Sen. Elizabeth Warren - Fighting Republicans' Threat to Democracy | The Daily Social Distancing Show

22 oct 2020
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren discusses how Republicans are trying to steal a Supreme Court seat, what the Democrats’ priorities should be after November 3, and what she thinks about the antitrust suit against Google. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #SenatorElizabethWarren
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  • Ms Warren, your hypocrisy is on full display. Just a year ago, you yourself called out the failings and issues of Dominion software. The fact that you are not loudly and publicly calling out the current failings in our election are proving you are a partisan hack. @t Daily Show: as journalists, you are either utterly incompetent or utterly corrupt. I was able to find this info FROM WARREN'S WEBSITE with 2 minutes of looking.

    Jack McCarthyJack McCarthyHace 11 días
  • This is the ONLY person I will vote for, EVER

    Kwan LefloreKwan LefloreHace 19 días
  • I love Elizabeth so much

    Lemon HossLemon HossHace 22 días

    Bob ArmstrongBob ArmstrongHace 23 días
  • I wish America could actually elect her. 💔

    Lou Frances De La MorteLou Frances De La MorteHace 24 días
  • erb reaction

    Jessie RaeJessie RaeHace 26 días
  • Wait they want to get rid of the filibuster ?!? Idk that seems pretty extreme

    Derrell VentersDerrell VentersHace 28 días
  • I feel bad, I used to make fun of Elizabeth Warren saying “Golly.” Now she feel like fresh, loving, rejuvenating water washing over my spirit.

    Orchids RisingOrchids RisingHace un mes
  • Great interview! :)

    Tobias STobias SHace un mes
  • She is so smart, informed, and fair. #badass

    Roberta MartinRoberta MartinHace un mes
  • I wish she was running for president instead of Biden

    Roberta MartinRoberta MartinHace un mes
  • love the way she explains things, so that everyone can understand better what the democrats are fighting for

    crazichicaj7crazichicaj7Hace un mes
  • I absolutely agree! The filibuster has to go. For both parties. All it does is create a stalemate and we get nowhere!

    Sadaf SaeedSadaf SaeedHace un mes
  • Such a bubble of energy and giggles. Lol. She was my first choice for the nominee. She was my first choice for VP. And I hope she gets Treasury or HHS. But, in trying to take the Senate, it may be best to keep her a Senator.

    My Own Private IdahoMy Own Private IdahoHace un mes
  • Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas

    rancely cirarancely ciraHace un mes
  • She would have made a much better president than Biden will.

    AJ RedAJ RedHace un mes
  • Jeez I wish she was President

    ksquish16ksquish16Hace un mes
  • republicans are going to cheat again and again and again until they have a theocracy. they will never give up. “Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them.” ― Barry Goldwater

    Rob RootRob RootHace un mes
  • Secretry of State perhaps

    Liz KLiz KHace un mes
  • The thing I admire about her is that she has always been a fighter. Thank you Elizabeth for always fighting for our country!

    Tanya WaltersTanya WaltersHace un mes
  • Ill take the test for trump! Give me my 2million

    Pokahontis x Poka-JaiPokahontis x Poka-JaiHace un mes
  • I love her and I'm so proud that she is one of my senators.

    Dejah WhitedDejah WhitedHace un mes
  • She just called the republicans radical, I’m like bro, the socialists liberals are the radicals

    John Paul MackJohn Paul MackHace un mes
  • did she just say 220 thousand, wow those numbers are waaay off, there are around 15 thousand deaths

    John Paul MackJohn Paul MackHace un mes
  • Elizabeth Warren, the “Native American” pochohantas

    John Paul MackJohn Paul MackHace un mes
  • 🐍

    3ysa3ysaHace un mes
  • Member when she sold out everything she believes in to help Biden steal the nomination from Bernie?

    Brandon MarshallBrandon MarshallHace un mes
  • The Republican Party is a fascist organization now.

    Robert HollyhockRobert HollyhockHace un mes
  • When we flip the Senate I propose Elizabeth Warren for Senate Majority Leader. Not only would we have someone who wants to get things accomplished, it would flat annoy McConnell to distraction if he survives this election.

    Max ChasmMax ChasmHace un mes
  • ok I think today's jumper is the most flattering Trevor's worn. Muted pink is your kalla, Trevor. Kind of glad for Senator Warren that she didn't win the Democrat race. She'd have been miserable. Look how happy she looks...

