Compulsory Voting in America? Ronny Chieng Investigates | The Daily Show

3 nov 2020
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Mandatory voting is the law in 22 countries, including a country that’s drunker, crazier and whiter than America: Australia. Ronny Chieng investigates what compulsory voting in the U.S. would look like. #DailyShow #RonnyChieng #Election2020
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  • Athenian Democracy required public participation in the government.

    polemius01polemius01Hace 7 horas
  • Voting should never be forced. Tons of people don't know shit about the side they back or they'd vote independent from parties. You can sign your name up right now if you are over 35 to become the president and you'd be surprised how many of you could've deposed the big 2 parties and restored some balance and sanity to the world. But both sides are shit picks right now

    Denny ThedudeDenny ThedudeHace un día
    • Democracy equals freedom to say fuckit too. You can't force rules on people there is no true democracy in this modern world there needs to be less chains not more

      Denny ThedudeDenny ThedudeHace un día
  • Ronnnnnnnnie! is probably my favorite!

    ddgfh fdghfddgfh fdghfHace un día
  • He’s really funny

    Mitchell Mr. HockeyMitchell Mr. HockeyHace un día
  • 5:15 Did he just pour hand sanitizer on his sausage? 😭

    Angel Cat ❤️Angel Cat ❤️Hace un día
  • I don't know if this is a good idea. The great mystery of the ignorant American election still is why people vote the same people over and over who deny them free education, affordable health care, clean environment, livable cities and safeguarding future generations with decisive actions for the coming climate crisis. Instead government is wasting trillions on weapons and wars in foreign countries the average American could never locate on a map. It is now very clear that the empty mind of the American voters care little for these issues, instead they want bumper stickers, truisms and trite phraseology. Trump knew this and brilliantly flooded the corporate media zone with useless propaganda shit by overwhelming the system with daily distractions , DISINFORMATION, and denials which boosts what economist call ‘search cost’ for reliable intelligence.

    Jot SinghJot SinghHace un día
  • the majority of people are idiots

    j majickj majickHace 2 días
  • This is all lies. 5 minutes to vote??? That's BS. One time I had to wait 8 minutes to vote in an Australian election. That's way too slow.

    B23ShikyB23ShikyHace 2 días
  • Well 🤔. What about making lying to the public a crime? Then we can start thinking of compulsory voting.

    BBBRaveBBBRaveHace 3 días
  • New Zealand doesn't have mandatory voting and our politics are way more moderate than Australia.

    dahalofreeekdahalofreeekHace 4 días
  • Voting shouldn't be mandatory but it should be more easily accessible. We should also give people the right to be impartial.

    gamragegamrageHace 4 días
  • no.

    Colin All CreativeColin All CreativeHace 4 días
  • lol - we’re not all like the two drunk guys...

    Vanessa SantosVanessa SantosHace 4 días
  • I'm good I don't want to vote. I don't votes matter. I feel the wealthy control who's in office and even than only sheep's think one person really control it all. The President is a pawn

    CarltonCarltonHace 4 días
  • Freedom implies responsibility, it is something that adults normally understand . . .

    enma tapia villegasenma tapia villegasHace 5 días
  • Belgium also has mandatory voting. Except the next citycounsel election wil be a choice. Not voting 500 euro fine. And very frowned upon.

    jan pattynjan pattynHace 6 días
  • „America is the Home of the Free“ yeah nah honey yours is the home of systemic racism, environment exploitation, and teenage pregnancy 😅 get out

    Lemonntree 1Lemonntree 1Hace 6 días
  • You know that is a spit guard and not a mask right?,

    Curioua GuyCurioua GuyHace 6 días
  • no it shouldn't be compulsory. people that don't understand the system and their importance to it aren't likely to make well informed decisions on the vote anyway. low turnout rates show we need to educate people to the importance and merits of participation, then they may feel motivation to get involved on their own

    James TalleyJames TalleyHace 8 días
  • what kind of f'n mask this that? That shit don't work man.

    Mallu Moto VlogMallu Moto VlogHace 8 días
  • People should have realized by now, it is immigrants make America great, not the American

    yinkyyinkyHace 8 días
  • What an idiot! “If you don’t want to vote, live somewhere else.” Why should you be forced to leave just to avoid voting! Compulsory voting violates freedom! Absolutely unacceptable and anyone supporting it should be ashamed of themselves.

