Trump Doesn't Understand How Corners Work | The Daily Social Distancing Show

23 oct 2020
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If you keep rounding the corner, don't you end up back where you started? #DailyShow #Trump #Coronavirus
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  • at first i didn’t understand but the longer i whatched the funnier it got

    K I N G N E X UK I N G N E X UHace 20 días
  • Trump just omits the large radius of the corner he's been talking about all these months. He's still talking about sending people to Mars where it is only now late spring.

    GardengallivantGardengallivantHace 24 días
  • Wait historically??? If the virus is new there isn’t any history...

    Henry J LopezHenry J LopezHace 24 días
  • Are we there yet because we have been rounding the corner since February but we are in November?

    akumousakumousHace 24 días
  • Trump is rounding the corner to lose this election. Vote Biden Harris 2021

    renato arenato aHace 25 días
  • There will need to be a 2nd part of this where in about 2-3 years Trump says: "See? I told you we were rounding the corner!"

    szpinak222szpinak222Hace 27 días
  • Rounding the corners = making a circle 🤨🙄😒

    kelly Okelly OHace 27 días
  • Thank you

    Nick CovelloNick CovelloHace 28 días
  • More like a roundabout

    Esther VazquezEsther VazquezHace 28 días
  • Yeah, we might be finally turning the corner, but not thanks to you dumbo. Thanks to a freaking 14 year old who’s smarter than you

    MadTaz GleeMadTaz GleeHace 29 días
  • a circle

    M.W. KaplanM.W. KaplanHace un mes
  • We're rounding the turd.

    Fred AstaireFred AstaireHace un mes
  • Conspiracy theory 1 2016, a week before election day, an independent organism, FBI, confirms it begins an investigation on Hillary Clinton about the misuse of an e-mail account. This confirms Trumps stories about crooked Hillary and gives him the bump to defeat her in the elections. Is Trump a magician? Did he use part of his millons to bribe someone (the head of the FBI, hackers, Russia), did he knew it was coming to confirm his storytelling? Conspiracy theory 2 2020. In the week before election day, there is a significant drop in the corona virus numbers (deaths, new cases, hospitalizations) in the battleground states, confirming the storytelling of Trump about he is so great fighting the Coronavirus, and that we are rounding the corner, at least in the eyes of the voters. His numbers raise and fall with the number of coronavirus cases, so this is his last chance. Is Trump a magician? Did he use part of his millons to bribe someone (hospital directors, doctors, newsteller, hackers) so that in the weeks before they inflate the numbers (increasing the hospitalization times with additional treatment), so that a significant drop can be set in scene? Does he uses some of his millons to give experimental treatment to some hundert of cases, so that the death count drop? Does he employ hackers to influence the counting of cases? Does he uses his influence as a president to influence the counting of the test results on coronavirus?

    Christian Holger Valqui HaaseChristian Holger Valqui HaaseHace un mes
  • The most eloquent presidunce ever. He has words. The best words. The same ones over and over and over again.

    AdanAdanHace un mes
  • The Earth is flat, dunchano. It's a flat square. Or rectangle? Trapezoid? Only Trump knows apparently.

    Delice de LunaDelice de LunaHace un mes
  • Like...if anyone was to serve pass their term, I would gladly take Obama.

    Delice de LunaDelice de LunaHace un mes
  • "Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament."

    eriblack08eriblack08Hace un mes
  • when will Trump ever finish rounding the corner? lol

    Saige CSaige CHace un mes
  • My head was spinning every time he said corner.

    Pochi chan o*U*oPochi chan o*U*oHace un mes
  • He's an idiot. Vote blue and get this clown out of here. America was great before he came along. He's divided this country. Makes me sick to even listen to him lie.

    Sharon LeeSharon LeeHace un mes
  • Rounding the corner of a rollercoaster!

    JenfolksJenfolksHace un mes
  • The best way to deal with a challenge is to repeatedly say that it’s going away, and then not do anything about it. -Donald Trump

    Maple SyrupMaple SyrupHace un mes
  • Idiot trump failed on everything.

    Charles LeeCharles LeeHace un mes
  • Yes they are rounding the corner all right like a race track! Left turn left turn left turn. 🔁 They call that a circle.