    Ebby CEbby CHace un mes
  • If anyone else was running I'd write her in.

    Spencer VanOchtenSpencer VanOchtenHace un mes
  • You and Bernie were my favorite.

    Carline TessierCarline TessierHace un mes
  • Overturning the scurrilous Citizens United decision by the bribed unlawful activist right wing of the SCOTUS must be the primary focus to restore the congress's accountability to real people that are voters not corporations. This decision put our countries politics up for sale on an auction block to the highest bidder, and giving giant corporations free rein to undermine workers rights and sway media with their war chests of profits to the point where many people argue against their own interest as humans, decrying regulations designed to keep their air, water, and soil free of cancerous pollution. Unlimited dark money fights against the nations interest by undermining belief in democratic institutions and acceptance of scientific facts and should in no way be either secret or protected as speech.

    Peter BathumPeter BathumHace un mes
  • What is Chuck Schumer’s plan for the Democrats moving forward if the WH and Senate are won by the Democrats?

    JiniJiniHace un mes

    SislertxSislertxHace un mes
  • Thank you Warren! Don’t forget, make your vote count, track your ballot if you can. No Matter Who, Vote Blue! Your life depends on it! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍

    Kacey BongarzoneKacey BongarzoneHace un mes
  • she and andrew yang would've been perfect for presidency & VP. it's a shame.......

    amirbahalegharn365amirbahalegharn365Hace un mes
  • I just love Elizabeth Warren♥️

    Crystal AndaroCrystal AndaroHace un mes
  • Elizabeth Warren for president 2024

    Laura ELaura EHace un mes
  • I used to be her fan... till she made up some fake accusations about Bernie being a sexist and stayed on the primary ticket wayyyyyy past her time and was a part of what eliminated any chance of a real progressive president, instead we now get a choice of a Racist Conservative Corporatist Republican and a less Racist, fairly Conservative, Corporatist almost Republican..... Yayyyy.....

    Andy LAndy LHace un mes
  • Her dishonesty is so obvious. She stayed in the race just to backstab Bernie and now she is still playing the progressive. What a viper she turned out to be.

    darwinism18darwinism18Hace un mes
  • Trump hasn't done much? Here is just a small list of MANY, MANY more items. Feel free to add. Some are pre-covid but are still accomplishments. Started travel restrictions only 10 days after China reported Covid-19. He was labeled xenophobic. Created 6.7 million jobs. Record-low unemployed of 3.5%. Lowest unemployed ever for Blacks, Hispanics, women. Rebuilt and re-funded our Military. Highest stock market avg record of 29,551. Unemployed veterans reduced by 40%. 7 million off food stamps, down 14.8%. Median household income up 2.3%. Signed Jobs Act. Signed MANY antidiscrimination acts and legislation that protects minorities and LGBTQ rights. Enacted largest tax cuts in US history. Rolled back job-killing regulations. Appointed Richard Grenell (openly gay) as ambassador to Germany. Operation Legend Abraham Accord Defeated Issis USMCA 1st time since 1930s energy independent. Withdrew from Paris Climate Accord saved America $3 TRILLION. Created National Public Safety Partnership. Appointed more than 150 federal judges. Enacted the Veterans Choice program. Signed Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. Signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act. NATO pays more on defense spending. Recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and moved US embassy there. Signed Right-to-Try. Signed VA Choice Act. Imposed tariffs on foreign steel/aluminum. $250 million a year for historic black colleges and universities. Signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. Signed Save Our Seas Act. Created Opertunity Zones. Signed 1st Step Act.

    Jayb 1961Jayb 1961Hace un mes
  • She should have been Biden’s VP

    Assonda PaulAssonda PaulHace un mes
  • She should replace McConnell.

    LA SlimLA SlimHace un mes
  • Save us, and our elderly,and our kid’s and who will care for each of each.

    Terrance MulcareTerrance MulcareHace un mes
  • And when we elect them, stand behind them from the get go, don't stand back and say ok, we did our part now you do your job, it takes us keep fighting to make sure congress honors our efforts, the rule of law and the constitution.

    Starr R.Starr R.Hace un mes
  • The DNC has abandoned their constituents by forcing Biden on us as our candidate. It’s not all they’ve done, but for me it was the last straw that told me that anybody who refuses to step away from the Democratic Party after this election will always be on their side, not ours

    Hannah SimonsHannah SimonsHace un mes
  • My dear senate, please don't complain. sooner than you expect you'll have: The Presidency, the Senate and the House of representatives. Anything more would you want to have? A lame duck? you already have it!