    Tax SlaveTax SlaveHace 9 días
  • If voting is compulsory where you live then vote for nobody. Nobody has the right to rule.

    Tax SlaveTax SlaveHace 9 días
    • Yes nobody has the right to rule hence the process of voting

      Mister GnatMister GnatHace 6 días
  • oh hell no, in fact voting is not a right it's a privledge and one should have to pass a test in order to vote.

    jognekizombajognekizombaHace 9 días
  • Voting is a civic duty.

    Aylbdr MadisonAylbdr MadisonHace 9 días
  • I love how North Korea is mandatory.

    Arizona Business LeagueArizona Business LeagueHace 9 días
  • I love Ronnie Chieng!

    polemius01polemius01Hace 10 días
  • Voting in Australia is easy and usually pretty fun. It takes me 5 minutes to vote and since voting booths are at almost every school, church, sporting place etc it's never too busy and it's not a drag. The fact that it takes hours to vote in the US is straight up voter suppression

    Captain YumYumCaptain YumYumHace 11 días
  • make it simple... wherever country you live, if you are a citizen,you have a right to vote.if you just work there ofcourse you need to pay taxes but that doesn't mean you can vote on that country.

    raymund manaloraymund manaloHace 11 días
  • What is the daily show going to do without Orange-Man-Bad to default to? Orange-Man-Was-Bad?

    BobbyjonesyrrrBobbyjonesyrrrHace 11 días
  • How did Ronnie get into Australia during this pandemic?

    grgrylgrgrylHace 11 días
  • I also think of this.... but then I remember the electoral college system in America means that if, for example you're Red in New York or Blue in Alabama..... your vote does not really count so yeah I think its understandable now how the vote participation got so low.

    ArchusArchusHace 11 días
  • 5:18 I just noticed he put hand sanitizer on the hotdog. 😂

    Jace-Émile BJace-Émile BHace 12 días
  • JFC...we look like total dopes on the world stage. Our country is a wannabee democracy and the whole world is wising up to that fact.

    damasviewsdamasviewsHace 12 días
  • My issue with compulsory voting is the group of people who are uneducated or uncaring towarda the problems. What if we just sorta... Vote for whatever without bothering to look at anything because 0 craps are given?

    marinus van deventermarinus van deventerHace 12 días
  • My issue with compulsory voting is the group of people who are uneducated or uncaring towarda the problems. What if we just sorta... Vote for whatever without bothering to look at anything because 0 craps are given?

    marinus van deventermarinus van deventerHace 12 días
  • Democracy only works when the people are educated and informed. It’s stupid to think that more people voting will yield a better result. It’s the gold old example of voting on who should be the captain of the ship. With democracy as it is now in America we often end up with a landscaper as captain simply because he’s better liked.

    Doug 7RMDoug 7RMHace 12 días
    • yeah, we have classes for that.

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
  • Believe it or not voting can go against someone's religion.,Adherents,%2Fshould%2Fmust%20be%20rejected

    Red PlanetRed PlanetHace 12 días
  • I think most opinions in the comments are from countries that don't have mandatory voting. If you live in a country where voting is mandatory, then you'd wish for your life that it wasn't.

    OnimirareOnimirareHace 13 días
    • No, to be honest nobody really cares about it in Australia, plus what harm could a sausage sizzle do?

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
  • Horrible idea

    ReticulatingSplinesReticulatingSplinesHace 13 días
    • Nah, it's worked, it also helps eliminate voter suppression and you get a sausage sizzle!

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
  • Turns out Australias mandatory voting is a lie and a giant waste of time. They allow blank ballots 😑 so basically theyre forcing you to show up but not vote

    jeri Ngataijeri NgataiHace 13 días
    • Ok so 1. stop spreading false info, I'd like to see your sources 2.Yes, they allow blank ballots because you don't have to vote but you will get a twenty dollar fine if you don't. 3. votes have actually changed parliament a lot recently switching from liberal to labor, which is most commonly attributed to the mandatory voting system.

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
  • I don't know how sensible their politics are over there, wasn't Tony Abbot regarded as the worst leader ever or something before Trump came around?

    Tre916Tre916Hace 13 días
  • A free place...................😂

    Jay HooksJay HooksHace 14 días
  • “Touché Judith”

    Bernadette HoggBernadette HoggHace 14 días
  • In Australia if You don't ever register to vote you don't ever have to vote either but almost everyone registers to vote

    No WayNo WayHace 14 días
  • "Compulsory voting is not in the Constitution!" Try making it past the supreme court...

