Tressie McMillan Cottom - How Split Are Voters, Really? | The Daily Show

4 nov 2020
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Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses what it means for Republicans to stand by President Trump, whether voters are really as split as they seem and why Black men are attracted to voting for Trump. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TressieMcMillanCottom
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  • Again.......that Blackman sharing the couch with Trevor is being grossly disrespectful to this Dr. (black female.)

    C CC CHace 9 días
    • He is probably a troll in his off hours.

      C CC CHace 6 días
  • Liberals are just wildly out of touch with Blue collar workers.

    kevin fullerkevin fullerHace 14 días
  • What’s with the weird guy sulking next to Trevor?

    QuenryQuenryHace 14 días
  • Black women doubled their support for trump from 2016 to 2020. White women, latino women, and "other" women all voted Trump in significantly higher numbers than black men. Not only are the facts wrong, but the analysis is garbage. Trump increased support amongst every group except white men, and the reason is patriarchy? Lol. They'll point to anything except the utter failure of the Democratic Party to offer these voters anything meaningful.

    Radical DemocracyRadical DemocracyHace 14 días
  • Many of them voted for Trump because they are conservatives and they thought that Jesus will be happy with them if they voted for Trump

    jaffar1234jaffar1234Hace 14 días
  • Aye she terrible im tired of people blaming black men. She has this completely wrong. Trev you gotta ask a smart Black Man

    Mally WaxxMally WaxxHace 14 días
  • It’s funny how anytime there’s an election democrats go screaming for people to vote. They do this because statistically low information voters tend to vote Democratic. So congratulations a bunch of people who don’t know anything other than “orange man bad” came out to influence national politics. They probably don’t know anything about trump or Biden other than what they here from Facebook or late night comedy. Because we all know Trevor Noah is a journalist and not a comedy host 😑

    John KingJohn KingHace 14 días
  • He said in Biden's America they will move into your suburbs and bring down your property value. Racist people been fearing this for decades.

    Baby DollBaby DollHace 15 días
  • Masculine men and attractive women enjoy masculinity.

    M'baku XM'baku XHace 15 días
  • “Ultimate fresh toilet paper 🧻 “ I’m I the only one who kept thinking about it??

    Shadrach AziehShadrach AziehHace 15 días
  • I agree with her statement, "COCAINE IS A HELL OF A DRUG"! Also I agree with Chris Rock statement, "WHATEVER HAPPLENED TO CRAZY', people can't be crazy anymore?

    kenkenHace 15 días
  • This black man NEVER considered voting for Trump

    Donta MDonta MHace 15 días
  • The answer to the question in the title is THEY SICK OF THE VICTIM MENTALITY. She mentions oppression but no one can actually tell you how they being oppressed? Whys everyone talking for other people?

    mishroomsmishroomsHace 16 días
  • Theres nothing wrong for wanting a leader with strong masculine traits, Donald Trump or not. That's something that is needed, do you want someone who is a pushover and makes poor deals by compromising with other leaders.. or a strong person who knows what they want and will compromise for more for their/countries benefit

    bellzhellzbellzhellzHace 16 días
  • Hollup up don't put every black man in that same category I did not vote for Trump it don't I don't appreciate people putting me in that f*****-up category for God's f****** Seriously

    Ty StomrteTy StomrteHace 16 días
  • We need to do away with the Electoral College. Why remain held hostage to a group of people who are afraid of the road to social equality? Trump didn’t win the popular vote in the last presidential election. No one should be surprised that he didn’t win it in this one either.

    D JD JHace 16 días
  • Or they think for theirselves. And don’t let white liberals tell they ain’t shit🤷‍♀️

    Lemonade lemonLemonade lemonHace 16 días
  • Btw there is nothing masculine about Trump,nothing.

    Richard FernandezRichard FernandezHace 16 días
  • "Cocaine is a hell of a drug",in other words you are a moron if you voted for Donald Trump,especially if you are black or brown.

