Counting Down Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: 100-76 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

22 oct 2020
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From “very fine people on both sides” to trying to buy Greenland, we’re counting down Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals from his first term. Hosted by Roy Wood Jr. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump #100MostTremendousScandals
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  • To me, it looks like the Montenegro leader said "WTF!" when he was pushed aside by Trump.

    Metal HeartMetal HeartHace 14 horas

    Big GravyBig GravyHace 4 días
  • Man, I realllly want to see him being put on trial for high treason. At least he might be physically dragged out of the White House, THAT will be entertaining to watch!

    Gergő KovácsGergő KovácsHace 13 días
  • God bless him... And his business.... Beautiful children sharp persona

    Gracy BothaGracy BothaHace 15 días
  • You all must mind your own Business look in Africa and come to SAFRICA

    Gracy BothaGracy BothaHace 15 días
  • Trump is fit and very Good.. God bless him

    Gracy BothaGracy BothaHace 15 días
  • "If you're smart and persevere, there's a good chance you'll come out on top." LMAO 1. That business is mostly inheritance only 2. The economy he started with is also inheritance 3. Apparently someone does his studies for him (it's in Wikipedia, take this with a grain of salt) 4. The usage of persevere in this sentence is grammatically incorrect.

    Me WatanabeMe WatanabeHace 16 días
  • I like the Greenland idea-- I feel he had 4 good ideas in 4 years

    Werewolfoflondon1Werewolfoflondon1Hace 17 días
  • If it wasn’t for him would your ratings still be the same? Trumps purpose is to entertain! 😅

    Daniela BrielleDaniela BrielleHace 17 días
  • Trump: Living Protesters: He doesn't care about the dead

    Arianna McgeeArianna McgeeHace 18 días
    • hell yeah

      Captain WafflesCaptain WafflesHace 7 días
  • Now hunter Biden

    James luberJames luberHace 18 días
  • If Obama had a picture like that tennis pic fox news would probably have an entire day of breaking news

    apple jack 102apple jack 102Hace 18 días
  • 6:52 Is he though?

    Kyle PriorKyle PriorHace 19 días
  • This guy is idiot

    Robert FlissRobert FlissHace 20 días
  • By far the greatest President ever at getting social engineered.

    Nick SNick SHace 20 días
  • Trump's history book is going to be something else everything he did in the White House is going to be in the history books isn't that nice I'll say I hope not

    Diana MccallDiana MccallHace 21 un día
  • Wait are there only 100???

    Silent MindySilent MindyHace 21 un día
  • Worst list ever xD omg what is this? Boys scouts, kanya west and what more.... Damn Trump is a dangerous scandal... OMG Melanie doesnt want to do decorations..!!

    Marius VMarius VHace 22 días
  • Lmaoo

    Toya McCRaeToya McCRaeHace 22 días
  • Notice how they used the english national anthem

    AsandzeAsandzeHace 22 días
  • Please throw shade on Hong Kong for supporting Trump, I can't stand people around me being so selfish.

    Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellHace 22 días
  • Guess when You're white and a billionaire you can do anything you want without consequences

    Ruth BosquetRuth BosquetHace 23 días
  • Hopefully after tonight he wont be immune to this shit anymore.

    MuggShotGamingMuggShotGamingHace 24 días
  • It's mind-boggling that the same people up in arms about clearly fabricated story about Hunter Biden think it's just fine for the president to make money hand over fist from US taxpayers and foreign powers. You can't cure stupid, but at least MAGA hats help you diagnose it.

    alia fergusonalia fergusonHace 24 días
  • Why am I not surprised that Trump likes his Oreos white and not the chocolate kind.

    Jarry SciligoJarry SciligoHace 24 días
  • i hope someone made a" turkey in a straw" parody song out of this,

    Mr.inkwellMr.inkwellHace 24 días
  • God. I forgot about most of these. Just three of these would have put anybody in jail already.

