Alicia Garza - Drawing the Road Map for Black Lives Matter | The Daily Social Distancing Show

24 oct 2020
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Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza discusses the personal reason she became interested in activism, recounts a visit the FBI just made to her home and digs into the importance of tangible political agendas in “The Purpose of Power.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AliciaGarza
To help World Central Kitchen serve food to people in voting lines, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities where voting lines are historically longer, go to
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  • BLM is the most popular hate organization in the world.

    Parker GabrielParker GabrielHace 3 días
  • This woman is responsible for Republican wins in 2020. "Defund police" was the stupidest message to project during an election year. We need MORE police in major cities. And beat cops. The increase in crime has been huge in the past 4 years. Alicia is clueless when it comes to society, which is pathetic.

    E. SutherlandE. SutherlandHace 11 días
  • Great interview. One thing that I wish more Americans would consider is that votes aren't "given", votes are made. It is not a favor, it is a duty of every citizen. We are the rulers of this country and we rule through votes. It is not up to us who runs, it is up to us who we think should be given the responsibility to represent us out of those who run. Let's not look at votes as "favors" to be given in return for stuff. It is our responsibility to choose and we should treat it as such.

    S LitvinS LitvinHace 19 días
  • She is against the Black Nuclear Family, She aint for us chief. Stop using the Black men's body you hate as fuel for your agenda

    MultiDicemanMultiDicemanHace 20 días
  • Two UNGRATEFUL person TN & Alicia Garza,

    Andryan TassyAndryan TassyHace 21 un día
  • This is my fantasy WIFE...

    NotYourTypicalNegroNotYourTypicalNegroHace 24 días
  • Unfortunately her policies are and have been the path to hell worldwide- BLM radicals have killed dozens of people in just 2020. its a sad marxist movement and a literal path to hell

    Joe StetzJoe StetzHace 24 días
  • Seriously? She’s a Marxist!

    Hello Good MorningHello Good MorningHace 26 días
  • This woman is living in a fantasy land.

    Don RossDon RossHace 27 días
  • Why are black people so racist, I've been black for 60 years, I don't get it. I've lived a good life, made plenty of money, I lived well. And nobody gave me anything, I worked hard and made good choices in life. I just get along with people, So once again, why are black people so racist today?

    Don RossDon RossHace 27 días
  • 5 C

    X SX SHace 28 días
  • Wow I was so excited to see Alicia Garza as his guest. Can't wait to read the book.

    Rachelle GrayRachelle GrayHace 28 días
  • Fake news

    Rich DillonRich DillonHace 28 días
  • insane blm activists using racial slurs and intimidation tactics

    cagey Bcagey BHace 28 días
  • ALMOST FOOLED ? ~ In 2008, Will Smith starred in a movie called Seven Pounds. In the movie, Will Smith's character named Ben Thomas done a lot of GOOD THINGS ! He RESCUES an elderly woman who is being MISTREATED ! He HELPS a woman who is being PHYSICALLY ABUSED ! He GIVES his BEACH HOUSE away ! He DONATES part of his ORGAN ! He DONATES his HEART ! He DONATES his EYES ! Wow ! With all the GOOD THINGS he was doing, the movie can easily make the viewer OVERLOOK the sin of LYING and the sin of FORNICATING and the sin of SUICIDE he is DOING ! Yes, unless one LOOKS CLOSER, the movie can even FOOL the MOST SEASONED of us CHRISTIANS ! Wow ! Check this out : The Bible says, for there shall arise FALSE Christs, and FALSE prophets, and shall shew GREAT signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall DECEIVE the VERY ELECT. Wait a minute ! Hold up ! In the scripture above, WHO does Jesus say could be DECEIVED in the last days ? Jesus said, the VERY ELECT could be DECEIVED in the last days ! Huh ? What ? Wow ! You gotta get this : Jesus didn't say, just the NEW UNLEARNED Christian could be DECEIVED in the last days ! Nope, not at all ! Jesus said, even the VERY ELECT Christian could be DECEIVED in the last days ! Meaning, even the Christian who has been CAREFULLY SELECTED and has been CAREFULLY CHOSEN ! Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! Christians LISTEN ! Christians TAKE HEED ! The group Black Lives Matter SEEMS to CARE ! Yes, they SEEM to be doing a lot of GOOD THINGS ! But, Christians LOOK DEEPER ! They're owners are three LESBIAN women the are very outspoken for LESBIAN RIGHTS ! They promote VANDALISM ! They promote LOOTING ! The promote HATE ! They promote UNFORGIVENESS ! They promote SINFUL LIFESTYLES ! Yet, so many people are jumping onboarding with this Black Lives Matter MOVEMENT ! Listen, Black Lives Matter is an EVIL SINFILLED organization ! They are NOT a Christian MOVEMENT ! Nope, not at all ! They are NOT Christ-like ! My Bible says, ye shall KNOW THEM by THEIR FRUITS ! And, THEIR FRUITS are BAD ! Christians, DONT BE FOOLED !

