Desi’s Voter Fraud-Obsessed Cousins Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity | The Daily Social Distancing Show

17 nov 2020
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All Desi Lydic wants is a nice Thanksgiving, but her cousins Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are too focused on voter fraud. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DesiLydic
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  • Trevor Noah is a joke... and an unfunny one at that. But this was clever & done quite well. 👍🏻 🇺🇸

    Just Doyle, Great Classics 989Just Doyle, Great Classics 989Hace un hora
  • The daily SHIT 😂

    Sa SchSa SchHace un día

    Robyn BlakeRobyn BlakeHace 2 días
  • THIS IS SO FUNNY hahah. Who said women can't be funny! wow this was sooooooo funny.

    Richard KrauseRichard KrauseHace 3 días
  • These zoom chats are brilliant! 😍

    Martijn WismeijerMartijn WismeijerHace 3 días
  • Good job Trevor. You're a success, but, stick to entertaining. Its wrong to use notoriety to spew partisan political rhetoric. At the very least, educate yourself, and stop being a shill for the Dem propaganda machine. Use your influence to make America great.

    frankfrankHace 3 días
  • Ew

    zen dairazen dairaHace 3 días
  • Tucker has a permanent scowl lol

    Harm ReductionHarm ReductionHace 3 días
  • Made me laugh! Desi is cute

    Will StoneWill StoneHace 3 días
  • 😂😂😂

    TijuriTijuriHace 4 días
  • I guess that was supposed to be funny well guess what it wasn't

    Henry ConleyHenry ConleyHace 4 días
  • Lier

    Franklin DriveFranklin DriveHace 4 días
  • I am confused. Are these three people really cousins?

    George XGeorge XHace 4 días
  • Is this real? I can’t tell

    Harry LandersHarry LandersHace 4 días
  • The true Americans of this country are the native Indians and Mexicans before Mexico had Texas California and New Mexico in 1836

    Jesus MartinezJesus MartinezHace 4 días
  • Condescending people never make points that give folks a common ground to stand together on.

  • Is this show still on ? Who is still watching this?

    madmojo 1999madmojo 1999Hace 5 días
    • Each video uploaded has a range of 500,000- 1,000,000 views

      AmyAmyHace 5 días
  • Tucker is hiding behind voter fraud. 20 or so of the same kind of corporation that he works for rigged the election for Biden by drowning the airwaves in Biden bullshit. ABC CBS NBC PBS CNN MSNBC TWITTER FACEBOOK GOOGLE drowned out FOX. And poor Tucker is worried that after we burn and pillage those other corporations we're coming after FOX. He's right to be worried.

    studfindingballstudfindingballHace 5 días
  • Tucker got scared on Nov Friday the 13th and stopped showing election fraud evidence. Lawyer Laura Ingraham sold out to the Fox Leftist tyrant mob on Mon. Nov 23, while Hannity Show had substitute hosts for the week.

    People Health TruthPeople Health TruthHace 5 días
  • Trump is still your daddy... But this was surprisingly funny. I’ll give you that

    Peter TerPeter TerHace 5 días
  • It was stolen fair and square . All I can say is they win. Now just go back to thinking in everything is going to be alright.

    ASK ShawnASK ShawnHace 5 días
  • Who is this crazy girl? Duhhhh

    Anie AAnie AHace 6 días
  • Trump will win. There's no way the demented walking corpse won the election legitimately. It's statistically and historically impossible that Beijing Joe won.

    Ronald HoldenRonald HoldenHace 6 días
  • can't believe most of you gullible people belive in this channel. fox news just settled out of court for millions. if they didn't hannity, Ingram would have had to show up in court. another conspiracy theory ,and fake news agency. couple years these people got sued, and quote from attorney. we r not a news outlet, just a entertainment company. if hannity showed up in court, he would have been light outta town. case closed on all ur bs

    Angel mendozaAngel mendozaHace 6 días
  • Just wait... you make jokes now don't ever forget who you voted for and own that shit for 4 years... not that Biden will make it that far anyway

    Jordan HeilmannJordan HeilmannHace 6 días
  • The AP has a joke message for you to read up top.