    Francisco VianaFrancisco VianaHace un mes
  • No more compromise with GOP...deliver for We the People!

    Patricia DuvetPatricia DuvetHace un mes

    Cecilia RiveraCecilia RiveraHace un mes
  • It is not often that a guest can humble Noah so much. You can hear it in his questions and comments. Senator Warren really does command this interview from start to finish.

    Todd A. KeckTodd A. KeckHace un mes

    Danny HollandDanny HollandHace un mes
  • She was my pick... America is messed up yo. Trump and Biden are who you voted for representation? Sheep? You’re sheep if you voted for Trump and you’re sheep if you supported Biden over Warren. That’s the majority of America. Stop being controlled by propaganda and think for yourselves for once. Take back your country. YOUR country.

    astheskylarksingsastheskylarksingsHace un mes
  • Ditch Mitch!! We cannot move forward with him in the WH. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🗳💙🗳💙🗳

    Deborah ZalDeborah ZalHace un mes
  • Anyone up for a rebellion if sh*t goes south?

    Dylan ToblerDylan ToblerHace un mes
  • I hope Elizabeth Warren becomes the new Secretary of Ed. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🗳💙🗳💙🗳

    Deborah ZalDeborah ZalHace un mes
  • Times Are A-Changin'

    Raza The RamblerRaza The RamblerHace un mes
  • Mitch McConnells state lives on mountain dew and fritos and pay for that with welfare. Why is he even in control of senate?

    Laura McGraelLaura McGraelHace un mes
  • She was my candidate. She was steam rolled. And then the DNCC jumped in to put Biden there and I'm hoping he is the one that wins though there were a bunch I considered way better during the primary... A bunch, including his choice as VP though I liked Warren, Sanders, and Yang better.

    tivonutdctivonutdcHace un mes
  • I love her. That's all. She's just on point. About everything.

    X YX YHace un mes
  • Trump 2020. Cry all you want but he’s getting re-elected:) back the blue too btw

    King TummyKing TummyHace un mes
  • Elizabeth Warren would make an AWSOME Treasury Secretary she would find all the scams Mnuchin and tRump are fleecing America

    rrw1261rrw1261Hace un mes
  • A house divided can not stand. Im pretty sure a quite famous Republican is the author of this simple and brilliant quote. Yet 10s of millions of Americans that identify as Republicans support a potus thats only policy objective is division, corruption, and power.

    mike mallerymike malleryHace un mes
  • CNN I am begging PLEASE KINDLY USE THIS EVIDENCE TO AMPLIFY JUSTICE FOR THE MASSACRE IN LAGOS NIGERIA, I am begging please the Government is trying to suppress the TRUTH!

    rapture dongoyarorapture dongoyaroHace un mes
  • Universal Healthcare!

    Beth ElkindBeth ElkindHace un mes
  • Way ahead of you Elizabeth! 👍🏾

    Gabriel EspringtimeGabriel EspringtimeHace un mes
  • 👍👍👍 💙🌊⚖🗽☮👩‍⚖️

    KKHace un mes
  • Nope...Ever since Liz banned together with the establishment corporatist to get rid of Bernie...I don't buy anything she is selling. A true progressive would do anything in their power to get Bernie into the office...she is a pretend progressive who will sell out as fast as the rest of them...

    Patrick KilduffPatrick KilduffHace un mes
  • Nothing Warren is going to say or anyone else for that matter,is ever going to change an 'UNDECIDED VOTER' at this point in time. Fools are going to be fools. American democracy has been proven to be a failure.

    MosesPlaysMosesPlaysHace un mes
  • would be glad to vote for her in 2024 if she decides to run

    Chrome LoganChrome LoganHace un mes
  • Not only America entire world can be benifited if this woman wins.....

    Alekhya GnsAlekhya GnsHace un mes
  • Well, if he doesn't leave if he isn't reelected, he won't be president anymore and that means he can technically have his butt thrown out by force. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why should we just have to kowtow to his tantrum? Explain to him the proper way to behave, and if he doesn't follow through, then mete out punishment like a spoiled child. It should be that simple, right?