    Aaron Cortez ThomasAaron Cortez ThomasHace 28 días
  • 💯💯💯💯✊🏾

    Chad RandolphChad RandolphHace 28 días
  • Blacks for years have gottenextra consideration. Now they just want gibbs me dat. Sad.

    Last DitchLast DitchHace 28 días
  • Love her! Can’t wait to read

    Joy WigginsJoy WigginsHace 29 días
  • Trump hasn't done much? Here is just a small list of MANY, MANY more items. Feel free to add. Some are pre-covid but are still accomplishments. Started travel restrictions only 10 days after China reported Covid-19. He was labeled xenophobic. Created 6.7 million jobs. Record-low unemployed of 3.5%. Lowest unemployed ever for Blacks, Hispanics, women. Rebuilt and re-funded our Military. Highest stock market avg record of 29,551. Unemployed veterans reduced by 40%. 7 million off food stamps, down 14.8%. Median household income up 2.3%. Signed Jobs Act. Signed MANY antidiscrimination acts and legislation that protects minorities and LGBTQ rights. Enacted largest tax cuts in US history. Rolled back job-killing regulations. Appointed Richard Grenell (openly gay) as ambassador to Germany. Operation Legend Abraham Accord Defeated Issis USMCA 1st time since 1930s energy independent. Withdrew from Paris Climate Accord saved America $3 TRILLION. Created National Public Safety Partnership. Appointed more than 150 federal judges. Enacted the Veterans Choice program. Signed Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. Signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act. NATO pays more on defense spending. Recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and moved US embassy there. Signed Right-to-Try. Signed VA Choice Act. Imposed tariffs on foreign steel/aluminum. $250 million a year for historic black colleges and universities. Signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. Signed Save Our Seas Act. Created Opertunity Zones. Signed 1st Step Act.

    Jayb 1961Jayb 1961Hace 29 días
  • Amazing lady. Thanks for having her on, and thanks to her for her devotion to making a better world.

    Jeff MillerJeff MillerHace 29 días
  • All lives matter not just black lives.

    james villegasjames villegasHace 29 días
  • Trevor stay off your cell phone or Ipad, it's obvious you're checking messages and texting. Stop. Be polite to your guest!

    N SN SHace 29 días
  • Trevor Noah has NEVER attended a BLM march.

    First LastFirst LastHace 29 días
  • They kick citizens in the head while handcuffed in Shreveport.

    tarichar8tarichar8Hace 29 días
  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Neo PunkNeo PunkHace 29 días
  • Please get Kemi Bedenoch on here ...

    who knowswho knowsHace 29 días

    Cecilia RiveraCecilia RiveraHace 29 días
  • Thank you for clarifying that Trayvon Martin was not killed by a police officer. It was wrong that George got off for murdering that kid. They need to work on black on black crime not just cops. They also need to work on black people being racist towards white people. Black people are going to have a hard time moving forward when they say a person is too white or speak white when its English or professionally. Or down a black person for being in relationships with white people or calling them sell outs. This is being racist and its wrong. We can't move forward together when there is so much racism on both sides. Black lives matter but so do all lives. I hope at some point we can move forward as people and not races.

    Tanya WaltersTanya WaltersHace 29 días
    • White people need to work on white on white crime 😂; "racism" is centered around power youre misusing the word youre thinking of prejudice and I agree. There is prejudice in the black community though it is a reaction, it's the effort of the unpowered to feel less powerless that's the source of the prejudice when it comes to some people in the black community, that prejudice would dissolve if there was equality Also to your "all lives matter" argument , no ones saying that 'only' BlackLivesMatter it's always been that BlackLivesMatter 'too ' so stop the strawman and stop distracting from the goal by enabling the victimizers

      T danT danHace 29 días
  • 0.001255% of police officers in the U.S. are involved with a fatal shooting of some kind each year. The news is lying to you. This narrative is false. 99% of the people killed by the police were actively fighting the police at the time. It is incredibly rare to get into violence with the police and only increases if you already believe you will and act more aggressively because of it. These people are the problem. Fuck them.

    Dr. Hawking ChairDr. Hawking ChairHace 29 días
  • Why are you blatantly supporting Marxists?

    Conor O’BrienConor O’BrienHace 29 días
  • Wow! A brilliant woman! Love listening to her intelligence ❤️

    Vic-vic Rodriguez-krahlVic-vic Rodriguez-krahlHace un mes
  • Alicia Garza is beautiful.