    Richard FernandezRichard FernandezHace 16 días
  • So can you explain why Trump did better with black women? black people as a collective voted at 92% the 8% consisted of black men and women. So why are you guys pushing this propaganda. Black people were the only group that voted together as a unionized block. This is liberal trash, an attempt to erase black men. Black men tend not to have the same support for carceral candidates. Even with that truth they still voted Biden in undeserved overwhelming numbers.

    Orange MarleyOrange MarleyHace 16 días
  • Just completely ignore that Joe Biden was the architect of laws that put a whole generation of Black men in prison. This was complete Bullshit.

    ken bakerken bakerHace 16 días
  • Anyone else confused with Roy Wood Jr just chilling on an iPad during this interview?

    abonfilioabonfilioHace 17 días
  • The video hasn’t started yet but I bet the answer is “racism”... just a guess Edit: I’m happy to be wrong!! This seemed like a fair analysis of the situation. Refreshing

    Roger YoungRoger YoungHace 17 días
  • She hits the arrow on the bullseye! Its black, Latino and white men that vote Trump. Gender interests that buy them nothing! Sure its about the macho bully persona of " Giving it to the Man" that one ups the establishment, says "I'm in charge", that they support. But women don't forget its that persona that callusely orders our children into unprotected, unmasked schools during a pandemic, locks up children in cages and tears them from families as " a deterent", lets assault weapon gun ownership go unregulated where first graders, 6 year olds! are allowed to be gunned down in their classrooms; where absentee men can abandon children they father to single moms struggling to keep them out of street gangs and welfare lines and the low self esteem that abandonment and poverty perpetuates. Women stood up to the president, now we need to stand up to the mitch McConnells and Lindsay Grahams too!

    seriously? really?seriously? really?Hace 17 días
  • Crazy idea here. If you want to know why black men are voting Trump, why don’t you ask a black man who voted for Trump. Unless you don’t want to know.

    We Are ShowboatWe Are ShowboatHace 17 días
  • She won’t be able to help you make sense of the craziness. Not because she has no valuable insights, but because you have become such liberal progressive social justice activist that you can no longer see the reality that is close to you objectively. I’d suggest start being a journalist again and leave activism to others. After all, you are part of the 1%

    4philipp4philippHace 17 días
  • Same applies to other ethnicities such as Latinos, Mexicans, Cucasians (polish, italians, etc.) and it's starting with Asians. It's a shame many don't value humanism, even when they know their own people have been oppressed or killed.

    Hmong Travel and FoodHmong Travel and FoodHace 17 días
  • Why does everyone have to vote their identity according to the left and people like her? Wow they are identarian. If people need to be like that does that mean white men have to vote for orange man? Why would her model break down there? I propose people vote based on values and Trust and information and reason to some degree too, individualistically. When she saw black men didn't vote according to their race she made it about their gender good Lord

    current_interestcurrent_interestHace 17 días
  • Everything is race. Race has to constantly be brought up. In 2020. -The left.

    current_interestcurrent_interestHace 17 días
  • I watch all the late night shows constantly and that right there -what was said by this genius woman needs to be said again and again and again. Too many people are still uncomfortable acknowledging the gender issues in all western countries I've been too EVEN IN the same breath that they acknowledge racial issues. How are we still more uncomfortable confronting gender prejudice and women's rights (which are human rights) when we acknowledge easily LGBTQI rights racial inequality religious intolerance-the list goes on. How? How are women's issues still not being addressed almost ever. Thank God for this women! Please Trevor keep drawing attention to the still oppressed still silent majority of women.

    ChristieChristieHace 18 días
  • ✨ “that’s a mirage” ✨ just perfect

    Justin RodgersJustin RodgersHace 18 días
  • Trevor is a sellout, I saw biden on his show and he didn't drill biden's punk azz on that 94 crime bill that took a lot black father's out of our community. Biden kept black men in jail and Trump was letting them out.

    SRJ Properties LLCSRJ Properties LLCHace 18 días
  • I wish this was longer because wow what an important conversation to be having!

