Bill Gates - COVID Vaccines, Climate Change & A New Podcast | The Daily Social Distancing Show

20 nov 2020
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Bill Gates discusses the state of the pandemic, how conspiracy theories have affected vaccine perception, the steps we can take to stop climate change, and his new podcast with Rashida Jones. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BillGates
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  • Trevor is funded by?

    Truth SeekerTruth SeekerHace 48 minutos
  • I thought the main conspiracy theory was the vaccines in Africa were also sterilization shots to keep the population down.

    BRODYMAN83BRODYMAN83Hace un hora
  • The real Bill Gates ...

    Krissi FaithKrissi FaithHace un hora
  • 2 just creepier than the other... one on his way...

    Krissi FaithKrissi FaithHace un hora
  • Where's the Bill Gates fact checking at?

    Amanda HolzgangAmanda HolzgangHace 2 horas
  • without watching this yet, seeing all the flowery remarks about how great Bill is clearly tells me this is likely unsubstantial, propaganda. Worship your Tech Gods, you rotting sacks of baked out consciousness.

    DukenberryDukenberryHace 2 horas
  • I love all these comments; Some focus on the subject, others on friendship to which my interest is not, others whether or not Mr. Gate is at the limits of being able to understand what exactly is happening around our lives. If he warns it is wrong and it will change our goals and if it is the opposite, we will look for all the negative points to block it. As long as we continue like this, we will never accept the future.

    Mirjaam A. ParadaMirjaam A. ParadaHace 4 horas
  • Imagen being told buy a guy who makes computer software and can't even fix the virus that my computer has telling me about a virus and vaccine this guy is not even a doctor wake the hell up

    Mlondi Paceval CeleMlondi Paceval CeleHace 4 horas
  • Obviously, Trump should build 4 walls for this man and spend trillions of dollars for the trump business crashing the economy. I WANT TO HAVE NO HEALTHCARE NO INSURANCE NO JOB. LETS GO MATES #TRUMP2020

    Jason GreyJason GreyHace 5 horas
  • Bill Gates is a liar with a straight face!

    Brian RobinsonBrian RobinsonHace 5 horas
  • Bill Gates is an evil man... you and your family take the vaccine first on TV 📺 while everyone watches. I don’t believe nothing that this man brings to the table... to choose between Bill Gates and Donald Trump, I rather and favor Donald Trump. Bill gates took vaccinations 💉 in Kenya 🇰🇪 and some other countries in african that looks lots of humans beings including kids. Please this man is not a good person at all. Your vaccines have done nothing in Africa but kill people stop 🛑... innovation 🙄🤔 yeah ! Okay 👌. You are a fraud. Bill gates stop you are not God ... You have killed lots of people in Africa , please go see what he did in Kenya 🇰🇪 kids were dropping on the floor min after taking his vaccinations. You created all of this Sir Gates.

    T MDT MDHace 6 horas
  • oh man oh gosh oh golly I can't WAIT to get this new Covid-19 vaccine into my body!! Give me a huge like if you agree people!!

    daniel kibblesmithdaniel kibblesmithHace 6 horas
  • Why would I trust these people- First off both he and Fauci have done interviews 3-5 years ago stating we will face a surprise pandemic especially Fauci stating under this presidency administration- Demons- this was all planned

    Janine KingJanine KingHace 6 horas

    Cherry RosasCherry RosasHace 7 horas
  • 666 right in front of your face. And you smiling ,media obsessed, leftists think that this is a cute interview. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. Wake up sheep. Bill gates is NOT a doctor!! F this channel.

    Cherry RosasCherry RosasHace 8 horas
  • This youngster doesn't have a clue he's interviewing an evil bastard I like this youngster to watch SpongeBob SquarePants and to stay away from evil people like this dude

    Saul EscobarSaul EscobarHace 8 horas
  • It's not a small group of people is every religious group in the world that doesn't agree.