    Tony LeeTony LeeHace 24 días
  • Why is the british national anthem playing at 6:10?

    SophieSophieHace 25 días
  • Can you in the future please be more cognizant of close captions and your text placement? I can either read your list or read the CC.

    brianbu01brianbu01Hace 25 días
  • Hey! This is 100 to 49... and I found 50 to 26.......So where can I watch scandals 25 to 1?

    blunt raptureblunt raptureHace 25 días
  • Why is my blood boiling? Because he is ripping off the United States before our very eyes and nothing is being done about it..

    Roberta HubertRoberta HubertHace 25 días
  • Birds of a feather. Trump and mentally disturbed Kanye West

    Roberta HubertRoberta HubertHace 25 días
  • Trump represents literally everything wrong with America. The blatant bigotry, the economic class system, the political parties, the education system, the justice system, a lack of empathy, a lack of awareness, just straight up ignorance, narcissism, the inability to admit when you've done something wrong, the lack of personal responsibility, the obsession with the past, the constant rewriting of history, the Mass ignorance of citizens.... Just so much!!!

    Simon WangSimon WangHace 25 días
  • That is not new. Trump has shown his colors since was young. Nobody can call themselfs surprised.

    gorki valenzuelagorki valenzuelaHace 25 días
  • First of all, I'm not on the left I'm on the sane, sensible, and of sound mind side. Scientist told Mr. Trump in January of the virus, but what did he do, he conceals the Covid 19. Then he tells Woodward a lie that he hid it from the American people because he didn't want the people to panic. But Trump told Wall Street so him and the Republicans could profit from inside trading at short selling. Then his scientist his own Task Force told Trump how to stop the spread of the infection by testing, mask wearing, social distinct, and shut down. We saw the virus lessening. But Trump wanted to do Wall Street another favor to keep the economy looking good for his re-election wouldn't wear a mask acting like the virus was a hoax, a cold, and it would just go away. Wearing a mask can't deter the virus is just another one of Trump lies; he got the virus by not having a mask. But before the people could recover from the first wave, which he made worse by his disregard for human life by spreading his disease everywhere, he goes. Trump actions cause a second wave with 8,000,000 infected 200,000 dead. But he still was happy until he had his super spreader. Trump brought on the third wave with his Super Spreader. Look everywhere he had his rallies the Covid virus broke out worse than before. 9,000,000 infected 240,000 dead. All of the people that believe Trump and don't wear a mask come together some A Systematic some sick, breathing out Covid other breathing in Covid no masks no testing. The people get so excited to receive their Covid 19. Then after the meeting they go out to restaurants, to get coffee, to their community, to homes and families, to their jobs and coworkers. Don't be dumb and blind sheep being lead to the slaughter by the false Messiah Jim Jones Trump, a messenger of death, Diablo Macho. Don't be like his blind followers wear a mask because Trump said the Covid 19 is gone and the White House got rid of it. The only way to get rid of Covid 19 is to get rid of Donald Trump because when the vaccine come out, you still have to wear the mask until the virus is over, and you know what Trump will do. Why should you vote because your vote could be the last nail in Donald Trump Coffin? Don’t let Trump, Mitch, and the Republicans steal your vote; they messed up the Post Office and took everything you had. They took your family members, your business, your jobs, your health, and your school.

    rayrosedalerayrosedaleHace 25 días
  • #voteforBiden2020 #wearamask #downwithtoxicrelationshipforcelebs2020 #downwithdonaldtrump2020 #californiaforbiden2020 #Putgodfirstinyourfuture #trumpneverkeephispromisestoeveryone #trumpthepoophead

    Alexandra WilliamsAlexandra WilliamsHace 26 días
  • All sins can be forgiving, but when Donald Trump stands before St. Peter, St. Peter might say, "I'm sorry but you have a preexisting condition!" lol

    steve crazysteve crazyHace 26 días
  • wait. let me get this straight this WHOLE time for FOUR painful goddamn years Trump only became president JUST so he could make more goddamn MONEY. THAT is VILE.