    Mattias KasparianMattias KasparianHace 6 días
  • 50% of Republicans prolly think this is real.

    TimmmayyyTimmmayyyHace 6 días
  • That was awesome

    Kristin WKristin WHace 6 días
  • Two arrested in California for fraud mayor involved.

    Darlene SiglerDarlene SiglerHace 6 días
  • Fox news is trumps channel

    Guillermo OrtizGuillermo OrtizHace 6 días
  • No Democrat with a brain cell thought this was rigged lol trumptards

    Erick FloresErick FloresHace 6 días
  • Can't even imagine the three of you in the same house together enjoying anything except perhaps the boys consoling Desi and fetching her more Terry cloth towels for her crying room upon learning that the quantum voting system with electronic watermarked ballots revealing that Trump wins with over 80% of the nation's votes. Can I come? Please? I'll bring the celebration/empathy cake.

    J WrightJ WrightHace 6 días
  • So many idiot Trump supporters unable to process the reality that their reign of stupidity is over. Woe is they, while We the People mock them.

    Jeff KarasJeff KarasHace 6 días
  • Democrats are so dumb. They say that there was no cheating. But, they are doing everything they can to intimidate people from wanting to ask questions and avoid a recount. Obviously they do have something to hide.

    Jeffrey SmithJeffrey SmithHace 6 días
  • This was terrible. The audio editing should have been better to make it more believable even if its a joke.

    bkit5bkit5Hace 6 días
  • OMG!..I have a niece that's just as much of an airhead as THIS poor girl is!..Needless to say I am blessed not to be forced to deal with her but only once a

    toots girltoots girlHace 6 días
  • It's obvious that your ratings are far below most cartoons.

    Nathaniel SmithNathaniel SmithHace 7 días
  • There is proof that mail in votes were thrown away in Pennsylvania and there are other examples. Yes, let's hope Biden wins! SUPER HIGH TAXES FOR EVERYONE, MONTHS OF COVID LOCKDOWNS SO WE CAN'T LEAVE OUR HOUSES, AND FORCED VACCINATIONS WITH CHIPS TO TRACK EVERY MOVEMENT WE MAKE. Bill Gates 060606 2020 vaccine United Nations sustainable development goals 2030 AKA The Green New Deal. And don't forget to wear masks to breath your own C02 and restrict your oxygen. September 11, 2020 Patient Mask Study: 85% of patients wearing masks often or always caught coronavirus.

    Tessie RogersTessie RogersHace 7 días
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂💨

  • Its total fraud

    Doug PawlDoug PawlHace 7 días
  • Wow 😳 you are disgusting 🤢 humor

    Latin PatriotLatin PatriotHace 7 días
  • coward attitude

    Ing. Pa ColhIng. Pa ColhHace 7 días
  • This but corona in the netherlands...and firework ban let's not forget that.

    SamanthaSamanthaHace 7 días
  • Both conspiracy theories, both been accused of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT and both are CHEATERS, and if its TRUE FOR HANNITY AND CO HOST AINSLEY DATING FOR YEARS then the wife need to back to COURT AND ASKED MORE MONEY FROM HANNITY...LOL

    Devilish guyDevilish guyHace 7 días
  • I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Tucker, but a tofurky is an abomination

    zhuull1zhuull1Hace 7 días
  • As many unfunny women will tell you, women are very funny

    Zach SZach SHace 7 días
  • Lots of comments about a winner and the race isn’t over yet. All I’m saying is don’t be content with this because you democrats always count you chickens before the eggs hatch and you get it right up the poop shoot lol. If some how trump wins please don’t start crying lol and you no he’s the most persistent person ever in office

    The YinklerThe YinklerHace 7 días
  • This is brilliant

    Richard DavisRichard DavisHace 7 días
  • Desi is the best

    utubengoogutubengoogHace 7 días
  • Trevor Noah makes a living off of being the most annoying troll on the interweb.