    Willie VillockWillie VillockHace 8 horas
  • Nothing is working against us but people like you and our government and media. It's a 99.9 percent chance of recovery. 50 to 60 million people died of the Spanish flu. And in America 3000 to 20000 people die of the flu oh and what happened to the flu ? Also why put him on tv yet the hundreds of thousands of doctors in America can do the job to let us know . Why not put a panel of 52 states with homegrown doctors and biologists from each state to talk to the people. Why are we just listening to actors that are not real reporters.

    Willie VillockWillie VillockHace 8 horas
  • We are the 99%! Trump 2020!

    Jesus SavesJesus SavesHace 9 horas
  • Can Bill Gate, his family, the president Elect, the Senate, the House and Trevoh Noah please take the COVID 19 vaccine first! Is Bill Gate a Doctor? 🤔

    Paul GernahPaul GernahHace 10 horas
  • Thank you for this!

    Marjolijn ZuidemaMarjolijn ZuidemaHace 11 horas
  • Bill Gates talks more on promoting the vaccine among family members than talking on Covid epidemic.. So its true about conspiracy theories and Dr. Fauci that they have really invested in vaccine production and Covid virus spread testing try outs through Bill Gates Foundation projects in India, africa and other 3rd world countries since 2005...???

    Vijitha Ivor FernandoVijitha Ivor FernandoHace 11 horas
  • Sheep always obey their master.....trevor is one of those sheep.....if you are a fan of trevor and you dislike my comment.....look closer and you see my middle finger upright with the other four get the picture now right....🖕🖕🖕

    Garth RasGarth RasHace 11 horas
  • Bruh I'm so confused, why so many people hating on Bill gates?

    SoulGenSoulGenHace 12 horas
  • Bill gate, zuckerberg, George soros, twitter, Nancy pelosy, obama, hillary ... should put them in jail.

    bidenwork chinabidenwork chinaHace 12 horas
  • Trevor you’re such a fan boy of this evil man who helped create this virus so he can sell fake vaccines that will cause serious deadly side affects for years to come. Bill Gates can even sit still and talk straight while he’s trying to explain his fake comments. They created this to kill people and population control and so they can sell this vaccine ( the money is in the vaccines). And ClimateControl hasn’t worked because no man controls the weather and climate and by trying to do so they’re putting things and chemicals in the air that falls down on people that causes all kinds of side affects . Bill Gates is an computer guy but you’re talking to him is if he’s a leading medical experts who we should listen too (not). If he really cared he would be investing his money as time into the poor and poverty within our inter city’s that needs funding for schools jobs etc(which he doesn’t... And he said to make the vaccines affordable for people, well in these times the vaccines should be free for all people! So he’s full of cramp. Stop falling for the bs for ratings. And our body’s have natural immunities that fight against this stuff that’s why Africa his not as bad as they thought but of course they want to make sure black and brown people get so that we will die and or be their test dummies and see the negative side affects of the vaccines which will kill us or give us so many more illnesses (so we’ll have to seek medical help, which is costly)... They don’t tell you majority of the Covid-19 victims overcome it but they always say the deaths so they will scare people to take their fake vaccines but most people today of all colors are fully aware of the bs and that’s why we’re not falling for it... I will not take any fake vaccines specially those with MRC 5 which has Aborted baby fetus in it.... #facts.... I’m very disappointed in you bruh!!!

    d kelld kellHace 12 horas
  • PLEASE READ THIS Do you want to regain your health? Then this book is for you Chlorine Dioxide (CDS), THE CURE: Easy and Complete Guide

    Music Without CopyrightMusic Without CopyrightHace 14 horas
  • Its eaay to be correct when you cause it

    KillsocialmediaKillsocialmediaHace 15 horas
  • Bill Gates isn't a doctor. rich doesnt = MD

    Danni ATuckDanni ATuckHace 15 horas
  • "Eradicated wild polio...." Let's talk about the oral version in Africa, because that worked out so well.

    Danni ATuckDanni ATuckHace 15 horas
  • Just a fringe group?? VAERS would say otherwise

    Danni ATuckDanni ATuckHace 15 horas
  • Bill Gates knew Jefrey Epstein.

    Pèter SalamonPèter SalamonHace 17 horas
  • Thank you Bill Gates. I appreciate you. Very much.