    Lorena LpzLorena LpzHace 18 días
  • Very well articulated. 👏🏽

    Somya PrakashSomya PrakashHace 18 días
  • Man.. so conservatism is a patriarchal impulse now? And this is coming from the side that claims to be inclusive and rational. Making this claim categorizes millions of male voters as chauvinists. We don’t have to be this divided, y’all. Alienating millions of people ( half the population) because they didn’t vote like you is not a good thing. Imagine if we just allowed black, white, latino, and Asian folks vote how they wanted without scorning them for their decisions. Then this lady has the nerve to claim that those decisions stem from some type of underlying evil. Good luck achieving unity with this type of mumbo-jumbo.

    John McNamaraJohn McNamaraHace 18 días
  • Hey you know Obama and Biden bombed the living shit out of the middle east - so did Trump. Why does the media never cover this?

    Jibreel LomaxJibreel LomaxHace 18 días
  • None of what this woman is saying is true. They seem to be harping on trying to cause a gender war between black males and females. If you look at the stats both black male and female voted more for the republicans, It's just more so in black men. I did not vote at all, the candidates were terrible on both sides. WE have given our vote to democrats with nothing to show for it, many black people are tired of it.

    claville12345claville12345Hace 18 días
  • Btw, Trevor your from Africa and I am from South Los Angeles... you dont understand fully what your talking about my friend.. Your so cute... ;)

    Gideon SaucedaGideon SaucedaHace 18 días
  • My American family today... Black, White and I am Latino... I quit the new Racist Democratic party focus on defunding the police? And BLM terrorist? LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2020..

    Gideon SaucedaGideon SaucedaHace 18 días
  • I love that Roy just sitting over there with the patron like real niggas dont give af bout this shit we still never gone mean shit to America

    kingjnuttykingjnuttyHace 18 días
  • wow. i vary rarely hear someone speak so eloquently and to the point at the same time. Would love to hear more from her.

    Alexander WallaceAlexander WallaceHace 18 días
  • Patriarchal impulses... voting gender interest... What is she talking about 🙄? The black people voting for Trump is because of vested economic /status interests, and his aligning with their ideologies (no mask , Corona is over rated etc) not that he looks/ acts like a manly man 😅

    Leo ViceLeo ViceHace 19 días
  • The insistence that race, gender and class considerations are primordial when voting is disgusting. There are no right sides to this. End of story!

    Marc SmauszMarc SmauszHace 19 días
    • @Marc Smausz, because sometimes it may seem that we inevitably always go back to using the same 3 proxies to explain human behavior, there is much more to social science and their investigation of human behavior. For example in anthropology we examine the contextual setting of people. (For a short and easy to understand explanations on the merits of anthropology: Maybe research from that field would be more interesting to you. :)

      AAHace 15 días
    • ​@A I believe that one's identity SHOULD NOT be based on some random characteristics, but rather on their personal experiences and qualities/defects. These are, indeed, often reflective of their race/gender/class situation, however they will never fit perfectly into rigidly defined stereotypes. Now, when discussing voting tendencies, I therefore think that most people SHOULD choose the candidate whose personality and ideas most nearly aligns with theirs. I would consider doing otherwise to be superficial and shallow, although if the way you see yourself is mainly dependent on the social category you place yourself in, this is also how you will look at the rest of the world, including the people you vote for. Finally, I am not a social scientist, so I have to admit I don't have the data to know which tendency actually constitutes a majority. (In the original comment I should have said "...should be primordial...")

      Marc SmauszMarc SmauszHace 15 días
    • Well these are the main lines that drive peoples formation of identity. As a fellow social scientist, though in anthropology, we extrapolate on these ideas quite often. As you disagree what do you think drives voting behavior?

