Rashida Jones - “On the Rocks” & Looking Back at “Black Mirror” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

24 oct 2020
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Rashida Jones talks about working with Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola in the film “On the Rocks,” watching scenes of pre-pandemic New York City, and co-writing an especially prophetic episode of “Black Mirror.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RashidaJones
To help World Central Kitchen serve food to people in voting lines, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities where voting lines are historically longer, go to dailyshow.com/chefsforthepolls
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  • What? So, I mean really tho.. I’m supposed to be impressed- or more accurately actually care this person’s opinion? And why is that?? Cuz your dad is Quincy Jones ???? Go on and sway that public opinion, you influencer you!!Get real , God please help us all

    c murrayc murrayHace 6 días
  • She looks just like her mother

    Mike BellMike BellHace 24 días
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    Marina KaramoyMarina KaramoyHace 25 días
  • 2020, living in a world where Idiocrcy and Black Mirror are no longer fiction.

    ö. . ,ö. . ,Hace 27 días
  • 5 C

    X SX SHace 27 días
  • *chris traeger's voice* "ANN PERKINS"

    Audrey GabbardAudrey GabbardHace 28 días
  • 😁😁😁👏👏👏🏾✊🏾

    Chad RandolphChad RandolphHace 28 días
  • I had NO idea she wrote Nosedive! That is my favorite episode of Black Mirror. Not just because of Bryce Dallas Howard playing the lead. The episode is insanely well done and scary due to the reality of our social networking crap we are living in.

    Aiden EugeneAiden EugeneHace 28 días
  • The loveliest girl in the world.

    Rainer LindheimRainer LindheimHace 28 días
    • Yes, one of the loveliest.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. AdabaHace 28 días
  • She 😎

    Alonzo JohnsonAlonzo JohnsonHace 28 días
  • Sad that she couldn't mention China when she was talking about social credit.

    ryukenshin55 kryukenshin55 kHace 29 días
  • She's great on Netflix show #BlackAF . That show is hilarious!

    Buffy SummersBuffy SummersHace 29 días
  • Ann Perkins

    Mike WheelerMike WheelerHace 29 días
  • Thumbs up for Trevor Noah mentioning "Nose Dive" from Black Mirror. That episode inspired me to look up Rashida Jones on IMDB.com. IMO that episode, "the Waldo Effect" and "Five Million Merits" are conscious changing and portray various aspects of civilization and shows them fully realized. It's probably silly but I feel seen having other people like that episode.

    Frodo Patronus BabyFrodo Patronus BabyHace 29 días
  • I did not know she helped write that "Black Mirror" episode! It's one of my favorites.

    Bethany SutherlandBethany SutherlandHace 29 días
  • They have that rating system in China. It's kind of creepy.

    Eiza PezEiza PezHace 29 días
  • I’m afraid that our “new normal” is now our “permanent normal”.😢😢😢

    Chris SpiersChris SpiersHace un mes
  • Looking forward to watching “On the Rocks”!!!

    Chris SpiersChris SpiersHace un mes
  • also in algeria we have a an author, producer he's name Djaafar kacem that he have a lot of realistic prophecies. 😀

    TAWFIQTAWFIQHace un mes
  • Ann Perkins! 👉👉😂🤣😍😘

    PeteSmithhyPeteSmithhyHace un mes
  • "You're one tweet away from ruining your career. You're one Facebook post away from your family cancelling you. You're one wank during a Zoom meeting away from losing your position as a respected journalist!

    Jenn WJenn WHace un mes
    • That last one did not equal the other two...(and wasn't said by TN) You don't accidentally wank on zoom ... That's a habit that needs an intervention that interrupts someone supposed respectability.

      Rev. Robin Kay Monk SelfRev. Robin Kay Monk SelfHace 27 días
  • Thrilled that Trevor is raising funds for World Kitchen, especially as they're helping feed people in line to vote. If you see a line and WC isn't there, contact PIZZA TO THE POLLS. They bring free food to folks in long voting lines across the US.

    Jeff MillerJeff MillerHace un mes
  • I still think about that episode of Black Mirror. When I first saw it, I had to stop half way through for a day because I felt it was close to being a reality.

    d18zephyrd18zephyrHace un mes
  • I just discovered Rashida Jones one week ago and after I watched her film On The Rocks, which was and is a fantastic film, enjoyed it very much. I look forward to following her other works. She is very fuuny!

    Sean SSean SHace un mes
  • Isn't China in some form going thru this Black Mirror episode?

    Variable XVariable XHace un mes
  • I like her. Smart and classy

    BRYAN MBRYAN MHace un mes
  • How fucking adorable these two saying Shocial Distancing Show! :D

    Breno BacciBreno BacciHace un mes
  • Hunter's S-- tape & picture just released / www.thegatewaypundit.com

    Javier HJavier HHace un mes
  • Watch link below if you're voting for biden

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace un mes
    • esworld.info/do/dIzJqnp0inzQjdU/v-deo.html

      Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace un mes
  • Watch link below if you're voting for biden

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace un mes
    • esworld.info/do/dIzJqnp0inzQjdU/v-deo.html

      Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace un mes
  • Watch link below if you're voting for biden

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace un mes
    • esworld.info/do/dIzJqnp0inzQjdU/v-deo.html

      Mr truth and factsMr truth and factsHace un mes
  • That first 20 seconds was pure gold.

