldn’t be more different.

    Matt PenaMatt PenaHace 18 días
  • You mean cubanos

    Monique PachecoMonique PachecoHace 18 días
  • This is BS. You have to have some kind of moral lacking to vote Republican, especially in this election. I don't care where you're from, if you vote for this president or any republican who is an enabler of this president, you have lost all moral compass and humanity. How can you say, oh yeah he's for me because he won't let illegals come in while my family is waiting patiently on the other side, and then ignore everything else? I just don't get it. You can't vote for a candidate just because he's helping you in some way, but failing you in other ways. I just don't get it.

    J FloJ FloHace 18 días
  • I hate the term latinx !!!!!

    Rodrigo SalgadoRodrigo SalgadoHace 18 días
  • The professor is right. The thing about being of Hispanic descent, which is not a problem. However, it can make things more interesting due to Hispanics being of any race, such as black, white or Asian and with that comes different issues just like black, white and Asian Americans have in this country and within other continents as well, etc. A black Cuban might have different issues than a white Cuban regardless of having a common tongue, and the same can be said for Boricuas, Dominicans and so on. Furthermore, anti-black or the denial of it is huge in Latin America and it was the same way for being indigenous until a few people thought it was cool. But some know nothing about the people of indigenous descent outside of it being a thing now within the culture. The struggle is way deeper than growing long hair and dubbing oneself indigenous or Native American when the person looks like Sammy Sosa, Zoe Saldona or Marc Anthony, etc.

    Retro Basement Gaming, Tech & AnimeRetro Basement Gaming, Tech & AnimeHace 18 días
  • Biden was part of the Obama administration. No other administration has deported as many immigrant, latinos in large numbers. Maybe that has something to do with it too?

    Mouse Guardian Of The GalaxyMouse Guardian Of The GalaxyHace 18 días
  • AMEN! Latinos are discover and re-discover every presidential election. The democrats need to step up their game integrating Latinos into the fiber of the party. We are certainly not all the same, we are each a group with different needs. Puertorricand do not have the same immigration needs as a Mexican or a Dominican may do. We must address their identity and needs.

    zabdelhadyzabdelhadyHace 18 días
  • It’s amazing to see the amount of people who don’t know the difference between ethnicity and race and/or Latinos and Hispanics.

    Arlene Augusta HairArlene Augusta HairHace 18 días
  • You’re never as dumb as a minority republican voter.....Stockholm for people that HATE them

    ShawnShawnHace 18 días
  • That was so awesome Gerry!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!

    Elizabeth BarahonaElizabeth BarahonaHace 18 días
  • This mind set is still wrong. I get we don't want to be group only as latino since we come from different countries. But to have mindset on turning "white" and leaving behind your people in your country that want the same pie as you is just traitors

    murcielago Batmanmurcielago BatmanHace 18 días
  • I've experienced Hispanic people in the Midwest. Putting on their application that their white. Some of the younger Hispanic and Latinos don't even know their language. Which I feel is weird if its being spoke in your home. This is not how our country should be towards minorities. Where you feel you have to fit in to be accepted. America is better because we're are diverse. Multiple cultures coming together to make 1 great nation. Nobody else in the world, has what we have. We should be proud of that difference, because it makes us stronger.

    Antone MorrisAntone MorrisHace 18 días
  • I didn't hear much about the influence of religion/Christianity on Hisp/Latino culture being a driving force politically, much like White Evangelicals who support right wing policies that are fundamentally incongruous.

    Roaring60sRoaring60sHace 18 días
  • There are plenty of White Latinos all over the world

    jamal robinsonjamal robinsonHace 18 días
  • I smell the beginning of a bromance

    ok byeok byeHace 18 días
  • Okay is it me or is his hair ready to be cornrowed.