    Dorian GreyDorian GreyHace un mes
  • Only 9 unarmed black people were killed by cops in the US in all of 2019.. yet 17 people died as a direct result of protests in just the first 15 days after George Floyd was killed. (source Washington Post) For those wanting to ACTUALLY LISTEN to #blackvoices, watch these 2 conversations with black men who wildly disagree with the #blacklivesmatter organization: Dr. Shelby Steele Ke Cassells from Queens

    Peter FelicianoPeter FelicianoHace un mes
  • BLM. The most racist and fascist movement causing the most destruction I’ve seen in my life.

    Clark8241Clark8241Hace un mes
  • According to AP and Reuters the support for BLM has dropped down to 39%. The support among African Americans dropped by 20%. Unfortunately, there were some subgroups whose engagement with the public beard resemblance to what happened at Evergreen College. Since BLM is de facto “leaderless” it wasn’t able to distance itself from the radicalism by some of its followers... something that Fox News and Trump used this to their advantage to paint this as the next Marxist revolution coming to the suburbs. It’s unfortunate... A few months ago I listened to Travis in conversation with one of the BLM founders, when the movement was at its height. I remember him asking for concrete examples on how people could support the movement. No concrete response was provided - instead some story about the BLM co- founder having made Natalie Portman aware of her white privilege... I mean really? And now the “Breathe Act” is being referenced as an achievement. But It has not passed yet- and there is no update on the current status. Again, no word on concrete steps one can take. Instead it’s the same Glamour magazine style philanthropic self promotion. She could have used the time to emphasize the importance of peaceful protesting, and make clear that BLM didn’t support destructive behavior. While this is clear to most of the supporters- it’s not clear to the remaining 61%, who no longer support the movement. But i guess the point for the interview was the promotion of her new book. That is great... but how do you have time to “organize” a movement while writing a book? Appreciate the efforts to conduct a survey to figure out that black communities were suffering from low wages, lack of affordable healthcare and housing... but how did she not know that? Seriously - BLM at times feels like some marketing professionals got together and started leading a movement focused on symbolism, slogans, PR & content creation - without any understanding of actual community needs and organizing as well as unintended consequences of messaging such as “defunding the police”... if she would have spoken to actual community leaders from black communities plagued by high crime and poverty rates- she would have chosen a different language and tactics. But no - instead she made the rounds with photo-ops and press interviews.

    Aya BAya BHace un mes
    • Well said, this was a scam from day one. Unfortunately, racism went from a crime to a successful business model which they took advantage of. They have done absolutely nothing for POC and anyone that questions them is immediately labelled as a racist. These people are being compared to Mandela, Malcom X and Martin Luther King yet they signing 6 figure contracts with talent agencies, where do you have time to work with Warner Bros if you are a so called hardcore activist fighting for the rights of black people? Can you imagine Malcom X signing a deal to work for Netflix while he supposedly claims to be a human rights activist...