    Mario PrattMario PrattHace un mes
  • Love her

    Cyber HugsCyber HugsHace un mes
  • 6:55 this cancel culture is truly hurting people a lot. Need to move away from it.

    Aparajita SumanAparajita SumanHace un mes
  • she is beautiful

    Iron Boss3Iron Boss3Hace un mes
  • Trevor why dont u talk about biden corruption? :)

    SpartaXSpartaXHace un mes
  • Trevor probably didn't get it at the moment : Show-cial Distancing!

    Soumya AcharyaSoumya AcharyaHace un mes
  • Trevor you are NOT an american citizen, so please stop inferring in the US election

    liza frenchliza frenchHace un mes
  • In Chris Traeger's voice "ANN PERKINS !!"

    Dhrumil KelkarDhrumil KelkarHace un mes
  • major attraction obvious 2 beauties

    Roadrunner& RecoveryRoadrunner& RecoveryHace un mes
  • * sigh * i want, like, 2 more hours of this

    Party Hard Seattle Driftwood JonesParty Hard Seattle Driftwood JonesHace un mes
  • This is a great interview Trevor! I just watched the film, On the Rock, last night! I both laughed and cried while watching it! Highly recommended!

    Per SandhammarPer SandhammarHace un mes
  • I love heeeer 😍

    Leslie Perkins-TraegerLeslie Perkins-TraegerHace un mes
  • Had the biggest crush on here when she was on recs and park lol

    Athletic_EducationAthletic_EducationHace un mes
  • Please vote Biden for higher tax rate and dispel those rich enterprise employers to China or other countries. Thank you so much😘😘😘

    YC龍族玩家一龍飛-HongkongerYC龍族玩家一龍飛-HongkongerHace un mes
  • I want to go to the parallel universe where Rashida Jones is my wife. The earth may be a complete mess in that timeline, but I will have a great wife.

    Kenwin ArneaudKenwin ArneaudHace un mes
  • BANGS RASHIDA? BANGS? Oh well.. I still love you

    MosesPlaysMosesPlaysHace un mes
  • Anne Perkins

    RockyRockyHace un mes
  • Which came 1st: Nosedive [Black Mirror] or App Development and Condiments/MeowMeowBeanz [Community] ?

    GenXerGenXerHace un mes
  • Tribeca , Tribeca,

    Kam SkylightKam SkylightHace un mes
  • I just love Rashida. I had a crush on her since I was 11 years old. I'm now 31 years old, and she's still funny, beautiful and amazing. You gotta love her smile and laugh at 8:43.

    LGSPTJLGSPTJHace un mes
  • Ann Perkins!

    Michael KenyonMichael KenyonHace un mes
  • esworld.info/do/iaTTe2ljmICyZ7c/v-deo.html

    Victoria BordelonVictoria BordelonHace un mes
  • Rashida is lit no doubt

    Amy Winehouse & Knightmare 18wheelerAmy Winehouse & Knightmare 18wheelerHace un mes
  • That Black Mirror episode sounds like the plot of Extras by Scott Westerfeld.

    cobaltclamcobaltclamHace un mes
  • Straight up, trevor be fumbling on this beautiful woman!

    Cabrera1027Cabrera1027Hace un mes
  • I think she is a little high for this interview and it is great.

    Paul Gladstone Boon PushparajPaul Gladstone Boon PushparajHace un mes
  • PANDEMIC OR NOT (Dr. Thomas Cowan=Claude Bernard=the host is what matters versus Fauci=Louis Pasteur=HIDE from the virus, the evil invader), THE SOUL OF THE CONSTITUTION WILL NOT BE SILENCED : THE DEBATE IS ON : WE TAKE OUR POWER BACK : RFK jr facebook.com/rfkjr/videos/350532626233207/

    Black PantherBlack PantherHace un mes
  • First Ron Swanson, now Ann Perkins. Who's next?

    Meer AlrafeeMeer AlrafeeHace un mes
  • My type of woman.

    Riot FistRiot FistHace un mes
  • I was never a fan of interviews before Noah... I don't know WHY ALL of his interviews have to be so interesting?!!

    ADEM BADEM BHace un mes
    • Noah has a surprisingly interesting way of looking at things. He sees the FUN in everything. LOL... Now he's got the knack!

      Dolly BelfioreDolly BelfioreHace 29 días
  • Rashida is right. It should be Show-Stahl Distancing

    Shark Week FolliesShark Week FolliesHace un mes
  • Hey hey 😍slow down Trevor your eyes tell it all

    Snav164& EvansSnav164& EvansHace un mes
  • I love the showshal dishtanching show.

    Breakdown GenerationBreakdown GenerationHace un mes
  • Like Gal Gadot, she's hotter in interviews than on the big screen

    Ryan KiblerRyan KiblerHace un mes
  • Rasheeda should never imply that she ever lacked anything being Daddy Quincy Jones’ little girl. I am sure that she works hard but opportunities knock at her door.