    54tisfaction54tisfactionHace 15 días
  • How about asking native Australians the very same thing?

    vutlharhi mbhalativutlharhi mbhalatiHace 15 días
    • @Mister Gnat he ment the indigenous mate

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 6 días
    • Everyone he interviewed was native to Australia

      Mister GnatMister GnatHace 6 días
    • What is this in relation to?

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
  • Like how Ronnie is pretending he has no idea about Australia

    zayzayemzayzayemHace 15 días
  • It should be mandatory, with no electoral college

    lily boonelily booneHace 15 días
  • If I can get a democracy veggie sausage, I'm all in.

    karmakazi219karmakazi219Hace 15 días
  • Just stfu and vote! LOL

    lcc726lcc726Hace 16 días
  • Supreme leader say no

    Sylheti VibeSylheti VibeHace 16 días
  • You are in a country where people don't have to wear masks due to effective control of the pandemic, stay there for a while.

    Alex HAlex HHace 16 días
  • Wait wait, in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 the vote is not mandatory. Now I doubt about the other countries that were there

    German SalasGerman SalasHace 16 días
  • In no European country is mandatory to vote. And there is a soft version of communism. You liberal Americans should be careful what you demand in public.

    PaulinePaulineHace 16 días
    • @Alexander Patterson okay, okay I know nothing, I'm a loser and lonely in my bed, made everything up and you won the argument. 🏆 Go back to school kiddo.

      PaulinePaulineHace 10 días
    • @Pauline hey my notification history is a thing, kinda weird you would make up where you live just to try and win an argument about a system you obviously know nothing about except communism bad because the rich can’t exploit the populous. So in others words have a nice day in that empty bed of yours losing an argument about something you know nothing about.

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
    • @Alexander Patterson With Biden as a President the world will be in a better place. And anything else is a lie. Or Im searching extra for you articles of my state about housing investments. Sure. Good night.

      PaulinePaulineHace 11 días
    • @Pauline I actually speak German, so you can still cite it thank you. Unless your making this up

      Alexander PattersonAlexander PattersonHace 11 días
    • @Alexander Patterson no, it's in German. Now have a good day.

      PaulinePaulineHace 11 días
  • I’ve been saying for years America needs compulsory voting like we do but of course too many of them will complain that’s taking away their freedom

    Stephanie CuttingStephanie CuttingHace 16 días
  • Belgium has mandatory voting, but that doesn’t mean we have a government 400 days after election day...

    Naughty NimitzNaughty NimitzHace 17 días
  • Australia rules. We have our shit together and we ALL have a say. She forgot to say we also have cake stalls cappuccino and amusements for kids on voting day. Also each state has different fine amounts. NSW is $50. Every Australian citizen votes. Exactly what that lady said......STFU and vote.

    Rita ReviewRita ReviewHace 17 días
  • Guy on steps with red cap nailed it

    Rita ReviewRita ReviewHace 17 días
  • Honestly if people are so misinformed that they feel the need to not vote. Let them people are idiots .

    Joaquin546Joaquin546Hace 17 días
  • I could care an arse about your compulsion but still will not vote. Who are you to decide whether I am to vote or not. Its not about land of the freedom bit also about the part about expressing your free expression. I could care less about which guy is elected both are gonna be corrupt and both are not going to do anything for you. That's Democracy for me. For you It might be communism. I ain't never gonna vote even it means few of the people elect Trump. Case closed!!!!

    Rogue KhanRogue KhanHace 17 días
    • You are so correct. its funny how people cant see that simple fact.

      L'aviateur du TRPGL'aviateur du TRPGHace 16 días
  • I love me a democracy sausage. I ♥️🇦🇺

    Ariella RynerAriella RynerHace 17 días
  • Also, while you're at it, get rid of the electoral college and institute preferential (ranked choice/instant run-off) voting as well. It will allow people to vote *for* the candidate/policies they want instead of having to tactically vote *against* the person they don't want!

    feuilletonistefeuilletonisteHace 18 días
  • YES!! Make it Compulsory, Because;- "Compulsory voting means that candidates have to address the needs of all the voters. If voting were voluntary, the experience of countries like the United States is that poorer and less educated people would tend not to vote"

    Tots MiniTots MiniHace 18 días
  • In México it's not mandatory to vote but it's mandatory for employers have to give time for employees to vote if the work schedule won't allow them to vote

    Rob LópezRob LópezHace 18 días
  • ngl. That Democracy Sausage joke got me.

