Bruce Springsteen - Spiritual Songwriting & “Letter to You” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

27 oct 2020
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Bruce Springsteen breaks down his story-first approach to songwriting, shares his reaction to people misinterpreting his music and weighs in on the upcoming election. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BruceSpringsteen
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  • Good man!

    Gabriella TravalineGabriella TravalineHace 9 horas
  • Bruce is awesome.

    Rob JonesRob JonesHace 5 días
  • Ive always loved how he sees his music as a way to view this country in all ways. Politically. Socially. But also the joy and goofiness of our lives.

    A geek's adventures! woohoo!A geek's adventures! woohoo!Hace 6 días
  • Thank you for the gift of your music that challenges the listener. I loved the insight that your music holds contradictory ideas; just another reason your music is so compelling. I'm glad you won't have to move. I would however suggest, race problems in Australia are on par if not worse than ours. A sad truth.

    Anne StricherzAnne StricherzHace 9 días
  • 2 amazing men with incredible smiles 😍

    Irish CladdaghIrish CladdaghHace 9 días
  • I had difficulty appreciating his music in his early days. I thought he was too cliched, too much into trite memes of rock 'n roll. The songs were good, though, and over the years he showed himself to be for real, that those cliches mean something. Plus, he doesn't hide his struggles and mistakes. I only saw him once. It was a campaign event for John Kerry in 2004. He did Promised Land and No Retreat, No Surrender - both acoustic, no band. It was so from the heart it sank-in deeply, even though I was about 200 yards away. I know from the low-talent end of the music spectrum what it takes for someone to reach the level he has, and the fact that he has stayed there so long is a testament to his quality as a person and as a musician.

    John HamiltonJohn HamiltonHace 9 días
  • I will write your rap or rnb lyrics

    Kavindu LankawarnaKavindu LankawarnaHace 10 días
  • I love the show Trevor. I think Bruce didn't stand. Thanks for doing this.

    dw davisdw davisHace 11 días
  • Trevor's such a cool guy, which made it really sweet to see he was a little over-awed talking to The Boss.

    Chris DunnChris DunnHace 11 días
  • You have been a truth teller. Bruce you have been all those things.

    MariaMariaHace 14 días
  • Road trip to West Virginia straight through singing with Bruce. Will never forget!

    CathyCathyHace 14 días
  • “A spiritual songwriter” so beautiful BuT he’s ALWAYS been A spiritual songwriter!!!! He just didn’t know it. Beautiful and the best there ever was. Thank you Bruce. ❤️

    Luis MorenoLuis MorenoHace 16 días
  • Born in the U.S.A. is a study in irony. The driving beat and possibly jingoistic title and the devastation it is exposes. If you don't listen to the lyrics, you'll never get it.

    MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)Hace 17 días
  • Wow I'm an amateur musician/beginner singer/songwriter so seeing that room he is in...I think I'd give a kidney for one decent guitar or one nice sound cable! ❤️

    kellytirkellytirHace 17 días
  • I wish I could get in my car and drive from Nashville to NJ and play Bruce the song I wrote about him.

    Dale ShannonDale ShannonHace 19 días
  • Adrenochrome

    A,JA,JHace 19 días
  • Have you ever noticed that almost every Springsteen song has violence in it? Some of it is real, some imagined and some is used as a metaphor but it's there in all his songs. I find it interesting because he has said many times that Communism could work if it was instituted properly! So here you have a far left artist who uses violent imagery to portray his vision of America and is anti-authoritarisam unless of course its a Democrat telling you what to do. Sigh.

    Paul MurphyPaul MurphyHace 20 días
  • What an absolutely horrible album, we laughed all day doing imitations the Springsteen. You could take anything and turn it into a ballad. It's over Bruce, you can't go home again.

    VilkasVilkasHace 20 días
  • Fantastic interview~

    Dennis RDennis RHace 21 un día
  • Believe it or not, this humble rancher can relate to you Bruce. Stay on the path.

    Daniel G.Daniel G.Hace 21 un día
  • I just love that he’s letting him talk as long as needed to express his ideas (I am a huge Bruce fan). I also love that he’s wearing a orange hoodie, as everyone, and not a suit and tie. Trevor is the best !

    Tata SuzanneTata SuzanneHace 22 días
  • He looks so go for 71. Roger Daltrey from The Who said “Use or lose it” Bruce is still using it at 71. I have always loved his music. I do miss Clarence though.

    robyn deddensrobyn deddensHace 22 días
  • Bruce embodies everything the world likes about the USA.

    Orest MakarOrest MakarHace 22 días
    • I never thought about it that way, but you are right! :-)

      Susanne StrubSusanne StrubHace 20 días
  • His works deserve more than just some musical awards- i.e., Nobel Prize in Literature.

