Don Cheadle - Rallying Behind Biden & Fighting to End Voter Suppression | The Daily Show

4 nov 2020
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Don Cheadle explains why he’s a “single-issue Dem voter,” talks about the continuing fight to end voter suppression and shares his wishes for his daughters’ futures. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonCheadle
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  • Rockets' gonna pop it and no ones' gonna stop it, look what I got to rock tha night.

    NDN_Rayx13NDN_Rayx13Hace 3 días
  • Dont forget democrats suppressing the green party vote in Pennsylvanian

    war2deathwar2deathHace 16 días
  • Voter suppression? Hope you've been paying attention. Theres been plenty of evidence of voter fraud, but I'm sure you'll ignore it since you are nothing more than a political sycophant.

    Duke of HaphazardDuke of HaphazardHace 17 días
  • Can I just be friends with Roy? He's there but not in my business. Best type of friend. He got his own thing going on .

    Jasmine CarterJasmine CarterHace 18 días
  • the real don

    MatthewMatthewHace 18 días
  • Voting for Trump would benefit my family but it wouldn't sit right with me. I didn't vote for him 4 years ago and I refuse to vote for him now. This is more than just about my family...It's about many other families that need that clown to be out of office.

    FoNgThOnGFoNgThOnGHace 19 días
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    Khaled MohamedKhaled MohamedHace 19 días
  • Fangirling!! 😍🤩😍🤩

    Tiffany AndersonTiffany AndersonHace 19 días
  • I think the virus has a lot to do with so many people voting? They can finally go out in the street and do something?

    Tony YTony YHace 19 días
  • Roy is Mood

    Dark AngelDark AngelHace 19 días
  • How symbolic.. The War Machine backing the Democrats. LmAo

    Charles PhippsCharles PhippsHace 19 días
  • Black Monday is hilarious asf! I miss my SHOW! 😂🗣

    X-indigoX-indigoHace 19 días
  • I have the same one issue as Don.

    Certain PersonCertain PersonHace 19 días
  • Don, awesome.

    Eva HarveyEva HarveyHace 20 días
  • Why he look like the black man from Soul?

    AnimorphusAnimorphusHace 20 días
  • That is a seriously patchy mustache, Don...

    JokerJokerHace 20 días
  • the mustache and hat 😍💋

    AGANJÚAGANJÚHace 20 días
  • Don Cheadle word of the day Vote

    Doodle AlchemistDoodle AlchemistHace 20 días
  • Captain Planet?!?!

    willisverynicewillisveryniceHace 20 días
  • Or nah

    chagi420chagi420Hace 20 días
  • Big fan of Mr. Cheadle here!!

    Rachelle GrayRachelle GrayHace 20 días
  • Don looks like Young Al Sharpton

    Marri M. YMarri M. YHace 20 días
  • I love how Roy was just beside Trevor drunk as fuck scrolling on the tab

    HomefryHomefryHace 20 días
  • I watch this show because I want to laugh. this was boring as hell....

    Kendra McIntyreKendra McIntyreHace 20 días
  • Love it

    Charles HallCharles HallHace 20 días
  • You even see a celebrity nowadays and think to yourself "man, I'm so glad this talented person is still getting regular work and is still entertaining and inspiring people" ? That's how I feel.

    Scorpius JonesScorpius JonesHace 20 días
  • #War_Machine 😍

    Utsho PaulUtsho PaulHace 20 días
  • 0:57 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Hanna MckenzieHanna MckenzieHace 20 días
  • OMG this is my celebrity family 🙆🏾 Don cheadle my husband and Trevor my son 🖤

    TyeTyeHace 20 días
  • Who Actually Voted Though?🤔

    Nate TheGreatNate TheGreatHace 20 días
  • I love the diversity of this show.

    #ADoctor ToBe#ADoctor ToBeHace 20 días
    • Who even cares about diversity?

      Dark Wolf443Dark Wolf443Hace 13 días
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    ابو الشبابابو الشبابHace 20 días
  • Remember people were say sleepy Joe this & that and hes hiding in his basement...well even sleep and hiding Joes beating Trump. I thought Trump supporters said that Trump was going to win by a landslide. Whats up now?

    Orlando DuranOrlando DuranHace 20 días
  • I love it when you did Captain Planet

    dotheright thingdotheright thingHace 20 días
  • Aw, dang, I hate mustaches. Don Cheadle is so cute, especially without that mustache.

    D KD KHace 20 días
  • War Machine!!!!

    jcoptimusjcoptimusHace 20 días
  • Anybody else come here looking for Trevor's apology to Florida?

