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11 nov 2020
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A formal concession has been an important part of the peaceful transition of power for nearly 125 years, but not every presidential concession has gone smoothly. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow
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  • That Lincoln man 😂😂😂😂. Salute

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    kamiri georgekamiri georgeHace 8 días
  • maga2020

    Julian HaddadJulian HaddadHace 9 días
  • He's moat definitely gonna try to sell every U.S. secret he can lol

    Peacepiperf20 TimmyPeacepiperf20 TimmyHace 9 días
  • Me watching this like: how did I not know this happened?? Wtf school system

    Sierra HoldalSierra HoldalHace 10 días
  • Let’s see Trump get dragged out physically by the military.

    dora ramosdora ramosHace 10 días
  • Season Three of The Umbrella Academy is on the way!

    Edith OwensEdith OwensHace 10 días
  • November 4 put trump in prison he asked for it !!!

    Edwin RouseEdwin RouseHace 11 días
  • About me who I ask meal for my family the fundraiser made fortunes not me

    Rosie ou tube DoreusRosie ou tube DoreusHace 11 días
  • Betty Ford was pissed reading that concession speech.

    Caz GranbergCaz GranbergHace 11 días
  • Let’s see Trump get dragged out physically by the military.

    Jin Shun LinJin Shun LinHace 11 días
    • Not the military, the secret service.

      The Perfect MixThe Perfect MixHace 11 días
  • Trump is a crying baby and should go to jail for breaking the law!!!

    纽约Judy纽约JudyHace 11 días
  • LMBO! I had not heard that skid mark joke in years! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂💜

    Debbie OchoaDebbie OchoaHace 11 días
  • The Putin puppet is breaking all democratic norms!

    RawJewelRawJewelHace 11 días
  • If you know that you loose fair and square then concede come naturally but when fraud happens thats totally different especially joe the worst lier and corrupt politician for 4 decades in America

    Mone LatuMone LatuHace 11 días
  • I'd pay to see him dragged out kicking and screaming.

    Talisha MyresTalisha MyresHace 11 días
  • Whats up with that Licon parody? You've apropriate white democrat colture!!! Shame on You Trevor!!!

    scp1975tubescp1975tubeHace 11 días
  • I'll pay to see trump get dragged out

    Chibi SomaChibi SomaHace 11 días
  • That tik tok concession was hilarious

    Nobody !Nobody !Hace 11 días
  • Are we to assume that if Trump gets thrown out, the republicans and his supporters will go down quietly??

    Saujan NeupaneSaujan NeupaneHace 11 días
  • Atori SilverAtori SilverHace 11 días
  • The real BEAST & evil of END DAY are Trump & The Republicans GOP and their tools is FOX NEWS these beasts & Evils- sneaking into extreme Christian church and become part of them which possessed like Viruses dangerous then Convid19, possessed Americans Christianity! The destroyer of Gods works & God LOVE among Christian in the USA!!! Now the fruits of EVIL is shining to none believers all over the world!!!!

    Inte GrityInte GrityHace 11 días
  • This is just another brainwashed guy talking. Oh well. Eventually you'll all realize how much the news and the internet is crafted to transforme you all into massive destruction puppets.

    iSabel OLiveiraiSabel OLiveiraHace 11 días
  • Joe Biden ought to have Donald Trump thrown out of the White House the same way that Philip Banks threw Will Smith's buddy Jazz out of his mansion in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

    Gerald SpencerGerald SpencerHace 11 días
  • These people are obsessed with Trump. FOCUS on Biden now.

    Sullivan QuanSullivan QuanHace 11 días
  • A movie about this damn president is being scripted somewhere. It will be hilarious to see how stupid a grown up old goon can be. And the end part, being dragged out of Whitehouse

    A WA WHace 11 días
  • Carter was the greatest of Presidents. He's like the Mr. Rogers of Presidents.

    Blake MooreBlake MooreHace 11 días
    • Humble man

      Jean NievesJean NievesHace 11 días
    • One of the most intelligent Presidents ever. Unfortunately he wasn’t politically savvy. The bureaucrats ate him alive!