    上仲保順上仲保順Hace 22 días
  • He is ageless. Life attitude is everything.

    Sophia LahenSophia LahenHace 22 días
  • Hello Bruce,you write history.🤞 Amazing what you do for People 🎸. I was just looking th video with your FRIEND STING. SUPPERRRRR!! Every Breath you take......Two People constently fingting for PEACE 🕊️⚖️🕊️.

    Josephine StabelJosephine StabelHace 23 días
  • I love you, Bruce Springsteen. Always have and always will! You are Awesomeness 🙏❤️

    Susan BertoliniSusan BertoliniHace 24 días
  • Spirituality is your softer side..your intuitive side.❤️

    Lori SanchezLori SanchezHace 24 días
  • Bruce age is just a number are AMAZING...your creativity is unmeasured and being as humble as you are...makes you human and one of us on some level. Love you!❤️

    Lori SanchezLori SanchezHace 24 días
  • Bruce is still a bad ass!! Love how you can tell how much he feels it... like a spirit in the night

    wolfs visionwolfs visionHace 25 días
  • I’ve been listening to Bruce since I was a pre teen in our home. What a man. When I listen, I have always evaluated the lyrics to really centralize what he’s communicating to the people. Thank you for your years of raw and real music.

    Susan MacaulaySusan MacaulayHace 25 días
  • Bruce 👍🎸🎼🎶🎵🎸💝💝🎵❤🎵🎵🎵

    Farida BecharFarida BecharHace 26 días
  • Dance in the kitchen? Absolutely, when no one is looking.

    Kristine B. McAnellyKristine B. McAnellyHace 26 días
  • I've loved Bruce since he came on the seen 😍 love you man keep on keeping on i appreciate you, your always uplifting 💙 love you to Trevor

    Catherine PrausCatherine PrausHace 27 días
  • How ironic, American skin was the Bruce Springsteen song I heard and its always been one of my favorite works of his.

    PhatBoyzClubPhatBoyzClubHace 27 días
  • Bye bye!! Nobody cares about Hollywood. It's ALL fake. The women, men, fashion, attitude, and lifestyles are ALL made around an image that doesn't exist. None of it matters. Hollywood egos have corrupted their minds. Get A Clue you knuckleheads. Y'all Don't Matter. You Don't Control Crap. Our Country will be better off when you leave and don't come back, ever.

    Zero OneZero OneHace 28 días
  • Hope Australia likes him.adios

    Danny HarrisDanny HarrisHace 29 días
    • The American people have spoken. Bruce isn't going anywhere.

      Andrew WesleyAndrew WesleyHace 24 días
    • can New Zealand have second dibs

      Dennis StokesDennis StokesHace 28 días
  • King Hassan II « An old man is not the one whose body has aged, but rather whose mind has aged.»

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace 29 días
  • Happiness is cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway in a Dodge Charger, listening to "Letter To You." I truly feel that seventies vibe. How the hell was it even possible for him to record those songs today? It's truly awesome. I never expected such a great album in 2020!

    Christopher KahnChristopher KahnHace 29 días
    • @Lost Z Thanks. I will check out the documentary after the election, if there is no civil war.

      Christopher KahnChristopher KahnHace 25 días
    • Hey bro, it's all in the documentary on Apple TV if you get a chance check it out. He makes it look painless. The whole band is playing together live on all the songs in the studio. Or just allow the mystery to keep you intrigued and drive that Dodge Charger up the PCH. I wish I could do that. . .

      Lost ZLost ZHace 25 días
  • Bruce I love the music dancing in the dark ❤🥰🇧🇷

    Roseli CamargosRoseli CamargosHace 29 días
  • Bruce Springsteen « Adulthood has many unanswered questions. So I let the mystery settle in my music. I don't affirm anything. I confirm nothing. I just live with. »

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace 29 días
  • Bruce the best...ever. Trevor the best always!!!!

    Rosemary VanCleafRosemary VanCleafHace 29 días
  • Donald Trump is the best president USA since late Abraham Lincoln

    ludovic st-martinludovic st-martinHace un mes
  • Yo

    ludovic st-martinludovic st-martinHace un mes
  • Olá....Boa Noite Pelo o amor de Deus...não estou acreditando no quê estou vendo ! Me ajude por favor...preciso ver o Bruce, falar com ele...caso ele queria, é claro! Sonho com essa possibilidade a muitos anos...Qdo ele souber o porquê, talvez possa me entender. Diz pra ele que eu o conheço a muitos e muitos anos...espero que possa traduzir o idioma. Bruce.... Te amo meu bj meu no seu coração.... Me ajude Daily show

    Marcia OliveiraMarcia OliveiraHace un mes
  • Also, great for him coming on the show!