    Bullett BoomBullett BoomHace 18 días
  • Yeah. Stop calling us Asians too. 4.5 bill ppl live on the Asian continent. We mostly think differently.

    lagofalalagofalaHace 18 días
  • rnc must stop wasting time in states courts and must petition the SC directly republican governors in the following states must stop procrastinating and assist the president during any potential recount (if the margin is at or under 1%): Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Arizona disregard all irregular ballots cast after election day!!! (i think this mostly applies to Pennsylvania)

    Hved DørekHved DørekHace 18 días
  • Its so sad to see, They try so hard to fit in and forget where they came from after they get papers.. they forget that america is on stolen land

    Edgar MartinezEdgar MartinezHace 18 días
  • False, I have yet to vote republican.

    James MonjeJames MonjeHace 18 días
  • Say no to Latinx!!!! I am a Democratic and hate that term.

    Paulina VillasenorPaulina VillasenorHace 18 días
  • It's been a while since I took Spanish class but I can't recall a conjugation that ends in the letter x...

    Rev WrothRev WrothHace 18 días
  • What he forgot to talk about is the background of Latin America. Many latin americans that flee to the United States do it because they want to run away from socialism or communism and those words are related to left parties, in the US, to the Democrats. Also, Miami is the house of many human right violators that came from fascist dictatorships. Latin America suffered a lot from the Cold War. Never forget the US intervention in Latin America and their support in the violation of human rights.

    M° Maroth ArayaM° Maroth ArayaHace 18 días
  • To be honest Republicans using “evangelical or Christianity “ but they don’t live by the word of God or practice Christianity. Am so tired of there shame

    E MekoE MekoHace 18 días
  • This interview resonates with the Asian-American political dynamics specifically Southeast-Asian Americans, would love to see Trevor feature a show on it

    Wig Mezo-GadiaWig Mezo-GadiaHace 18 días
  • What I think many people don't seem to understand is that "latinos" are largely conservative, religious and uneducated, especially the older generations. Also, mostly older generation Puertorican and Cubans don't identify with the black slave and native peoples that are a component of our genetic makeup, while they embraced the Spanish part and they see themselves as white. It was all part of the programming, and people are only starting to wake up to it.

    elines acevedoelines acevedoHace 18 días
  • I also think there was another idea that wasn't touched upon, which is the generational rift exists among hispanic voters. Immigrants that came in the 80s- 90s that have naturalized vs their children (1st or 2nd generation immigrants). These 1st and 2nd generation hispanics are now just coming of age to vote (late millennials and early gen z) and their views and experiences differ from their parents. Most immigrants are coming from war driven countries w/ extremely destabilized governments. The republican ideas of family, hard work, conservation of religious ideas, racism/colorism and maintenance of stable government really appeal to traditional hispanic. Also, I think older hispanics are more willing to tolerate/ overlook the type of rhetoric used against our community as opposed to the younger population. Moving forward, I think we more likely to see a shift towards the left as or at least a more even distribution as the younger hispanic voters begin to outnumbers the older generation.

    Yadybel AyalaYadybel AyalaHace 18 días
  • Latinos are confused and need to educate themselves. Some of them also think they're WHITE. 😒 I know my fair share of Latinos from different countries and they really have identity issues in this country. Latinos also divide themselves in a classism type of way looking down on other Latinos and even blacks in this country. Latinos aren't all this way, but enough unfortunately are. Dear latinos, Republicans don't give a damn about you. They just use you for your vote.

    Mind YourOwnMind YourOwnHace 18 días
  • Trumps presidency is like that one night stand you wish you never had. Biggest mistake in America by far

    OnlytruthhereOnlytruthhereHace 18 días
  • I'm glad the American people are speaking out. We want trump out !!!!!