    SnorkySnorkyHace 20 días
  • hey #TrevorNoah . this guy mic dropped trumpism

    Trump SucksbaboonballsTrump SucksbaboonballsHace 20 días
  • Love Trevor’s Bomb Shelter🥰

    Tu BaileyTu BaileyHace 20 días
  • White racism is America showed up

    Bo 2. 4 UBo 2. 4 UHace 20 días
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    Seef EldeenSeef EldeenHace 20 días
  • Go get it War Machine! I appreciate your overall sincerity. Thanks Noah

    James McGeeJames McGeeHace 20 días

    Rachael RandolphRachael RandolphHace 20 días
  • Schrodinger's election

    ArthbogolyArthbogolyHace 20 días
  • Just for a sec I saw and *"Don Cheatle"* and thought it was a new nickname for Trump, lol

    Ralph BernhardRalph BernhardHace 20 días
  • If you say the Red is destroying America, why only Democrat ran states are bording up their buildings? Peaceful protests maybe? I wonder if the protesters will all of the sudden be rich or have jobs when the blue wins. 🤔

    Delta FartDelta FartHace 20 días
  • Don Cheadle was a Bernie supporter. I KNEW there was something I liked about this guy! he even tried to channel Miles. Don, can you do one for 'Trane?

    David KemptonDavid KemptonHace 20 días
  • United States: election results 2020 Georgia State Secretary: The vote count is still ongoing and we're going to start the vetting process later this week.

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace 20 días
  • Go Biden, Joe Biden , Go Biden, Joe Biden ,Go Biden, Joe Biden , Go Biden, Joe Biden, Go Biden, Joe Biden , Go Biden, Joe Biden ,Go Biden, Joe Biden , Go Biden, Joe Biden, wooooooaaaaaa!!!!@#$÷=$/=%&

    MisterNarradorMisterNarradorHace 20 días
  • Where are your masks? WTH?

    J LawJ LawHace 20 días
  • Poor Roy Wood over there doom-scrolling election news.

    Eric WrightEric WrightHace 20 días
  • What is that man who is sitting next to Trevor's name? He's done some HILARIOUS stuff on this show. One of my favorite episodes the one where it shows a man from Africa asking for help for president trump because he now wants out of buckets and his kids are now so y'all remember that one OMG 😆😆😆😆😆😆😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I LAUGHED SO HARD I HAD TO PAUSE IT AND SHOVE A PILLOW IN MY FACE I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING 😂 OH MAN OH SNNNAAAPP! I SHARED IT ON FACEBOOK ITS MY GO TO FAV TREVOR NOAH SHOW

    Corina LCorina LHace 20 días
    • Roy Wood Junior.

      Paola Andrea Roa BallestasPaola Andrea Roa BallestasHace 20 días
  • My favorite actor of all time

    Mr. AMr. AHace 20 días
  • Captain planet needed

    Justin JohnsonJustin JohnsonHace 20 días
  • Love you Don!!!😆😆😆😆

    Corina LCorina LHace 20 días
  • Love me some Don Cheadle

    Nancy N.Nancy N.Hace 20 días
  • One bad thing if trump won't win The world would lose a lot of entertainment🤣

    Guled OsmanGuled OsmanHace 20 días
  • Oh yeah suppress the Trump voter but not Biden ones??

    Eduardo QuinteroEduardo QuinteroHace 20 días
  • Trevor the new set is EVERYTHING!

    Farmer JonesFarmer JonesHace 20 días
  • Years ago,in the 80s, white lion had a song called, "when the children cry".. it was so spot on then,now it is an undeniable 'worse case scenario '. I feel it safe to say that any of us would do ANYTHING to be able to go back and have a whole new appreciation for the cold war(🤨), or the Berlin wall(which gave us life and world changing events.But mostly,They gave us some really iconic music😎). Heck might even be willing to trek through a "Desert Storm".. trying to find "a horse with no name".'In the desert you cant remember your name.." maybe i can stay in the famous "Hotel California",'drinking pink champagne on ice','I can check in anytime I want, but i can Never leave '. Ok i guess I showed my point.. there are dozens of historically 'bad times','times of conflict', they were called,that i would MUCH RATHER be trying to survive through,than this whole nightmare,this "shock effect" Administration, that has single handedly tried to start a fight with every foreign leader in the WORLD!! Every once in a while you saw one of them go left unexpectedly, maybe even raise a son, and train him to fulfill your agendas..(that was just for laughs, I just remeber from my younger years,there was a lot of unrest and agendas,EVEN HAD,their own scandal headlines too.). THE BIGGEST difference is, they carried themselves with a sense of.. at least having a clue at the gravity of the situation that they were putting THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!. There isn't even a glimmer of intelligence visible within the entire administration..and all previous,political casualties of this term..In every other administration,we were never, more terrified of our OWN National Leader,than we were of Al Qaida, Isis,or any brutal foreign dictator...listen to the words,and it will tell you where we were as people and a nation..and those were considered some of the more high level threat risk categories..but they were being handled and dealt with by people that had some broad concept, or AT LEAST KNEW WHO'S SIDE THEY WERE ON...The People's, Their Own,or which foreign leader they wanted play dates with..such as ,"Little Rocketman", or his all time favorite, Pres. I can ride a horse with no shirt.." crazy times..thanks for letting me ramble. 😁