    Seffi ShestopalSeffi ShestopalHace un mes
  • He does not look 71!

    Seffi ShestopalSeffi ShestopalHace un mes
  • 0:15 .... A-g-r-e-e-d! how well he put it that young man Trevor. How well he put it.

    Lasse GivoniLasse GivoniHace un mes
  • trevor is really interested in life and other humans experience of it. he’s south african. he knows what humility and empathy is. that’s a result of coming from a zero bull-shit place. it counts.

    Andrew MakinAndrew MakinHace un mes
  • universal [hu]man

    Andrew MakinAndrew MakinHace un mes
  • Springsteen lost half of America! His music once fantastic isn't so fantastic anymore. Don't mix politics with your craft it's a money loser. America won't be persuaded by Rocker Bruce Springsteen or Junky Stevie Nicks, Hollywood or fake news CNN, MSNBC, Trevor.

    The Firm 09The Firm 09Hace un mes
    • The American people say otherwise

      Andrew WesleyAndrew WesleyHace 24 días
  • The best😘The boss

    lucia maria da silva oliveiralucia maria da silva oliveiraHace un mes
  • Bruce, you all gonna leave the country if Trump wins. Oh that's right your already left in NJ. Chris Christie is your biggest fan lol. You ain't no "boss", Trump is boss

    Sagest KSagest KHace un mes
  • Nice interview... "Yessss!"

    Ade RaAde RaHace un mes
  • Old Bruce is starting to look like Dale Gribble on King of the Hill cartoons!

    Whatsa MattayooWhatsa MattayooHace un mes
  • This comment is purely anecdotal, and certainly not as important as the content of this interview but has anyone else noticed Trevor's accent has become distinctly more American? Probably not so strange as it's common to acquire characteristics of the way people speak depending upon where you live.

    Sonya SnyderSonya SnyderHace un mes
  • Springsteen, your demented comments concerning our great President Trump and First Lady, demonstrate how truly washed up you are. If you're any kind of man , leave our great country, when our President is absolutely re-elected. But I suspect you are a stinking coward, who won't go anywhere. TRUMP/PENCE 20201 and beyond!!!

    Don TraylorDon TraylorHace un mes
  • 71? NFW! Bruce looks to be like 50 at most! Bruce you are THE BOSS!

    Evan ABEvan ABHace un mes
  • Great Voice, Great American, Great Human

    TheJedistoneTheJedistoneHace un mes
  • "We're here to sooth your soul through troubled times a little bit, if we can." You've done that for me since I was a teen. I've loved your music for 30 years, and you still speak to my soul. Thank you Bruce. I hope to see you live in SA again - that concert in 2014 was right up there with Best Life Experiences! Stay safe. Keep rocking.

    Jennifer MorrisJennifer MorrisHace un mes
  • Me too

    Otilia CradockOtilia CradockHace un mes
  • Terrific .thank you. What beautiful and talented people.

    Alicia M.Alicia M.Hace un mes
  • can't believe the BOSS is 71, he looks great! Still working, he really loves his job...

    Mary NewmanMary NewmanHace un mes
  • What a fascinating man Bruce Springsteen is!

    Elizabeth RElizabeth RHace un mes
  • Couple of complete idiots right here!!!

  • Tina from Ks🌻

    Tina OhlroggeTina OhlroggeHace un mes
  • Oh, go back to sleep Springstein. No one listens to your frog croaking songs anymore. The 14 year olds dug you in the 80’s, but this is 2020. You look like Joe Biden’s twin.

    finster909finster909Hace un mes
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    Gary AidenGary AidenHace un mes
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    Rush AidenRush AidenHace un mes
  • Springsteen is 71 ? Damn. The Boss looks good for 71!

    Chinedu OparaChinedu OparaHace un mes
  • God, this makes me miss going to Springsteen concerts. The world needs those now more than anything.

    Patrick DuganPatrick DuganHace un mes
  • This is one of the best interview I have seen with The Boss. Good job!!!

    sgarcia37sgarcia37Hace un mes
  • Hey I enjoy your interviews. You do so much research to prepare and it shows since you do such a great job. Could you do an interview or segment(s) on police procedures and protocols and laws like why a person would be arrested for certain things. You educate on so much and with the protest against police brutality I think it is important to understand what should be happening. Please and thank you for reading.

    Tanya WaltersTanya WaltersHace un mes
  • Love You Bruce, greetings from Salzburg, Austria (Europe)!

    Tom HahnlTom HahnlHace un mes
  • Biden Destroyed

    Dakshesh 172Dakshesh 172Hace un mes
  • 🤩

    Amanda GAmanda GHace un mes
  • What a legend!