  • I wish he would round the corner into a high security PSYCHIATRIC hospital in a straight jacket heavily sedated into a coma for life for the protection of humanity coz trumps alrdy got this election rigged to steal it from Biden, as hes alrdy said everything that he doesnt win has been rigged, so hes made sure that this has been rigged for him to stay in power indefinitely, hes gona seal his DICTATORSHIP and kill even more ppl

    Vicki LeeVicki LeeHace un mes
  • Here my thought, if present Stump got covid got cured then wtf is he waiting on. Why is he cured while the rest of america is getting sick or dieing. His so called miracle drug is not being distributed out? Or is that he never really had covid and this another lie.

    mack899486ifymack899486ifyHace un mes
  • Three months later he'll be saying the same

    _vicmakari__vicmakari_Hace un mes
  • How and why does he come away with this?

    Armin GerhardtArmin GerhardtHace un mes
  • I don't know about corners but his man has definitely gone around the bend.

    Mo DidleyMo DidleyHace un mes
  • Light at the end of the tunnell

    Zannah KabanahZannah KabanahHace un mes
  • Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and he’s COMPROMISED. China is desperate for Biden to win because if Biden Wins, CHINA WINS. - and China will OWN AMERICA. This corruption is EXACTLY why I decided to run for President in the first place. For years, I watched one betrayal after another, as politicians like Joe Biden sold out American Workers at every turn-shattering the lives of millions of American families while THEIR families raked in millions of dollars. I could not sit by and watch THEM take advantage of YOU anymore... They are coming after me because I am standing in their way, and standing guard for this Country we LOVE.! Donald J. Trump

    Black DragonBlack DragonHace un mes
    • Wake up. Your living in an alternate reality. Joe Biden has repeatedly said he denies doing business with china. Trump has a Chinese bank account. The hypocrisy your showing is unreal. Please do research before commenting.

      PropManPropManHace un mes
  • 13 corners and a train coming 😂🤣😂

    D. LawrenceD. LawrenceHace un mes
  • I’m DIZZY!! Too many corners!! Fuck!!

    D. LawrenceD. LawrenceHace un mes
  • We've gone around the block three-and-a-half times

    Baddie 🅱️ Barbie tingz bangin’ body 🅱️Baddie 🅱️ Barbie tingz bangin’ body 🅱️Hace un mes
  • Trump is clearly a Nascar fan, so we got 120 laps to go.

    Robert MRobert MHace un mes
  • Wake up America Trump is the worst president ever. Stop the lying cheating good nothing crooks.

    Tacolover Scrib22Tacolover Scrib22Hace un mes
  • We have rounded the corner so much we are back to where we started in March- SNL Alec Baldwin

    Julius JamesJulius JamesHace un mes
  • Everybody has to convince non-voters to vote. Vote the hoax president away from the white house and save USA please. Business people, rich people get more information about Covid-19 than the common people. Trump is killing people of USA.

    Anders KarlssonAnders KarlssonHace un mes
  • Never realized he was actually into nascar

    Deez NutzDeez NutzHace un mes
  • Our entire country is trapped on one of those Roundabouts. Endlessly rounding the corner, failing to take the exit and deciding to just drive around to complete the loop for another attempt at the exit. .puppet.2016Hace un mes
  • Facts to know

    Cecilia RiveraCecilia RiveraHace un mes
  • His words are rounding the corner and now the corner is a circle that he just keeps going round and round and round in.

    TheGreatestMatt #1TheGreatestMatt #1Hace un mes
  • The light at the end of the tunnel, is what you see right before you die, ijs.

    vannessa phillipsvannessa phillipsHace un mes
  • Coming soon to pay per view, ladies and Gentlemen I present you "WE ARE ROUNDING THE CORNER" Stay stuned

    Dalmas MachukiDalmas MachukiHace un mes
  • "Run away but we're running in circles" seems accurate

    abcdabcdHace un mes
  • Forget rounding, there were so many corners; not one went through 🙄

    Sai MaheshSai MaheshHace un mes
  • The light at the end of the tunnel is actually an oncoming train...

    David WrightDavid WrightHace un mes
  • In his defense, he doesn’t know much of how anything works.

    Robert ZawarskiRobert ZawarskiHace un mes
  • That reminds me of the drunk whose feeling his way around a lamp post. He goes once, twice, three times... and then collapses. "I'm walled in!"