    beth sweetbeth sweetHace 20 días
  • Trump has no dignity. No doubt

    VegadethVegadethHace 20 días
  • That's amazing!!! Trevor sir and Roy sir 👏👏👏 Also,You both were looking great.

    Sukhpal SandhuSukhpal SandhuHace 20 días
  • Roy realizng Trevor noah is %50 white and solving the job :D

    NELCSYNELCSYHace 20 días
  • Trevor needs a haircut

    Jcraft PlayzJcraft PlayzHace 20 días
  • Trevor is prepared for the apocalypse. Trevor and William will weather the apocalypse together. It’s hard going through quarantine alone and now the election-apocalypse, too. Are the windows boarded?😳

    Megan ByfieldMegan ByfieldHace 20 días
  • ░░▀█▀░█▀█░█░░█░█▄░▄█░█▀█░░ ░░░█░░██▀░█░░█░█░▀░█░█▀▀░░ ░░░█░░█░█░█▄▄█░█░░░█░█░░░░ 2020 Victory For 4 More Years

    Starboy's UniverseStarboy's UniverseHace 20 días
  • Hey Trevor I've heard you try to speak Jamaican a lot and you inadvertently got it right in the phrase "yeah man" at 4:42. Coming up the curve bro lol

    Omar CoverOmar CoverHace 20 días
  • I'm beginning to think that's not a stage but a real bunker if they are still there after a week.... People are already preparing to honker included

    LuarishLuarishHace 20 días
  • Ok first of all I love the new garage setup. Secondly I see both Trevor and Roy have good taste in sneakers. Finally, I'm glad there are some Celebrities that are pioneering against Voter suppression because for it to be fair Everyone must be counted. I was saying this to my mom that if there is someone who starts cheating then the other person should just win because they were the fair fighter. Democrat or Republican as long as you try to shift the vote that should be the punishment

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMERHace 20 días
  • Trump has not flipped any states. Biden has flipped previously red.

    Mrs OBrianMrs OBrianHace 20 días

    GAVINGAVINHace 20 días
  • Provisional results for the 2020 American presidential election Joseph Biden: 21 - 238 - 50,2 % Donald Trump: 23 - 213 - 48,2 % Biden leads Trump in Michigan and Minnesota, and absentee ballot counting is still ongoing in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Republican Senator Marco Rubio responds to Trump that counting the ballots over a period of days is not fraud.

    abdenbi CHIKOUNabdenbi CHIKOUNHace 20 días
  • God bless the usa

    Syfy CentralSyfy CentralHace 20 días
  • Just wantedt to shout out a big thank you to Don Cheadle for trying to change our country for the better 🇺🇸 and illuminating people on the issues that are necessary to resolve.

    Anthony KalninsAnthony KalninsHace 20 días
  • ...Florida would go red. SMH

    Phantom 001Phantom 001Hace 20 días
  • The people who voted for Trump probably wants to stay open the economy. Though I can understand that but it's quite scary if the economy stays open and we do not have plan protocols for covid. In the end, many lives will be sacrificed. It's like life over economy. I really hope Biden wins, we can slowly open the economy with covid protocols. In the end, if you do the math, America will benefit more on Biden's strategy. I'm sad that people who voted for Trump does not understand that. Imagine, Trump is thinking to fire Dr. Fauci.

    Reese TorresReese TorresHace 20 días
  • Biden didn’t win, it’s not even close.

    Jeff CottonJeff CottonHace 20 días
    • Biden did, it was an extremely close election.

      ZuraKeikoZuraKeikoHace 20 días
  • Dears Americans. I am already very disappointed by the amount of Trump voters. Nobody who voted for him can claim he did not know who and what he was voting for. I wish the best for everyone who actively voted for "not Trump".