      First name Last nameFirst name Last nameHace 29 días
  • When I start this I didn't realize how long it would be, but I'd appreciate it if you'd indulge me. I'd guess it to be only about 1 or 2 minutes long. The BLM movements leaders must unite with all of the other movements as one. BML, Sunrise, AbortionRights, Peoples Rights, are all divisionalizing the attack on the common ills. It's all so segmented that it could well fall short of expectations of any of these, not to mention that it's just bad economics for all of these fund raising campaigns. Another issue is that merely presenting one's self on the street, in media, or behind a phone as I am now, appears to the oppressive aggressor as nothing more than squawking, and that holds a lot of truth. Many in the movements for social justice are of the opinion that if they yell enough, loud enough and often and regularly enough, the oppressor will agree to change. They may, but that doesn't provide for long term lasting change. There are laws that have to be abolished and new ones written in every state city and town. Theres Legislation to be written and passed into law, and there are constitutional ammdndments that must pass all three branches of government. Then there's that all too important lobbying of government. All requiring expertise in multiple disciplines, and money. The latter is far more easily obtained if every interested party is involved in the same thing. That brings me to the following: In my mind there is 98% of the population that is effected by the rise of fascism in American. Fascism? Yes, Oligarthic Fascism; get to know your real enemies. There are none of us that reside in the USofA who are considered the working class whether actively employed or not, regardless of all those things that keep us divided who aren't directly affected by the social injustices perpetrated on another of us. One of the reasons the unions and the overall labor movement has failed so dismissally over the past four decades, is that there is a separate union for every type of job out there, or none at all. Were it that there was but one union representing the all of labors 98% throughout the industrialized USofA the effect would then always be the threat to any industries attempt of corrosive treatment on their employees in that that would instigate a nationwide labor strike on all of industry. That just might set one industry against the other, which would surely benefit labor. Realize that labor is a market commodity just as profits are, the difference is that time trumps (sorry) profit. For that reason labor unions should be brought into the equation. The issue of black lives matter is not just police murders of black people, but rather the entirety of governmental fascism through political neoliberalism that requires the downtrodding and dedregation of a segment of society so as to make the rest feel a bit better about their own meager circumstances within society. The fascist 2% element starts with one segment of society, makes it acceptable/the norm, but they eventually get around to everyone else they consider expendable. On that subject I'd refer anyone interested to German Episcopal Rev. Martin Moeller's prose he wrote in 1946 after WWll; an internet search of his name will get you there. It's so powerful, that it's posted in stone and metal plaques on government and memorial buildings around the world. Any movement for the justice which is the foundation of liberty and democracy, is the movement of all, for all; numbers mean something. In that respect, I'll point to the absolute necessity of the 2%'s recruitment of white supremist and white nationalist by and for those fascist through the likes of Trump as their army and civil spokespersons for the glory of fascism. Our enemy relies on shallow thought, ours must rely on the voice of all, and the only way that voice will resound to their defeat is if we, all of us, who believe in justice and democracy for all, come together under one banner in mass. I swear, someone in leadership of one of BLM's movements must reach out not only to the others, but to those other diversified movements such as Labor Union's, Churches, Veterans Organizations; any and all who are in any way representative of the vast 98% of America's working class people. I can see where doing so just might change the minds of those people opposing BML, we're they made aware that they're being suppressed in the same way. Knowledge is power. Our public school system over the past 40 years for the most part has been reduced to nothing more than a mechanism for producing wage slaves, or through deprivation, a poorer and poverty class of citizen. To be brutally honest, If one segment of society be it a race, sexual preference, creed, or for that matter the International Society of Nose Pickers, presents a grievance nationally, it can easily be dismissed as a minority against everyone else. That is happening with BML, climate change and all of the other serious issues of our times because they can be written off as the minorities minor issues, irrelevant to the all over all. But should the vast majority of the nation's citizenry were to stand behind an issue the powers that be must take them seriously. Shhh☝, we the 98 hold the real power. The reason we're held back and down is because they are scared shitless of us taking control of our destinies. Truth. As a pinkish sort of guy BLM had my support some 63 years ago growing up in St. Louis. I was fortunate to gain acceptance to an adult high school program at Offallon Tech through efforts of my 7th grade teacher, and who throughout her life my mentor. She's dearly missed. Offallon Tech was located in a predominantly black and low income white area. To get to class ment taking 3 different buses through several marginalized enclaves.. My mom didn't own a car. On the way I was also fortunate; perhaps more fortunate than some pinkish kids to meet a lot of people I'd have never met otherwise. The differences were obvious on the surface to all of us; skin tone of course, but also age, accents, dress, work weary, or with bubbling anticipation of the adventure at the destination to come. I meet folks who despite those differences took me into their confidences, and accepted mind. The age differences between I and most of them brought me fathers I didn't have, extended mothers, aunts, uncles and those all too precious grandparents. They provided me with advice, encouragement, and yes at 12 yrs old a certain amount of security inwardly as well as outwardly, and those led to social interactions beyond the buses that carried us to our destinations. Yes indeed, I've been a fortunate son. The gist of this story is that we must come to the logically agreement that we are going to talk with one another, tell our stories and listen intently to the others inorder to find our more prevelant common ground against an insidious enemy that is within our society Who affects us all pretty much the same, and come to agree on our common purpose, and how to move forward. This November's elections no matter how they go is not the all-be-all by any stretch of the imagination; on that I believe we all agree. We must be prepared to hold the feet of no matter the winners so close to the fire that they come to the conclusion that as public servants they must comply with our demands. If anyone thinks that white vs black or brown, or vise versa is the ninth degree of our mutual problems, they are so very mistaken, because the winner of that is but the next victim. Again, Rev. Martin Moeller's prose please. Wishing All, Peace and Tranquility. I know we can get to that.

    Don GhidoniDon GhidoniHace un mes
  • Wow they are so oppressed🤣🤣

    Ian BernikIan BernikHace un mes
  • Clicked because she was beautiful. Stayed because I was uninformed???

    IzzyTheSlothIzzyTheSlothHace un mes
  • Going to the store for “snacks”. Lol

    K MooreK MooreHace un mes
  • Gosh I love a well-articulated truth teller.

    Homid T.Homid T.Hace un mes
  • Cannon Hinnant. Say his name.

    Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • BLM is a Marxist revolutionary group, and is bordering on becoming a terrorist group. Their founders and leaders are people who despise America and want to remake it into a Marxist and anti-family state. They're skilled at rebranding themselves and thus deceiving millions of gullible people into believing that BLM is simply a civil liberties group. They're not.

    Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • CNN I am begging PLEASE KINDLY USE THIS EVIDENCE TO AMPLIFY JUSTICE FOR THE MASSACRE IN LAGOS NIGERIA, I am begging please the Government is trying to suppress the TRUTH!

    rapture dongoyarorapture dongoyaroHace un mes
  • Alicia Garza is a Marxist with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. And Trevor Noah is from South Africa with no ties to American slavery. Does anyone else see how disingenuous this is?

    pearlwsz7pearlwsz7Hace un mes
  • what i dont get about black people is why the call each other nigga which comes from the word nigger and at the same time we gotta change so get out of the past i would say to them

    Rice GlueRice GlueHace un mes
  • Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that only cares about their ideology and use the race card to fuel it. Trevor Noah is a successful black immigrant, how did he do it? By being disciplined, not breaking the law, making good choices in life. Stop pushing this stupid movement, it's harmful to kids, especially those black kids that don't need extra environmental hurdles to get over, like everyone telling them they are oppressed and how they can't be successful because their black and America is inherently racist.

    EdgarEdgarHace un mes
  • Black lives matter is a bunch of bull ship they don't care about the unborn kids in care about the black people being murdered black lives matter his a bunch of bullship

    Reginald StarnesReginald StarnesHace un mes
  • 101 people still didn't hear that the FBI found far-right anti government extremists groups were responsible for majority of the violence in the protests.

    Shardninja ShenanigansShardninja ShenanigansHace un mes
  • This is what happens when the demand for racism far exceeds the supply. BLM raised hundreds of Million of $$$ little if any reached the Black Community. BLM was never about helping the Black community. It's been a deadly political hoax propagated by the media and very wealthy white liberals.

    mboikomboikoHace un mes
    • @High Vibe Sadly BLM pulled off the perfect crime, complete with a heist of Hundreds of Millions of $$$. Money that is desperately needed by the black community for programs that will REALLY make a difference. The knowledge that BLM undermined real black grassroots organizers is NEVER reported. I'm just grateful that many folks are finally waking up.

      mboikomboikoHace 28 días
    • @mboiko they don't want to listen to the truth. If BLM was really about the liberation of black people then why does Ms Garza and her leaders undermine the real black grassroots organizers. You're right black people have woken up to their corruption

      High VibeHigh VibeHace 28 días
    • @Tiffini M I think the black communities in New York, Chicago, Oakland, Detroit, Atlanta, etc...would LOVE to know where the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of $$$ went. Sorry if we DON'T believe BLMGN's OWN report. Time for an INDEPENDENT audit. Coming from a mixed-race community outside NYC myself many are now asking questions and are NOT happy. Many folks I know just say..." that money is gone". Better hope Trump doesn't win because if he does BLM and ActBlue have some very tough questions from the DOJ to answer and a pdf from BLMGN isn't going to be good enough...

      mboikomboikoHace 28 días
    • @mboiko That is NOT true. Call your local BLM affiliate and ask about the work they do. In the meantime, Here’s a report on some actions BLMGN had taken to help the black community

      Tiffini MTiffini MHace 28 días
    • @Tiffini Montgomery BLM donations AREN'T going to the black community and that's ALL that counts.

      mboikomboikoHace 28 días
  • I love you people, for you're one of the few beautiful main reasons which keep "Dumberica" as America. Excellent thoughts and I wish you good luck for your movement 😁

    Karri KemppainenKarri KemppainenHace un mes
  • Such a better interview of her than the BBC’s. Thank you for letting her talk!

    Liz AsbornoLiz AsbornoHace un mes
  • I love the idea but these so called people don't care and asking for fairness falls on deaf ears. Fire to fight fire, eye for an eye, and the only way they will learn. And we shouldn't want balance we deserve more... they owe more.

    justice for Quawan Charlesjustice for Quawan CharlesHace un mes
    • Big news: life ain’t fair. Never has been. Either play it well- maybe try reading Dale Carnegie’s classic “how to make friends and influence people” or try to dominate - but only if you know that you can win. However, with so much anger inside you it’ll be hard to think clearly and play chess like Putin. And I am sure you don’t want a visit from the FBI. Be smart. You only live once.

      Aya BAya BHace 29 días
    • Who owes more? And to whom is it owed?

      JulieJulieHace un mes

    Anything GoesAnything GoesHace un mes
  • Wonderful interview very informative and enlightening ! ✊🏾

    Sabrina DoctorSabrina DoctorHace un mes
  • Ignore the polls and trolls! Vote too big to rig! Vote country over party!’ Vote too save democracy in America! 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙Biden/Harris TRACK YOUR BALLOT!

    Angel M. BouchardAngel M. BouchardHace un mes
  • The black lives matter spokeswoman sounds a lot like a college aged white girl from UCLA. You mam are the true culture vulture.

    Who Me?Who Me?Hace un mes
  • Hello dere, my name am toby, I was looking for one of dose paper story things. If I can't find one of dose things I just might break into a store or car.

    Who Me?Who Me?Hace un mes
  • Disliked before the video started

    Mountain DewMountain DewHace un mes

    psalmist4godpsalmist4godHace un mes
  • Excellent interview. I like that Trevor listened more than he spoke. Thanks for this!