      AAHace 17 días
  • Black views on the church, sexuality, and frugality historically align with Republicans. We were somehow bamboozled into thinking that the Democrats and their social programs had our best interest but in reality they lump us in with all of their other causes. I voted for Biden this election because I think TRUMP is dangerous for our country, but no party truly has the best interest of Black Americans in their policies. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Brittnee SavageBrittnee SavageHace 19 días
  • Unfortunately the biggest and most prolific discrimination the world over is against women ... and we are not a minority! So tired of minorities being lumped together with us. Trans can be men or women. All religions target us, brainwash women against themselves and unfortunately men and even women are persuaded by this. Until women stand together race/ religion aside this will not change 😞

    HM WHM WHace 19 días
  • The mirage of masculinity. Yuck 🤮

    Nicole WilliamsNicole WilliamsHace 19 días
  • That squishy middle might start caring when the boot steps on it's neck.

    TriitonTriitonHace 19 días
  • I disagree esp myself and men I spoke to who were victims of the crime bill and Harris in LA. We know he's a nut, but he pardoned many black men, when Biden still hasn't apologized

    Rikers ElRikers ElHace 19 días
  • Yes please bring her back over and over!

    Nia PgnNia PgnHace 19 días
  • While there are a small amount of Black people who have generational establishment in the US who vote Republican, the problem in what is reflected in the statistics is the failure to distinguish the difference in polling metrics between Black immigrants (Africans, Haitians, Jamaicans, et al) and Blacks who have a deep generational establishment in the US and it makes a difference in perspective. I agree with the doctor there is a small contingent of Black men whose gender interests out strip those of class and race. However, I would argue they are a significantly smaller contingent than she implied. Also, some of the Black votes for Trump were not a vote for Trump as much as a protest vote against Joe Biden and the democratic party as a whole because of their failure to directly address Black issues. If we are to take the democratic leadership at their word, they tend to take, "a rising tide lifts all boats," approach toward Black issues while specifically addressing the needs of other interest groups.

    Dawn WorthyDawn WorthyHace 19 días
  • At times it is fun being on a fence. You get to easily see what happens on both sides. I'm seated on the fence right now laughing. How I wish Trump concedes and allows Joe to be cross examined by the right, just like what Trump got from the Left these last four years. I just want to see Joe's stamina, whether he can hold on to the barage of the right. I still remember that scene when Obama shed tears, live on TV.

    Michaeley aaMichaeley aaHace 19 días
  • why black men vote for Trump? answer : Patriarchy of course ! The fact is he got also more female voters from diverse minorities ... If this kind of analysis goes on, be prepared for another clown in the white house in 4 years, Trump or worse

    ZurGenealogiederMoralZurGenealogiederMoralHace 19 días
  • Let me give that thing a freaking thumb down.

    Wood MondesirWood MondesirHace 19 días
  • I read the article on NBC news about the increase in black male votes for Trump. Unfortunately, the article offered no context of why we were seeing the increase. Dr. Tressie made sense of it in less than 7 minutes.

    misstrice8misstrice8Hace 19 días
  • What race issues are the Democrats addressing for the community? We have become a dependable vote. I don't feel good about going with the dems, I believe we need to break the power base of these two parties. Black men who voted for Trump are probably more at peace than I am. Biden Harris....and I'm the super preditor. It feels weird going for individuals who have actively played a part in destroying many Black boys lives. So many bad choices neither side ever follows through with their promises. We can't blame them for taking advantage of our horrible decision as a people to just give our vote without making them earn it.

    Cohen CohenCohen CohenHace 19 días
  • Trevor is a damn fool! 😂 He has all those boxes of toilet paper, gallons of water, hand sanitizer and boarded up windows. Now that I think about it....he has not gotten a haircut. He is being extra cautious and really not going out. I wonder if he is holding Roy hostage. 😂

    Abel MunozAbel MunozHace 19 días
  • Cocain is a hell of a drug 😅😅😅 I died

    Royalty NkoRoyalty NkoHace 19 días
  • I love that anyone thinks Trump is masculine. That's absolutely hilarious to me.

    Jimmy YurkoJimmy YurkoHace 20 días
  • Love the not subtle shout out to Dave Chappelle... "cocaine is a hell of a drug!"

    Jimmy YurkoJimmy YurkoHace 20 días
  • Are you tired of the "bad black man" go get a black woman to publicly shame them for their decision tactic yet?