    Paisley WilliamsPaisley WilliamsHace 7 días
  • Stop putting ads on Comedy Central your so annoying and are interrupted a good episode of South Park with you talking politics Trevor Noah

    Harvey SanchezHarvey SanchezHace 7 días
  • Desi is immature.

    Professor AlProfessor AlHace 8 días
  • Desi is fake blond like her fake show.

    Professor AlProfessor AlHace 8 días
  • Desi is corny. LoL.

    Professor AlProfessor AlHace 8 días
  • Trump 4 more years. That's a fact. Get used to it. You will learn to love Trump.

    Professor AlProfessor AlHace 8 días
  • nobody: not every voter: the turkey: Sean Hannity: WE will not be silents!!

    Billie JeanBillie JeanHace 8 días
  • The "TUCKER" face

    sharon neufeldsharon neufeldHace 8 días
  • Love her, she’s so silly.

    karry knoxkarry knoxHace 8 días
  • Seems your delusional TDS is a tad obsessive too.Trevor Noah🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lunar LugerLunar LugerHace 8 días
  • Shame on you Tucker Carson: you belong on the sex offender registry! The one thing every journalist knows for certain about sex scandals is that they're always true. Partly true anyway.

    Junk MallJunk MallHace 8 días
  • Democrat voter fraud is not an obsession it's a crime.

    Robert LynaghRobert LynaghHace 8 días
    • Paranoia has become the defining trait of this generation of Republicans. Nobody has shown you evidence of fraud. Your paranoia is a defense mechanism against the unbearable feeling of losing. It's over, loser. The four year end zone dance has become a dirge.

      Jeff KarasJeff KarasHace 6 días
  • Are they obsessed? Or is the current giant news story? Are Chris Cuomo and Don Lemmon absolutely obsessed with Trump, have a secret man-crush on him, or thats their big news cycle right now?

    JamiesCryin1JamiesCryin1Hace 8 días

    Sagrav VjlSagrav VjlHace 8 días
    • DUMP too dense try prune juice shit your brains out

      Jeff KarasJeff KarasHace 6 días
  • My favorite video yet

    SaintsRow 956SaintsRow 956Hace 8 días
  • It’s thanksgiving, millions of people are getting food from food banks and Trump goes golfing WTF?!?

    nicsandee123nicsandee123Hace 8 días
  • Do you think that some of these opinion pundits are trying to lead us to Civil War?

    Yipes!Yipes!Hace 8 días
  • God this is so unfunny it hurts

    Original IndividualsOriginal IndividualsHace 8 días

    p wp wHace 8 días

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    p wp wHace 8 días
  • So why are these aliens getting so much leeway with orange blackface?

    Uncle Shredded WheatUncle Shredded WheatHace 8 días
  • Haha things are coming out. You are a fool it seems.

    didanz100didanz100Hace 8 días

    didanz100didanz100Hace 8 días
  • The truth of this vote can be found in a dumpster near you.

    tiffsavertiffsaverHace 8 días
  • All the sworn affidavits don’t mean anything to you people?

    NinthDensityNinthDensityHace 8 días
    • they would if trump trash had a pattern of being honest under oath.

      Norm aliceNorm aliceHace 8 días
  • Big Brother NSA and His Little Brother By Terry Cooke NSA has been a silent partner with private industry from the earliest days of postwar computer development. Many commercial computer lines have sprouted from earlier designs for NSA use. A good example of this computer industry/government partnership was HAR- VEST, a cooperative project in the 1950's between NSA and IBM [note the very early NSA/1BM connection here] to build a new, state-of-the-art second-generation gen- eral-purpose processor. To be successful HARVEST had to have a super high-speed memory and high-speed tape drives, beyond anything then in existence. Developed over a five-year period, the most innovative new com- ponent of this advanced processor was TRACTOR, the high-speed tape drive system. HARVEST went on line in 1962, and it was finally retired in 1976. Since the beginning of the computer age a partnership between NSA and the American computer industry has existed This partnership has fostered the develop- ment of computers for cryptologic processes DominionVotingSystemsColoradoUVSProposal.pdf

    mosestaylor farrellmosestaylor farrellHace 8 días
  • What a ditz!!