    John -John -Hace 18 horas
  • Bill Gates is a non essential worker

    Kevin DugganKevin DugganHace 18 horas
  • ive lost all respect for trevor noah after watching this propaganda called news he is just as disgusting as bill gates and his manly horse faced wife

    Ancestors ReigningAncestors ReigningHace 19 horas
  • Trevor had to check his notes for this interview. You don’t see that much. You brought it Trevor, don’t worry. Fantastic interview.

    esteban collazoesteban collazoHace 19 horas
  • Gates not saying a word about the negative impacts of lockdown, like covid is the only thing that can hurt people, ridiculous bubble.

    Ariel GabizonAriel GabizonHace 19 horas
  • Concurrment for two software package fixes for windows 7 and windows 2008 networking software for fixing 0 date For 150 billion. Dick Durbin verify binaural communications on comment one time for professional courtesy.

    Jerry Dean Rice II Prototypes for press desk reviewJerry Dean Rice II Prototypes for press desk reviewHace 20 horas
  • Nothing but a devil incarnate with a sinster, evil plan for mankind. This mans horns are showing, but the judgement of Yah is priceless; LEST HE REPENT!

  • I wish I can proof to the world that all the rich people will not take the deadly vaccine and if they did will be hoaxes placebo vaccine for them especially this evil masonic guy

    وفاء الهاشم رحمها اللهوفاء الهاشم رحمها اللهHace 21 un hora
  • Why Bill Gates Is In All The Shows talking About The Coronavirus Vaccine Is He A Doctor Or PhD Or Chemist Or Pharmacists Or A Scientists I Wonder What Roll Is He In Illuminati Or freeMason Or Kabbalah 8 years ago he was talking about 3rd world country how to stop the poor people not to make babies anymore as if he is a one man show who owns the world

    وفاء الهاشم رحمها اللهوفاء الهاشم رحمها اللهHace 21 un hora
    • I think its a good thing to be responsible for making children and this is not only for third world but the whole world. I see people who are on the run of war, live in camps or very poor and still making more than 2 babies, that i find very irresponsible.

      IFIFHace 17 horas
  • TreVA: " are looking for the word nerd .. :" Gates ( quietly): " ama buy that show and fire your ass back to Africa"

    pooh shmoopooh shmooHace 21 un hora
  • should have ask him how much cash he has in his pocket

    pooh shmoopooh shmooHace 22 horas
  • So the coronavirus is not as infectious as the measles and they don't use the mask for the measles right bill?

    Daryl EvansDaryl EvansHace 22 horas
  • Gates belongs in prison

    BongoFury1975BongoFury1975Hace 22 horas
  • Why would you listen to him? Is he a doctor?

    Daryl EvansDaryl EvansHace 22 horas
    • Hey bill, if the measles are more infectious than coronavirus, why don't they use face masks for the measles?

      Daryl EvansDaryl EvansHace 22 horas
  • Vac made in 6 months really

    Lyza With AYE Z!Lyza With AYE Z!Hace un día
  • Lies

    Lyza With AYE Z!Lyza With AYE Z!Hace un día
  • He’s not A doctor

    Lyza With AYE Z!Lyza With AYE Z!Hace un día
  • America is lying about the numbers

    Lyza With AYE Z!Lyza With AYE Z!Hace un día
  • Democrat tools ruining the country

    SearchnDestroySearchnDestroyHace un día
  • Self-serving geniuses are hired to only show one side of a coin to drive specific agendas.

    Daniel ApolloDaniel ApolloHace un día
  • I don't trust none of those vaccine companies or especially Bill and Melinda Gates. There's videos out of him calling for depopulation. All jokes aside we need to make sure we watch Bill Gates and Melinda Gates actually take the vaccine but we also need to make sure they didn't swap out different vaccines so somehow I don't know how that's going to work but we're going to need to see them take it first.