    Florian MüllerFlorian MüllerHace 20 días
  • He has legs

    ZekeTheFreakZekeTheFreakHace 20 días
  • poor Roy Wood Jr looks so despondent... 😟

    TheRogueStatesmanTheRogueStatesmanHace 20 días

    Jason TempelJason TempelHace 20 días
  • 4more years 🎉🎉🎉🎉 🚄TRUMP 2020

    Eugene van WykEugene van WykHace 20 días
  • By the time you guys have the final results, Trevor's fro is gonna hit the roof ⏳⏰⏱⏲🕰⌛⏳🌱🌱🌱🟤🟤🟤🟤🌋🌋

    Tuti FrutiTuti FrutiHace 20 días
    • biden is at 264 trump is raging lol

      Nehemiah ambroiseNehemiah ambroiseHace 20 días
  • We must continue the fight, because this election has if nothing else woke me up to woes in the political office.

    Aronda JacksonAronda JacksonHace 20 días
  • Is it just me or is Noah looking more and more like a yearbook version of himself in these thumbnails? I’m here for it 🥰

    AstroKasperAstroKasperHace 20 días
  • Yes, I'm so scared and this could be the end of American democracy as we know it.

    Karen VondermehdenKaren VondermehdenHace 20 días
    • Yeah right.... facism doesn't happen that easy...

      Dark Wolf443Dark Wolf443Hace 13 días
    • @Joanne Krivulkai fear if trump wins, as the climate so much worse under his first term, lots of huge fires, iceberg gone, all kinds of crazy stuff. no one can survive. that's my worst nightmare. so if it gets hot, all iceberg gone, many cities under water, just the worst nightmare ever.

      I wish world peaceI wish world peaceHace 20 días
    • It is scary! If Biden wins, he'll definitely be a better president. If Trump wins, well, things will get worse.

      Joanne KrivulkaJoanne KrivulkaHace 20 días
  • Where the hell are they? And why Roy that close to my man, without a mask?! 😱

    Morgan BrandyMorgan BrandyHace 20 días
    • @sho jo ji If they smart enough to know that Coronavirus didn't just magically disappear! I have to ask my servers to pull up their masks all the way if I'm dining. It's not a fashion accessory, people! Use it or stay safe at home!

      Morgan BrandyMorgan BrandyHace 19 días
    • They were likely tested already

      millamyamillamyaHace 20 días
    • I’m assuming they’ve both been tested and took precautions.

      L. HettrickL. HettrickHace 20 días
  • Hhh i have a feeling that Trump gonna win again.

    MeathuggerMeathuggerHace 20 días
  • let's go rhodey!!!!!!!

    Sh AnSh AnHace 20 días
  • Don, bring Captain Planet back, he's needed more than ever. Trump will go down as the Greatest Loser Of All Tyrants (G.L.O.A.T.) and the country can finally get back on track. Tired of the gloating.

    Shanon KallhoffShanon KallhoffHace 20 días
    • Lol I wanna see Trump running around the White House with an AR 15 a red smokers jacket and a cigar yelling "I ain't going nowhere " 😀

      Jay CeeJay CeeHace 19 días
    • He will take it too far...

      willisverynicewillisveryniceHace 20 días
    • lmao oh yeah I forgot about that.

      Gustin TVGustin TVHace 20 días
    • K O 💀🥀

      Reverse FlashReverse FlashHace 20 días
    • Ayyy that was slick bro 🤣👌🏾✌🏾

      James BattleJames BattleHace 20 días
  • I knew I loved him for a reason,,,just didn't know it was for his ❤

    Peggy CampbellPeggy CampbellHace 20 días
  • I like your afro Trevor. Ke letshiri la sboza.

    Johnson MojeJohnson MojeHace 20 días
  • Trevors hair threw me off

    Snoo ChenSnoo ChenHace 20 días
    • Your profile pic :)

      SAMARTH NAIKDHURE_192075SAMARTH NAIKDHURE_192075Hace 20 días
  • I want to sample this in a song 10 years from now

    dylan sloandylan sloanHace 20 días
  • Yasss Don 😀👍🏽🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    C CC CHace 20 días
  • He #trevornoah should have a haircut as soon as possible

    Farooqui SaadFarooqui SaadHace 20 días
  • I totally agree with you no Orange person and Kanye. Biden Harris I pray 2020😀👍🏽🇺🇸

    C CC CHace 20 días
  • A big up from your P.A staff Don 💥💥💥💯💯💯

    David-Eric HodgeDavid-Eric HodgeHace 20 días
  • Roy Wood Jr.: What am I even doing here man?

    Prodigious WolfProdigious WolfHace 20 días
  • Is Trevor a hoarder

    Garrett LimberisGarrett LimberisHace 20 días