    Carol CrockettCarol CrockettHace 8 días
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Ronn RavenRonn RavenHace 8 días
  • Michigan Fraud in ->Plain sight

    Spencer ShawSpencer ShawHace 8 días
  • Let's talk about Trevor's obsession with Trump hate&backing up voter fraud as we know dems cheated&created wide spread voter fraud. Let's hooe Pres Re-Elect Trump wins at SC.

    Anthony ClementeAnthony ClementeHace 8 días
  • Desi totally obsessed by the empty defense of "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". Of course there's no evidence when you brand your eyes shut with a burning iron💯

    Release The KrakenRelease The KrakenHace 8 días
  • THE FOX NEWS CIRCUS- delivering every day enough crappola lies, distortions and - every day, promoting new falsehoods with a sarcastic smirk. WHY? They are the Janitors of greed and corruption . . .A fat pay check made these clowns WHOREMOUTHS for those who hate the working and middle classes. INDEED THE FOX FAKE NEWS CIRCUS HAS ONLY ONE TARGET: INSTALL A FASCIST DICTATOR IN THE USA WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE OF REDIRECTING AND DIRECTING THE WEALTH OF AMERICA -INTO THE DEEP POCKETS OF . . . . SUPER RICH AMERICA . . .

    Jonn IzzikJonn IzzikHace 8 días
  • Great 👍 editing 😂 it’s as real as Dan bilzerian pat mayo and Jeremy dewitte of metro state funeral ⚰️ service 😂 🤮

    Araya BuchichiAraya BuchichiHace 8 días
  • Tucker wants proof of voters fraud talk to Chrissie Carone in Detroit Michigan she worked for Dominion software as a IT Tech keeping the machines going on election night

    Yvonne WagnerYvonne WagnerHace 8 días
  • Desi Lydic who is she? She has a deer in the headlights look, is she supposed to be funny? God you can see right up her nose how gross.

    Wally WaiteWally WaiteHace 9 días
  • She's so damn fine! 😘❤

    Don AntoineDon AntoineHace 9 días
  • Tucker Calson better start making jams and jellies , that's all that name will be good for in another six months.

    Cursor PilotCursor PilotHace 9 días
  • You sock, not worth arguing...

    Aaron SettonAaron SettonHace 9 días
  • Are they?

    Aaron SettonAaron SettonHace 9 días
  • 💯💯 accurate 🤣🤣🤣

    Taefa JohnsonTaefa JohnsonHace 9 días
  • tucker wants to know what happened here in michigan, it's easy to see as a michigan resident trump went to war with our governer almost had her kidnapped & killed, it did'nt help when he came here and started a beef with the UAW someone in the WH should have told him dont start a fight with michigan and expect to win the state

    xavier reivaxxavier reivaxHace 9 días
  • Lame!!!!!

    West Coast Warlord998West Coast Warlord998Hace 9 días
  • Communist Noah. Sent from Cuba-South Africa.

    Eric ScottEric ScottHace 9 días
    • Cubans support Trump......

      Mike GarzaMike GarzaHace 9 días
  • If you go to trevor noah for news than you've lost more than a few brain cells

    Joe CollucciJoe CollucciHace 9 días
  • 1:28 C'mon, say something. Don't give me that "Tucker" face. Me: Hahahahaha

    K JK JHace 9 días
  • I saw Tucker and Hannity and prepared for some who knows what and then Desi started talking and I forgot why I came here. I'm just glad I did. She's hella cute.🥰

    Norvel CurtisNorvel CurtisHace 9 días

    flyin dutchmanflyin dutchmanHace 9 días
    • Well I mean, he definitely won, I’m not arguing that, but 306 to 232 isn’t a landslide

      Abdullah AlmomtanAbdullah AlmomtanHace 9 días
  • You morons have been literally obsessed for 4 years about the first election, calling THAT a fraud every single day until now. Get real.

    IronsightKillaIronsightKillaHace 9 días