    Uniquely Me.Uniquely Me.Hace un día
    • @Uniquely Me Oh good Lord. Depopulation, population control, reducing the birth rate....however you say it, it actually is something we need to be talking about & trying to address. I have been a proponent of population control since the late 1960s when Dr Paul Erlich wrote “The Population Bomb”. We humans cannot just keep making more & more of us; the planet cannot sustain an infinite number of humans. Stop & think about it for just a moment; why are wars fought? Most often over resources such as land, water, food & in more modern times oil. The more we grow the human population, the less resources there will be for each person. We are already crowding out the animals that we are supposed to share the Earth with. We are burning down the Amazon that has the trees & plants that remove carbon dioxide from the air & put oxygen back into it; we are procreating to our own destruction. It’s insanity.

      Garden NutGarden NutHace 18 horas
  • Send all unpaid COVID-19 bills to #PetulantTrumptyDumpty 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

    Bobbi SchiavoneBobbi SchiavoneHace un día
  • Yay anti vacers. Maybe I’ll get my vaccine sooner rather than later.

    Pastelly JellyPastelly JellyHace un día
  • Technology has been stagnant since jobs created a smartphone. His mobile phones and mobile Internet have pushed back human civilization for at least 20 years. Unlike Bill Gates, he is a thinker and pioneer. He is just a capitalist who is crazy about money. Originally, in Bill Gates's desktop + Internet era, all people in the world are one, all resources are shared. When it comes to Steve Jobs's brainless smartphone + Mobile Internet, everyone goes back to 20 years ago and is confined to their own social circle. People outside the circle can't enter and those in the circle can't leave. It's an island. This is what he called a closed system. With his smartphone and his famous saying "stay stupid," jobs killed the creativity of seven billion people around the world and destroyed the future of mankind for at least 20 years.

    精神元素精神元素Hace un día
  • Coming from an advocate of population control, look at Bill Gates track record, anything he promotes/advocates for is poison, if your going to visibly inject your children cause Bill gates said so your a fool. This clown is so superficial and sadly people will listen to this evil man.

    mile-high Denver P.R.Amile-high Denver P.R.AHace un día
  • Imagine you are the last person to die just before the vaccine is available to all and herd immunity has been acquired and corona virus is a thing of the past. Damn bro.

    Psy DocPsy DocHace un día
  • You don’t want to be messing with the “In Tune w/ the environment humans” or the humans with fully activated dna and energetic frequency. We are divinely guided with a planetary armada. This a war over human consciousness and to stop this 1 human species that is unconsciously allowing the massive siphoning of Earths energy through climate change. You do not want to go to war with us. You saw what happened with 11,000 lightning bolts into California. I’ll send a lightning bolt through your roof that is how connected and in tune with the environment. This is a war for consciousness and for the planet. Can’t you see the Earth wants to remove humanity and so does Covid and your plan is to further degrade it with a vaccine. We need to wake up to what’s really going on not go back to sleep!

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
    • Time to take your meds.

      ChaosLordChaosLordHace un día
  • I’m trying to be nice on this programmed holiday but I swear to you if this comes down to a forced vaccine WE will fight to the death against injection by vaccine. It’s like when humans just take cats and dogs reproductive functions. Just take away your balls.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • The vaccine is NOT for EVERYONE is all I’m trying to say. It’s for the damaged human beings so they can live. An injection of foreign material is not the answer for everyone and we will fight to protect the genetic integrity and purity of our bodies and Earth.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • I wonder when the world (Well Americans) will realize this man is not your friend.

    David BlueDavid BlueHace un día
  • Wow it really makes me wonder about Trevor was he with Bill taking a ride on the Epstein plane that poor boy I hope not

    John MajorJohn MajorHace un día
  • I like how Bill Gates seems to me in my mind like a drag queen mr. Rogers

    John MajorJohn MajorHace un día
  • All hail God Fauchi and God Gates

    John MajorJohn MajorHace un día
  • all hail and worship God Bill Gates

    John MajorJohn MajorHace un día
  • Bill Gates is right we shouldn't be worried about how he's killed people worldwide. I think we should all go take his DNA modifying vaccine for covid-19 and just trust him because he loves us I think he is my God and Savior

    John MajorJohn MajorHace un día
    • I also heard Elon Musk trying to chip people. I think he's our Savior and God