    OnlytruthhereOnlytruthhereHace 18 días
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    alessia amaraalessia amaraHace 18 días
  • Hispanics are religious conservatives not a real challenge to stay on message with those types when that's republicans bread and butter...latin folks and Caribbean people come from socialist areas...liberal ideals do not exist in any of these peoples countries of origin but they want to keep their new home looking the same old...moreover america is doing this as a people believe they can be republican, blacks believe affirmative action was an unnecessary evil post 1950, and now spanish speaking countries and continents consider themselves conservative in a new land

    anthony rubioanthony rubioHace 18 días
  • Trevor, you are refreshing. It's times like these that I'm glad that you're not American. You have a unique ability to see things through a different lens. So inciteful!

    Capstone 107Capstone 107Hace 18 días
  • For the last time Latino is not a race. Most of them are whites who speak spanish. No surprise they voted for a racist since they to are racist against black people. They're colorist too. I said what I said.

    K JK JHace 18 días
  • This was so interesting! As a latina living in Latin America, I am also deeply intrigued about the political choices of latinos in the USA. Of course I am well aware the group is far from being monolithic, but this adds precision to the possible reasoning behind their choices.

    Isabel JiménezIsabel JiménezHace 18 días
  • Also saying LatinX is really unpopular among even progressive latin american communities it comes off as patronising and even a bit imperialistic. I am in favor of gender politics but if democrats really want the Latin vote they should be careful there.

    Chris LauteChris LauteHace 18 días
  • That was really good. As a born and raised Latin American it has always been weird how people in the States perceived Latinos as a race and an ethnicity, when that’s just really far away from reality.

    JMBJMBHace 18 días
  • Do these people even listen to themselves??!? At 4:33 the professor literally called someone a « Latino Republican » before going on to tell the story about how the man specifically asked him not to refer to him that way. No wonder the Dems are baffled why this voting block isn’t unanimously behind them.

    Lisette GarcíaLisette GarcíaHace 18 días
  • In the latino community racism is a silent partner that no speaks about.

    winter gardenwinter gardenHace 18 días
  • Very insightful

    Pomegranate RisingPomegranate RisingHace 18 días
  • The fact that Democrats have to "appeal" to a group thats directly in the crosshairs of GOP racism is ridiculous. And hey, Im Latino and Ill tell you first hand Inknow these GOP Latins and Ill save you some time as to figuring out why - theyre idiots, assholes and racist - just like every other Trump voter.

    curse of januscurse of janusHace 18 días
  • This was kind of the best.

    Marla PachecoMarla PachecoHace 18 días
  • As a Latino myself. I am ashamed at my Spanish and Latino brothers and sisters who vote or voted for trump. ICES should be waiting for their dumb ass.

    Dev NarineDev NarineHace 18 días
  • Some of the Florida Vote can be parsed out as Latinos falling for Trumps lies about Biden being the personification of Communism .. But most of this Trump support can be better explained as a Generational phenomena ... contrary to the lie people have been told that the majority of Trump supporters are just bitter old white people , the FACTS show that starting just before 2016 the Republican Party was drawing in massive amounts of younger voters of all colors who joined them because they thought mostly the democrats were all soy-boy wimps. So this massive group of uniformed young people are the real Trump supporters we see at all his rallies , you see a baby boomer here and there but you mostly see GenZ and Millennial's making up the majority of the rallies .. Even Native American Elders in Arizona and New Mexico were appalled and frightened to see their Younger population was going to Trump rallies and loved what they saw there ... so IE , Trump acts just like a big mouthed Rude Kid and the kids of all colors like that and think it's funny ... Trump is the perfect internet Troll and the kids who grew up thinking that's fun and games are attracted to Trump .. then throw in the well known Hispanic and Gangsta types Male propensity to see Machismo as the right way to live ,which is a strong macho manly-take-charge behavior ... so of course anyone who sees life that way is going to be attracted to Trumps big Mouth Macho Man routine ... so lets be real here ...this is'nt a story about how we shouldn't see the Latino and Black communities as some monolithic voting block .... the REAL Story here is the Black and Latino community have just as many uniformed morons who fell for Trumps outrageous lies as the White community did ... so this just tells us what we already knew , America has a Huge population of Morons walking around and voting against their own present and future interests ..