    MissAnthropistMissAnthropistHace un mes
  • Not going to happen both people running for president sucks

    John DraffinJohn DraffinHace un mes
  • Senate flip! Oh shit! (It reminds me of the cleveland show)

    Light EchoLight EchoHace un mes
  • Both Democrats and Republicans will never up hold the law. They'll protect their evil friends. Both are guilty and the nation keeps its head in the sand well they tear apart the constitution and enslave the poor. Democrats will not help they didn't before and they will not now. Republicans only care about power and will do anything to keep it just like the Democrats. Their all evil, I'm voting for anyone else because neither party will do what's right. Justice is only for the rich to make the poor stay poor.

    Joshua SmeltzerJoshua SmeltzerHace un mes
  • Thank you for your service Trevor! I have leaned on you during this "Great time of Change" and you have delivered! As an elder I am so proud of you!!

    Sheppi13Sheppi13Hace un mes
  • Madame president #ElizabethWarren2024! If we were not such a sexist society, terrified of a brilliant woman such as Warren, we would have voted her as the First Lady president! America you’ve been conned!

    Suha AmerSuha AmerHace un mes
  • You guys know nothing about the courts

    Agustin BlancoAgustin BlancoHace un mes
  • How many hoodies do you own?

    ezpiper LC FLezpiper LC FLHace un mes
  • I love your enthusiasm. Thank you for working so hard for our benefit.

    Ed BloomEd BloomHace un mes
  • She's so endearing. Would've made a great president. Or, veep, bare minimum. US just wasn't ready. ...Keep being awesome, E-Beth!

    yada yadayada yadaHace un mes
  • It’s not about saving the planet, the planet will be fine, it’s about saving the beings that live here...

    Sage Wellness GroupSage Wellness GroupHace un mes
  • Traitor!

    Leslie WalkerLeslie WalkerHace un mes

    Cop or bopCop or bopHace un mes

    Cop or bopCop or bopHace un mes

    Cop or bopCop or bopHace un mes
  • When she points out that the Republicans are the ones gunning for extremism, that's important. We need to remember that for all their bellyaching that it's actually everyone else that's extreme, they're the ones who have extremist goals. (Also 'I believe in holding everyone accountable' yaas queen we could have had you as our president. Like, I wanted Bernie first and foremost, but there's a reason Warren was my close second. I may not think her policies go as far as we need them to go, but she has the same dedication to the American people as Bernie does.)

    Katie TKatie THace un mes
  • She is right. If Mitch McConnell remains as the Senate majority leader, nothing changes, even if Biden wins the presidency. Moscow Mitch, in many ways, is even worse than Trump, and that is saying a lot.

    VILJLVILJLHace un mes
  • Someone needs to explain to Liz what Democracy means. And it sure doesn't include Mandates

    M DuttonM DuttonHace un mes
  • Coulda had a bad beesch. . . sigh

    Becky Ford SullivanBecky Ford SullivanHace un mes
  • In 2016, this woman was on my radar. She was not in the Democratic Primary, but I knew about her and saw her as the female equivalent of Bernie Sanders, and he was the finalist I preferred. It came down to him and Hillary Clinton. It was such that it would not have surprised me if Sanders had secured the party nomination and then chosen Warren as his running mate. That would've been the most natural thing in the world. Then she went and endorsed _Clinton._ That caught me _completely_ off guard. Why in the world did she do _that?_ Elizabeth Warren's platform and Hillary Clinton's were _much_ further apart than Elizabeth Warren's and Bernie Sander's. Since that day, I puzzle over how to assess this woman's motives.

    Fauler PerfektionistFauler PerfektionistHace un mes
  • Can anyone say out loud, "this dude is not funny"

    Tony WaltonTony WaltonHace un mes
  • We need more progressive and open minded politicians like her

    zainy_inczainy_incHace un mes
  • Britain, I will see your Brexit and raise you Trump.

    Fauler PerfektionistFauler PerfektionistHace un mes
  • Ain’t that the lady that lied about being Native American to get into a college

    N GN GHace un mes
  • Senator Warren is always such a clear, sobering speaker. She speaks right to the heart of the truth, and she makes it so accessible for anyone that it just HAS to make sense if you're listening.

    Jeremiah CJeremiah CHace un mes
  • Hard working Republican so you dont have to.

    Adrianna MoralesAdrianna MoralesHace un mes
  • Interview a Republican.

    Adrianna MoralesAdrianna MoralesHace un mes
  • I love how she kisses her dog Bailey 😘😘😷

    Lucky PennyLucky PennyHace un mes
  • Hi lover

    Matt WayMatt WayHace un mes