    Joseph GreenhornJoseph GreenhornHace 26 días
  • His 1st and ONLY term!!

    Donna HallDonna HallHace 26 días
  • What a disgusting, vile little man! He makes me nauseous 🤢😡

    Donna HallDonna HallHace 26 días
    • hell yeah

      Captain WafflesCaptain WafflesHace 7 días
    • TWO days! TWO more goddamn days! we have to HOLD ON as hard as we can. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      Joseph GreenhornJoseph GreenhornHace 26 días
  • We are being duped by videos like this one and many others! The one thing that the left and right DO agree on is massive sweeping, warp speed, militarily distributed vaccines. That should be enough to scare the shit out of all of you. May God have mercy on us all!

    WhitenachoWhitenachoHace 26 días
  • How to tell 100 lies about Trump. The Soros family have donated to the Biden campaign. That’s all you need to know about Joe Biden.

    Graf von RixGraf von RixHace 26 días
  • This program is all B.S.

    Tom KokoshkaTom KokoshkaHace 26 días
  • Dear God in heaven.

    NoizyInSeattleNoizyInSeattleHace 27 días
  • God dammit I am so proud of this country.

    NoName ForMeNoName ForMeHace 27 días
  • Trump is the white voter mascot. Whites did not vote Obama in majority. Whites voted Trump in majority. White women by the largest margin. Congratulations white voters, this is on you, women especially!

    K DK DHace 27 días
  • I wish this would change his supporters minds. But it won't. They continue to believe it's "fake news". Reality shows he's a " Fake Human".

    Lynda KoersLynda KoersHace 27 días
  • President trump super in 2020 November from super spreader of coronavirus to super liar to the American people and everything in between vote for Joe Biden for president because decency matters

    Anthony BautistaAnthony BautistaHace 27 días
  • There is difference between revenue and profit. Talking about revenue is misleading.

    Jatin RustagiJatin RustagiHace 27 días
  • I don't know if POTUS can survive the next wave... The return of the Mc Rib.

    A. HouseA. HouseHace 27 días
  • Trump is about as religious as Jim Jones was in Jonestown.. A pure FAKE!

  • Yes! Thank you! I’ve always worried that his earlier scandals would be overshadowed. It’s important to remember everything that has happened; don’t let him distract you with even more BS.

    Tamekia Mcevoy Tamekia Mcevoy OgutuTamekia Mcevoy Tamekia Mcevoy OgutuHace 28 días
  • Everyday is another trump day in the news.

    Tony BrowneTony BrowneHace 28 días
  • wanting to watch all of this, but the background music was too much

    Ronnie VaughnRonnie VaughnHace 28 días
  • How did America ever ended wit a nauseating man like Trump? He is the biggest Dumbass on the planet .

    Marggie LisselMarggie LisselHace 28 días
  • For some reason or other, I like a lot Roy Wood Jr. The way he talks is very funny, makes so simple smart and laughable. :)

    tania2160tania2160Hace 28 días
  • devil in a red office

    Karen NoblesKaren NoblesHace 28 días
  • Great series!

    9 Mile Bros9 Mile BrosHace 28 días
  • Why don't you show scandals of Democrats and if he had done scandals why don't you put a case on him rather than making fake biased videos on ESworld

    PrincePrinceHace 29 días
    • @Prince So what you saying is that nothing was fake as your originally claimed? But you think it was over-hyped? Well I guess if we look at his obsession with toilets it might have been over-hyped. And I hope you remember this when there's a chance we go back to normal times where for example wearing a tan-suit, liking mustard was exactly that. But the obsession with toilets could just as easy be switch out with for example his photo-op with a newborn baby who just hours before been in a shooting where both parents died. In the photo-op with said baby, Trump smiled and did Thumps up. It would be the equivalent if you imagine Obama take a photo with a parent who lost their son in the Orlando nightclub, smiling and doing thumbs up. Regarding Hunter Biden, he is not politically active. And No-one have the balls to go on the record and open themselves up to a counter-suit or penalty to perjury. People who has "allegedly stories" often want to sell their story to the media, but wont open up for a trial nor penalty to perjury. As in this case, where again no-one including all republicans refuse to do so. Wonder why...