    WolfisvaraWolfisvaraHace 20 días
    • Please cuz black men aren't down w/ twisted Marxists terrorists: (BLM)

      emiri lansoemiri lansoHace 18 días
  • Why would you invite a woman to speak to Black male voting patterns when you could have easily gotten a Black man? Why is the Black man psychoanalyzed so much? Black men voted for what they see as the lesser of 2 evils. Biden = Crime Bill & trump is just a loud mouth who at least cut the grass & exposed the snakes aka racists & defenders of the status quo. Why is this so mystifying?

    A.N.D. DIRECT LLCA.N.D. DIRECT LLCHace 20 días
  • She is wrong. The increase of black males voting for Asshat was not significant at all. She's making sound like half the "black" men in America voted Republican. Be specific and miss me with poc and "African" Americans. Most who caused the insignificant increase were probably African immigrants. She should know better. Be specific. She is the problem pushing Masculinity. So if a black woman wants to be a Male does he/she practice Masculine toxicity? Just damn. Yea and Biden sucks too.

    No Country For Old Men NC4OMNo Country For Old Men NC4OMHace 20 días
  • Why is it so hard to tell the truth about macho men? Does it matter the color of their skin? I think not. Macho is macho. Period.

    Michele WilkeMichele WilkeHace 20 días
  • Why is she even talking about Black men voting for Trump singularly as if MEN OF OTHER RACES didn’t do the same thing. Why even talk about it. The main objective of her conversation is to simply put black men in a controversial light. As if she’s putting blame on Black men and when asked why she thinks black men are voting for Trump..she says “cocaine is a hell of a drugs” it really says a lot about this Dr. Lady.

    Pink SummerPink SummerHace 20 días
  • As a black Woman I am very disappointed in the way black men have been supporting Trump and accepting his behavior.

    Sabrina WilliamsSabrina WilliamsHace 20 días
    • This segment is nonsense, black women literally doubled their support for Trump between 2016 and 2020, but why mention that when we can take another opportunity to shit on black men for "only" voting 80% for Biden. Nothing is ever good enough.

      ensanesaneensanesaneHace 19 días
  • Chapelle Rick James reference by the intellectual. Man, the influence of Dave morherfuckin Chapelle.

    Adam ThumanAdam ThumanHace 20 días
  • People research and stop believing the bullshit the left is telling you.

    Robert HoganRobert HoganHace 20 días
  • This is a perfect example of propaganda. Wow 😳! News flash, democrats own the black votes like the way a master owns it slaves . Notice how we get nothing for it and still vote democrats 🤔. Just like a slave that never want to leave even after the master whipped his ass .

    Hilaire FelixHilaire FelixHace 20 días
  • Trump also did measurably better among Black women this election than last election. I wonder why nobody is doing an analysis of that? But a Lot of Black votes for Trump were "Protest" votes. Black women voters who felt especially betrayed by the Obama Administration were voting against Obama "Lite" and Many Black Men who know Bidens EXTREME racist and segregationist history, his long association with Strom Thurmond a known racist and the infamous 1994 crime bill which ruined the lives of tens of thousands of Black Men and while they may have hated Trump but were never going to vote for Biden.

    Xaiver BlackhorseXaiver BlackhorseHace 20 días
  • Those you black men better remember and be thankful they are not in the back of the bus standing while they're seats available in the white section. 🤦🏿‍♀️

    Sharon SmallsSharon SmallsHace 20 días
  • For the sake of argument is it really Trump or is it Biden, it's slim pickings out here let's be realistic Biden only seem to hold his tongue a little better than Trump, if that lol. His VP is the only hope for the black community and even she is suspect, but I guess we will see. Biden and Trump are the same person, never forget that.

    eternalchao11eternalchao11Hace 20 días
  • Hahaha youtube blocked my comment... Just proves my point.