      Barbara WoodwardBarbara WoodwardHace 11 días
  • Isn't comedy central for comedians? I just love the office and parks and rec. Who is this guy in the hoodie? Is he a comedian? I didn't think so.

    j bj bHace 11 días
  • Really, I'm not worried about Trump, I'm just scared what his cult is going to do. 😥

    Michelle WarnsMichelle WarnsHace 11 días
    • @Trevon Adams lol kinda true tho

      Death to all FurriesDeath to all FurriesHace 10 días
    • Buy a gun buy ammunition

      Trevon AdamsTrevon AdamsHace 11 días
  • Those were ....The Presidents.....used to respect constitution.

    learn More with parulearn More with paruHace 12 días
  • OPEN LETTER TO THE SUPREME COURT: WHY, unlike in 2000, doing nothing, when RUNAWAY HORIZONS OF SURVIVAL of the UNION are petitioning you? WHY your TIME-INVARIANT DUTY-DESTINY is not effected in face of this crisis? Unequivocally proven by attached APPENDIX, short list of verified, suppressed, hidden facts are presented to prove the election was legally void months before its run - concluding, that less changing current results, a GA type RUNOFF is the sole, no-escape, no alternative, your duty-destiny to provide legal solution to HEAL-SAVE THE UNION, and perhaps more, domestically and globally. \\\\ APPENDIX //// Free speech of pandemic science, for instance, daily published by JHU, WHO, WRLD BNK, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, if distorted, suppressed and hidden as key election issue, backfires, and, proven below, voids the election months before run. It started by CNN's ACOSTA allegedly abusing it, then enhanced by deleting it [*] below, to fix WH liability in failing COVID-19 handling, an election issue, because most scare voters with big COVID deaths, knowingly these mainly reflect biggest U.S. population size, more detecting techs/methods/trusting more people to be hospitalized by alleged inflated NUMBERS [paid for] - I recuse myself, as scientist [books, Amazon/1Mil+citations by Google], from debating politics. Living in Palm Beach, FL, I saw how, in 2000, the SC had self-assumed its duty-destiny to save the Union. Remain un-repairable - none can fix election invalidations before Nov 3, no alternative is left, and no accepted healer in sight but SC runoff order, less a word on first run. [*] Addendum: Relevant, globally trusted, hidden verified facts-science at 'IN', utube, mails.///

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-OrHace 12 días
  • Wow wee Vaz the

    Sunshine GSunshine GHace 12 días
  • This is serious. Are they going to continue to hide the situation and manipulate humans? You are not humans 👇🏻 The media’s silence on the violence against Trump supporters is deafening. After four years of calling them Nazis, at this point they might as well just dox them all or add the to AOC’s lists for the Gulags. They are complicit in the violence. They are the worst of the worst. -- By not covering all of the violence from the left over the last four years the media has allowed this to continue and to get worse. If they even did a little bit of “journalism,” public sentiment would be against these piece of shit fascists pretending to be anti-fascists. ☝🏻

    Inéz PinzónInéz PinzónHace 12 días
  • 1:48: Was that the first concession speech ever given through clenched teeth?

    ilovebeinagirlilovebeinagirlHace 12 días
  • I am not a T-rump supporter. However, when an election is this close, it's not unusual for recounts in the closest key states. If the recounts still show Biden won, then T-rump needs to get his ass out of the house!

    Michael FinleyMichael FinleyHace 12 días
  • i would love to see him dragged out the white house.

    Terra FayeTerra FayeHace 12 días
  • I don't know why everyone keeps dancing around this, especially when Trump keeps telling us over, and over, and over again, plain as day. There will be no peaceful transition of power, the only way Trump stops being president is when we remove him from office.

    Bi AlBi AlHace 12 días
  • My life is complete if we get to see him dragged out of the white house. Hold that L all the way off the white house lawn. Make sure you look at the Black Lives street sign on the way out

    DevilJin01DevilJin01Hace 12 días
  • Umm...if he's that much a threat he may not live long enough to say shit.

    Venture FanaticVenture FanaticHace 12 días
  • You guys will be surprised when you figure out Trump's going for a second term.🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 America

    thomas bradshawthomas bradshawHace 12 días

    Debra WilliamsDebra WilliamsHace 12 días
  • 2

    Emas GijakEmas GijakHace 12 días
  • I have to say seeing trump dragged out like a toddler in a mall might be something to see.

    QNFireflyQNFireflyHace 12 días
  • 5:14 It wasn't close or disputed, Tilden won by almost 51%.

    First LastFirst LastHace 12 días
  • Really y'all know Mr Jeffrey 😍

    Levine ScottLevine ScottHace 12 días
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    • His success story is everywhere 😮

      Zhang HuangZhang HuangHace 12 días
    • Thanks already texted him waiting for reply

      Sonia MorganSonia MorganHace 12 días
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    • @Sonia Morgan He is on other social media but Mr Jeffrey Micheal availability is on WhatsApp

      Francisco JoaoFrancisco JoaoHace 12 días
  • ​@t

    green rushreliefgreen rushreliefHace 12 días
  • The dems played you all like a two dollar fiddle ha ha ha

    Tim ButterworthTim ButterworthHace 12 días
  • Massive election fraud you people are criminals!!!!! Ha ha ha

    Tim ButterworthTim ButterworthHace 12 días
  • Him getting kicked and dragged out, I want that shit YT Live lmao! 😂 first president to get dragged out.