    ZesPakZesPakHace 18 días
  • So,there is a She Pompeo?

    pan zhoupan zhouHace 18 días
  • Just make it a voting lottery with a 10 million main prize.

    Mike MUCMike MUCHace 18 días
  • Why do AmeriKKKans think because they live in the « land of the free » that they don’t have to follow rules???

    Jude ThaddeusJude ThaddeusHace 18 días
  • 0:10 he's not wrong

    EismannEismannHace 18 días
  • at least this time u know almost half american support Trump,this is the new level of broken

    星爵星爵Hace 18 días
  • Yes forcing people to choose between people gives legitimaticy so that when laws are made enacted you will obey and you will obey because of that legitimaticy. However that's also the same issue especially in authoritarian regimes who use legitimaticy to confine you take away rights etc.

    Charles MitchellCharles MitchellHace 18 días
  • 4:30 That's something you'll never see in the US; laughter, accountability, realization, non-violence due to being proven wrong.

    Yoder023Yoder023Hace 18 días
  • Fat Iron Man? Hey. I saw Fat Bona Fett election day, so why not?

    Yoder023Yoder023Hace 18 días
  • why not you have to pay $20 to vote?

    pipiloopipilooHace 18 días
  • Australians have reduced mass shootings, have a better healthcare system and none of that rabid "patriotism" that is tearing the country apart.

    DonDonHace 18 días
  • Forcing ppl to vote is democratic? Force or no force, this is the big hole in democratic system

    walin sheewalin sheeHace 19 días
  • The point about the base is spot on. In Australia you need to attract the middle ground to get elected. There is no motivating a base to get out. This is the key take out, it helps modify the blue v red thing

    Stephen McQuallyStephen McQuallyHace 19 días
  • In Australia, you DO NOT have to vote. You only need to go to a voting station, have your name crossed off the list, and take the voting forms. But you are allowed to leave them blank or do a protest vote. Also democracy sausages aren't that big a deal. Some voting places sell sausages, bacon, coffee, cakes, etc. When I voted it was early morning and NO ONE was buying food. Also, it takes longer than 15 minutes if you time it wrong and get there when there is a long line.

    Mel BourneMel BourneHace 19 días
  • I can’t take Ronny too seriously when he’s wearing colorful shorts with a business outfit

    Just a random no one xDJust a random no one xDHace 19 días
  • Compulsory voting. No electoral college. Term limits on Supreme Court and Congress. 30 day window to cast votes. 2 weeks to count/verify/contest results. 30 days to resolve any disputes.

    TyTyHace 19 días
  • I want a democracy sausage. Just don't show me how it's made.

    Dean GrahamDean GrahamHace 19 días
  • Is Chieng supposed to be funny? He's just a jerk.

    J. Barrett WolfJ. Barrett WolfHace 19 días
  • It works in other countries, but america? "My rights, my freedom" 🙄🙄🙄 omfg

    Wa Meng XiongWa Meng XiongHace 19 días
  • For those curious about any protest element to our elections in Australia: There's a phenomenon called a "donkey vote", which is when someone goes in to vote, illegitimately fills out the ballot(s) and/or does a scribble, and submits the ballot(s). This is seen as a protest against neither party making a good enough case for office, and/or protesting the candidates/system. During some recent elections, there's been very high numbers of these donkey votes, and it's a short hand for the people's dissatisfaction with the politicians/current status quo. That's a short description, I'd encourage anyone who's curious to research the concept further, because it's interesting and knowledge is wonderful.

    Neptune HenriksenNeptune HenriksenHace 19 días
    • @Mischa Hi, as I said, if you're interested, you should do your own research. I'm not an expert on all aspects, and I don't want to misinform or lead folks astray. And I also can't really be sure of if your question is even about Australia, because you've said "your country". My comment wasn't an opening for a discussion, I was saying one aspect that might be interesting, and prompt folks to do some research, because curiosity is wonderful and pursuing knowledge is important. Goodbye.

      Neptune HenriksenNeptune HenriksenHace 15 días
    • @Mischa they can do early voting. Same if you are travelling etc...