    Morgan BrandyMorgan BrandyHace un mes
  • Such an intelligent woman , I stand behind my brothers when it comes down to Black lives matter , thank you so much for putting this together and point it out

    Rob AskinsRob AskinsHace un mes
    • @Robert Jensen and you have a tangible grasp at that of reality

      Rob AskinsRob AskinsHace un mes
    • You set the intelligence bar really low, my friend.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • The Mantra Of Humanity, in my mind, should be the following: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And being only for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?" ~Hillel the Elder

    Dee DeeDee DeeHace un mes
  • As a black person, this interview really hit hard.

    sonicam16sonicam16Hace un mes
    • Here’s proof:

      Hello Good MorningHello Good MorningHace 26 días
    • Patrisse Cullors and Alice Garza are Marxists.

      Hello Good MorningHello Good MorningHace 26 días
    • Don't believe BLM and her at face value. Do your own private research. Dig deep. You may not like what you find about BLM.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • Burn Loot Murder movement is dangerous.

    BlaizeBlaizeHace un mes
  • Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈

    STILLSTILLHace un mes
  • One!

    Ayad AliAyad AliHace un mes
  • Black Lives Matter' is a devious linguistic trick; a verbal Trojan Horse that subverts compassion for Marxist ideology. It is predicated on myth: 'Hands up, don't shoot', and ultimately reverses its own stated intent (protecting black lives) by defunding and abolishing the police. Evil is sweeping across America because of indoctrination in our schools, a complicit media and the collapse of reason. You can sometimes change minds, but the entire BLM narrative is predicated on statistical falsehoods and a deeply corrupt narrative. How do you engage rationally in a mass hallucination? You can't.

    KevinProNOWKevinProNOWHace un mes
    • Form a coherent sentence

      assafsaf gdagdsafsadassafsaf gdagdsafsadHace un mes
  • I'm not voting for Joe Biden. I'm voting AGAINST Donald Trump. #BlackLivesMatter #RememberHeatherHeyer

    mark bushnellmark bushnellHace un mes
  • BLM!

    King PeppyKing PeppyHace un mes
  • Wonderful human being is Alicia Garza!

    TheCosmopolitan21TheCosmopolitan21Hace un mes
  • Trevor Noah. It would be awesome if you could have a segment with some of these BLM founders/leaders about allocation of donations and money raised for BLM. We would love to know how they are making an impact in Black communities and if said communities are actually getting help from BLM. So much support given to BLM yet there’s not much sight of community revitalization! I’m a former supporter, I not only donated money, I also donated a lot of my time. It’s impossible to even get a hold of BLM leaders, I suppose unless you’re donating large sums of money or giving them a social platform to speak on.

    Mir SunMir SunHace un mes
    • Speaking facts!

      High VibeHigh VibeHace 28 días
    • Great question!

      Aya BAya BHace un mes
  • Isn't it funny democrats thought Obama was going to bring hope in change because he was black. And it winds up being and old white "orange" rich republican that brings that hope and change 🙄😳🧐🥴😂🤣🤣😂🥳🥳🥳🤯

    franklin picklefranklin pickleHace un mes
    • where was obama to invite BLM to the white house? he 8 yrs to do. its a pancake, no change happened.

      Richie VegasRichie VegasHace un mes
  • Please Vote!

    Michelle Mardahl-DumesnilMichelle Mardahl-DumesnilHace un mes
  • Trump 2024!

    franklin picklefranklin pickleHace un mes
  • Two intelligent beautiful people laying the path toward healing America. Love this show.

    Jeremy Vander MeulenJeremy Vander MeulenHace un mes
    • Seriously? She’s a Marxist!

      Hello Good MorningHello Good MorningHace 26 días
    • Two ignorant & immoral, cringy looking people laying the path towards destroying American with marxism, by regressing our culture into tribalism while stoking racial division. I despise these 2 subhuman people for supporting a terrorist organization.

      Gemma MichaelGemma MichaelHace un mes
    • @Robert Jensen You're being generous to them

      Reginald StarnesReginald StarnesHace un mes
    • And if you put both of their brains together, you might find 10 or 12 active brain cells.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
    • Did you You know the name of the little kids that get killed know but the thugs everybody glorifies them George Floyd Was a menace to the black societee DT deserve to get killed no definitely not that was terrible what about the 6 and 7 year old kids they get murdered for drive bys

      Reginald StarnesReginald StarnesHace un mes
  • Stay strong, will do my best in europe to contribute too!