    InstantoutInstantoutHace 12 días
  • ya know what's scary? Trump can start a war in the day of the inauguration

    Martin Sam DolleteMartin Sam DolleteHace 12 días
    • @Martin Sam Dollete I had to google it, but I knew that's what I'd learned in school. "The Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war. Congress has declared war on 11 occasions, including its first declaration of war with Great Britain in 1812. Congress approved its last formal declaration of war during World War II, despite engaging in conflicts in places like Vietnam and Iraq over the last 70 years, Congress has not declared war since 1942." Wikipedia (not sure exactly where but I copy pasted) I remember when I was a kid, people talking about Vietnam being a "Police action." But, I really thought we declared war on Iraq. So, IDK exactly what loophole the Iraq war fell into, but that's all I know. It does make me think that Trump could go off & no one would do squat. Especially when 70 million people voted for him again and Congress seems to have no desire to hold him accountable for anything. It's a confusing situation. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. (And giving me another thing to worry about, lmao)

      Just Noped outJust Noped outHace 12 días
    • @Just Noped out He killed the general from Iran without the knowledge of Congress or Senate, right?

      Martin Sam DolleteMartin Sam DolleteHace 12 días
    • Congress has to allow it, so don't worry.

      Just Noped outJust Noped outHace 12 días
  • Trump is a Genius, he still makes all of these fools talk about him every day.

    Alberto AlonsoAlberto AlonsoHace 12 días
    • He's got nothing else these days xD

      aazhieaazhieHace 12 días
  • A brief history of US concessions

    Nadeem ZaidiNadeem ZaidiHace 12 días
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    Barrington DeferrellBarrington DeferrellHace 12 días
  • Trump being physically dragged out of the White House would be the best season finale of his 4-year long TV show of a presidency.

    mBabemBabeHace 12 días
    • @danielle khan Even if he does run in 2024 he might not get passed the Republican primary

      The Perfect MixThe Perfect MixHace 11 días
    • Yeah but I hear he's going for a reboot 2024 and I have no idea how he's going to top this finale if he does win again..

      danielle khandanielle khanHace 11 días
    • That would be so sweet but he's too much of a coward to wait for that.

      Gary MatheGary MatheHace 11 días
  • Maybe, it’s worth it 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Calsar ChandlerCalsar ChandlerHace 12 días
  • Sour looser Trump.

    Caroline IbanezCaroline IbanezHace 12 días
  • Why are leftists so eager to have a Class A example of a swamp-rat, back room dealing establishment POS as president? Probably because it's Kamala they really want.

    jhan bassjhan bassHace 12 días
  • @Trevor Noah your head looks look like a black cauliflower ;) ;) grow grow

    Abid HussainAbid HussainHace 12 días
  • He’s not going to spill any secrets. He doesn’t know any because he never read his briefings.

    Zara GabrielaZara GabrielaHace 12 días
  • If there is voter fraud, why would he do that?

    Lugo BrownLugo BrownHace 12 días
  • America takes to long to transfer power. In most countries the next morning the new leader is sworn in.

    mrchair24mrchair24Hace 12 días
  • They should have a rule that any candidate who refused to concede after losing should be banned from ever running for office again. It is a matter of national security to prevent unrest, unite the country and prevent gaps in transition.

    MyChilepepperMyChilepepperHace 12 días
  • I watch DAN BONGINO and Ben Shapiro, then I watch this guy. This guy really can't see actual facts. POTUS presents these facts yo.

    Mr. Almeida-barnettMr. Almeida-barnettHace 12 días
  • The show is over and I’m not interested in American politics anymore 😂

    Aysha AminAysha AminHace 12 días
  • If he gets dragged out, my money is on trump starting to give speaches from the new oval office in trump tower.

    M FigsM FigsHace 12 días
  • He’s not going to be at the Whitehouse on January 20th, he’ll be at Mar-O-Lago.

    Javier RamosJavier RamosHace 12 días
  • The only way to get the economy moving is to bring all Americans under the umbrella that one mocks or mimics is to get Biden as President.

    ann harmsann harmsHace 12 días
  • the crowd is mine not it mine hahahahahahah

    one loveone loveHace 12 días
  • Don't care about the concession speech, just EVICT HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

    kitty kkitty kHace 12 días
  • 1:40 she's maaad lmao

    Logan CarsonLogan CarsonHace 12 días
  • Oh please let me see that.

    Nattalie KlausNattalie KlausHace 12 días

    Mind blowing StuffMind blowing StuffHace 12 días
  • No sign to concede, cuz he will still be the president for 4 more years! Jo is the president pretender not the elected

    dw wdw wHace 12 días
  • Trump WANTS the drama of being "escorted" (or dragged kicking and screaming and being maced!) out of the WH, since it will keep attention on him, and not on Biden (who will be sworn in at the stroke of noon on 01/20!). It will probably go down exactly the way Trevor describes it!