      Hung DoHung DoHace 19 días
    • Do those in your country who keep Saturday as a holy day still have to vote on that day or pay the fine?

      MischaMischaHace 19 días
  • Hello from Singapore! We also practice compulsory voting here in Singapore, where voting day is often on a Friday and declared a public holiday. Everyone's happy because we get a holiday, voting's done usually in a matter of less than 30 mins (depending on queues) in multiple polling stations island-wide, and we get to have our say in our country's leadership at the same time! Here we see voting is as much a fundamental right of citizenship, as it is a civic responsibility to be exercised by citizens to choose and elect their leaders in a democracy. If you don't vote in an election, your name will be struck off the registrar of electors, and you will become ineligible to vote moving forward unless you (a) show proof that you weren't able to cast your ballot due to genuine, legitimate reasons or (b) pay a fine of $50 to restore your name to the registrar. Some of the valid excuses in (a) include: - Working overseas (including being on a business trip) at the time of the poll - Studying overseas at the time of the poll - Living with their spouse who is working or studying overseas - Overseas vacation - Illness, or delivering a baby

    nickraoyjnickraoyjHace 19 días
  • the drunk youngsters toward the end of the video prove why it couldn't work well... it would be encouraging uninformed voters to such a high degree that propaganda, money and social media could easily tip every election... what is more shameful than 35% not caring enough to participate... 35% being compelled to give a big F U to the system... we saw what 30% doing that could do in electing tRump.

    Ron LaneRon LaneHace 20 días
  • How would it be better? Uninformed idiots voting just cause I have to it... if you don't want to do it you don't deserve it

    Thomas FerradiniThomas FerradiniHace 20 días
  • There are people here in the United States that believe it’s against their religion to vote or have anything to do with the government. I’m not one of them but I know quite a few. So Australia what would you do with those people?

    Rose AlexanderRose AlexanderHace 20 días
    • Okay so I just did a google search. You have this group that lives in Australia. They are called Jehovah witnesses. Do they get a free pass there on not voting because it’s against their religion or do they just pay a fine?

      Rose AlexanderRose AlexanderHace 20 días
  • Ronnie what the hell? why didnt you color in Tasmania?

    stpk4stpk4Hace 20 días
  • i live in belgium where it is mandatory it sucks but it works

    togo2yttogo2ytHace 20 días
  • No

    Matthew JonesMatthew JonesHace 20 días
  • I feel like I’m a witness to Fred Flintstone discovering fire I like it I’m going to take it it is mine

    Roland GainesRoland GainesHace 20 días
  • Sweet sweet democracy sausage. Only outdone by lamingtons

    Deb WiseDeb WiseHace 20 días
    • I also enjoy the school stalls with all their crochet, jam and junky goodness. Something to look at while you are snacking on democracy

      Deb WiseDeb WiseHace 20 días
    • It's my one regret about doing postal ballots recently. It's been too long since I enjoyed true democracy sausage (although once in a while a Bunnings sanger will bring back fond memories).

      esclaramondeesclaramondeHace 20 días
  • There's a point of how North Korea has compulsory voting

    はだぱるかはだぱるかHace 20 días
    • @Stephen McQually It doubles as propaganda (anyone who doesn't vote Kim will be severely punished) and a check for escaping citizen

      はだぱるかはだぱるかHace 18 días
    • But is there?

      Stephen McQuallyStephen McQuallyHace 19 días
  • In Australia voting is mandatory there’s fine if you don’t and there’s no excuse even if you’re sick in the hospital., there’s absentee or voting by mail 👍❤️🙏

    Maria LambellMaria LambellHace 20 días
    • Hahaha I commented too early yes proud to be Australian 👍❤️🙏

      Maria LambellMaria LambellHace 20 días
  • I hope this man sticks with this show.

    BuildingCenterBuildingCenterHace 20 días
  • Yes. Just like healthcare. If you don't have it you get penalized on your taxes. The same should be done for voting. However, they also need to make it a national holiday and get rid of the's not 1780, we don't need that system anymore.

    Beatriz RodriguezBeatriz RodriguezHace 20 días
  • I ❤️ seeing Ronny Chieng's beautiful face, but please wear a mask under the face shield.

    Ms QunhuaMs QunhuaHace 20 días
  • He himself is 🇦🇺n and not 🇺🇲n.

    Ms QunhuaMs QunhuaHace 20 días