    GroffiliGroffiliHace un mes
  • Rounding the corner is like UPS delivery drivers. It only makes right turns.

    Bob PowersBob PowersHace un mes
  • The light at the end of the tunnel must be the upcoming election

    JøranJøranHace un mes
  • Rudolph Guliani was rounding the curve rounding the corner in that Borat movie 🍿

    leo limasleo limasHace un mes
  • Thats why i love trompf, he says what he says

    L00wwL00wwHace un mes
  • I hope he's rounding the corner in a few days and never comes back.

    P. S.P. S.Hace un mes
  • Trump is obviously, a douchebag!

    Dr. James OlackDr. James OlackHace un mes
  • Is he talking about himself as “I will be out of office in January I’ll just be rounding the corner of the White House “

    Trevor S.Trevor S.Hace un mes
  • It's a freaky circle

    Kuveshan PadayacheyKuveshan PadayacheyHace un mes
  • This man is rounding the corner for a looooooooong time. Some people say he is still rounding the corner. 2034.

    José de Jesús JiménezJosé de Jesús JiménezHace un mes
  • How long is this corner

    eniazieniaziHace un mes
  • Do crazy people know their crazy.

    Dorian GreyDorian GreyHace un mes
  • OANN is reporting that the CDC numbers reveal that hospitals counted over 130k deaths from pneumonia, influenza and heart attacks as Covid-19 deaths. This means that everything we've been told about this VIRUS is a lie. Hospitals got rich while the leftists blamed President Trump. Oh yes this thought gives me chills!! If Joe Biden would be elected expect $4 plus per gallon for gasoline. Taxes will only rise up up and up,etc.. Joe has been a politician for over 47 years has not done anything to improve our lives middle-class and only benefited himself..Joe Biden. Joe Biden is corrupt! If the Dems are so smart why are they not helping stop this virus?? They have the power. But instead all they do is play with their masks!..Talk is cheap!! Mr Biden!! You and your party are bunch of children with tantrum's!!... President Trump and Mike Pence won the debates hands down! The fly landed on Mike Pence because it wanted to show all the voters who to vote for in November... Trump/Pence fly's choice as well! Just shows president Trump was correct all along that this virus is dying..99.2% people are recovering from this Covid-19. Even though we here in the USA we have high cases, we have the lowest deaths from covid-19 in the whole world!! President Trump as achieved so many positive things in such a short period as no prior president! If you believe in our democracy, President Trump is our only choice!!! The democrats and the medias..MSNBC and CNN have divided our country big time!! 74 Years old. A billionaire. Doesn't need a cent. Could be on a beach anywhere in the world. Has worked all his life. Raised children who have work ethics out of this world. possibly the most hated man in America right now. Diagnosed with covid..still showing up...Proved that Covid-19 can be cured!! Have you ever wondered if you were 74 years old, a billionaire, and diagnosed with covid, if you would still be showing up, fighting for a country where millions of citizens hated you? People that vote for BIDEN are truly naïve and blinded by MSNBC and CNN and Obama!! Obama couldn't save CARRIER company from leaving our country Trump did and many more!! Biden will be the same as Obama guaranteed!! Biden lied several times in this last debate!And many blame Trump for lying it is the other way around. GO TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    Roman WardRoman WardHace un mes
  • Says if he loses, he´ll leave the country. Would Argentina/Paraguay be right for his kind?

    SuperLeica1SuperLeica1Hace un mes
  • Yes, Donald! Head toward the light...PLEASE!

    FRiESREiSFRiESREiSHace un mes
  • I've added a graphical display of how we've "rounded the corner" here...Not for the faint of heart.

    vrwmilnevrwmilneHace un mes
  • Trevor Noah will have nothing to cover if Trump loses because that is all he literally talks about. Like come on . . .

    Nyna HendNyna HendHace un mes
  • Should have added graphs of the death toll.

    Rhoddry IceRhoddry IceHace un mes
  • the insane trump is rounding in jail soon ." it is what it is "

    Teng MichaelTeng MichaelHace un mes
  • "Light at the end of the tunnel..." *The light is a train*

    Victorito ChipVictorito ChipHace un mes
  • Trump can't see the light, the reflection off his hair causing the blindness. He also doesn't know what a turning a corner is, but he does have trouble with down hill ramps.