      Max MeMax MeHace un día
  • Never trust Bill Gates. Trevor, I have to unsubscribed you. Disappointed at this

    • @Nevloz these words do actually contain a lot of truth cause when I started debating with many of these people I noticed that my character became bad, wasted a lot of time and I seem to decrease my concentration and problem solving skills and seem to unable tackle tough questions in maths etc so yes your words do contain truth in a real sense as I myself experienced the above symptoms due to arguing with these people

      Tahmid alpha12Tahmid alpha12Hace 17 horas
    • @Tahmid alpha12 arguing with them only makes us more stupid

      NevlozNevlozHace 17 horas
    • @SumriseHD leave them, they trust random internet post and conspiracy theorists and blame an innocent man for nonsense that's beyond comprehensible for me as someone who studies embedded electronics, computer science etc like can people believe such nonsense??

      Tahmid alpha12Tahmid alpha12Hace 22 horas
    • What you do Mean I don't You Understand

      SumriseHDSumriseHDHace un día
  • I am glad that Bill Gates is trying to save the world from the virus. It's like to an Apple store if you have fever - seems legit to me.

    dansyn96dansyn96Hace un día
  • Beware of the people who feed you narratives and also control the options. Controlling the options to get Covid or get Vaccined. It’s similar politics do you want Dumb or Dumber?

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • Pop control. People from wu tried to warn about it. Only care about money. They dont give a crap. Wear a mask first of all. Only God can determine. How can he or she have hope without God? How can one get to God, without Jesus Christ? Ourselves are not enough. We need Jesus Christ. Some of us just keep rejecting the One who created us.

    NineNineHace un día
  • During the time of the pandemic, Trevor Noah is the one TV host who doesn't need any of the frills like bands, audience laughter etc. It's just Trevor, his down to earth personality coupled with his comedic genius. He knows when to be serious, he knows when to be funny. He's the only one that I watch religiously.

    Arinze OluhArinze OluhHace un día
    • Self-serving geniuses are hired to only show one side of a coin to drive specific agendas.

      Daniel ApolloDaniel ApolloHace un día
  • The Divergent says F you both

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • Evil man deceives evil people

    Rolla KostaRolla KostaHace un día
  • This situation is literally going to come down to those who are damaged and want to survive via vaccine and those who are not and don’t want to fuck up their bodies. It’s really all part of the plan really. The Divergents VS. Erudite We welcome Erudite in to be in control only because we know that they are the obstacle. The obstacle is course! First Trump was obstacle to overcome and now you are.... -.- ooo makes me so angry. But I’m sure The Divergent psychics will win against Erudite.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • We do not have a population of sovereign minds. Humanity is in mental slavery while it’s environments degrade to unsustainable. We are trying to wake people and your promoting injection as the solution. Smh... so fucking disappointing

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • Like what you both doing to protect human genetics, to break people from unconscious programming, and connect back to being connected and in tune with the Earth???

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • It’s sad that so many of our children are going to be injected and they don’t even know what’s being injected into them or what effect it’s going to have on their bodies. All so we can save the damaged, and the damaged humanity causes to itself. Humanity causes people to get cancer and diabetes, and it’s impossible to have such an unwell environment with all these diseases humanity creates and Covid. They cancelling each other out.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • This is going to back fire SOOO hard on you!

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • There are people being born, children, with higher sensory abilities. Psychics that read into the future and we need them to be so in tune with their environment. We will fight to the death to protect our children and the integrity of our DNA activation.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • We are in a crisis where humanity is being unconsciously programmed to believe that they are “different” from each other and separate from the environment. This is a Divide & Conquer tactic to siphon massive amounts of planetary energy. We are trying to WAKE PEOPLE UP so they can be in tune with their environments

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • I just want you both to know what your promoting is ANT-HUMAN. Your playing God with human bodies. There are people on this Earth that need their DNA to be whole and untampered with to pass down to their children. Clearly you both are not gardeners or know anything about how important genetics are

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • Of course it will go up, because you planned it bill.