    CathyCathyHace un mes
  • How can one become such a lovable person? She's insanely likeable.

    Clara WasserflascheClara WasserflascheHace un mes
  • Isn’t she Jim’s gf before Pam? Edit: (I think her name was Karen) I don’t remember

    ab_chandiab_chandiHace un mes
  • God I love this woman ❤️

    Samir BattaSamir BattaHace un mes
  • I want to see this movie so much, Rashida, is awesome!

    David BeckeyDavid BeckeyHace un mes
  • Rashida is my Beautiful sister~! Isn't she pretty..

    Dale JonesDale JonesHace un mes
  • One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them ⭕️Non-Duality

    STILLSTILLHace un mes
  • I'm amazed there was so much talk of fathers and no mention of Quincy Jones

    Adrian DuranAdrian DuranHace un mes
  • Thank you Jesus for this great President. Trump

    John FerryJohn FerryHace un mes
  • Eraser head here is a Democrat propaganda mouthpiece

    John FerryJohn FerryHace un mes
  • I just adore her.

    Scott DScott DHace un mes
  • She is so refreshing

    Gearline DavisGearline DavisHace un mes
  • I have that same feeling about watching things pre pandemic, that anything normal feels wrong.

    pipsy222pipsy222Hace un mes
    • Me too. Like they said, no masks and being able to go out. I always washed my hands though, how do live in a city or suburb and not? Especially if it is a major international hub.

      BlackDoveNYCBlackDoveNYCHace un mes
  • America is 23 in education. 37 in healthcare. 34 in raising family index. No high-speed train. Highest number of homeless people. Highest number of incarcerated people. 78% of people live paycheck to paycheck. Stock market is not economy of Americans! Where 90% of money belongs to top 10% of the population, it's wallet for the rich. Let's talk like adults, instead of name calling. I have left the proof on my playlist, if you would like to check! Let's make our country better together. . . . . . . . . . .

    We The PeopleWe The PeopleHace un mes
  • Rashida Jones is awesome. RIP Margaret Ann “Peggy” Lipton. 🙏🏾

    Millennial 4 LifeMillennial 4 LifeHace un mes
  • love this exchange Trevor and Rashida are having. Best Trevor interview yet.

    shanefanonshanefanonHace un mes
    • Trevor has repore with everyone!

      Vickie PaulVickie PaulHace 29 días
  • Oh she wrote that episode of Black Mirror? The one driven by how many Likes and Stars you have? That one scared the crap out of me _because_ it was so realistic! 😱 I definitely related to the one star people in the episode.

    Binky D'EathBinky D'EathHace un mes
    • Community did it first. lol

      Jason ZakJason ZakHace un mes
  • Ann Perkins is still beautiful

    Rohan SaikiaRohan SaikiaHace un mes
  • Can’t imagine what’s it like having Quincy Jones as your father.

    Fatty AcidFatty AcidHace un mes
  • can I have a dance Rashida, when it is safe?

    AphexonAphexonHace un mes
  • That...was excellent.

    Ron WinterRon WinterHace un mes
  • Okay Maybe I don’t like Karen as much anymore....

    Grandma’s KneesGrandma’s KneesHace un mes
  • All movies should have a disclaimer if they were shot in the "Before Times."

    Kathleen CaliKathleen CaliHace un mes
  • I gave this video a dislike only because I heard Rashida was going to be doing this episode topless

    S P E N T J U N G U SS P E N T J U N G U SHace un mes

    MO ELMO ELHace un mes
  • "Showcial Distancing Show" is such a missed opp - and a mouthful - at the same time.😂

    Yaria Samavan CarlanYaria Samavan CarlanHace un mes
    • Produced by Sean Connery

      Pieter HulsenPieter HulsenHace un mes
  • Maybe Trevor has a little crush?

    Ruby RayneRuby RayneHace un mes
    • You can tell he loves when she's making fun of him, clear give away, according to me anyway......

      David BeckeyDavid BeckeyHace un mes
    • We all do.........

      David BeckeyDavid BeckeyHace un mes
  • Wait how did the skype call so crisp and smooth?!

    Shreyas RameshShreyas RameshHace un mes
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    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-OrHace un mes
  • The Daily Show-cial Distancing Show with Trevor Noah

    RenRenHace un mes
  • “This is Karen Filippelli, please leave-a me the message. Abbondanza”

    RenRenHace un mes
  • Hard to believe she’s 44 years old with a two year old son.

    redrust3redrust3Hace un mes
  • You had me at Rashida Jones AND Bill "The Legend" Murry

    Psiborg XPsiborg XHace un mes
    • @Jason Zak lol ok there ass. Here is a brain twister. I CAN think he is a legend AND spell a name wrong. Wow. Go be a passive aggressive prick somewhere else.

      Psiborg XPsiborg XHace un mes
    • If you think he’s such a legend, you should probably spell his name right.

      Jason ZakJason ZakHace un mes
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    Lee - Child of GodLee - Child of GodHace un mes
  • Why we love rashida... shocial Rashida show

    santosh bhosalesantosh bhosaleHace un mes