    TheMobileHomesteadTheMobileHomesteadHace 18 días
  • I am a Mexican and have seen many of my people who are so racist towards many people, I don't understand it, I hate it, and I always pointed out to them or my self if I hear myself saying something that I later understand it is racist. In Mexico many people feel above others because they have a little bit more than others, and feel threatened if they see people who they perceive as less getting ahead. Usually the people who bring up legal immigration is ok but not illegall immigration are people who were lucky to have the means ($) to do it that way.

    jf Viramontesjf ViramontesHace 18 días
  • Trevor has the best guests on his show. I've never been disappointed.

    Michelle KingMichelle KingHace 18 días
  • Duh, white people vote Trump. The ones that don't vibe white don't do that. Except for Cubans but the US sent for Cuba's fascists and they got them. Edit: Oh sht! Trevor hit it. @6:14 some of them can smell that potential whiteness waiting for them if they only act "right."

    Shareef TaylorShareef TaylorHace 18 días
  • We need to start talking about POLITICS and PROGRAMS that HELP everybody and funnily enough, on many issues, almost 80% of people agree on a certain policy, yet elections always go down the wire and people are DIVIDED into equally powerless parts, seems almost to be by design...

    Bruno StraubBruno StraubHace 18 días
  • Here's the elephant in the room that no-one talks about, but that Trevor Noah touched on that the beginning: Hispanics don't necessarily want to see more Hispanics coming into the country, and competing with them for jobs. They Want Trump to keep out more Hispanics, so they won't be undercut in the job market. There's no solidarity among them, and Hispanics from one country may despise Hispanics that come from another country. They may hate Trump, but they hate more people flooding in and taking their jobs even more....

    MaskedMarvylMaskedMarvylHace 19 días
  • His name sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Sorry, it's late.....

    MaskedMarvylMaskedMarvylHace 19 días
  • 5:35 Trevor's face when Geraldo said that he wanted to talk to him about this stuff.

    Cj LiuCj LiuHace 19 días
  • Very thought-provoking discussion and good observations. Same arguments can be made for other minority groups, such as African Americans or Asian Americans. Even the caucasians are different from one another. The truth is that every one is different. We all have our own issues that are important to us. That's why these campaigns should focus much more on issues, less on race.

    Certain PersonCertain PersonHace 19 días
  • Spanish and mexicans face oppression they were slave owners on top of their religion Catholicism is ran by whites they pray white jesus and believe in Guadalupe who also is a white portrayed women that gave birth to a man in Africa tho and living in California I been to many Catholic services and seen nothing but white fathers

    fitness_with _boobiefitness_with _boobieHace 19 días
  • Alot of hindo Indians think they are white also and vote republican just so they can fit in

    Aaron AverheartAaron AverheartHace 19 días
  • There’s Latinos and there are Cubans from Florida. “I’m in dry land now, I don’t care about other immigrants send them back” smh

    Andres SosaAndres SosaHace 19 días
  • Latin X is a piggyback term off of black African American people it's sad we have to do that smfh

    Jay CeeJay CeeHace 19 días
  • here's where I think Democrats are faltering: I feel like they take the Latino support for granted during elections - thinking majority will automatically vote for them just because they're Democrats. like no, you can't think of them as a monolith - there are so many different ethnicities with differing values/view points. like you'll probably have a harder time convincing Cubans than Mexicans about Democratic policies because of their (understandable) fears about Communism. Dems need to do their research and learn how to appeal to specific demographics/ethnicities that Republicans have learned to do so well in. get on the ground and talk to them during town meetings. show-up to show you value & respect their time, and listen to what they have to say on not just big issues, but smaller ones as well. don't get lazy and just take things for granted. yes, majority of Latinos are Dems, but best believe Republicans are going to try to ante-up their support in the Latino community these next 4 years - especially in S. FL where they've gained surprising ground with Cubans & Venezuelans

    Cel TicCel TicHace 19 días