    Karen SwanepoelKaren SwanepoelHace un mes
  • 5 C

    X SX SHace un mes
  • Two anti-American cowards talking. The first Bruce, supporting rape in NY subways, it's not touching him! Trevor is not back in South Africa where he RAN from real danger and loves to say how bad America is. Coward!!

    Justin NJustin NHace un mes
  • He's still the Boss!

    Jos NijstenJos NijstenHace un mes

    Quwen SyceQuwen SyceHace un mes
  • Very good question about the Born In The USA Song.

    Sam BruceSam BruceHace un mes
  • This just made my day 😍 While hanging the laundry, actually 💪

    Bibi BrinBibi BrinHace un mes
  • In trying to describing self made up people that in various ranges always flourish in our societies, there is evidently to consider, elites and elites... and elites... There are definitely elites in peoples gifted with true talents, for also they have into their works, honest and integral considerations with love, passion and perseverance... And there are beside as well, elites peoples with only full of hot air, that perseverance into convincing will somewhat imposed the appearance that they are gifted in any form of fashion. This host person here in his own (hot air amplifying)words within describing the grand in Bruce Springfield's personality: - "...I think that is one of the most fascinating things about you, is that you - you refer to it as a job.." - (composing and performing songs) In deed, THAT'S fascinating from Bruce! (hum, according to this host) (But then in other hand, some peoples could interpreted this sort of praising comment, simply as "professionally licking a$$" of a celebrity")

    PoliticoCircusPoliticoCircusHace un mes
  • He looks incredibly good!

    Leone MilanLeone MilanHace un mes
  • Bruce I'm your biggest super fan... your music is America

    just me11just me11Hace un mes
  • The BRUCE!! xxx

    sky bluesky blueHace un mes
  • I freely say I Love Bruce Springsteen. I've been a fan all of my life. My favorite songs are Secret Garden and Human Touch. But, somehow it shocks me that he is 71 years old. I loved everything he had to say including about interpreting his songs. I was thankful when he released American Skin - but to this day it breaks my soul to hear it. I am also very proud to be American but I have no doubt that we have such a long way to go to achieve the dream of this nation.

    JillJillHace un mes
  • I really haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about who Bruce is as a person. I just like listening to Trevor talk to different people. This was such a wonderful interview, and Bruce had so many great things to say! He got himself another fan.

    Processes Of BecomingProcesses Of BecomingHace un mes
  • some of troah's interviews are quite good, i like bruce's music alot, but absolutely don't understand what this interview was supposed to be good for. total waste of my time.

    DichtsauDichtsauHace un mes
  • I remember so well the actual day i first heard a Bruce song it was 35yrs ago & hes still one of my faves

    KateKateHace un mes
  • What to expect if Joe Biden is elected? 1- Massive investment to contain Covid-19 2- Raising taxes for the wealthiest people 3- Minimum wage doubled 4- Financing of the health and retirement system on the highest incomes 5- Reinforcement of social aid to finance studies 6- Capital tax increase 7- Increasing tax rates on corporate profits 8- Dedicating $2 trillion to the fight against global warming

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace un mes
  • He's so modest! I can't believe he's 71! Even though I just turned 65, which is hard enough to grasp. But Springsteen?!?! I'm actually crying, remembering concerts in Austin, my girlfriend and me in our nosebleed seats and dancing. It's good to loosen to him talk. I never have heard him chat before.

    Donna SnyderDonna SnyderHace un mes
  • Trevor is a killer interviewer, in quality of writing and in presentation.

    countdebleauchampcountdebleauchampHace un mes
  • I think it was Dostoievski who said: "Write about your village and you´ll be writing about the world". That´s the reason why Bruce´s songs are universal and loved by everyone - that and, of course, his talent in telling stories. I´ve been a huge fan for more than 30 years and his music has been with me in good and hard times. I´m only sorry because when I met him I couldn´t say everything I wanted to - I just couldn´t: I was petrified. Shame on me. Thanks for everything, Bruce! Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil!

    vitordragonvitordragonHace un mes
    • would love to meet him too, and 100% positive I would freeze in the moment. Probably just cry and get a humble thank you past my lips.

      Dann JacobsonDann JacobsonHace un mes
  • Thank you Bruce... Always perfect now and forever...💖

    daisy daydaisy dayHace un mes
  • jus last night after I put my old lady to bed I came across his song "cant start a fire without a spark" and I jus find myself starting to dance, and i forget everything, I feel free and alive..and this was 11pm in the night!!..Love this guy 💘 💘

    Jacqueline BryanJacqueline BryanHace un mes
  • What a load of pretentious crap love his music but he's better at singing than talking

    fisher kingfisher kingHace un mes