    Mika VilkouskiMika VilkouskiHace un mes
  • What about the looting and rioting by blm

    N GN GHace un mes
    • Guys like that 17 yr old white shooter in Kenosha, WI?

      tinyNormantinyNormanHace un mes
    • Cite specific and verifiable evidence please.

      chuckm1961chuckm1961Hace un mes
  • Thank you Trevor for spotlighting positive voices who are on the ground organizing and really know what they're talking about. Too many celebrities are jumping in like they have all the answers, but really just seems like they're trying to get attention...

    wildcatstewildcatsteHace un mes
    • Trevor is gullible. Pathetic little man.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • Im so glad they created the road map! Can we get that out to the public so we all can see it and support it! Get a beautiful map out there on ESworld and other social media please!

    You tube LoveYou tube LoveHace un mes
  • Very curious as to where all of the donations and funding, and sponsorship; millions and millions of dollars have gone towards is all of this money being allocated? How are black communities benefiting from all of this money. Also, my bf and I have tried to contact different BLM chapters across the country. It’s impossible to directly speak to anyone affiliated with BLM. Every office has a google voice number that no one can be reached at. Are these leaders capitalizing on this movement? I was so excited and involved when I first caught sight of the BLM movement, but now I question everything about BLM.

    Mir SunMir SunHace un mes
    • Hi fake account! I see you just joined ESworld 5 days ago... How much do you get paid to attempt to slander a movement and create dissension? That’s the real question.

      TheKhalienteTheKhalienteHace un mes
    • Uh huh. Nice try. You so badly wanted to help and believe, but now cannot. That is just so, so, so sad and unfortunate. I don’t believe you.

      chuckm1961chuckm1961Hace un mes
  • Wow! She and others are so brave!! I pray and support her and others who are taking leaps in the movement!

    You tube LoveYou tube LoveHace un mes
  • Your fight is my fight, no matter what’s my skin color, I am human , that’s enough reason!

    Che CheChe CheHace un mes
  • Cringe

    Antony LopezAntony LopezHace un mes
  • Besides of black lives matter’ at this moment in this country everybody lives mater .....

    Nancy RashidianNancy RashidianHace un mes
  • Excellent, informative interview. Just an FYI though: Trayvon Martin was brutally stalked and murdered by the reprehensible racist Zimmerman while returning from a snack run to a nearby 7-11, not a liquor store and it was during halftime of the NBA All-Stars Game, not a football game. For the purposes of accurately conveying this horrific tragedy for future generations and for history small, seemingly unimportant details do matter.

    Lisa MartinezLisa MartinezHace un mes
    • @Sun Reigns An entire jury that listened to every word of the case disagrees with you. But I'm sure you know the case better than they did.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace 24 días
    • Thank you for clarifying. Martin was literally stalked and killed.

      Sun ReignsSun ReignsHace 25 días
    • Seriously? She’s a Marxist!

      Hello Good MorningHello Good MorningHace 26 días
    • @JASON SAUNDERS You'll notice, that BLM supporters and leftists have zero interest in the truth. All that they care about is advancing a false narrative that America is a racist country. It's a lie, they know it, but they don't care.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
    • Except a jury fairly found him not guilty. There's this thing called self-defense. Look it up.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • Trayvon didn’t go to the liquor store he went to 7-11🤔

    madboyreadynow28madboyreadynow28Hace un mes
  • Marxist B.S, alive and well with full time a-Holes!

    S AS AHace un mes
  • BLM = Biden's Laptop Matters

    JJHace un mes
  • BLM is an American hating terrorist group

    JJHace un mes
  • I've felt for 40years that Blacks should form their own Union. Boom, all the power you need.

    Stephen NeeStephen NeeHace un mes
  • yhea im gonna unsubscribe now

    Alex CantonAlex CantonHace un mes
    • yhea a why or you could just leave it alone. If someone does want to know. I used to really like The daily show because for me it felt it had a middle ground. No left no right, not only for democrats not only for republicans. Today it seems that the daily show is so politically correct that i has no meaning for me anymore. For me the Satire and humor in this show is gone. If you agree with the whole BLM movement or not ( i do not but i respect people that are at least try to make the world better even though i dont see it that way) The amount of BLM videos is so much that when i saw this video i had to unsubscribe. So yes for me its all of what i said above and another BLM video, Hate me for commenting it but im just disapointed of what The Daily Show has become.

      Alex CantonAlex CantonHace un mes
    • Alex Canton it's a video about blm, then you say you are unsubscribing one then can infer this content triggered you to unsubscribe. The commentor didn't say that because solely the behavior of unsubscribing is toxic the person who wrote the comment was referring to you being offended at this content enough that you would unsubscribe , and if that is the case that just a woman talking about blm triggers you enough to unsubscribe and then you say that then that is what they are referring to as toxic. But not the behavior, people unsubscribe all the time but when it's said towards something it attaches weight to it. The meaning behind it and intention behind it then gets interpreted in some type of way when you comment it like that. Although perhaps the person who left the comment could ask you why.

      rose petalsrose petalsHace un mes
    • @Markel Creek because im unsubscribing im toxic.. you sir need to get your act together xd

      Alex CantonAlex CantonHace un mes
    • Please do youre kinda toxic

      Markel CreekMarkel CreekHace un mes
  • Alicia Garza for POTUS

    Harlan FlammHarlan FlammHace un mes
    • God no

      High VibeHigh VibeHace 28 días
  • Thank you, Alicia Garza.