    TheHobbyShopFilmsTheHobbyShopFilmsHace un mes
  • He's stuck in a roundabout

    Tyler HTyler HHace un mes
  • I don't know nothing bout delivering no corner!

    Gerald RiggleGerald RiggleHace un mes
  • This clown got infected by the disease and he still does not understand anything about it at all. Why are there people still thinking that this is the guy who should be running the country?

    Eddie 5Eddie 5Hace un mes
  • Well..I hate to say it but Trump is right! We are rounding the curve, it's just that its rounding upwards exponentially..

    George CharalambousGeorge CharalambousHace un mes

    Anthony GladdenAnthony GladdenHace un mes
  • The soothing light at the end of your tunnel just a freight train coming your way...

    bierrollerfulbierrollerfulHace un mes
  • Trump: We ArE RoUnDiNg ThE CoRnEr COVID: bitch I don’t think so

    Woo WednesdayWoo WednesdayHace un mes
  • When the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is a freight train...

    G BG BHace un mes
  • 🤣🤣

    Kunal singhKunal singhHace un mes
  • How is this imbecile a president?

    cesar martinezcesar martinezHace un mes
  • This guy is a professional liar. can just see him practicing lines in front of a mirror

    skulpchaskulpchaHace un mes
  • This is a lot better: Based on this hit We could sing: "Reach out... reach out for your ballot! Reach out... Hi folks, go out, VOTE!" VOTE BLUE - the sooner the better the more the clearer

    DenkePruefeDenkePruefeHace un mes
  • Please share this with pro-Trump

    hamuza ayanokojihamuza ayanokojiHace un mes
  • It’s just a wide an very long corner

    TJ CTJ CHace un mes
  • Trump has been lying about the 🦠 and responsible for 220000+ death!!! He doesn’t deserve to be the President! Let’s use our Power to Vote Him Out!!!

    纽约Judy纽约JudyHace un mes
  • How many corners does a circle have? Trump: Yes

    Aaditya SainiAaditya SainiHace un mes
  • after 4 corners your back at the begin that is why he said it 12 times.its the third wave of covid .

    Harry KnolHarry KnolHace un mes
  • Does he mean flatten the curve?

    F 17F 17Hace un mes
  • Coronavirus be singing, "Fools around the corner, fools around the corner, fools around the corner... for me!"

    Arcturion BladeArcturion BladeHace un mes
  • At 0:12 Trump says "the hair is hardest" I believe him.💇

    Tomas BodlingTomas BodlingHace un mes
  • Makes me sick to my stomach.What a cold hearted monster.

    Keith LemonKeith LemonHace un mes
  • My friends dad couldn't figure out how to get off the beltway in Washington DC - they went around the entire thing three times! Rounding the corner indeed... It takes awhile and you don't make actual progress.

    Socrates ExplainsEverythingSocrates ExplainsEverythingHace un mes
  • Well if that is the case why are his clowns wearing masks behind him oh that's right it is a con for tv

    Mr.D SimpsonMr.D SimpsonHace un mes
  • Your president is organizing mas spreading events. He really is crazy

    Gerda BuystGerda BuystHace un mes
  • Trump's taking his followers in circles all the time.

    AndrewAndrewHace un mes
  • Just rediculous.

    Jimbalaya JonesJimbalaya JonesHace un mes
  • How many corners are there? #dailyshow - Should add the number of deaths on the video with each of Trump's round the corner comments.

    sam kankalilsam kankalilHace un mes
  • Someone tell him he's thinking of a circle

    Leslie BenlamLeslie BenlamHace un mes
  • Light at the end of the tunnel my ass. My county just got hit 10x harder than we did in April.

    Sarah ClaraSarah ClaraHace un mes
  • Wow!!! Can you say broken record 😂😂😂😂 just one lie after another!@@!

    Ted McCarthyTed McCarthyHace un mes
  • Well we all know he’s a pathological liar... but his brainwashed worshippers will believe anything he tells them( hence the last guy nodding his head😂) so yeah this the state of our union... so we can expect 4 more years of this!! Well the American experiment was fun while it lasted...soon it will be “welcome to the USE TO BE United States”! 😢

    Billy CloudyBilly CloudyHace un mes