    Duane GrogansDuane GrogansHace 20 días
  • Let put it this simple way, there are more A-Hole than good one on this planet, I was not surprised to see that many voted for an A- hole, someone who they are related to, race is not an issue, you were born an A-Hole, you are always be an A-Hole, get it?

    destiny ledestiny leHace 20 días
  • Not to get off the subject...but, Trevor look like Ben Powers from Good Times tv show..

    TecniquePrdTecniquePrdHace 20 días
  • This lady is so smart and eloquent. She hits the nail squarely on the head. I was wondering why so many black men voted for Donald trump. It was explained beautifully. Someone should educate them now. (Young black men I mean).

    nubia caironubia cairoHace 20 días
  • Ah yes, the self-hating black men theory.....couldn’t have asked for a more thorough analysis by a Dr. in sociology.

    Farooq 98Farooq 98Hace 20 días
  • Do any of you ever get out of your respective bubbles? I'm not American, I don't care who I listen to, maybe you should try it. To gaslight half a country and say they only voted for a maniac because of patriarchy is baffling. Maybe, just maybe he addressed a real issue that your camp won't. But what do I know.

    Mfundo NgobeseMfundo NgobeseHace 20 días
  • Those black men never listened to Trump and never saw through the whimpyness of him. He's not a strong man at all, just exploiting toxic masculinity.

    NiNi NaNiNi NaHace 20 días
  • Good word from Dr. Genius! I only wish this interview had been 15 minutes rather than 6 minutes.

    collageartistcollageartistHace 20 días
  • Haha amazing how shocked everyone here is, that a Democrat found division in her own race. Saying that black men thought past racial injustice in order to oppress women instead should infuriate black men everywhere. It’s gross, and Trevor should be ashamed.

    Terry GalloTerry GalloHace 20 días
  • I feel let down as a black man to fellow black men happily support a racist, fascist simply because of his bravado.

    Turp28Turp28Hace 20 días
  • No, some black people feel (rightly so) that the Democratic party takes us for granted. I think those brothers who voted for Trump are actually voting AGAINST Biden and his "top cop" running-mate. In a two-party system, the only recourse people have to send a message that politicians can understand is to vote against them. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat and I wouldn't vote for Trump under any circumstances, but I understand why some people might feel that sending a message is important enough to risk reelecting Trump.

    Space DustSpace DustHace 20 días
  • So black men are coke head, misogynist who believe the toxic masculinity narrative and patriarchy should be the cornerstones of their beliefs. This is rich and racist but in line with the media agenda to continue to errod the black family. I'm calling b.s. According to Joe "if you don't vote for me you ain't black" Biden sounds like black men are just disappearing...C'MON MAN!!!

    Moose DutyMoose DutyHace 20 días
  • The idea of Donald Trump being associated with masculinity and strength is really a mindfuck to me bc I perceive this guy as little more than a bitch. I do agree with what she is saying about black male voters who went for Trump bc a lot of them have that same vile, callous, disrespectful attitude that he does. It’s just a shame that these traits are regarded as masculine though, smh.

    Lone Star 89Lone Star 89Hace 20 días
  • Why is this even a topic of conversation? ALL MEN OF ALL RACES did the same thing this election whether they were white, black, Latino, etc. the premise of this conversation is propaganda to divide black ppl. As if white supremacy hasn’t done enough already.

    Keisha JonesKeisha JonesHace 20 días
  • White girls love ur hair Trevor. We hate it.

    SuperBabytee1SuperBabytee1Hace 20 días
  • Reason Black Men voted for Trump wasn't only a patriarchal impulse but I believe this particular election, it was one of classism. Brothas out here in The Bronx of all places voted Republican because they think they're going to be taxed higher even though Biden said he wouldn't raise taxes on Middle Class. It's probably a lot of the fools who think they'll make it later down the line.

    Mold-MonkeyMold-MonkeyHace 20 días
  • 😂 "Cocaine is a hell of a drug"! I officially love this lady

    magnum567134magnum567134Hace 20 días
  • Trevor is a toilet paper hog..

    Kenny LiuKenny LiuHace 20 días
  • what a load of nonsense....