    Shelia guruleShelia guruleHace un día

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • In 1985 a lot of our star families were arriving to Earth. That same here there was a huge vaccine roll out and Chernobyl happened. These are major attacks on the living energetic fields of Earth. You’d like us to believe we live in an angelic world where we will be saved by INJECTION. The vaccine will do more damage to humanity trying to save the humans you’ve already damaged.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • Our dna is a control panel constantly turning on and off and injecting foreign material will disrupt that. We are trying to wake humanity up! Not put them to sleep.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • My community of psychics will NOT be taking the vaccines and it’s a very scary thought that you will be essentially putting to sleep some of our galactic families that are arriving to the Earth.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • You don’t understand that some of us have dna that gives us higher sensory abilities. We are psychic and we need our fully activated dna to communicate with off planet entities.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • His DTP vaccine in Africa killed more people than the disease it targeted. GOOGLE IT!!

    Miguel Deloya HernandezMiguel Deloya HernandezHace un día
  • What I would like you both to understand is that humanity has degraded the Earth and also human health. There is a faction of the population however that is not damaged and still has its fully activated dna template. Our dna is like a control panel to our body turning on and off and by inserting all this foreign material into the body you are going to be messing with that. I will be guarding my body from injection.

    Shawna McCormickShawna McCormickHace un día
  • Did you know, you can sue your government for this, if you lost somebody in your family, you can file a lawsuit against the government. They will have to pay pay pay, go get your money people, sue the pants of them. You don't have to be the loser in this "Pandemic", Go get Rich...

    Silent KnightSilent KnightHace un día
  • This man's foundation has monopolized world health. He has his dirty paws in everything from being the WHO's biggest funder, funding the Lancet Medical Journal, funding the UN Health Fund, funding worldwide NGO groups. It is INSANE that people do not realize what is happening here and disparage everything as a "conspiracy". I strongly encourage EVERYONE to ACTUALLY RESEARCH who provides the funding for the "debunkers'". Those debunkers cite sources that receive the bulk or all of their funding from this man.

    abecore2000abecore2000Hace un día
    • @ChaosLord No, you dimwit. He's "evil" because he funds the vaccine industry, AND funds the organizations that dictate how global health policy SHOULD BE administered to countries AND funds the medical institutions that research the safety and efficacy of vaccines AND funds the medical journals that publish the findings of these institutions AND funds media outlets that distribute those findings to the general public. He controls the supply chain from production to distribution, controls the publications to the dissemination of information to the public, to the global companies in charge of setting health policy for all nations through their governments. He essentially dictates what health initiatives are followed, how they are followed and how they are reported to the public.

      abecore2000abecore2000Hace un día
    • So, he's evil for... giving people money? Ok... well, I gotta get back to Earth before the Stargate closes.

      ChaosLordChaosLordHace un día
  • Trevor, how much funding do you or your employer get directly or indirectly from Gates?

    La ResistenzaLa ResistenzaHace un día
  • Wow Trevor, you must have searched far and wide to find such a well qualified individual to speak on epidemiology and virology

    La ResistenzaLa ResistenzaHace un día
  • Yes US is third world country with Gucci belt

    divyadivyaHace un día
    • Everybody's talking about Gate's camera reception quality, Trevor's ain't bad either, pretty good I might add! Lol 😁 You go Trevor, kudos to you on all topics.

      esteban collazoesteban collazoHace 19 horas
  • What's that bump on Bill's forehead?

    Sk DSk DHace un día
  • How do we not know by now that Mr. Gates is the enemy of the people???? Ask him has he vaccinated his own children! Ask him what interests he has with the covid patents! Ask him him about his plan of population control through vaccines in Africa!

    GSAGSAHace un día
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    Robert MerrittRobert MerrittHace un día
  • People actually watch this show for news. This is straight up PR and Propaganda.

    Dan HallDan HallHace un día
  • I wonder how many times Gates publicist or buffer has warned interviewers to not mention his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. I can’t remember what that was about. Anybody know? Just curious not inciting.

    Dylan LarsonDylan LarsonHace un día
    • Gates probably has more no touch topics than Trump. But his topics aren't funny. Gates lives in a world few could ever look at and stay sane.

      David BlueDavid BlueHace un día