      Harvey WallbangerHarvey WallbangerHace 25 días
    • @Harvey Wallbanger they're just overhyping many of the jokes and sarcasms to scandal and all and these guys don't have the balls to show what democrats have done like Joe Biden's son scam and many other things

      PrincePrinceHace 25 días
    • Here's a question you can't answer: What was fake in the video?

      Harvey WallbangerHarvey WallbangerHace 28 días
  • Sorry, wrong these arn't scandals. There's nothing here.

    lking1540lking1540Hace 29 días
    • They are scandals.

      BobbloniaBobbloniaHace 27 días
  • TRUMP = Dictator

    Thomas MüllerThomas MüllerHace 29 días
  • This should be on every channel, every day!

    JeannieJeannieHace 29 días
  • Please 🇺🇸 people choose wisely!! Love from EU 🙏❤️

    Ida sanspingalaIda sanspingalaHace 29 días
  • What do Trump and a pumpkin have in common? They’re both orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and should be tossed out in early November.

    Phoenix FirePhoenix FireHace 29 días
  • Messing with the post office is only 78??? He's sabotaging an election! That needs to be top 10

    ThisisanyaThisisanyaHace 29 días

    m32797mm32797mHace 29 días
  • Thank you for being there 👍👍

    Carlo RCarlo RHace 29 días
  • Trump is going to be really surprised when he finds out hell does not take cash Yep trump's final residence It's not original buy "lock him up:

    Patrice DhanisPatrice DhanisHace 29 días
  • Only 100?

    Some GuySome GuyHace 29 días

    Terrell HamiltonTerrell HamiltonHace 29 días
  • Drain the Swomp trump

    David WilliamsDavid WilliamsHace 29 días
  • you can just tell by his swing he sucks at golf lol and hes stealing money from the people of this country

    MrBeansMrBeansHace 29 días
  • नौछतशग

    Kumar PravashKumar PravashHace 29 días
  • Angelina

    maxmaxHace 29 días
  • when he gets voted out of office in a few days...can we finally charge this asshole with, at least, a few of the crimes he has committed while cosplaying as a president...?

    amy joyamy joyHace 29 días
  • ...and then SNAP! The crackhead son exposed the whole BIDEN CRIME FAMILY!! DAMN! *Tony Bobulinski* *Tony Bobulinski* *Tony Bobulinski* *Tony Bobulinski* *Tony Bobulinski* *Tony Bobulinski*

  • Hey I'm against Trump but I don't see how "meeting Kanye" is a scandal

    RemRemHace 29 días
  • They SHOULD have impeached him for violating the emoluments clause. There is plenty of evidence for that and the GOP senators could not have defended him or they would have been arguing against the Constitution. No one could have defended his abuses and all the evidence would have been on display for all to see. That would have been started within a year of him taking office and then we would have been spared three more years of him.

    Divine Feminine RisingDivine Feminine RisingHace 29 días
  • Eric and Junior need to invest in chins.

    Jed TarboJed TarboHace 29 días
  • abussing level of crimminality....

    eddy hernaneddy hernanHace un mes
  • The Melania one was def taken out of context - wasnt that during the children in cages time frame? She was saying who cares about christmas when kids are in cages?

    old lady fallingold lady fallingHace un mes
  • This is so fekking depressing. I have never hated another person more than him ( and his sycophantic minions)

    EV &JEV &JHace un mes
  • he is disgusting, and his voters too, I need to puke, like seriously

    Beáta EgeresiBeáta EgeresiHace un mes
  • Putin and a few other iron-men, would empty the home bank to buy the mess Trump created out of his stupidity and greed. Dump Trump!