    Fran WilsonFran WilsonHace un mes
    • Yes. Thank you for burning down my entire neighborhood, Alicia.

      Robert JensenRobert JensenHace un mes
  • Bunch of pure bullshit why don't we all speak on behalf of others who face death hatred and assaults too not just blacks, mexicans and other americans! and you think blm cares about the black communities? Where in there billions of donations they've received have you ever seen them besides attempting to defund the police, which is what they desperately chant and want, not your true safety and well being or your work success, where have you seen them build new housing environments new schools or hell new bus stations literally anything at their "homes" trying to reconstruct areas in Philly or fucking chicago hell detroit, anywhere in the US, nothing they have done nothing but put you out in the front lines declaring war another civil war against americans who don't see the race but characters at work and this is all fresh coming from these two above these politicians above which all have goals and agendas, are rich compared to all of us actual working people making this economically function properly for the richer and above us is something we should all learn from before falling in line at their own command. High known celebrities rich in pockets and poor in heart and mind all speak on behalf of strangers to us literal faces of policies they beg us to obey Open your eyes wider than they say, they want your eyes open just enough to see their avenue but not the rest of the street. Fuck groups fuck clubs and fuck cults this a cult at work this a cult looking for blood they want you working for them either by money or by word and speech is powerful it mobilizes soldiers and fools who believe without an idea. All this having to do with individual law enforcement cases and if so which there are wrong cases created by wrong people, it's not a race that runs police and fireman stations it's all americans from white to black. it's an individual person by person case analyze each individual and ask them what they hate and love they'll never tell you but that's what we are humans playing our roles as natural a endeavor and they want us all in that spot were currently in. Think about it all. Just think.

    Scotty BenzcuckScotty BenzcuckHace un mes
  • ESworld recommend me this Channel, but in my personal opinion It look likes socialist propaganda, like many nice words I have heard here in latinamerica.

    Daniel SánchezDaniel SánchezHace un mes
    • @Okke van Haalen maybe things are different in Europe. But here we have the examples of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. (failed states) and Argentina Is on thé same Way. In Colombia, things are a bit more complex. politicians have a nice discourse but that's all, it's just a discourse. and but reality is very different. influencers just spread this failed discourse

      Daniel SánchezDaniel SánchezHace un mes
    • It always amazes me how being called a “socialist” is considered such a horrible offence in America. Where I live in the Netherlands we always have about one third of government filled by socialists. When statistics from Northern European countries are taken as an example in terms of low crime rates, high education rates, an affluent middle class, low unemployment etc. I think American people often don’t see the influence of socialist policy therein. Like, I know where the American trauma for the term comes from but it might be worth to actually take a better look at how capitalist and socialist structures could be woven into the same government to get the benefits of the market without having so many people falling out of it on the underside..

      Okke van HaalenOkke van HaalenHace un mes
  • Sandra Bland. Say her name.

    VOTE 2020VOTE 2020Hace un mes
  • Marxist Terrorist Organization, cares So much none of their billions go to black lives, neighborhoods, schools, programs, inner cities, victims, the poor and homeless. Nothing

    chris rodriguezchris rodriguezHace un mes
  • Alicia Garza is our official beloved gatekeeper as well as a international Treasure. God bless my Beloved Beautiful Intelligent Black woman. To God be this wonderful glory .BLM. Keith Zacky Clark

    Zack ClarkZack ClarkHace un mes
  • For those of you too good to vote for Hillary, Ha ha, you got Trump.

    a0oiil weoa0oiil weoHace un mes
  • Take any product on today's market and you will notice that its "lighter" version is packaged in a lighter color than its "stronger" version, typically packaged in a darker color, implying stronger or full strength quality. By analogy, however this world was created in the beginning, surely the black race was intended to come across as the fittest by its/our creator, (trying to avoid reverse-racism here, and not only because I'm white, but taking into account other non-white and non-black races/people), then how on earth did the money and resources end up in the hands of the white man at the crucial points in history and how has the 'survival of the fittest' resulted in the 'struggle of the fittest' that we see today, is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

    Tuti FrutiTuti FrutiHace un mes
    • @assafsaf gdagdsafsad ....or foul play

      Tuti FrutiTuti FrutiHace un mes
    • Im shure it has something to do with social darwinism beeing bullshit

      assafsaf gdagdsafsadassafsaf gdagdsafsadHace un mes