    Code BreakerCode BreakerHace 20 días
  • One too many voted for Massa Trump I see 😢😢🤬

    John ErkmanJohn ErkmanHace 20 días
  • This lady is really dumb..what race specific issues does the democratic party address for black men? Excuse me, straight black men? I would actually argue the converse is more accurate. That the democratic party creates more issue, more division and disharmony for black men that they feel are indebted to them. Dems have done nothing in the last 60 years for black men except separate our families, incarcerate us at a rate never seen before in human history, indoctrinate our children with homosexuality and convince our women they are above us. And yet, we went out and voted at over 80% for a dixiecrat that was too racist for Reagan and a woman who said she would never do anything specifically for black people.

    Marquis BellMarquis BellHace 20 días
  • I am a 61 y/o white woman. I registered as a democrat when I was 18 and have voted a straight democratic ticket every election. What I love about the Democratic Party is that it welcomes everyone. We are not a rigid group. We do not have a committee drafting and circulating our “talking points” to us daily. Members within the party are free to talk about what they think is important that day. So on any given day, Democrats may be talking about 1 issue or they may be talking about 1,000 issues. I am forever getting questionnaires from various democratic groups who ask me to check or rank several issues. I always have a hard time because all the issues are important to me - hence why you have so many Democrats talking about so many different things, because they are all important. Yes I do think the party fails to get the basic facts of life to voters. We have failed to educate the voters on what our party is about and why our policies are the ones that will move this country into the future. I have never understood why the working class, working poor, and plain ole poor folk cannot see that the Republican Party likes them just as they are, poor, ignorant and stuck in that cycle of poverty. The less you have, the more for me. Can’t afford health insurance? Good you’ll die off sooner and we won’t need to worry with you. The republicans just need to keep enough poor people to pick-up the garbage, clean their houses, mow their lawns, and shine their shoes. It is just crazy that any poor person would ever vote Republican but they do. So the democrats don’t need to change, they need to do a better job educating the public about what Republican policies are really doing to them - how they are being harmed and how the democratic policies actually help and support them and help them build better lives. Think of all the time we have wasted with trying to adopt legislation to actually make things equitable for everyone. All the non-sense court cases for LGBTQ and woman and equal pay etc. all we really needed to do was amend the constitution to replace the word man with the word human or homo-sapien. That covers everyone and every protection applies to every human. Sorry I have gotten in such a tangent and rant - my point is yes indeed the Republicans are beating us by dividing us. They are dividing us by gender, by socio-economic standards, religion, sexual orientation - the only reason I have even a modicum of hope is because the younger generation the twenty year olds and the current teens have a less racist view of the world and can embrace the idea of a more equitable distribution of wealth. They don’t see Medicare for all as a socialist program, they see it as a right for all Americans.

    Nancy VickersNancy VickersHace 20 días
  • It’s that toxic masculinity in Trump that unfortunately these men who vote for him connect with.

    Philip CalladoPhilip CalladoHace 20 días
  • Hahaha she’s really out here saying middle class black men vote Donald trump bc they’re sexist. No, sorry honey. They’re just educated.

    Tyler PlottsTyler PlottsHace 20 días
  • “Cocaine is a helluva drug” omg no way she said that 🤣🤣🤣

    Andrew VAndrew VHace 20 días
  • I can see her perspective runs parallel within the Asian Male Trump supporter/voter circles.

    mimi tranmimi tranHace 20 días
  • Black men voting for Trump was inspired by other RICH black men like 50, and Ice Cube. These guys are in that tax bracket that keeps them rich. Unfortunately, most of the black men that they inspire, ARE NOT!

    Pierce GodbayPierce GodbayHace 20 días
  • Dear black men show us your strength by voting for more than strength. (Fake strength doesn’t count). We know you’re strong- signed Black women

    M2B mluvAndgraceM2B mluvAndgraceHace 20 días
  • NO! They are voting their FISCAL INTERESTS. This woman is lying and pretending it’s intelligence.

    Shutdown Tech monopoliesShutdown Tech monopoliesHace 20 días