    Richard GradyRichard GradyHace un mes
  • I literally prayed for this vid to be made and shared. Thank You!!!

    CjCjHace un mes
  • 2021 Movie of the Year "Grifters in the House"

    bernadette blackbernadette blackHace un mes
  • The Great American Hiest

    bernadette blackbernadette blackHace un mes
  • Trump has proved to ALL of the rest of the politicians, that there are no real consequences and the public is too divided for the proper "off with their heads" response of a sensible populous who are being literally robbed and killed by the very people we hire (elect) to run our infrastructure! This world has gone mad! I've seen us heading here for years so I should have been better prepared (emotionally) to face this time but I never expected the level of stupid that has presented itself. An inside joke sort of thing we use to say was; The Floof is coming! It's going to be everywhere and all over everything and it's going to be bad! You might not even be able to get it off of you. But, the Floof IS coming, buckle up! I never expected, "The Floof" to be "The Dumb/ The Stupid". But we were right....I never wanted to be right, I really didn't. I just wanted to get old and laugh about some silly shit we thought about while trippin balls. It's also going to get worse, before it ever gets better. There is no "ism" to fix this schism. We need a lot more love than I see right now. Hard to love when you're angry. Peace

    Infinite SentientInfinite SentientHace un mes
  • Meeting Kanye (#80) is a scandal?

    John PattersonJohn PattersonHace un mes
    • I don’t get that one either :-/

      FoxtrotFoxtrotHace un mes
  • if you believe this you clearly dont understand how media works

    LegitLegitHace un mes
  • I'm so ashamed of him

    rattus norvegicusrattus norvegicusHace un mes
  • Wait the United States Constitution rated the hotel a 1 star on yelp?

    INCOOM13INCOOM13Hace un mes
  • This is so important!

    新城新城Hace un mes
  • So y’all are thinking that someone like Biden is better than Trump?? All over the world we hope that Americans will make the good choice, because if it’s not the case, we will fall with you ! Please we need y’all using your brain! Don’t vote for this awful corrupted Biden, please!!! It’s crucial 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Ida sanspingalaIda sanspingalaHace un mes
    • @Dies Und Das 😉

      Ida sanspingalaIda sanspingalaHace 29 días
    • @Dies Und Das It was the case for me too my friend. Now that i’ve made my own research and stop listening all the mainstream media B.S, i don’t see things the same way... Do you know about the Obamagate? If you realize what is really happening right now, you understand that is not about a « virus », it’s about to destroy our economy. And If America fall, we all fall. For me that’s not a good idea to switch « president » in the middle of a crisis like that. Specially someone like Biden who is corrupted as f. I now Trump look like a clown but what he’s fighting right now it’s worst that you can imagine!

      Ida sanspingalaIda sanspingalaHace 29 días
    • Where do you live dude? Everybody here in Europe sees Trump as a Joke lol

      Dies Und DasDies Und DasHace 29 días
  • More TDS blather!

    Norman BlandNorman BlandHace un mes
  • Job growth last 3yrs under Obama 2.2%, 1.8% and 1.72%, gained 8.1m jobs (5.9%) but 1st 3yrs under Trump, job growth 1.4%, 1.67% and 1.37%, gained 6.6m jobs (4.5%). Why is Trump & his Fox friends claiming he created more jobs pre-Covid than Obama $ Biden?

    Pastor Bright AmegazoPastor Bright AmegazoHace un mes
  • CNN's Van Jones: Trump 'Does Not Get Enough Credit' for 'Good Stuff He Has Done for the Black Community' Published October 25, 2020 at 1:57pm

    Rick MarlowRick MarlowHace un mes
  • At around 6 minutes in, are you playing God Save the Queen?? 😂😂

    Inez HolstInez HolstHace un mes
  • When threatening to commit a war crime didnt make it into your 90 biggest scandals

    Casper JavenCasper JavenHace un mes
  • God his sons are really ugly buggers.

    Shirley KaplanShirley KaplanHace un mes