    Atheistically YoursAtheistically YoursHace 12 días
  • Plot twist- They never gave the real codes to Donny.

    Jin Shun LinJin Shun LinHace 13 días
  • He better try and find a place where there is no USA extradiction.

    Reginald HowardReginald HowardHace 13 días
  • We all know, only he does not know 支持你👍👍👍

    The FlashThe FlashHace 13 días
  • Time Honored since the 1800's to concede an election....Trump screwed up again. He can't even do that right.

    Jeanne BollwegJeanne BollwegHace 13 días
  • to be fair, in the 1870s, they had telegrams. Nevada Joined the Union during the Civil War by telegraphing their state Constitution to Washington DC, On Oct 31st, JUST in time to vote...

    M TullM TullHace 13 días
  • Doom scroll

    Al TortugasAl TortugasHace 13 días
  • You should probably look into "contingent elections". It's not at simple as if he doesn't leave, he will get dragged out. There is a reason he hasn't conceded and a reason his lawyers are filing cases (albeit weak ones) in several states. They are hoping to push for the election to be declared null and void and then it will be taken to the House of Representatives to cast votes today decide the presidency. This happened twice before in American history in the 1800's. Each state represented in the HoR is allowed ONE vote. Not each congressperson... one vote per State. There are more Republican won actual states than Democratic. So if it gets to that point, guess who gets voted in as President for his 2nd term? Hopefully it won't get to that. Hopefully transparent results by the people will be enough to justify the win. Just bear in mind, this is the angle Trump is playing from and it is written into the 12th Amendment. Seems everyone needs to hope a concession comes soon once the results are certified, because that Hail Mary play to the House, may very well turn this election on its head. Really hoping everyone stays safe and logical, whichever side they are on.

    G. FigsG. FigsHace 13 días
  • I remember I was so mad at Hillary for conceding so quick when she won popular vote. Know I know it was hard but she did it for the best of the country. So we can move on peacefully.

    ray braceyray braceyHace 13 días
  • Everyone should look what happened in the USA election of 1876, they really should, it is very relevant to the state of the country today.

    Lucas LisoLucas LisoHace 13 días
  • "They better make the code something he'd never guess, like Eric's birthday" LMAOOO

    Arinze OluhArinze OluhHace 13 días
    • connected with or belonging to a nation, race or people that shares a cultural tradition

      likelihood occurrencelikelihood occurrenceHace 10 días
    • Or his wedding anniversary. ANY of them 😒

      ilovebeinagirlilovebeinagirlHace 12 días
  • Did we really expect anything better from Donald CHUMP? He literally told us this was what he was going to do long before election day. Hey Donnie, stand back and go bye bye!

    G_ EnigmaG_ EnigmaHace 13 días
  • Carter said "I want to have the best transition in history." Hey, maybe that's how we can get Trump to concede, by telling him that Carter had the best transition in history.

    Zara GabrielaZara GabrielaHace 13 días
  • Look at others around the world and locally and help non beggars with both hands Hands are for helping and not hurting. All Lives matter. ALM. God is speaking folks, so behave and listen. The world is one.

    acajudi100acajudi100Hace 13 días
  • America presidents go into other countries to over throw their leaders saying they dont belong their .so tell me which country going to invade america to get trump out because he doesnt belong their now that he lost to biden

    zia ogeerzia ogeerHace 13 días
  • "The crowd is mine" ...omg, you're killing me

    in.ex.posedin.ex.posedHace 13 días
  • Someone should tell Trump that if he concedes, then over half the country will respect him slightly more than before Only slightly

    Zombie GuyZombie GuyHace 13 días
  • Hope he’s dragged

    downallyourstreetsdownallyourstreetsHace 13 días
  • Half of America is trying to leave an abusive four year relationship. The other half doesn't realize they're in one.

    Random Acts of CrueltyRandom Acts of CrueltyHace 13 días
  • So sad he is so determined loves too much power and cannot manage it the office is much too big for the man let go

    Jordano nuñezJordano nuñezHace 13 días
  • What hes doing is dangerous and just shows that it's not about America it never has been trump is all about trump and his fans can't seem to see that

    Lydia LLydia LHace 13 días
  • 854 pathetic losers have watched this video so far

    Jimmy LeeJimmy LeeHace 13 días
  • I kind of want to see him dragged out of the White House. Does that make me a bad person?

    Alexa WallAlexa WallHace 13 días
  • I hope he doesn't concede. I look forward to seeing his orange ass get dragged out of the oval office by force on live tv.

    Santan ThottempudiSantan ThottempudiHace 13 días